Sunday, May 19, 2013

Karpal tells Tunku Aziz to cease attacks on DAP

GEORGE TOWN: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh has warned former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim to cease further attacks on the party or he would bring the latter to court.
"He is completely getting out of hand. I have been watching him very closely.
"The DAP leadership was guilty of serious misjudgement in having given Tunku Aziz membership for the party and immediately made a vice-chairman.
"He is not grateful but an opportunist," he told a press conference after a thanksgiving session with the public at a market in Jalan Gangsa in Green Lane on Sunday.
Tunku Aziz had quit the party in May last year.
Karpal Singh said that while Tunku Aziz has not made personal attacks on him, the latter has gone beyond the limit and must stop with the 'persistent attacks' on the party.
When asked on how Tunku Aziz would be charged if brought to court, Karpal Singh said it would depend on what the former said.
"Bringing him to court is the last thing we want to do," he said.
Karpal Singh added that Tunku Aziz should be a gentleman and not reveal whatever that had transpired during central executive committee meetings when he was still a member.

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Anonymous said...

gua hairan la kenapa asyik si bai kapal yang keluar amaran kepada mereka yang statement kena batang hidung DAPigs. Kenapa bukan LKSial dan LGJinglot...??? Adakah cina tak ada telor dan hanya suka menyalak di belakang tabir. Atau seperti biasa si cinabeng menggunakan kaum lain untuk do the dirty work untuk depa. Atau pun, kot2 kapal nanti tak ada kerja dalam Dapigs....