Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UMNO Youth Is Weak?

The strength of parties are always linked to the strength of its youth. If its youth is weak, the party is portrayed as weak. Thus, as UMNO faces such tight situation, everyone is looking at the party's Youth Chief.

UMNO Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin is definitely a controversial character. His arrival in the country's political arena was not welcomed and he was even blamed over BN's bad performance during GE 2008. His name was linked to various scandals involving GLC which also labeled 'corruption' on his forehead.
He, however, has never press any charges which raises even more hate among rakyat.
Perhaps some might be mad due to the fact that I am going back to Khairy's background, but this is history, not something fabricated for the sake of anyone's political interest. Like it or not, we can never change history.

But, Khairy is lucky because leadership chooses to give him more chance thanks to his wisdom for 'change' in the party. Leadership definitely puts such high hope on him to lead youth towards success, or to lead UMNO Youth towards success.

Sadly, up until today, despite of being an Oxford graduate, UMNO Youth under Khairy still unable to present any great ideas nor effective actions.

Some of his 'fights' which can be deemed as memorable would be defending 'Mat Rempit'. He is also 'in the books' for his attitude of being a 'street leader', screaming around as well as throwing bottles as he led demonstrations back then. Meanwhile, today, we see his talents in drums.

There is no doubt that he has the ability to talk and debate, but other than that, we still have not seen any significant 'results' from this Youth Chief in the context of the country or party's development.
Fact is, the country and the party is undergoing some issues, especially in terms of unity where it would affect the future.
This is a serious problem among youth where most of them are not sure of their true identity. Malaysian youth from all races are confused about the crucial things in their lives, things that they need to find and who they should become. They do not know and confused about the history and culture of Malaysia. They also do not have any principal, reject knowledge, prefer to 'hang out' but act as if they are academicians.

All of this need to be handled by Youth Chief as his team for the sake of the country's firmness.
Serious activities instead of 'glamour' ones should be held to pull this youth group to think and be wise for once.
As for the party, UMNO Youth need to be active in registering UMNO members among youth, make them understand the party's fight as well as promote strong unity.

Programs such as young entrepreneur, ideas to generate the economy should be implemented. Youth also should have the ability to throw great ideas in developing, defending as well a strengthening the status of Bumiputera. The party need to recognize issues among rakyat, for example, the ownership of assets in this country among foreigners which seem to be rising, as expressed by DAP Johor Vice Chairman, Norman Fernandez.

Rakyat are surprised why such question never came from UMNO first, especially UMNO Youth, it came from DAP instead.

Thus, we cannot help but to wonder about the performance record of this leader and his bad team, along with their 'crazy for glamour' image, is UMNO Youth able to carry such huge and serious responsibility?
We also often wonder whether UMNO Youth also share the same confusion just like other Malaysian Youth. The only difference is that as UMNO Youth, they already have the power, so they do not have to jump around in rallies with Anwar Ibrahim. If not, perhaps they would go around in black shirt screaming in rallies as well.

If this article is too much, take it as a challenge. There is no need to jump around being defensive. Prove to rakyat that UMNO Youth is not weak. Stand as leaders protecting the rights and sovereignty of Malays from being snatched or attacked. Stand as fighters heading towards the new era where wisdom is the last option for survival.

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