Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where Are The Police Reports On Phantom Voters?

Weeks after GE's passed, Anwar Ibrahim is still going around saying that EC lied. Even though his own people and allies began to shut themselves up, Anwar still could not stop singing and organizing concerts here and there just to entertain blurry youth.

Anwar says, the EC cheated on the indelible ink and the EC did gave their response to the matter. Thus, it is true there were cases on the indelible ink, but it was not a lie, it was just weakness.
If Anwar want to claim that EC cheated, he needs to report the matter in details, for example, voting twice because the indelible ink was washed off, instead of just claiming that the indelible ink went off after it was washed.

Problem is, it has been weeks, Anwar is still unable to to find such case to be reported.
The same thing goes to his allegation on phantom voters. Up to today, not even a single report on phantom voters were lodged. Not even a single name. The only thing there is would be the false accusation made by Anwar's side.

They include Chua Lai Fatt, an Indian Malaysian who is adopted by a Chinese family, accused by PR as a phantom voter. Then, a family was accused of being phantom voters which causes 'tongue war' until their neighbours and acquaintances confirmed the real situation. There were also cases where Indonesians were paid by PR to act as phantom voters, only later it was exposed where they confirmed that they received payments from PR.

Let's not forget about the bus which drove BN's phantom voters, along with BN flag through area which is filled with PR supporters, only later to be revealed that it was planned by PR themselves.
And the latest, a picture of a person who is said to be a phantom voter which went viral on Facebook, made possible by PR, also failed as there was an old picture which showed that the person was with Bhawani and Ambiga.

That is why, this is one of the suggestions EC might want to consider, rather than responding to Anwar's allegations, it would be better to simply lodge a report against Anwar and Ambiga for lying. Only with this, Anwar will have to present the list of phantom voters he has been talking about.

If Anwar do have the details on the number and how did these phantom voters entered here, there is no way that Anwar do not have their names. the places they voted and who did they vote on the previous GE.
And more importantly, where are they now? Were they sent home or did they receive Malaysian citizenship?
This is what participants of 505 rally should have asked each time Anwar goes on stage.

Don't they ever think of it? How can they participate in rallies which even they are not sure what is it all about? How can people rally up on the excuse of lies without explanations on what kind of lies, where, who were involved and how it happened?

So it is clear that all 505 Rally participants are among those who do not know how to think. And only these people would follow Anwar now and forever

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