Friday, November 30, 2012

PR Government To Open An Embassy In Israel

Hamas has received the announcement made by Dato’ Seri Najib during UMNO's General Assembly regarding Malaysia's proposal to open an embassy in a sovereign Palestine in the near future, which meant a lot. Hamas's Head of International Relations, Usamah Hamdan looks at this as a positive stand from the Malaysian government and UMNO leadership towards Palestine. He also expressed his hopes that the embassy would be able to help in rebuilding Palestine. Usama also hopes that the proposal would become an inspiration for other Islamic countries in taking the same stand, supporting Palestine. During the speech, Dato’ Seri Najib also once again expressed Malaysia's commitment in fighting for justice for Palestinians. Justice in Islam is defined as putting something at its right place. That is why, justice for Palestine should be seen as stopping any force from taking over their land, which has been part of their rights. This also mean to return the rights of Palestinians to live, peace, education, work, prayers, relax, and the rights to develop their country. Israel has no rights over Palestine. Despite that, due to the fact that Judaism shares the same sacred place with Islam in Palestine, the Jews decided to take over Palestine and declare it as their country. Palestine is prepared to negotiate and tolerate so that they could achieve peace. However, it is true what the Quran says where Jews cannot be trusted because they are condemned by Allah SWT until the end of time. History has recorded how the Jews had broken a lot of agreements multiple times by proposing deals that only benefit them more than others. Few of the efforts taken to achieve peace would be the Annapolis Summit in 2007 where it proposed a "Two State Solution" - Israel and Palestine. This means dividing Palestine into two separate areas where one of it will be declared as a sovereign Israel country. What is interesting here is that few of those who signed the document which was brought to the Annapolis Summit is Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's Opposition leader. Anwar signed it on the capacity of a Committee Member of the International Crisis Group (ICG), an organization sponsored by George Soros. Other signatories include Lord Patten (Joint Chairman), Thomas R. Pickering (Joint Chairman), Gareth Evans (President), Morton Abramowitz, , Kenneth Adelman, Shlomo Ben-Ami, Kim Campbell, Maria Livanos Cattaui, Wesley Clark, Carla Hills, Stephen Solarz and George Soros himself. Anwar's name was focused in IGC's letter to President Bush, and Anwar was then deemed as an Muslim leader who also agreed to the solution which was proposed by ICG. Thus, with his name stated as a signatory which recognizes Israel, how can Anwar deny that he supports Zionists? Based on this fact, certainly, if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia under Pakartan Rakyat, he would have to be responsible to implement what he had agreed and signed upon, recognizing Israel as a sovereign nation. The next step, obviously establishing Malaysian Embassy at the state to show support and close ties between him and Zionist leaders.

Election Experiments Are Dangerous

UMNO's Presidential Speech has just recently finished, followed by cheers from members who pledged to defend Putrajaya, as well as religion and the country. Few of the important points which Malaysians need to take note would be the President's reminder where elections are not experiments. It is very ironic when we had to link between election and the sovereignty of our nation, racial survival and ethics. But, those are the reality in Malaysia when we have the opposition who would do just about anything where they would even sacrifice religion, race and the country for power. Only Malaysian opposition urge rakyat to experiment with the leadership when asked about their mission or ruling system which they would implement. They even admitted that their coalition holds onto the principal of 'win first, think later' each time this question is raised. And it gets even more ironic as only in Malaysia, certain group of rakyat are willing to gamble with their future in the hands of leaders who do not even think of how they would lead the country. Thus, I would like to stress on the reminder given by the President regarding the importance of an election because if the matter is not understood well, then the whole speech would not mean anything. We need to remember that we have an opposition who would even 'offer' this country to colonialists, they would sabotage their own country's economy and burden all rakyat just so that rakyat would be angry and rebel towards the government. Before anyone accept the opposition's suggestion in experimenting and see how it goes with a different government, we need to first study the probabilities which could happen from this experiment. What is certain, the outcome is expected to be 'unique; and 'chronic'. We might get a 'unique' outcome because we have an opposition who would change everything about Malaysia, getting rid of our Royal instituting and turning this country to a Secular nation. We have an opposition who want to bring us backwards where there would be no rules and people can do anything as they please. We also have an opposition who want to bring us to a dark era where extreme is good, and it denies rakyat's rights to choose how they live, even probably clothing as well. Every rational rakyat should realize that everything which is dreamed by the opposition are unsuitable, even dangerous to this country, society as well as our respective religions. The thing which makes it chronic would be when we could not tell which of the opposition's objective will be implemented if they are to win the coming election. Experimenting with different elements are enough to make it hazardous, especially if we are to mix with elements which do not get along well. It is not impossible that it would lead us to a huge explosion that could destroy everything which we have built all these years. That is why, do remember what the President said, our family is too valuable to be destroyed with some election experiment.


Desperate situation calls for desperate measures – old act played by new players – that is what the oppositions are doing now, in desperation and sinking fast. Former IGP and businessman Deepak Jaikishan suddenly appeared and gave statements that affect the credibility of Cabinet members including Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Looks like both are in a team trying to bring down the credibility of the government, just as what the oppositions in particular Anwar Ibrahim has been doing the past decades. Whether they are actually in a team or on their own or whether they are being used or allow themselves to be made used are immaterial because the perception is that both are trying to run down the people managing the country. Both are seen as stooges of the oppositions or Anwar himself as their statements also appeared at a time when the Umno general assembly is being held and at a time when the oppositions are under attack instead of them being the hunter. The table is turning fast now with Umno and BN on the attacking mode rather than the defend mode that they have been in for so long with some voters believing in the allegations raised by the oppositions. With Umno and BN in attacking mode, meaning they are coming out with facts and evidence of the truth, the oppositions are in dire straits. All the years of cheating and lying have suddenly ended with zero sum as all along, voters see the truth coming out slowly even before Umno and BN go on attack mode. Protests and demonstrations as well as suits have become a norm in states ruled by the oppositions and the latest is the enmity among themselves about non-Muslims hair dressing salons where females hair dressers cannot cut males hair and vice-versa. The collision of principles and philosophies among them are clear and they have tried to cover it for quite sometimes but as the saying goes, bad things cannot be hidden for long as the smell will surface. Now it is not just the smell but even the skeletons came out of the cupboard! So in desperation, the oppositions called French lawyers to come and brief on scorpene but failed as the ones attended were only seven MPs who were the complainants, not anyone outside the group. And now Musa and Deepak…although Musa seems professional in his statements but it still put a dent in the Cabinet and BN leadership, particularly when the oppositions are damn very good in highlighting such matters. But Musa’s story is an old story…told time and again…again Joseph Goebbels tactic. But Deepak’s story is a different game altogether…and there are many ‘directors’ in the game…all have the same objective - want to see the present BN fall

Thursday, November 29, 2012

White House Takes Note of PR’s Defeat in Next Malaysian GE

The people of Malaysia can be rest assured of continuous stability and prosperity after the 13th General Election as Dato’ Seri Najib received what we may refer as an advance congratulatory wish from President Barrack Obama as they met at the ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh last week. At the meeting, President Obama had expressed his confidence in Barisan Nasional’s (BN) winning in the election that is to be held anytime now till June 2013. The US has been keeping a close monitoring on Malaysian politics as their so-called ‘blue-eyed’ boy, Anwar Ibrahim is to take his next best shot in taking over the government in the election. Ibrahim’s coalition party, the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has done everything they could to cover the perfect picture of Malaysia under the BN’s ruling. He had gone as far as trying to tarnish the Prime Minister’s image by fabricating stories of corruption scandals and murder and linking them all to the Premier. He took the people to the streets to mock the tragedy of Tahrir Square hoping that it too, would lead to the fall of the government. Ibrahim has always has high passion and ‘skills’ for street demonstration. This ‘trait’ is then being used in diversity, in the hope of creating an impression of masses, volume and numbers of people against the government. Therefore, we see people marching down the streets for anything and everything that Ibrahim could think of – for the fair and clean election, for his acquittal from the homosexual-rape charges, for the environment, for a free education for all in all levels… But one thing that is clear is that in any street demonstration organized by him or his stooges of NGOs, they could only gathered as far as 20,000 people tops which is far-fetched from the targeted number in order to make an impact. The same people would be ‘recycled’ in every demonstration. The government had proved that some Singaporeans were also involved in these demonstrations, meaning too few Malaysians are with Anwar Ibrahim that he needed outsiders to help with the numbers. However, back in 2008’s GE, Ibrahim’s tireless effort had managed to convince quite many Malaysians that their comfortable, harmonious, lavish lives are all fakes and that they are in fact living in hell for being robbed, cheated, suppressed or bribed by the BN government all their lives. As a result, even though the BN managed to retain its throne, it has lost its 2/3 majority in parliament with 4 states now in the hands of PR. This fact unfortunately, didn’t work in favour for the PR as their cry of unclean and unfair election now sounds outrageously fictitious. After 4 years, the people of Malaysia slowly wakes up from the ‘dream of hell’ that Anwar had led them into. The reality of their heavenly lives under BN is now getting clearer and clearer. Malaysians finally started to think that it would take the lowest idiot to put his fate in the hands of a coalition that has no idea where they are going to. Islamic-Wahabbi State, Secular State, Liberalist, to uphold Islam or Pluralism in Religion, everything jumbled up and remain a blurr that even the PR leaders including Ibrahim himself can’t figure out and unashamed to admit it. This, plus the Dato’ Seri Najib’s popularity factor and his evidently successful transformation programs that can directly be seen, felt and ‘touched’ by the people, makes things look worse for PR and Anwar Ibrahim in the next GE. This is the scenario gathered by the US informants. It is an open secret that the US has got their eyes all over Malaysia from the inside and its surroundings. It is clear now than ever that Anwar Ibrahim is far and further away from Putrajaya than he thinks. Report received from some inside sources has confirmed that the White House has taken this information as valid and accepted. The report concluded that BN is going to win big, at least bigger than 2008 and will definitely stand on a firmer ground after the election to take the country forward for the next term. Suddenly, Anwar Ibrahim’s eyes aren’t blue anymore.


Another attempts by the oppositions to hoodwink Malaysians that ‘we are being watched and monitored by developed countries’, like we should watch out what we do or else we will ‘face the music’. Just few days ago, Suaram, we all know lah who is being it, held a briefing on the scorpene investigation in Singapore, of course not in any of that country’s official ministry’s premises but a hotel. Initially the French lawyers that they paid to have the case investigated were supposed to hold the briefing in Parliament…wow….a prestigious premise for a country…but unfortunately no permission given. So they moved to Singapore, not any hotel here in KL but Singapore…as spiderman says your friendly neighbour…ha ha ha…and what happened? Only seven people attended…all the seven were the opposition MPs who have been raising the issues since past decade and the brieifing apparently revealed the same things that have been repeated sung by the seven MPs. The French lawyer that gave the briefing offered nothing new and with just seven people present, and the seven were those who went to France for the sole purpose of creating and running down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and the country’s administration system. The moral of the story here is that the oppositions are just simply trying to continue harping on the issue so that it lives until the campaign for general election. They feel the issue is dying and thus, it needed to be pushed up again and pad it with new so-called evidence or investigation update. Having it Singapore is a ploy to make it look as though Singapore government is behind them…imagine their make-believe approach…so that Malaysians who support them think the group is right and that is why they can hold briefing in Singapore and the government there did not bar them. Cheats and tricks…trying Hitler’s Goebbel’s approach…lies told thousand times will make people think they are the truth….an old trick which today’s youngsters know in and out. So it is apparent now the oppositions are in desperation….the later the general election is held, the more desperate they are. Now itself, they are fighting each other – PAS and DAP over hudud laws where non-Muslims in Kelantan are now searching for new pasture and PKR Malays are distancing themselves from chauvinistic DAP Chinese as they see Malay PKR leaders being sidelined and played out. And with Umno general assembly being held where they see a renewed and fresh fighting spirit alive, the oppositions are in reality in a very difficult situation, like being surrounded on top of a hill with no supplies and ammo.

UMNO Assembly Overpowers All Opposition's Street Rallies

If some are saying that UMNO or BN is getting weaker by the day, the ongoing UMNO General Assembly proves otherwise. If we see how things are going in PWTC now, UMNO's strength and spirit is clearly strong and it has never weaken at all. Leaders come and go, with the guilty sentenced, the right are respected, this enables UMNO to remain as a respected Malay Muslim party. The doubt which is raised by others do not deter the confidence among party members. This is because most of UMNO members are wise enough to understand the fight in defending their religion, race and country which has been their main principal. 'Principal' is the keyword in UMNO's strength. Perhaps some members in the party do have their own issues in their life principals, but what is certain us that UMNO itself has never been problematic, the party still stand tall and proud no matter what comes to it. We can see how parties which sacrifices their principal ended up being slaves to their masters. Those kind of parties would be PAS who sacrificed their Islamic state as well as PKR which was established from prison. Both if the parties are now scared that they might be attacked by DAP. Due to mixed principals, their coalitions ends up going haywire. They would organize rallies for various things, first for a clean election, then the environment, hudud, total equality as well as a rally demanding a sodomite to be released. In short, as long as they have a chance, they would always 'fight', what they fight about, they do not really care about that. And in the end, their fight only translates into two words, 'BN K.O'. So it is cleat that they are not fighting for their principal. Instead, they are just fighting for power. By stating the name of Allah S.W.T., they prayed for the destruction of their own Muslim brothers, as they relax in their luxury homes, as they fight for posts and compare their assets, they blame everything on UMNO for being the evil one. Alhamdulillah, UMNO is blessed with leaders who are a lot more rational, smart and wise to be compared to opposition leaders. UMNO did not give any negative response towards the prayers which the opposition made. Instead, UMNO accepted their prayers with warm hearts as UMNO realize that their Muslim brothers are actually confused, and lost and they need to be taught and protect so that they would not be used by others. UMNO prays that they could finally realize the truth. If they are stepped on, UMNO will not hesitate to defend them. This is what happened in Penang, when Malays were stepped on where their properties were confiscated, PAS and PKR only asked them to keep calm. So UMNO ended up fighting for these poor souls, even though most of them used to support PAS and PKR in previous elections. That is why, even if 25,000 supporters joined the BERSIH 3.0 rally, 7,000 in Lynas Rally and god knows how many came for the oil royalty rally, rakyat's uprising rally, 901 Rally, BERSIH 1.0 and 2.0, or any other rallies, none of them goes as same as UMNO's General Assembly. Do believe that this great assembly, which only comes with good intentions, would be able to overpower even 1,000 street rallies organized by the opposition who only have evil intentions. InsyaAllah, with such a strong principal, UMNO will always march forward, not only for Malays, but for all Malaysians.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

U.S. And China Believe That BN Will Win Big On GE13

Politic is a complex matter where it is not easy for a person to really understand it if they are not part of it. In politics, things are never clear, they are usually either hazy or colorful. Even though some say that Malays are great when it comes to politics, but without knowledge, no one can guarantee this race's 'survival'. Today, there are still a lot of Malays who only practice politics in the dark. That is why they are usually easily influenced with things that are told by the enemy who are a lot smarter. Many of us still fail to understand the link between the country's politics and how it influences the world politics. Other stronger countries had began their world political game every since the 13th century. If before the era, they would only attack and colonize weaker countries, they then learned another way which is a lot more 'safe' and 'organized' to colonize, through politics. The way they would do is by being friends and making connections with other countries, appoint a puppet leader, threaten and pressure through market or they simply make orders. Through this way, these countries then managed to become one of the most powerful countries in the world now. We do have prove on interventions made by bigger power, United States especially, in the politics as early as the 1960s. A few of their former leaders, including former secret agents who were involved have already revealed this matter when they realized that they have made a huge mistake. Like it or not, due to the fact that we do not have enough knowledge as they do, we now have no choice but to acknowledge their power. Despite that, due to the high responsibility taken by this country's leaders, they have managed to ensure that Malaysia can always remain as a free and harmonious country. Today, we stand tall as a dignified country where we re able to provide our opinions to those powerful countries. In a way, our voices are heard, and sometimes feared by them, and exemplary for other small countries. This is proven during the ASEAN Summit Conference which was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia recently where Datuk Seri Najib demanded the United States to take rapid actions to stop Israel's attacks against Gaza. The great outcome from there was that President Obama not only accepted the demand, he even made a call to Israel to convey the message, he even joined a meeting along with Dato’ Seri Najib. The meeting was the only meeting which was held between Obama and Asean leaders, proving that Malaysia has its own significance in the world politics and that Malaysian leadership is respected by both small and big nations. During the meet, Obama had given his opinion that America believe that BN will remain in power and Dato’ Seri Najib's transformation plan is a great success. What is more interesting is that the same opinion was given by China as well. Prime Minister of China, Wen Jiabao made the statement and he is confident with Dato’ Seri Najib s well s Malaysia. Understanding the significance of opinions given by these big nations regarding election results is that their opinions' often made based on great lenght of their intelligence, a basic element which gets them where they are now. Their intelligence do not usually make any mistake. And when they say that BN will win, the probability of their intelligence in giving false information is quite small. Thus, the opposition might as well forget their dream of taking over Putrajaya in the coming GE. Other than those two big countries, others who stated their confidence on BN include Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as well as Singapore's President, Lee Hsien Loong. Both of these leaders are very close with Malaysian politics considering that they are aware of our Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim. Indonesia is like Anwar's second home where he would often be at the country to express his hate towards his own country. Singapore in the other hand, is a place he would often fall into 'traps' like what was published by Wikileaks. With that, we are certain that these leaders did not simply expressed their confidence, but they gave their opinions based on intelligence information, observations as well as clear facts. It seems that it would be better for Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang and every other opposition leaders to sit together and re-strategize on what would happen to them after this election.

MCA leaders slam DAP for failing to defend non-Muslim rights in Kelantan

PETALING JAYA: MCA leaders have lashed out at DAP for failing to stand up against PAS for the rights of non-Muslims in Kelantan. Claiming that the state's municipal council by-laws, which forbid female hairdressers from cutting the hair of a male customers and vice versa, threatened the freedom and right to livelihood of non-Muslims, MCA Youth secretary-general Datuk Chai Kim Sen said that DAP should be criticised for failing to safeguard the fundamental rights of non-Muslims. He added that other clauses in the by-laws include an insistence on no cubicles in the shop, that shop doors must remain unlocked at all times, that customers cannot be served drinks, that businesses must stop operations by 10pm and operate only on weekdays, and if a Muslim woman was present in the shop, all male hairdressers and customers must wait outside the salon until she left. “From the regulations above, it is very obvious that the Kelantan state government encroaches into the freedom and livelihood of non-Muslims as their business operations have been greatly hindered,” Chai said in a statement. He challenged DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to quickly make his position on the matter clear, and not just leave it to party chairman Karpal Singh. MCA national organising secretary- general Datuk Tee Siew Kiong said in a separate statement that he wanted DAP Youth leader Anthony Loke to take responsibility for the problems faced by hair salons in Kelantan, as the latter had previously defended PAS' hudud enactment, thus emboldening them to enforce the controversial by-law. “Anthony Loke once claimed that if a person did not steal or rob, then he or she had no reason to fear the hudud enactment. “He should have spoken up against this regulation. He has forsaken his responsibilities, and helped PAS mislead the non-Muslim community,” he said.

tunku : the chinese community can't rely on dap. dap will not do anything for them. it's all drama in pakatan.

Karpal Is The Chairman Of PR's Fatwa Council

The internal crisis within PAS, DAP and PKR is now seen to be getting worse when the issues which they argue often overlap in their coalition where each of the component parties have their own opinion and stand. The interesting part is the 'appearance' of Karpal Singh as the main role in every issue which are raised. Karpal is like a 'star' in the argument of hudud with Nasharudin Mat Isa. He was fierce in ordering PAS to go back to the original agreement where PAS should stop talking or even dream of implementing hudud and Islamic state. Even though Karpal's stand represents DAP but it seems that Karpal is the only one demanding PAS to put a clear stand in this issue. Kit Siang, Guan Eng and other DAP leaders somehow remained as 'extras'. PAS is also seem to only focus their attack on Karpal alone. PAS even made a statement defending DAP to 'calm' their members by saying that Karpal's statement is a personal statement and DAP basically do not have any problem in 'understanding' PAS's hudud. From there, Karpal kept on being DAP's main actor by filling up frontpages in newspapers with strong statements, revealing the conflict between his party and PAS. Yesterday, Karpal criticized PAS Kedah for selling off 'god's gift', water. Karpal is angered when PAS Kedah decided that Penang should pay for raw water supply which is channelled from Kedah to the state. The reason given by Kedah is that even Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang made a business from the same water. Besides, the maintenance of the natural source include cost which should also be charged to Penang, for which they get to enjoy the use of water. Karpal's consistency in taking care of Penang's interest is seen to be more active to be compared to the Chief Minister of the state himself, Lim Guan Eng, who do not really seem to shine these days. In short, Karpal is the only PR leader who is fast and furious when it comes to handling issues which involve the unity in PR coalition. Like a Chairman of Fatwa Council for PR, Karpal tries his best to ensure that the cooperation in Pakatan Rakyat should go how DAP want it to be. Even in DAP, karpal uses the same approach where he is the 'man of justice'. Karpal is the champion in fighting for 'one candidate, one seat' for the coming GE to ensure that assemblymen should focus on their constituencies. However, Karpal's suggestion has given doubt to even DAP members when Teresa Kok insulted him by saying that Karpal is just an 'old story'. Teresa Kok's actions has raised anger among a few because she is seen to not respect the elders and also a very experienced party Chairman. Due to that, Kota Alam Shah MP, M. Manoharan raised Teresa's failure in her service as an assemblywoman as she holds a lot of 'seats' or posts in the party as well as the state government. Despite that, recently, more and more DAP members are beginning to show their support on Karpal's idea, hence, giving him more popularity. The strategy in focusing on Karpal and to silence all DAP leaders in a way is seen as a measure to reduce the crisis which is happening within Pakatan Rakyat. But, as for Karpal, he would need to be more careful in taking the next step because this could put him in two different positions. One as 'star', and the other is a 'scapegoat'. The scenario is, if PR wins the coming GE13, so the issue of DAP's rejection aghainst hudud should be solved to avoid PAS top leadership from being raged. Even when PAS leaders could still give the excuse that they need majority in parliament, they would need to prove that they are really serious in going against those who do not accept hudud. That is why, Karpal might need to be sacrificed as the only DAP leader who goes against hudud. With that, even if hudud is not implemented, PAS would go back to it's normal stage and DAP would remain safe. As an 'old story', Karpal can simply be 'retired'. Sadly, this would not get him the title of Tun Karpal unlike what was portrayed by Tun Mahathir, because Karpal would not retire as a Prime Minister, but he would only retire as a scape goat, party Chairman.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Does Hamas Appreciate UMNO, Not PAS?

The role for Malaysia as a peace agent has been acknowledged by the world. Malaysia is highly acclaimed for its commitment and consistency in fighting for world peace. When we talk about Malaysia, then it would automatically brings us to the leadership and the Barisan Nasional government which acts as representative for Malaysians. Thus, in a way, it is not wrong for us to say that the appreciation also goes to Barisan Nasional. As a party which represents Malay Muslims in Malaysia, UMNO, as one of BN's components also plays its role in fighting for world peace, especially in the Islamic world. Alhamdulillah, from all of their service, today, not only Malaysia is acknowledged, even UMNO is highly respected for as one of the many who promotes peace in Islamic countries. This is proven when Hamas's Chief of Public Relations, Osama Hamdan, one of the panellist in a forum entitled "Conflict and Conciliation in the People's Politics - Looking Back or Looking Forward", which was held in conjunction of UMNO's 2012 General Assembly which begins tomorrow, by expressing his appreciation towards UMNO for providing various donations to Palestinians. UMNO too, he said, always held on to their stand in supporting Paletinians' fight even after Hamas took over the country's administration through Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). He also appreciated the leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in handling the issue of Palestine and criticizing Israel's violence. Few of it, during the 21st ASEAN Summit which was recently held in Phnom Penh, Datuk Seri Najib raised the issue of Palestine in specific, asking the President of the United States, Barrack Obama to take quick actions to stop the conflict in Gaza. Malaysia's stand in acknowledging Palestine as a sovereign nation is clear and consistent. Datuk Seri Najib's statement during OIC Emergency Summit in Mecca in August, he stated this matter in detail. Leaders of UM, BN and Malaysia also hold on the same stand and we have never budged. At the same time, he would always make sure that UMNO would do their best to help Palestine either if the party acts alone or gets help from other entities. Few of their help include sending food and clothing supplies as well as medicine to reduce Palestinians sufferings. However, the whole world is aware with Malaysia's stand on the issue of Palestine-Israel, Palestinians and us, would need to face the risk of change with the stand if Pakatan Rakyat gets to win in the coming General Election. It is no longer a secret that Pakatan Rakyat's future Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim is few of the signatories for the Annapolis Summit which supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. Anwar even repeated his stand on this matter back then, on his support to protect Israel's security. The statement which was published by the Wall Street Journal surprised and caused rage among Muslims around the world. The world's anger towards the Opposition Leader was expressed by Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyah to the Chairman of Management Board for Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia, Nasharudin Mat Isa during his visit to Kuwait. Even though Nasharudin shares the same sentiment as Muslims around the world, but being one of PAS leaders, he failed to explain on either his party's stand nor PR's stand in the issue. This is because, stating that PAS does not agree with Anwar in this issue would not be enough, because PAS has agreed that Anwar would become the next Prime Minister if their coalition wins the next GE. Thus, Anwar's stand would definitely stay as PR's stand. Hence, PAS's stand would not really mean anything. Even today PAS do not really play any vital role in the coalition because the party is basically under Anwar's control. Even though PAS accused UMNO for being kafir and murtad and stood proud by saying that only PAS fights for Islam, but it seems like their fight for Islam is not acknowledged by the world. Why? PAS not only acknowledge one of Zionists' pets as their future Prime Minister, they also had never done anything to Muslims even in this country! The fact is, PAS is just a party which survives through Zionists' donations which comes from PKR and they could not even develop any mosques for Muslims. After two decades of ruling Kelantan, PAS can only build a single mosque. PAS even failed in total as they did not get to generate the state's economy until their state remain undeveloped. In terms of Islam in the other hand, PAS's Ulama do not even belong to other Islamic Scholars around the world. This is because they only know how to give ceramah in villages and they would never run any research nor they have contributed any academic materials or even developments to the world of Islam. Thus, we are not surprised why Hamas appreciates UMNO instead of PAS, in handling the issue of Palestine which is seen to be really close to the hearts of Muslims today


Bersih co-chairman S Ambiga seems to act as though Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak must follow all her wishes and desires. After demanding clean electoral list and fair election and so on through legal means of demonstration but can be considered as ‘uncivilised’ because normal civilized people sit down and discuss rather than demonstrate, now she wanted Najib to debate with Anwar Ibrahim. To her, whatever Najib has done is immaterial but he must debate Anwar as she claimed it would give Malaysians the opportunity to gauge which political coalition was best to govern the nation. Loads of bullshit in her words! It is as though all this while, she has never benefitted from whatever the government under the BN rule…the fact that she is what she is now is evident of BN’s fair policies in distribution of wealth. Her call is followed by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and of course, daughter of Anwar who got caught on record for supporting freedom of religion among Malays Nurul Izzah. The fact that Ambiga is able to set up and organize her NGO and walk the streets shouting words running down the government is evident that the BN government is fair and allows freedom of expression. The fact that she is able to hold press conferences without being harassed and visibly monitored by government enforcement is evident that the BN government gives freedom of movement and speech to every citizen. The fact that she supports the opposition and aim to topple the government that feeds her mouth or rather make it possible for her to do what she is doing now without obstacles is evident of the BN government’s freedom of political affiliations. With all these freedoms, Ambiga, of course on instruction from her master Anwar, the ambitious opposition head who has already sold his ‘all’, now giving ‘directive’ that Najib should debate Anwar just like Barrack Obama with Mitt Romey. As far those who knows Ambiga, her motive is nothing more than to shame Najib in the debate, to allow the public to see Najib in awkward position as Anwar, who is not responsible for anything grill Najib on matters or issues that are irrelevant or make believe. Ambiga’s motive is crystal clear despite her reasons, make believe again, that seem intellectual and democratic…of course…all are bullshits. The real motive is the attempt to ‘bare all’ if Najib is to take the challenge to debate – obviously to ‘strip naked’ Najib with issues that do not even matters – always the make-believe issues – raised only for the purpose of creating doubts in the minds of audiences who are voters. Given such background, it is best that Najib just ignore these calls and continue with his programmes that benefit Malaysians at large in every aspect of life.


Puteri Umno is a lost movement as it hibernates in its cocoon oblivious to the current political ‘unrest’ where Umno and its leaders being attacked in every corner. The movement seems to be out of touch with the reality and the youngsters who are first time voters in the coming general election, estimated around 3 million. Under the leadership of Rosnah Shirlin in 2009, the movement has not made much impact or in fact, hardly heard in the country’s vigorous political scenario as its existence is not mentioned much, what more about its activities. The movement was set up to engage with youngsters particularly women who are in college, working and who are politically lost in the wilderness of the country’s politics, whose age is below 40, to be more specific below 35 and who just entered college or left school. Puteri Umno’s presence is no longer felt since 2008 general election and it does not seem to touch base since then, unlike when it was headed by Azalina Said where it always hold the limelight despite being flanked by its sister movement Wanita Umno. The movement’s failure in engaging with the youngsters had probably got Umno president Najib Tun Razak himself to reach out to the youngsters through the alternative media such as facebook, twitter and so on. The movement is also silent when Najib was heavily shelled by the oppositions on make-believed issues which created doubts in the minds of youngsters as to his and the government’s credibility and image. Puteri movement is just not there to help defend nor counter aimed at helping the party president to move forward in his transformation programs without having to look behind or blocking the onslaughts. The movement also does not seemed to make much use of the new media such as blogs or portals to reach out to the females youngsters and engage intellectually to attract them to Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN). Puteri’s ‘silence and sleeping mode’ has created a void or vacuum where young voters, mainly females began to forget about Umno as they continue being fed with opposition’s accusations in the new media. Puteri’s failure to engage the youngsters through the new media have given the oppositions the much needed space to do their psy-war without hindrance and competitions. Puteri, whose members comprised intellectuals and computer savvy females have actually lost the chances or opportunities to engage with the youngsters during Umno’ low-period beginning 2008. The movement just did not have the leadership capability and minds on how to reach out to the youngsters during that period using the new media and such technology such as facebook and so on. The movements failure has somewhat shift the youngsters political inclination towards the opposition in one way or another as the onslaughts on the new media seem effective in attracting them to their side. The movement is now not seen as a force except just a follower waiting for instruction as it cannot move on its own for reasons best known to them. Given such background, this assembly is the time for the movement to make itself visible and relevant again given the present political scenario is for the young people and the young minds. The movement should change its ‘inferiority complex’ against its sister the Wanita movement as Puteri is supposed to be the frontline to engage with the youngsters and new media. The movement need to be more aggressive in the current political scenario to enable Umno and BN to withstand the onslaught of the oppositions as Najib cannot fight a lone battle in the fast changing political trend. He needs help from all the movements in the party and Wanita Umno does not seemt o be of much help with its chief Sharizat Abdul Jalil caught in the NFC controversy. As such, it is up to Puteri to stand up and be seen and counted as a force that can be depended on from now as the general election is just around the corner.

Buddhist Should Retain BN Government - Master Hsing Yun

Master Hsing Yun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan Temple, the biggest temple in Taiwan back in year 1976 is now in Malaysia to attend the Buddhist Cultural and Dharma Blessing Function. he is one of the most influential monks in the world. We are well aware that Buddhist monks are famous with their discipline and calmness. High ranking monks are always linked with their great mental abilities. A committed monk would always control their manners and language. They would never say things regular people would usually use. That is why, the words from monks such as Master Hsing Yun should be taken as a serious message for Buddhist because they know that he would not say things without thinking of the outcome. And this is the interesting fact which was shared by Master Hsing Yun where he advised Malaysians to never break their unity because it could weaken the country. He said, Malaysia is a good country where he even hope that he could be reincarnated as a Malaysian monk. He also stated that cooperation between races could make Malaysia a great country. He reminded all monks to not get involved in politics although they are recommended to know the updates on it. Master Hsing is scheduled to be celebrated in a program which is called 'A joyful dharma evening "2012 Marvellous Malaysia--Venerable Master Hsing Yun' at Shah Alam Stadium where 2,000 volunteers are expected to take part and more than 80,000 gifts will be distributed to the public. This program will be able to prove how harmony Malaysia is like what was described by Master Hsing. This is not because the theme is about complimenting Malaysia, but it is because the program would actually be held in a multi-racial country where people can come in peace, without having to worry about any threat. This is all possible thanks to a great leadership which is wise, fair and efficient. And the leadership is none other than Barisan Nasional. With BN's clear credibility, it is not wise for Buddhist in Malaysia to be fooled by those who kept on spreading lies saying that Malaysia is a bad country where minority are discriminated. When it is proven that even though Buddhist are considered as minority, the society could still live in luxury and comfort, even better than the majority. They are never stopped from generating more wealth in this country. The freedom in religion allow them to organized religious programs without raising any doubt even though the official religion in this country is Islam. Thus, all of the lies saying that the minority are being discriminated are all illusion because those things never happened. So, Buddhist should really think about the message given by Master Hsing on the spirit of unity and cooperation which thrives under BN which has been providing us great comfort

Monday, November 26, 2012

CM Anxious Over Water Disruption At Section 7, Shah Alam

After dozens of statements saying that water crisis in Selangor is just BN's political game to weaken PR, Selangor Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Khalid Ibrahim finally get a slap in the face after his official residence suffered water disruption yesterday. Last week, a few areas in Selangor including Petaling, Klang and Section 7 Shah Alam, the area of Khalid Ibrahim's residence, did not get any water supply. We hope that no one would play some stupid political game by saying that UMNO intentionally disconnected the water supply at Khalid Ibrahim's house. The issue here is consistent with the research which was done by the central government where refinery plant can no longer cater to the drastic increased number of demand for water supply in Selangor. Even though the state has been getting heavy rain each day, the amount of water at the plant did not show any increase, instead, the water level only goes lower and lower. Now, at the near end of the rainy season, the shortage of water supply and the increasing demand for it would definitely bring us to a crisis. Now, the things which central government has feared all these while has turn to reality and it did not just hit rakyat, even Selangor's Chief Minister suffered the same consequences. PR Government rejected the solution which was proposed by the central government which was through the Langat 2 project by saying that it is not the best solution and that it has a few transparency issues. Even though they have been briefed by experts on how the decision on the proposal can be made, Selangor PR government still insist on using their own solution. It is very sad for rakyat of Selangor because the state government still could not find any solution which is said to be better than Langat 2. Even the proposed membrane technology was proven to be impractical. Now, they are trying to look into other suggestions which would take time because each suggestions would need in-depth research. From there, time would simply be wasted without actually making any solution. When the fact is, the Langat 2 Project, if it goes according to schedule without any interruption from Selangor government, would have been expected to be complete by May 2014. According to earlier research, Selangor is expected to suffer shortage in water supply, about 299 million liter daily, by 2015. Through this project, water supply will be channeled to Selangor from Pahang. However, everything which was suggested by Selangor PR government only involve processing raw water instead of increasing water supply, which is actually the real issue. This shows that they are not observant with real issues because they are playing too much politics. Other than shortage in water supply, they also need a new plant considering that the current plant is too old and it is hard to be maintained without disrupting supplies to consumers. Who would have thought that within PR's excitement in politicizing water issue, Khalid Ibrahim himself had to feel how it is like to not get any water supply. He probably did not suffer for long like rakyat, but at least he gets to see the outcome of his attitude in turning everything to politics. We are not sure whether Khalid would admit his mistake after going through a day without water. But we would not be shocked if Khalid would not take any bath for days just so that he could keep on playing his political game. If it is true, then rakyat of Selangor would have no choice but to wait until their PR Selangor leaders cannot stand their own stench for not taking any bath, before admitting that the solution proposed by BN is the best solution. This is because, BN would always ensure that they would provide the best for rakyat. If not, why would rakyat still choose to remain loyal to BN after all these years?


PAS is confused or PAS is trying to exert its presence in the opposition alliance – either way the party has created a real rift in the political co-operation – a rift that may end up with a real split. DAP’s Karpal Singh has come out bluntly saying that Hudud should not be extended to non-Muslims and what Kelantan PAS has done has infringe the rights of non-Muslims. Karpal is right in this sense and he is also right if legal action be taken against PAS for encompassing Hudud laws to non-Muslims like in the case currently where non-Muslims hairdressers have to moved out of the state to earn a decent living. For PAS, confused or on purpose (for reasons only Nik Aziz Nik Mat knows), the implementation of Hudud is for all and the party does not seem to care about the implications, particularly the effect on the coming general election. Already the verbal spat between Karpal, who is known to be voicing out the opinions of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng on the same subject the past few months threatened to split the alliance but of course, DAP cannot afford such things to happen. PAS, despite its fundamentalism, is still a political force to be reckoned with, and DAP knows that. PKR is a weak link in the alliance as the party has no ideology nor philosophy except to champion for Anwar Ibrahim to be the Prime Minister. DAP is also all out for Anwar to be Prime Minister because the party can manipulate him for their own goals and as for Hudud, Anwar to DAP is just not one that is a fundamentalist. In fact, it is clear that Anwar propagates liberalism and pluralism which is what DAP wants – freedom for all including Muslims which faith has been protected by laws and stipulated in the Constitution. Now with PAS insisting on Hudud and theology state and the real example is Kelantan now where non-Muslims find it hard to earn a decent living, DAP may find its goal flying out of the window to ‘unseat’ Barisan Nasional at federal level. With PAS adamant to implement its fundamentalism approach, DAP is a fixed – if it split, it loses the Malay support and if not split, it is going to bear the brunt of non-Muslims, mainly Chinese who look upon the party as the ‘saviour’ from the purported ‘discrimination’ of BN policies. But given the present situation, it is better that DAP split fast and go on its own or with PKR – PAS can be considered as too much a burden because the party has to explain a lot to their supporters about PAS actions. Might as well split up with PAS because PAS will not change…its policies are set, its goals are clear and its actions all along reflect its consistency.

Dong Zong Is Not Anti-Government, They Are Anti-Malay

The 1125 Rally, organized by Dong Zong to oppose the National Education Plan was attended by about 7,000 supporters. Chinese newspapers reported an attendance of 10,000. Whatever the real number is, Dong Zong is certainly getting more and more active in demanding for various exclusive rights which is said that it is to defend and improve the level of Chinese education for Chinese. Even though it has been proven that the government has never ignored vernacular schools, Dong Zong still remain unsatisfied when the new education plan focuses on injecting patriotism for students through the national language. For Dong Zong, the addition in time periods for Bahasa Melayu subjects threatens Mandarin language. It seems that Dong Zong still want to ensure that Chinese will never be able to be fluent in our national language and that they would remain separated from our society in this country. Even from their previous demands, it clearly shows that Dong Zong really insist in separating Chinese away from the national aspiration by fighting for examinations which does not follow rules and regulations which has been set by the Education Ministry. It is clear that Dong Zong refuse to obey the government. Despite that, the organization seems really rude when they demanded for the same treatment as regular Sekolah Kebangsaan. Why would the rich keep on asking for things? As usual, the opposition would try to get into the issue to gain bit of benefit through the rally, such as PKR, DAP and even PAS. But the attendance of Kota Kecil MCA Branch Chairman, Tai Foo Him only makes this racist agenda clearer. According to Dong Zong, the organization is not anti-government. Perhaps the statement is quite true. Dong Zong is not anti-government. Instead, they are anti-patriotic only because Malaysian aspiration is based on Malay identity. Dong Zong do not want their children to be all Malaysian like one of our respected leaders, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye who they think has been 'Malay-ed up'. For the Chinese, being 'Malay-ed up is an insult because it only means that they are obeying to Malay. Their kiasuness do not allow them to listen to no one. Considering that they really look down upon Malays, having Malays as the core government to this country only rages Dong Zong. Thus, Dong Zong want to show the Malays which is the government, that they have more power and that they are the masters of this country. Dong Zong is not interested with our unity, cooperation, tolerance and respect because to them, Chinese should get more than that. With that, Dong Zong is taking full advantage of the coming GE to show their power and to challenge the government. However, we believe, if each of their demands are followed by the government, Dong Zong would still remain unsatisfied, as long as the leadership of this country is in the hands of Malays.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Penang's economy slowing down, says Deputy Finance Minister

GEORGE TOWN: Penang's economy slowed down in the first nine months of the year, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Donald Lim said. Compared with the state's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of about 5% in 2008, the first nine months of this year showed a drop to 1.8%. He said the poor GDP record this year has put Penang in seventh position in the country, behind states like Johor which had a GDP of 6% that exceeded the national GDP. "I'm surprised that Penang has done so poorly. "He (Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng) should step up his efforts," Lim said at the Malaysian Economy and 2013 Budget forum here Saturday. The forum, organised by Penang MCA Bukit Gelugor division, was attended by some 300 people comprising of community leaders and businessmen.

tunku : this man think he had developed Penang in 3 years forgetting that he gets everything in a golden plate that is left by BN. if he is so successful why the drop now? answer CAT( corky arrogant tokong).

Education Ministry answers Dong Zong's queries

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Education Blueprint 2013-2015 does not intend to sideline any vernacular schools which exist in this country, said Education director-general Tan Sri Abd Ghafar Mahmud. Abd Ghafar emphasised that the Education Ministry will ensure that every government and government assisted school received access, equity and quality education. "The existence of National Type Schools (SJK) is also enshrined in the Education Act 1996 (Section 28) and further strengthened in the Blueprint (Chapter 7, pages 7 - 16)," he said in a statement on Saturday. The statement was issued in response to a memorandum from the United Chinese Schools Committees Association of Malaysia or better known as Dong Zong, querying the status of Chinese education. A total of 20 Dong Zong, led by its chairman Dr Yap Sin Tian, had presented the memorandum to Minister in Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, on Sept 26. Abd Ghafar said the government had no intention of changing the status or features of national-type schools and that even the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister had mentioned that Malaysia had the edge from various legacies, being the only country, outside of China, to have national-type Chinese schools. Abd Ghafar also said it was not accurate to say that additional time given to Bahasa Malaysia, to 570 minutes a week, may jeopardise their mother tongue. He said the additional time was only for students in rehabilitation classes at SJKC who were weak in the language, who were only about 30 per cent of the students. "The Primary School Standard Curriculum (KSSR) has been implemented in stages since 2011 beginning with Year 1. In 2014, this 2011 Year 1 cohort will be in Year 4 (Level 2 KSSR). "The increase in Bahasa Malaysia learning time for the Level 1 SJKC is from 270 to 300 minutes, while for Level 2, from 180 to 270 minutes, " he said. However, he said, the differences should be seen in the context of two systems, namely the time allocated for level two, which were 180 minutes for KBSR and 270 minutes for KSSR. He said the longer period of up to five hours a week or 300 minutes allocated for remedial classes was only compulsory for SJKC students who required them. Hence, the time increase allocated to Bahasa Malaysia for Year 4 to Year 6 was actually from 180 to 270 minutes, he explained. "The length of time is increased by one hour a day with the aim of improving Bahasa Malaysia proficiency among students who have not attained the minimum proficiency from Years 4 to Year 6 in SJKC and SJKT. "The ministry feels that it's better for students who have not mastered the language to be identified at an early stage in Years 4, 5 and 6. "The availability of remedial classes for an hour each day for those who have not attained the minimum level of proficiency, will help them master the language before they complete primary schooling," he said. At the same time, he said, the government admitted that the mother tongue was important and thus encouraged the people to master Bahasa Malaysia, English and their own mother tongue. Abd Ghafar also explained the rationale for Year 4 to Year 6 SJKC pupils to follow the same syllabus as national schools. "It is aimed at enabling SJK pupils to master Bahasa Malaysia faster before they enter secondary schools where Bahasa Malaysia is the main medium of instruction," he said. He added that this would also ease their transition to secondary schools and prevent them from dropping out. - Bernama

tunku : do not entertain this racist group.they are ungrateful lot. ask them to look at other country, Malaysia is far better and ahead in term of having vernacular schools.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Barisan brings changes, so no need to change government, says Najib

PETALING JAYA: Changes can take place in the country without having to change the government and Barisan Nasional has proven this, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The Prime Minister said major changes could happen under the current administration and Barisan is ready to make the change. "Barisan is not a static party. Change can happen in our country and we have proven that it is not necessary for us to change the government but we can bring change with the same government," he addressed a gathering of some 1,500 non-governmental organisations. Najib said Malaysia was experiencing actual change and progress and the results could be seen in the 5.2% growth in the economy, higher revenue and world acknowledgements such as being rated as the 12th best nation in ease of doing business. Recently, CNN Travel regarded Kuala Lumpur as the fourth best city for shopping. Najib said unlike the Opposition's Buku Jingga, the Barisan governmemt has put in place a clear roadmap, with the aim to steer the country and its people towards a developed and high-income nation in 2020. "We don't play with promises but we fulfill them. People can now see and question their (opposition's) credibility. Their weaknesses have been exposed. Barisan on the other hand have a clear direction and policy," he said.

tunku : BN is the best choice for the future of Malaysia,hence there is no need to change the government,no doubt at all. yes we need opposition too,no doubt about that too. we hope pakatan will be a good opposition not an opposition that is not productive.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Suaram is very insistent in bringing in the two French lawyers - William Bourdon and Joseph Breham – to brief MPs on the investigations of the sale of two submarines by defence firms DCNS to Malaysia. On orders from Anwar Ibrahim, Suaram is determined to do whatever it takes to make their allegations stick and have Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak appear in the court in France. Regardless of selling off dignity and pride of the country as well as oneself, Suaram’s mission has thus far been a failure as the case is not even taken seriously by the French court where the NGO filed the complaint. And now, since Anwar’s credibility is declining by the day, the latest was the rejection by Australia to interfere in the coming general election, Suaram has to work doubly hard to bring back credibility and confidence of Malaysians to Anwar. Suaram’s action, as all Malaysians know, is to dent Najib’s credibility so that Anwar can have an easy path to Putrajaya and Suaram is not alone in this as it is being supported by other NGOs in other issues. Anwar, on the other hand is feeling ‘hot’ as he counts the days to polling, personally watching his influence, credibility and image dwindling by the day. His ceramahs no longer attract thousands, his speeches no longer explosive, his allegations are repetitive nothing new and from within the Pakatan, his image is considered as at rock bottom. Worse scenario at present is Anwar may find more rejections from other countries on his request for support to purportedly ensure free and fair election in Malaysia, claiming even 12-year olds names are found in the voting lists. If such a scenario is to follow, Anwar may find even his partners in PR may distance themselves from him come election and he can forget his dream of becoming the Prime Minister. Even now itself, he finds himself being ‘challenged’ by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, despite the claimed that it was agreed he would be appointed as PM if PR wins the general election. In fact, from within Pakatan grassroots now, members are debating who is a better PM – Anwar or Hadi – a topic that was never spoken before the PAS general assembly that was concluded last Sunday. The debate within rank and file now puts Anwar in a shameful situation and the rejection by Australia further shamed him among leaders of Pakatan, even though they smile when with him. After all, Anwar does not know what are the real feelings of those leaders around him and he does not know whether they really admire him or just making use of him. Anwar’s ego and over-ambitious has made him lose sight of reality.

Harakah Claimed Hadi Only Deserve To Be A Fisherman

During the recent Muktamar PAS, we have seen how motivated PAS members were in suggesting that their President, Datuk Seri Hadi Awang should be appointed as the next Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat rules. Hadi Awang did not fully reject their suggestion. Instead, he took a much more 'open' approach towards any decision suggestion or decisions. He even imagined that it would be exiting if it becomes reality. This shows that Hadi is also interested to become a PM. Today, Tun Mahathir made a statement that Hadi Awang truly deserve the post, more than other PR leaders based on his clean background compared to Anwar Ibrahim. However, the suggestion had caused this uneasy feeling among PAS leaders. Some of them even rejected the idea of taking Hadi Awang as PM. Datuk Mustafa Ali, PAS's Secretary General made a clear statement that PAS top leadership did not even take any of PAS member's suggestions seriously to appoint Hadi as PM. PAS's number two man, Mat Sabu also clearly rejected the suggestion as he follows the agreement with DAP to appoint the man he used to call Al-juburi, as the next Prime Minister. As we look upon the support of other PAS leaders in trying turn PAS members' dream come true in this issue, it is sad for Hadi Awang as his own 'knights' have no confidence in him. It should be embarrassing for Hadi for having his strongmen rejecting the idea to appoint him as PM. What is more shocking is when Harakahdaily, PAS's official media seemed to be 'shy' in touching on matter of Hadi as PM. Instead, the media pictured Hadi's image as a fisherman at sea and took his quote which said that it is more comfortable to be a fisherman than a Prime Minister. What does this mean? Is this some sort of a game for Harakahdaily? To show how 'zuhud' Hadi Awang is? Or to show the real status of Hadi where he should just be a fisherman instead of a party leader? Their game seem a little weird if we are to look at it in the context of PAS's internal politics. We might burst in laughter if we are to see pictures of Dato’ Seri Najib or Tun Mahathir as fishermen because it does not really fit them. Just as same as looking at how Obama pounding rice where he looked funny and out of place. But, putting the picture of Hadi as a fisherman has really given us a different impact because his character and background really seem to fit the picture. How can a person who has the image of a fisherman could fit the image of a Prime Minister? So, the question here goes back to Harakahdaily where we want to know what are their real motives. We are well aware that DAP and PKR's top leadership do not take Hadi Awang as one of them. Hadi Awang himself seem to lose confidence as he faces those leaders who are more aggressive, fast, cunning and smart when it comes to the matters of the world. If it isn't for Hadi's weakness, PAS would not have sacrificed their objective of forming an Islamic country and hudud just so that they could follow Pakatan Rakyat. If Hadi is a real leader, PAS would not have stood silent when it comes to issues such as murtad, alcohol, gambling, entertainment centres etc. Instead, the party would attack DAP and PKR just like how they attacked UMNO with the same issue. The fact is, Hadi is not a leader for various races, he is just a leader for a single race which is the Malay and even that is limited to a single group, a group which only think that Ulama knows everything. Thus, perhaps Harakahdaily is trying to 'teach' this group to be more open on where Hadi Awang really belong? That is why, putting Hadi Awang as a fisherman is hoped that it could open the eyes of the group on who has been leading them all these while. Is Harakahdaily trying to force PAS members to accept the fact that they have no other choice but to obey to DAP and PKR because PAS do not have a real leader? All these while, PAS has been led by followers who do not do anything and cannot defend themselves. Leaders who are led can never be a PM, and they should be more qualified to become fishermen where they could just drift at sea while getting their catch of the day.


Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition’s icon and idol is now in trouble. Rejected by the very people he trusted that could help him ‘overthrow Najib’s government’, Anwar faces credibility crisis from within the alliance. PR is ‘battling’ its own problem as PAS grassroots, in the quiet, questioned why its president Abdul Hadi Awang could not be made Prime Minister if PR wins the fereal election. Although PR leaders including PAS leaders themselves try to downplay the issue, if possible bury it, the grassroots are not one that can follow orders or directive. Being the majority and open in their views, they would not like their honest and plain opinion be suppressed by leaders, more so if those are loeaders from other partis, despite being partners pursuing the same dreams. After all, the dream they shared is only to topple the BN government but not the Prime Minister post as they feel they have the right to the post after struggling for more than 50 years while Anwar was still a baby. And suddenly Anwar’s plea for Australia to help ensure free and uncorrupted general election has been rejected, PAS grassroots have the more reason to push Hadi as Prime Minister-in-waiting. Being politically minded grassroots whose minds reach far beyond normal superficial thoughts and cross global political views, they have doubts on Anwar’s credibility with the rejection. To them, Australia’s rejection will be followed by many more developed countries which Anwar had claim that supported him in the bid to topple Najib and BN, as Australia would have referred the matter first to United States, the mother of all democracy before making the decision. Thus, Anwar faces credibility problem from within and this is no small matter despite the strong support from DAP, a chauvinistic party as far Malays, including PAS grassroots are concerned. PAS grassroots are not liberals or seculars who will suffice with just the basic fundamentals of Islam while ignoring the deeper rituals just to fill the chair of a Prime Minister. They insist on the Prime Minister that is a practicing Muslims with untarnished image and credible, not just a theologian, and in this case Hadi is the man who fits the criteria. Anwar and DAP are in a thight spot now as PAS, which can be considered as the backbone of PR, is now loosening up on the alliance. Without PAS, PR may not even get one-third of the 200-odd parliament seats and probably PR may even lose Penang, the risk the opposition alliance have to face if they ignore PAS grassroots.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

PAS Members Can Only Dream Of Having Hadi As PM - Mustafa Ali

Being pulled in the issue of who would be the next Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) wins the 13th General Election (GE13), PAS's Secretary General, Datuk Mustafa Ali responded that the matter should be used as polemic by leaders and opposition supporters because it is simply their hope, not the proposal or PAS's final decision. In other words, it means that PAS never had the intention, suggested or even made any decision to appoint Hadi Awang as the next Prime Minister unlike what was hoped by PAS members. This means that Hadi Awang can just dream of becoming a PM. I intentionally reviewed Mustafa Ali's statement in an easier term to help PAS members to understand this matter. This is because, from experience, when it comes to PAS members, I am aware that they would not read and even if they do, it would be really hard for them to understand long and complicated texts. Even their vocab is just limited to cursing and insulting. Thus, I am worried if they are fooled by Mustafa Ali's statement and they would keep on dreaming that Hadi would be the next Prime Minister. When the fact is, it is something impossible considering that PAS has never proposed or decide on that matter. Mustafa Ali also confirmed that PAS cannot stand by itself and PR might have not won the four states alone. His statement seemed humble, probably worried that DAP might hit him. From what we can see from DAP, they really want to put in Malay candidates and to increase the number of seats for them to compete. Even PKR has been working to claim PAS's seats with the excuse that it could balance their power in the coalition. And PKR is even more cunning as they are putting their people in PAS to ensure that Anwar's agenda would run smoothly even if PKR do not manage to win enough seats. All of this shows how PKR and DAP work hard to ensure that their parties would have more power. PKR hope that they could get full power with the status of Anwar as the Prime Minister while DAP is convinced that they would gain total power by holding onto most of Anwar's secrets. Only PAS shows itself as the humble party in PR just like what was expressed by Mustafa Ali. If top leadership themselves confirmed that they do not have any intention to dominate PR, and they do not have any wish to ensure that PAS controls the coalition, or even get the PM post, then how can PAS supporters expect that the party would implement hudud? If the leaders refuse to fight, then how can followers expect victory? If PAS cannot dominate PR, then how can Islam PAS win, just like what Hadi Awang has been hoping for? PAS members would need to accept the fact that their leaders only want to lead them, they can never lead PR, or even this country. And it is not just because they are not qualified, it is because they do not have the guts to challenge Anwar nor DAP. The conclusion, it is true what people say about PAS leaders being slaves for Anwar and DAP. This is truly sad.

Anwar, No Means No – Bob Carr

We are sickened, disgusted and ashamed by ABC News report on our Opposition’s Leader, Anwar Ibrahim passing a handwritten note to Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr asking for help in the next general election. Just months ago, Ambiga Sreevenasen, the Chairman of Bersih, an NGO claimed to be fighting for a fair and clean election did the same. She went to Australia, begging the country’s senate and government to come and monitor our election. She was dismissed, with a simple factual, irrefutable remarks by Minister Bob Carr: “I understand the Malaysian government has argued that the last election must have been fair—it lost its two-thirds majority in the parliament." With that, Ambiga had to bring her thick-faced home and told Anwar that the Australian said no, they can’t send people to oversee or monitor Malaysian election just to make Malaysian government look bad. Even though Ambiga keeps insisting that Bersih is independent but then it was Anwar that was giving orders in the last Bersih’s demonstration. And he and other opposition leaders were always there either beside or in front of Ambiga in all other Bersih’s rallies. But somehow, during Mr. Carr’s visit to Malaysia, Anwar again tries his luck and asked for the same favour. The answer was again, no. Mr. Carr’s said no to Ambiga, said no to Anwar during the visit and said no to the handwritten note sent by Anwar and repeated it in the ABC News report. That is, four times of ‘no’. It looks like Anwar has some trouble understanding the word ‘No’. Maybe that was why he was tried twice for sodomy-rape. Even if Anwar finally understands the Australian’s ‘no’, it will not stop him from trying harder to tarnish the country’s image and he will continue doing so in his attempt to create instability and chaos. If one doesn’t know Anwar well, one would never be able to comprehend why he would do such thing to his own country. For those who wonder why Anwar is doing what he’s doing, you must first get to know the man’s character rather than just watching him in action in the widely distributed sex-video. Anwar has an ambition so high and an oversize ego that allow him no turning back. He wants to be the ultimate leader, ‘the man’ that controls everything and ‘the man’ that everybody bows to. And for that, he has to bring down the current government first. He could or should have succeeded, looking at his mysteriously, unlimited funds and tireless effort in demonizing the government in over a decade and throughout the era of three Prime Ministers. But, he has not. Why? Because, the only thing that makes his ambition seems so far-fetched is that Malaysia is in a good shape and it’s evident in its people’s peaceful, almost heavenly routine. This evident also tallied with our economic report. People from third world countries flock over Malaysia for petty work, but ended up having a good life beyond imagination. There’s a saying among them that says, ‘if you get starved in Malaysia, you must be one very lazy, good for nothing fellow’. Malaysians themselves are overfed, pampered and being too well cared-for by the government through subsidies and even free-gifts. Peace, comfort, food, cars, laptops, handphones that are considered luxurious in other part of the world are taken for granted in Malaysia. This is what makes Anwar crazy because he can’t beat the government in the election as the government is clearly doing a good job. He may demonize the leaders but the demon is not felt by the people. For that, the people keep voting the same government over and over. So, Anwar needs to get help from the outside but first he has to convince them that the people of Malaysia are with him and want to change the government but could not do so because the election was not and has never been fair. Still, with four states fell to the hands of Anwar’s party and its allies in the last election, the whole idea of unfair and unclean election seems too fictionalized, ridiculous, or an outright lie. Anwar may be too arrogant, if not too dumb to see that the Australian’s rejection to his quest means more than just a politically-correct action to be taken, it also means that it is over for him. Anwar is a liar and the world is slowly starting to see that, more vividly now than before.


It’s a sad story…honestly it is very sad…Anwar Ibrahim is of course…the saddest man on earth now…he has been rejected by a foreign government that he felt was close to him and hoping this government would come to his rescue. Australia, through her Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr rejected Anwar’s plea for help to ensure Malaysia’s general election to be held anytime from now till June next year free of fraud and corruption. So now Anwar is sad and probably angry at the same time since he has viewed Australia as his ‘big brother’ given the fact that some MPs (not even 10 percent) in Australia had voiced their support for Anwar in trying to topple BN from the federal government. Anwar has always try to get foreign help in his attempt to topple the present Barisan Nasional (BN) government despite knowing very well that Malaysia has its own sovereignty and dignity. Malaysia’s political climate has been very calm unlike the countries Anwar mentioned in his letter pleading for help from Australia such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar. When Anwar mentioned those countries in his letter, he is likening Malaysia’s situation as those countries – economically down, politically unstable, no harmony, people kill each other as though there are no laws and so on. But to Australia, and the legally elected government of that country, Malaysia is a dignified nation which government was legally elected and respected by the international community. Rejecting Anwar’s plea is actually a big blow to Anwar as indirectly Australia is telling Anwar that Australia respects Malaysia and Anwar’s allegations of fraud and corruption hold no water. In short, Anwar’s allegations have no basis and Australia is not going to follow Anwar’s every word without any proof. Also Australia may, this is a probability, views Anwar as some who cannot be trusted, who is only interested in promoting himself to be the Prime Minister but not in the interest of majority Malaysians. Anwar should look in the mirror and reflect himself because Australia’s rejection has a lot to do with his personal character and the rejection may snowball to other countries that Anwar thinks are supporting him because it may be vice-versa. That is internationally, and from within Malaysia itself, Anwar’s reputation faces a decline as DAP and PAS would also have reservations even though this is not reflected openly. DAP whose leaders are well-linked with foreign government too, may have already know what have been wrong with Anwar and why he is rejected and what are the secret views of other countries towards Anwar. However, the party still support Anwar as the Prime Minister-in-waiting because he is the only Malay leader the party can manipulate to achieve its goals

PM Post Is A Small Matter For PR

Just like what is expected by political watchdogs, the closer GE gets, the more chaotic PR becomes. Previously, everyone in PR accepts Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister and approved Buku Jingga taking over hudud or Welfare Country replacing Islamic country. Various statements were made by PR leaders to justify their agreement. Sadly, PR is not a party which was established with the same understanding. Each of PR's allied parties stand on their own with their own top leaders wanting their own palace. All of their supporters hold on to the understanding that their respective party is the best, dominating Pakatan Rakyat. Chinese supporters believe that DAP overpowers PAS and that is the reason why they still support DAP. PAS supporters have been trying their best to believe that DAP will not overpower PAS and PAS can never be taken control and that is why they still support the party. Besides, they are scared that they might not be able to descent to heaven of they do not vote for PAS. Meanwhile, PKR supporters believe that both DAP and PAS would definitely bow down to their leader, Anwar Ibrahim and that is why they still stand behind him. Hence, for a short period of time, PR became calm and stable. However, everything changes after PAS's 58th Muktamar. The Muktamar revealed that PAS supporters have began to realize that DAP and PKR have been controlling their leaders. So, internal crisis and pressure in seeing PAS supporters wanting PAS to control PR is beginning to get clearer. This was shown when they brought up the name of Hadi Awang as PM, pushing aside Anwar Ibrahim. All of PR leaders try to belittle the actions of PAS top leadership by saying that they are simply dreaming big and the matter will never be taken into consideration. So, Mat Sabu began to joke by saying that if both Anwar and Hadi lost, then he could be the next Prime Minister. It is not impossible if Mahfudz Omar also have the same dream of becoming a PM when he smiled as he was asked by reporters regarding who would he support as Prime Minister. Tun Mahathir's suggestion in taking Karpal Singh as the next PM also should not be pushed aside. Karpal has been in the political world for a very long time and he has been consistent in rejecting hudud and Islamic country. He is only inconsistent with one thing, back then he would hit Anwar, and now he defends the opposition leader. Despite that, lets not forget that if Karpal is seen as a person who deserves the post, then what about Lim Kit Siang? Wouldn't he be qualified as a PM in this multiracial country because he has the experience of 'handling' racial issues during the May 13 tragedy. And lets not forget about Nik Aziz who is taken by PAS as the great Ulama? But yeah...that was back then. Most of PR leaders seems to be avoiding from criticizing PAS's top leadership suggestion to appoint Hadi Awang as PM. Even Anwar tries to avoid from turning it into a big issue. Perhaps DAP is confident that whoever becomes PM, the person would still become their slave. Thus, each of them only gave open comments without giving any clear answer on who would be the next PM if PR wins the next GE. This situation leaves PR supporters hoping that their respective leaders would become PM while undecided voters would be left in the dark. As if the PM post is not something important and it can be discussed after they have won the GE. When the fact is, the PM post is a vital factor in injecting confidence of rakyat towards PR. From there, only then we could see how PR Cabinet looks like, and where would the country go under them. This is because, if Anwar is the PM, then Malaysia will be brought towards liberalism, if Kit Siang or Karpal, it's Malaysian Malaysia, and if it is Hadi Awang, then Malaysia will become a Conservative Islamic country. We need to remember that PR is not like BN where its component parties holds on to the same aspiration, respecting the constitution and the sovereignty of the royal institution. And the post of PM for BN is still important, it should go equally the same for PR with their mixed aspirations. By making the PM post as a small matter, it gets clearer that PR only sees politics as a race for them to get the best power. Whoever sets the game right, they deserve the win. The future of the country and rakyat never really mean anything in their game

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Pakatan Rakyat now searches for a middle platform among themselves following PAS insistence that the party would pursue its theology state and Hudud laws besides Abdul Hadi Awang as Prime Minister. PAS considers itself as the backbone of the unregistered opposition alliance and it will not, at any time compromise its goals, throwing the opposition relationship off-balance. PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim, despite his sweet words that this matter (the PM issue) could be talked over, deep inside his heart, he is pissed off and probably burning with anger and hatred. Anwar has done everything including selling his soul (he already sold his race) to get to the post that he ‘missed by an inch’ in 1998 and suddenly after careful planning and actions, PAS threw the ‘bomb’ and everything went dark for him. Anwar’s anger currently cannot be described as probably he is angry and pissed off with his people who he had placed in the party to steer the leadership’s direction but failed. They could not even get the assembly to raise issue on former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa what more to get him to be expelled like former party vice-president Dr Hassan Ali. Now Anwar realizes that the fundamentalists in PAS know when to give in and when to pull back the ropes, after all they are articulate politicians who know the real Anwar even when he was in ABIM. Given the current scenario, DAP which chauvinistic character is to make use of a Malay like Anwar as the front to further its Chinese agenda, is facing big problem. Not only the party is against the Islamic agenda and Hudud laws, the party is also against Hadi or any PAS fundamentalists as PM because anybody from PAS who are fundamentalist would not allow himself to be made use of, particularly by DAP. It is a big problem for DAP because the party do not want to play second fiddle to any other party as doing so would see its objectives flying down the drain. DAP wants its goal to be achieved through manipulating a Malay PM as the party knows a Chinese from the party could not be a PM. Anwar is the best person because DAP has all his ‘shits’ and he will be a ‘real donkey’ to DAP if he is the PM but now with PAS insisting Hadi, DAP is in big problem. Maybe the opposition alliance would dissolve if the three parties cannot find a middle-line to work together for and the time now is very limited.

Lim Kit Siang Accepts Islam? - Hadi Awang

The statement made by PAS President, Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang regarding his preparedness to become the next Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat wins the coming GE became controversial as it goes against the agreement which was made in Pakatan Rakyat. As a response, PAS imagined that the media had exaggerated the statement so that they could cause clashes among PR leaders. To defend themselves, Hadi Awang's statement was then published by Harakahdaily and Malaysian Insider to explain the real situation. What we can understand from the transcript which was published by both the pro-PR media regarding Hadi Awang's statement is that it does not clash with what the public understood, Hadi Awang is prepared to be the next Prime Minister and he is exited over the idea. He also pictured that PR's victory in the coming GE would mean a huge victory for Islam. He said,"I would welcome the idea of appointing me as the next Prime Minister. It is quite a great idea. But I would like to say here that I would like God to make my dream come true so that Islam would win, then if I die, I would die." He then asked PAS to look back at the history of hijrah where Prophet Muhammad SAW migrated to Madinah, how he met a few tribe leaders, few of them include tribe leaders from Bani Amir and the prophet promised Islam as the path of victory in defending a country. Even though they first questioned who would become Kind, but they finally agreed with what the prophet responded when he said that victory is owned by Allah SWT and the highest post is set by Allah SWT. With that, the tribe leaders accepted Islam and gained victory. During a press conference, Hadi was reported to gave rejected the proposal in appointing him as the next PM and he would rather become a fisherman if Islam wins. We understood that Hadi might not have the guts to challenge the agreement which was reached by PKR and DAP regarding the PM position which will be taken by Anwar Ibrahim. Despite that, we also understand that Hadi need to consider PAS's top leadership who cannot accept Anwar as PM. Thus, Hadi's statement during his press conference speech was simply political and it does not mean anything to PAS because we are well aware that PAS is still right under the power of Anwar and DAP. But, the thing which we cannot understand is why would Hadi relate the victory of PR with as victory for Islam, or even the history of hijrah. If according to the history if hijrah, the tribe leaders who met Prophet SAW agreed to accept Islam before they agree to work together in building a country. But as for PAS who want Islam to win, tribe leader from 'Bani Anwar' and 'Bani Lim' haven't even accept PAS's Islam, but PAS has already agreed to work with them to rule this country. Is Hadi deaf for not hearing all the chanting from Bani Lim that they want a Secular country which they would destroy Islam as the official religion and strongly oppose on any effort to defend Islamic law in this country? Without Islam as the official religion which has been defended by UMNO for decades, this means that Islam will no longer have the rights to rule and they no longer have the rights to spead the message of Islam in this country, thus, giving chance for other religion to spread the message of their religion and to open the rights of murtad for Muslims. There would be no special budget made for Islamic development programs or even any facilities to do so. Instead, the budget will be given to all religion where Christianity, known to be the richest among other religions will have the financial capacity to spread. Thus, PAS's cooperation with Bani Lim will clearly cost Islam its victory, if PR wins the coming GE. Bani Anwar in the other hand, which really follow the West, will take Islamic law regarding homosexuality and LGBT as something conservative and they would put all religion at the same level where Islam would no longer be the highest religion. So, how can Hadi explain that the cooperation between PAS and Bani Anwar would get them victory for Islam of they win the election? Perhaps we need to ask, what is Islam to Hadi Awang? What is Hadi's definition of victory for Islam? It is clear that Hadi is now confised with his own words where he thinks that Islam is PAs and PAS is Islam. The fact is, the victory for PAS does not mean victory for Islam because PAS is not Islam. PAS is just a regular political party which is established by egoistic men who deem themselves as Ulama. There are no special announcements made to prove that PAS is the purest party or the party really follows Islam. Some PAS leaders were surrounded by scandals - adultery, sodomy, corruption, just as same as other political leaders around the world. PAS does not have any advantage in terms of Islam, except for its name. Their dress code also do not mean that they are truly Islam because clothes are just clothes. Jubah and serban are used everywhere by just about anyone. Besides that, PAS also cannot deny the fact that the party no longer stand by itself. They are now tied with Bani Lim DAP and Bani Anwar PKR. Until now, those two tribes still would not accept Islam as proposed by PAS. With PAS Ulama Council Chief himself confirmed that they would agree with the democracy system, this means that PAS it Islam PAS, has lost even before they compete. In other words, even if PR wins the coming GE, PAS would still lose. Thus, if it is true that Hadi Awang wants to see Islam win before he dies, he could die now. This is because Islam has always win under the leadership of UMNO, a party that never get tired over fighting for Islam so that it would stay at the highest level in this country, as the official religion and protected under the Royal Institution.