Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PM: Just ignore the extremists

Malaysians should not give extremists and instigators the publicity they crave, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said all Malaysians should discourage the spreading of reports on action taken by such groups that tend to destroy the trust between races and incite fear and hatred.

“You know what these extremist groups are saying on social media sites are wrong, so should we share such views online?” he wrote in his latest blog post at

“If you want to preserve the harmony of this country, don’t let these instigators overpower us!”
Najib pointed out that if no one responded to these groups, they would not be able to get the recognition they wanted and would fail as they would be unable to recruit more people to their cause.

Instead, he urged the public as well as mainstream and online media to share stories on acts of kindness between races, which reminded Malaysians that they were all part of one family.

“Do not give these extremists the publicity they crave. We don’t have to condemn them, just ignore them. Don’t give them the airtime or publici­ty,” he said.

Najib said the Government’s National Reconciliation Plan (NRP) was a concept that belonged to all Malaysians, adding that everyone should play a role if they wanted peace and harmony.
y would need to take the steps to do it.

“Once you do this, it will not matter who says what or which group makes silly demands, because you will know how you, your neighbours and, by extension, how most Malay­sians feel.
“If we feel united as a people, these extremists, regardless of who they are and what they do, will get no traction.

“Destroy them by having faith in yourself and your fellow Malaysians,” he said.

Najib, who thanked the Opposition and various groups for their input on the NRP and said it would be consi­dered, added that the plan would be unveiled and implemented over the next few months.
He said it would encourage an environment that was conducive and promoted national reconciliation through unity and consensus, adding that it was based on the principles of respect, working and playing together and the spirit of give and take.

“What we want to do is help inspire the rakyat to respect and reconnect with one another so as to make Malaysia a better home for all of us,” he said, adding that he was touched by the rakyat’s strong support and encouragement for a cohesive and united nation.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Credit Suisse calls PM Najib a "Economic Hero"

In their latest analyst report on Malaysia dated 24th Feb 2014, top international bank Credit Suisse has praised PM Najib as an economic hero and has said the ETP is showing great results and he has made bold but temporarily unpopular steps that have strengthened the economy which will eventually benefit the Rakyat in the next few years and hence positions PM Najib for a good 2018 GE14 showing.

Credit Suisse is a member of Wall Street's bulge bracket, a list of less than a dozen of the largest and most profitable banks. The company has been identified as one of the world's most important banks, upon which international financial stability depends. The bank is also one of Fortune Magazine's most admired companies.

Excerpt from Credit Suisse's report on Malaysia:
We believe that PM Najib will be feted as an economic hero. On his watch, we have seen strong GDP momentum and transformation.

PM Najib represents a country with little political risk, given that he now has a ‘real’ mandate, with two election wins (GE and UMNO) under his belt. Any talk of a political challenge is highly parochial, in our view.

He is considered an economic hero by institutional investors. Malaysia sailed through the Global Financial Crisis unscathed and even saw economists upgrading their GDP forecasts as the benefits of the ETP were felt.

Indeed, our economists have just upgraded their forecasts last week, expecting 2014 GDP growth of 5.3%.

Balancing the fiscal budget PM Najib has aggressively tackled the fiscal deficit via a programme of austerity and the promise of GST, much to the delight of investors.

While this was never going to be popular domestically, if the markets are convinced that Malaysia can balance its fiscal budget, it will lead to a better credit rating, which will translate into a stronger currency without the need to raise rates and therefore a stronger economy. As the benefits are reaped by the people, the pain will be forgotten and PM Najib will be feted as an economic hero, both at home and abroad.

If that happens, he will, in our view, be well set for 2018 elections.

Rafizi Ramli threatens to reveal dirt on Zaid Ibrahim to damage Zaid's reputation.

PKR strategist Rafizi Ramli has promised to disclose information about Zaid Ibrahim that he says will damage the latter’s reputation.

Commenting on Zaid’s call for a debate with Anwar Ibrahim, Rafizi told FMT today that he would wait till this Wednesday to reveal the “dirt” he had unearthed that would put his boss’s challenger on the defensive.

Zaid announced last week that he would challenge Anwar in the Kajang by-election and has sought a debate which the PKR leader has declined.

“I know that Zaid has been attacking Anwar, projecting himself as having better credibility,” Rafizi said. “His campaign theme is about attacking Anwar on his credibility.

“I will answer Zaid’s criticisms on Wednesday. I’ve been meaning to answer earlier, but I haven’t had the chance. So if he can be a bit patient, things will be a bit more fun.

“I’ve got some things to throw at Zaid. He’ll have to explain a few things about his own credibility.”

Zaid said he wanted a debate on issues ranging from personality to policies and that he would reveal the “real” reasons behind Anwar’s decision to contest. He also said the debate would help voters decide whether he or the opposition leader was a more credible candidate.

But Rafizi said the debate was unnecessary and would only distract voters from the “real” battle, meaning the one between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional.

“At the end of the day, the real contest is between Pakatan and BN,” he said. “As much as we celebrate democracy and Zaid has every right to contest, at the same time we shouldn’t divert the public from the real contest and issues.”

He said it would be pointless for Pakatan to focus on Zaid’s challenge because there was “very little Zaid could do for the rakyat”.

Rafizi dismissed a suggestion that Anwar’s refusal to debate Zaid would affect his reputation, pointing out that his boss had often received such challenges and had regularly brushed them off.

“Every Tom, Dick and Harry has challenged Anwar for a debate, even Perkasa, even (Youth and Sports Minister) Khairy Jamaluddin. Anwar cannot entertain all debates.

“If he does, then when will it ever stop? All the independent candidates will want to debate him too—Yuktes Vijay, Herman Tino. It will become a circus.”

Rafizi said a debate must be something that is meaningful to the public and not a platform to satisfy some “people’s lust for attention”.

Equal impact
He said a debate between Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Anwar would be meaningful because the two had equal impact on Malaysian politics.

“So if there is a challenge from BN for a debate, then I’m sure Anwar would be more than willing to reconsider,” he said.

RBA and DAPster Accused PM Conspired With Mark Zuckerberg to Block Their Fan Page!

Yesterday, the popular Pakatan supporters page, "我们全力支持民行 We Fully Support PKR" which was blocked by FaceBook two day ago from being accessed in certain regions, has posted this particular post on their page that PM Najib's visit to meet FaceBook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is positive proof that FaceBook is collaborating with the Malaysian Government to suppress freedom of speech, suppressing the TRUTH and from exposing their corrupted ways.

For your information, PM Najib visited Facebook HQ on 25th September 2013, which is 5 months ago and the ban on their page only happened two days ago. So it is highly unlikely.

What do you think?

Monday, February 24, 2014

PKR Wanita chief degraded women by insulting Chew Mei Fun’s candidacy

Barisan Nasional (BN) Kajang state seat by-election candidate Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun today slammed Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) wanita chief Zuraida Kamarudin's recent statement describing her as BN's 'sacrificial lamb' in the coming by-election.

Chew said Zuraida should not have made such a remark as it not only looked down on women but also on herself (Zuraida) as "she is also from the same gender".

"The party (MCA) makes the best effort to select the right candidate and, for me, this is a recognition for women.

"But Zuraida looks down on women. She should not have made that remark which insults her own gender," she told reporters after the 65th MCA anniversary celebration and extraordinary general meeting, here, today.

Chew said that despite the various allegations levelled against her, she was in high spirits and would work hard to win the by-election.

She also hoped the voters in Kajang would give her their support to enable BN to strengthen its role as the opposition in Selangor.

MCA Selangor Wanita Chief Ong Chong Swen added It is unacceptable for PKR's Kajang by-election committee deputy chief Zuraida Kamaruddin to belittle women politicians. As a woman, she should have upheld the status of women in politics and social rights as well as to support women participation in politics.

Hence, it is deeply regrettable to read her statement as a female Member of Parliament for Ampang accusing Barisan Nasional of “(fielding a woman candidate as a scapegoat) to shoulder the blame…” or that Mei Fun is “used as a political pawn (by men)”.

How could Zuraida say something derogatory to women that betrays her conscience just to ensure her political master - Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim may winning the by-election?

If BN candidate Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun is being “used” by men in this by-election, then Zuraida must also have been used by men in PKR to contest in the 308 and 505 General Elections.

Women’s participation in any election is a recognition of a the female gender’s capability and status regardless of winning or losing in any polls.

This form of ridiculous thinking by Zuraida must be rejected.

Is this the product of PKR in grooming women politicians? If it is not, Zuraida is not fit to be the party's Wanita chief.

Zuraida's statement:
Yesterday, PKR women chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin had said that, "It is least expected that MCA did not field its strongest candidate and President Liow Tiong Lai to contest against Anwar Ibrahim in Kajang. A commander who uses subterfuge in order to gain public support must be strongly condemned."

"Chew Mei Fun is clearly a scapegoat in this case - fielded to shoulder the blame should she lose in the by-election. Why field a woman candidate only when the chances of winning are slim? Women should be fielded in winning seats instead."

"This is so typical of MCA to keep winnable seats for men and assign tough ones to women," said the Ampang MP.

"Here is an opportunity for Chew to make a stance that a woman’s dignity should come first and that women should not be expected ‘to stand up and die’ whenever summoned by men or merely be used as a political pawn," she added.

Zuraida pointed out that the international target of encouraging at least 30 percent women’s participation in decision making should be taken in a more serious manner.

"Chew’s action of accepting the offer to contest will jeopardise women’s credibility to contest in the future," she said.

Friday, February 21, 2014

MCA vice-president Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun is expected to be named Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the Kajang state seat in an announcement scheduled to be made at around 2pm, Friday.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is all set to make the announcement at a press conference at Menara Dato Onn in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.

It is learnt that Chew has been endorsed by MCA and other Barisan National component parties as the candidate for the seat.

After a three-year hiatus, Chew made a comeback when she won one of the four vice-president slots at the party’s Dec 21 polls last year.

Chew, 50, was formerly a Petaling Jaya Utara MP, Senator, Wanita MCA chief and Deputy Women, Family and Community Development minister.

The Kajang state seat fell vacant after incumbent Lee Chin Cheh of PKR abruptly stepped down to give way to Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to contest the seat, leading to speculation that he was getting ready to take over as Selangor Mentri Besar from Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Waytha, You Are No Hero!

Famous for his fickle decisions, Waythamoorthy lost people’s trust long ago and has no right to call for the resignation of PM Najib . He lost the plot long ago while masquerading as a hero for his community when realistically, his actions show otherwise.

His call for the PM’s resignation and criticisms of the government’s effort to help the Indian community are hopeless insults rolling off its intended targets like water off a duck’s back. The PM has not betrayed anyone but Waythamoorthy who has betrayed his community via his childish attention-seeking tantrum.

What have you, Waythamoorthy, done to earn the respect of Malaysians and the high moral ground to call for the resignation of the Prime Minister of this country? Such delusional thinking does you nothing. You are oblivious to the fact that you have also lost the nambikei of ALL Malaysians because:

1. You did not resign as a gentleman for you did not have the decency to see the PM to talk to him about your grouses or your intended resignation. By that irresponsible and selfish move, you gave up that chance to make a difference in the community and the nation.

2. Eight months ago, you signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the BN, just before the 13th general election last year to champion the Indian community’s agenda. Then you were appointed Senator and deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department to take care of affairs of the Indian community but you readily threw it away when the going seemed tough after some ministers asked you to resign.
3. You have the audacity to accuse the government of ‘dragging its feet’ to help Indians when it is posted for all and sundry to see HERE and THIS LINK how the government has spent, invested and done so much to help the Indian community including:

• Committing RM540 million for infrastructure development in Tamil schools since 2009, including two recent Budget allocations of RM100 million each in 2012 and 2013.
• Allocating a special fund of RM20 million in 2013 for infrastructure development and refurbishment works in 13 fully-aided Tamil schools
• Working with The Community Chest through a public-private partnership with Government to fund 53 Tamil schools a total of RM20.1 million
• Approving 7 new Tamil schools in the country, the first big increase in the number of Tamil schools since 2000
• Establishing the Action Plan for Tamil Schools Unit under the PM’s Department to monitor Tamil school issues and to develop a blueprint to chart a
bright future for Tamil schools in Malaysia
• Cooperating with NGOs with funding from the Federal Government and The Community Chest to set up ICT labs in 38 schools nationwide

Where is your conscience, you make-believe hero? Who has not delivered promises? It is YOU!
You dare announce to the world about how over the last eight months, you ‘had at least 16 meetings with the prime minister at his office in Putrajaya and how you pushed for the naming of the new unit you want to head. You are nitpicking over a name when the record shows that the government has really gone all out to do much more than before for the Indians. Are you being fair?
In your resignation, why did you not tell Malaysians that under the Janji Ditepati programme, the government has:

• allocated RM50 million for skills training programs targeted at 3,200 Indian youth from plantation backgrounds to increase their employability
• Funding an independent NGO to launch pilot programs and eventually establish a training center that can train and place 1,000 school dropouts
• Establishing Koperasi Suria and provided funding of RM8 million to transform existing Indian sundry shops and automotive workshops, with 69 such transformations already completed
• Establishing the Special Secretariat for the Empowerment of Indian Entrepreneurs (SEED) to assist Indian businesses in obtaining financing and to
• Reserving RM150 million in SME loans for Indian SMEs etc, which Malaysians can read HERE.

Obviously, you have this penchant for stage theatrics and this exit from the Prime Minister’s Office should be your final curtain call. For all the failed projects, unkept promises for which you are infamous, you should retire gracefully instead of continuing your attacks on others. Think of ways to help your brother.

Your hunger for power can never be satiated. When snubbed by Anwar before GE13, you ran to BN who took you in, gave you status and power but when you almost had it all, you threw it all away. But we must thank you for with that, you ended your masquearade, threw away your mask and revealed the real you.
So far, PM Najib has tried his best to keep to his promises and if you had not abandoned a ship sailing happily in the ocean, hundreds of thousands of poor Indians in need could have benefited if only you cared enough to stay and to help. Of course, you did not because it is not in you to be so kind and selfless.
I challenge Waythamoorthy to a debate with the Prime Minister’s department to let the people know the real situation and who is the real traitor and/or liar.

You betrayed yourself, Indians, Malaysians and people who believed in you after you enjoyed benefits bestowed upon you by the government and then you encouraged Indians to vote for BN. Now you doth protest, quit, and proclaim you have been used? Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see?
You have left behind hardly anything of value safe for your meaningless theatrical tirades. So you think you were a hero, Waythamoorthy. Only in your dreams.

 By Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
President, Centre for Political Awareness

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rebuffed by Moslems, But Welcomed With Open Arms at Church of the Holy Family, Kajang!

Rebuffed by keepers of his own faith when he tried to preach at a mosque last month, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was welcomed with open arms at the church of the Holy Family in Kajang after the English and Mandarin masses today.

Parish priest Father George Harrison welcomed the opposition leader as "our brother" before he gave the floor to Anwar, who vowed the 1,200-strong crowd with his 25-minute speech on various issues.

But it was Anwar's bold and direct approach to answering the questions from the congregation that impressed the crowd.

When he was asked about his stand on the religious issues currently affecting the country and the rights of Bahasa Malaysia-speaking Christians to use the word Allah, Anwar said that even international Muslim scholars thought it was a subject unworthy of debate.

"When I asked an international scholar about it, he asked me what kind of question that was.

"I told him it was Umno's question, so he explained that Muslims recite five times a day: "Praise be to Allah, Lord of Heaven and Earth.

"So, if Allah is Lord for the entire universe, how can there be limitations?" Anwar pointed out.

He also stressed that for Umno, the Allah issue was clearly not about faith.

"If it was, then their stand must be binding on all. But in this case they are saying Sabah and Sarawak can use the word but not in the peninsula," Anwar said to loud cheers.

He then joked that this meant that a person who boarded a flight from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur will say "Insyallah I'm going to KL" when he gets on the flight but when he lands, he will have to say "Alhamdu Lord".

Anwar’s meeting of the Catholics at the Holy Family church hall comes amidst religious tension between Muslims and Christians which was reignited last year when the Court of Appeal had ruled in October that the Catholic weekly Herald could not use the word Allah in its publication.

The church is appealing the decision.

Herald had won a High Court decision in January 2009 that had overturned the Home Ministry's ban on the use of the word Allah in its publication.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

No point to be CM if party becomes weak, says Abang Jo

Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, one of the two unpicked potential candidates to be Sarawak’s next Chief Minister, spoke at length during a press conference on Thursday but he revealed very little insight.

The typically wisecracking Johari began the press conference at 10.15am by reading out from a statement.
The long-serving politician pledged full support to the incoming Chief Minister, Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

His statement ended with a Malay poem: “Struggle is about sacrifice. Positions and ranks are not priority. The rakyat’s well being is our dream”.

What followed was 20min of question time for reporters, in which Johari spoke about why he respected Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s decision to choose Adenan, and his own political beliefs.

But Johari, a PBB Deputy President, avoided commenting directly to questions on the lead up to Taib’s announcement on Adenan that came suddenly Wednesday.

“During the caucus (last Saturday), we requested Taib to choose (his successor). We said: ‘You decide rather than the caucus. Caucus is giving you full mandate.’ It was an idea between Adenan, (Datuk Amar) Awang Tengah (Ali Hasan) and I.

“Actually, CM (Taib) was quite surprised. Taib told us: ‘The party has to decide’. But we said no. It was Adenan who proposed the resolution, and I seconded it. That is the team spirit we have in PBB.

“At the end of the day, what is the point to be CM if the party is weak and you are poor of support. I subscribe to that belief. During my whole political career, I saw the 1987 Ming Court crisis. That episode really taught me something.”

The Ming Court crisis Johari referred to was when Tun Abdul Rahman Ya’kub (who is also Taib’s uncle and predecessor) tried to topple Taib.

Johari said it was Ya’kub who ushered him into politics, “but when the Ming Court crisis came, Adenan and I stuck by Taib’s side”.

“Back then, senior leaders went off to join Ya’kub. I saw this and felt: ‘You want to go, you go lah.’ That is my track record. I stayed with PBB. The situation has improved since then. Now, you and I are witnessing a smooth transition.”

Johari then spoke about the transition of leaders in the People’s Republic of China. Johari praised giant nation’s fixed leadership terms.

The PBB deputy president ended the press conference then, but added a touch of humour that he is known for by telling reporters: “Eh, you try to follow my statement. You ask so much my statement gets

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Commenting on the Reporters Without Borders 2014 World Press Freedom Index, a Malaysian Government spokesperson said:

“Online and in print, the media in Malaysia is freer than it has ever been.
“Malaysia enjoys an open and vibrant online media. Anyone who visits a Malaysian news website or political blog can see for themselves how free the online media is.
“Moreover, under Prime Minister Najib Razak, print media licensing laws have been relaxed. The requirement to renew print licenses annually has been removed, and the Home Minister’s authority to block, allow or revoke licenses has been opened up to judicial review.”

Adenan Satem named as new Sarawak Chief Minister

Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud has announced that his successor is to be Tan Sri Adenan Satem, after he announced that he has handed over his resignation letter to the TYT dated Feb 28.

Dap wants call to keep out UMNO of Sarawak formalised - WE SUPPORT?

Sarawak Dap has called for the formalisation of an agreed understanding among the state's BN component parties to keep Umno out of Sarawak.
Its chairman Chong Chieng Jen said such political agreement had to be formalised to safeguard the interest of Sarawak.

We just wish to tell Chong the moron chairman of Dap Sarawak that we will support this called and we want BN Sarawak to formalised the called BUT with the condition that Dap, Pas and Pkr too must not enter Sarawak. Let Sarawak has its own state's parties.

Don't just simply attack others without looking at your foolish face in the mirror Mr Moron Chong Chieng Jen.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teresa Kok Deserves a Slap and FOR FREE-OF-CHARGE!

Teresa Kok deserves a ‘slap’, no doubt about it, maybe not physically but definitely on her bloated ego. Her arrogance has shrouded her ability to reason, act and think as a politician.

As a member of parliament from DAP, she for sure had no grounds to produce and ‘act’ in her Chinese New Year video that went viral on the net.

It is shameful that DAP’s top leaders have defended her video, citing it was not seditious in any manner. It is disgusting that the very same DAP that goes around the nation boasting of being a champion for all races had stooped so low in condoning a video that had belittled the nation grossly.

DAP had always lamented that Barisan Nasional is the leader of gutter politics but with Kok’s video, I wonder what sort of politics they practice now?

The DAP has proven beyond doubt that it is nothing more than another group of humans who will do anything to achieve its desires, which is to take over the governing of the country at all cost.

Kok’s video unveiled the camouflaged image of DAP, a party that respects no other race but only thinks for the Chinese.

Kok’s argument that the video did not mention any names, in her defence, is really insulting the intelligence of all Malaysians. It is crystal clear that Kok was making sly innuendos, hitting below the belt of certain individuals and the Malays in particular.

Come on, we are not that dumb not to understand her cunning message to the nation.

As a politician and an elected rep, she lacked maturity and wisdom in sending out the message she really intended to during the festive season.

It was distasteful and sour to do so on an auspicious occasion like the Chinese New Year (CNY). Kok just wanted to show how the Chinese in Malaysia think that they are far superior in Malaysia than other races.

No doubt, all is not well in the nation but for her to ridicule the people of Malaysia blatantly completely defies logic when she is also a citizen of the country. Is she implying via the video that since she is a Chinese descendent, she has the right to denigrate other races during Chinese New Year?

Morally wrong
Occasions like the CNY or other festivities should be optimised to close ranks and implant seeds of harmony among various races but Kok thought it would be more appropriate to release a damaging video in the public domain to score brownie points with her foolish supporters and followers.

And DAP supremos think that it was a gigantic effort and Kok indeed needs to be credited for making a fool out of herself.

Seems like DAP is nothing better than any other race-based party and it will defend its grounds even if it knows it is morally wrong. It forgets that two wrongs do not make a right.

Kok had ‘slapped’ the entire nation on the international front with the video and yet she cries innocence as though there was no damage done by her.

Indeed, it was her very own boss Lim Kit Siang who had said days earlier that all efforts must be made to avoid another May 13, but looks like Kok had just fuelled the strained race relationship in the country with her ‘Onederful Malaysia CNY2014′ video.

As said earlier, Kok needs to be ‘slapped’, but with all available legal avenues. The authorities must put a stop to vainglorious individuals like her who are self-centered.

Monday, February 10, 2014

PKNS: Immediate Terminations of staff violated proper procedures - RM2million per year and not RM7million

A group of 22 former contract employees of Selangor subsidiary PHSB have claimed that their employer violated proper procedure when it abruptly terminated their contracts on February 4.

In a statement today, the group claimed that they were called into an unscheduled meeting that morning and each of them were then given their termination letters, stating that it was with immediate effect. They claimed to have not even received a notice of 24 hours.

Spokesperson for the group Dr Alif Aiman Abdullah also challenged the official reason given for their termination, which was that it was part of a re-structuring exercise by PHSB and parent company PKNS.

Alif Aiman said none of the usual processes involved in a corporate restructuring exercise, such as developing process flows, assessing manpower needs, and revenue and cost projections, were done either by the senior staff of PKNS or PHSB.

“Where are the above reports? No handover procedures were followed, no replacements announced. Staff were simply asked to immediately leave the premises,” he said.

“The explanation that this shameful act was conducted as part of a restructuring exercise therefore holds no credibility and is seen as yet another sham,” said Alif Aiman, who is former head of marketing of PKNS.

He said all PHSB staff were seconded and placed in positions within the parent company PKNS, the Selangor government’s development arm.

Two days after they were terminated, Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim defended the move, saying it would save the company RM7 million a year.

Abdul Khalid said the termination was above board and according to procedures as stated in their contracts. The employees would also be given two months' severance pay.

Abdul Khalid said the termination of the employees was in line with the integrity pact policy implemented by PKNS to ensure good corporate governance.

Those dismissed were asked to reapply to PKNS later and would be deployed according to its needs.

The move was criticised by Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) deputy president Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid, who described the sudden termination as "cruel" and accused the corporation of violating the law.

Alif Aiman also refuted claims that the company would be saving RM7 million from the exercise, claiming that the salaries of the 22 last year only amounted to RM2 million.

“PHSB have helped them reap hundreds of millions of ringgit each year since joining PKNS, yet do not share in most bonuses or perks. Where is all this money being used?

“Where does PKNS get its RM7 million ringgit cost for PHSB staff from? Their salaries for 2013 were only RM2 million. By comparison, PKNS staff salaries were about RM70 million for the same period.

"PKNS overheads for 2013 was over RM150 million. Were there any cost savings made before putting key loyal staff and their families in hardship?” he asked.

Ringgit has not grown weaker.

Over the last ten years, it is not Ringgit Malaysia that has grown weaker but have actually grown stronger - just not as fast as the Singapore dollars.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

PBB gives Taib mandate to name next CM

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud has been given the mandate by PBB to nominate his successor, paving the way for his retirement.

Taib said he would make an announcement “in two days” after a five-hour supreme council meeting here Saturday.

Permanent chairman Datuk Amar Asfia Awang Nassar said the party had passed a resolution during the meeting to give the mandate to Taib to nominate a successor of his choice to be the next chief minister.

“Whoever is nominated by (Taib) will receive unanimous support from the party.

“The new man will be the one leading the state Barisan Nasional in the next state election,” he said.
Asked whether this meant Taib would step down before the end of the current term in 2016, Asfia said he did not rule out that possibility.

Friday, February 7, 2014

MCA wants Teresa Kok to apologise for Onederful Malaysia video

The MCA is demanding that Seputeh MP Teresa Kok apologises publicly for her controversial Onederful Malaysia video clip, which it says provokes racial sentiments and has tarnished the true meaning of the auspicious Chinese New Year celebrations.

The party's national complaints bureau chief Jason Teoh said the 11-minute video clip was not in line with Malaysia's nation building aspirations as it had elements of defamation and was inflammatory.

"She should apologise to the nation and to the Chinese community as the video paints a negative image of the country and the Chinese," he said in a press conference held here Friday.

Teoh added that, as a Chinese, he was embarrassed by the video as other races might get the wrong image of the community.

In the video clip, Kok poses as a feng shui talk show host and has "panellists" poke fun at various national issues, including the education system, rising cost of living, public safety and the foreign intrusion into Sabah in February last year.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Don't Be Stupid Enough To Learn la, Teresa Kok!

As a MP for Seputeh, Teresa Kok must realize that as an elected leader, she has the responsibility of upholding values and ethics that sow the seeds for unity and not dissension. In the hullabaloo arising from her controversial Chinese New Year video clip, Teresa Kok clearly used satire to bypass political censorship in her most distasteful rendition of political criticism. Those in the video clip not only insult via subtle innuendos, alluding representations, and passing comments, she and the others in the clip brazenly run down the country distastefully.

Right-thinking viewers are appalled by the sick and warped humor and the fact that the arrogant culprits brazenly refuse to acknowledge that the whole production smacks with malicious intent. That she had the gumption to be in the video and yet lack the grace to acknowledge the fact that she had overstepped boundaries is outrageously disgusting.

Teresa Kok claimed the video clip was produced with humor and fun for her audience among the Chinese community who speak Mandarin and Cantonese. If that were the case, why did she include English subtitles for those who cannot understand those dialects? Far beyond her claims, there is clearly a mischievous motive behind the production as evidenced by the script and characteristics/names of the other three characters. For example, the Feng Sui lady is Master Yan Yan alluding to Ng Yen Yen.

The well-endowed woman, Mrs. Jit, resembles the PM’s wife in terms of hairstyle and other statements that echo Rosmah’s statements on saving money for diamond rings, Birkin handbags, and other sickening innuendos. The man has an uncanny resemblance to Wee Ka Siong in appearance and crying episode.

In a most revealing, abominable and audacious revelation, Teresa Kok was arrogant and resorted to revolting name-calling retaliation showing her lack of respect for fellow leaders and her warped malevolent side. Here are some of the labels she used in her press statement:

• She called critics of her video “racial bigots” and “stupid” for failing to appreciate the concept of satire.

• She singled out Umno minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal and MCA’s Koh Nai Kwong for apologies, saying the duo had falsely accused her of mocking local security forces who fought during the Lahad Datu intrusion last year.

• She lashed out at MCA for being “political parrots,” accusing the party’s leaders of repeating the comments and actions of “racial bigots and extremists.”

• Kok is reported to have said Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie as an example of a leader who could not accept political satire... and has shown her stupidity by calling on MCMC and police to intervene and stop my video for the nation’s stability and unity.

Is such behavior becoming of a Christian (Catholic) MP? While on one hand she has the gall to make such an offensive video and on the other hand, has no guts to apologize or to admit her video clip of political satire is most inappropriate and out of line for the CNY celebrations . Neither does she dare to admit it was produced to reframe the representation of current issues to her advantage, through her lens, her perspective and that of DAP. Impressive?

By definition, satirical literature is different from pure comedy, as it is “not meant to elicit laughter just for the sake of laughing, for that is called clowning. It is a form of black comedy that reflects the political and social pains of every citizen.” Granted that for a long time, satire has long been used for political criticism with a specific target and an ideal for comparison description of a folly or vice. However, Teresa Kok and her DAP partners-in-satire must realize that whilst there is freedom in using satire, we should exercise responsibility in how we use it and not abuse others verbally after that!

From ancient times, satirists have shared a common aim: to expose foolishness in all its guises — vanity, hypocrisy, pedantry, idolatry, bigotry, sentimentality — and to effect reform through such exposure. The many diverse forms their statements have taken reflect the origin of the word satire, which is derived from the Latin satura, meaning "dish of mixed fruits," hence a medley.

Certainly, that video clip does not effect reform; rather it stirs unrest and a host of negative sentiments. To hide behind the mask of innocent tomfoolery or comedy in the name of fun is nothing short of being hypocritical. If she really had the intention of using political satire, why couldn’t she have used it in a non-offensive, non-divisive manner so that everyone can laugh at it in good fun because it is well-written, entertaining and everyone, including the satirist, clearly knows and admits who/what is the target.

Unfortunately, the political landscape in Malaysia is diving downwards as there is so much filth being spewed by irresponsible netizens to the extent that democratic space is filled with malice, hatred, and spins. It has almost become second nature for many to criticize insensitively, irresponsibly and bluntly rather than responsibly choosing the appropriate responses, analogy, words, or message with an entertaining allusion to some ongoing controversy, which can breed more understanding of core issues rather than inciting anger and hatred.

Life is filled with choices. Obviously, Teresa Kok has a knack of making the wrong choices. Her detention under the ISA for one week in 2008 did not teach her precious lessons of responsibility in what she says publicly. Then, her claim that the quality of food served to her during her incarceration was so bad that it was similar to dog food was carried by Utusan Malaysia which reported her statement. Kok claimed Utusan was manipulating her words, denied making that statement, and instead insisted that she had said that the food was only slightly better than dog food. Later, she admitted to making contradictory statements. (Wikipedia)

Finally, many Malaysians mudah lupa that Teresa Kok triggered a controversy when she aired a clip that showed a female police officer ordering a female detainee to do nude squats in the nude. Kok claimed the victim is a Chinese national when in reality, she is a Malaysian now identified as Hemy Hamisa Abu Hassan Saari. So, judge for yourself whether Teresa Kok has been consistently inconsistent in her responsibility as a MP.

By Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
President, Centre for Political Awareness

Were the 23 PKNS’s staff the first series of victim by Selangor’s future MB?

The act of sacking 23 of its employee by PKNS yesterday shocked many people. It is understood that the discharge of the 23 staff was a part of the Azmin Ali’s saga where he was booted out by the state leader Dato’ Seri Khalid Ibrahim. The mass discharge of civil servant (even though some of them were on contract basis by PKNS) had never happened. There were no reasonable explanations  by any of the Selangor state authority on the matter.

PKNS and the state government denied that the discharge had any links with the political turmoil in PKR. However, the people of Malaysia are more learned then some PKR leaders can see the show of power in PKR in trying to cover up for the greed and vile propaganda brought by the DAP in Selangor.

According to our sources from the opposition, Azmin and Khalid feud also involves racial issues where all of PKNS housing projects are build and sold by outsourced contractors and real estate agents. PKNS Engineering and Construction or PKNS Holdings does not play any major part in the development of these projects.

Because of this particular stance by the state and PKNS, the one who benefited from these projects are developers and also Chinese contractors. They were also the one who embraces the DAP stance to get rid of Malays in the city by elevating the real estate price so that the Malays cannot afford to buy any property in the city.

Khalid Ibrahim who is known as a DAP puppet and surely his action reflects his submission to the DAP. Because of that, we unlike the members of the public are not shocked that he sacked 23 of the PKNS staff members who are ever vigilant in stopping the DAP from destroying the true purpose of PKNS in Selangor.

We do not know, how far is the truth about this story, but for those who are familiar with the Selangor political scenario, it is hard for us not to believe, even if it just a theory.

Azmin’s standing in this particular fiasco is hard to be determined. Some might say that the DAP favour Anwar compared to Azmin as this might be the true reason why Azmin was sacked and Anwar is being hailed to be the future Menteri Besar of Selangor. This particular action is to stop the entire internal dispute in the PKR and also to strengthen the DAP.

If this is true, it seems that the DAP has already managed to won some of the battle with no casualties. Firstly, they managed to ensure that their cronies among the developers and contractors will have enormous income, secondly is their mission to get rid of the Malays from the city are going well. Thirdly, their goal of sacking Malay civil servants even before becoming the government of the federation.

The promise to cut down the numbers of civil servant was made by Tony Pua in the 31st of October 2011 in Johore Bahru, he said “if the Pakatan Rakyat were to capture Putrajaya, then we will propose a project which is named “The Special Project To Reduce Civil Servant” this is to reduce the numbers of civil servant gradually each year.

It seems that the DAP is not playing around when they said that they will sacked Civil Servants and in this particular case in Selangor. They are using their Malay proxy to do the dirty work for them. Khalid Ibrhaim has proven that he is a loyal puppet as he has strong conviction to defend the DAP even with the issue of the religion of Islam.

However, the political charm of Khalid Ibrahim seems to be wearing off as we can see it daily that he has become a dead weight for PKR and the DAP. Thus, who are more suitable to take the helm other than Anwar Ibrahim who has being used by the DAP ever since he as sacked by Tun Mahathir himself.
Anwar, even though carries and image of liberalism and pluralism are still being supported by aome of the Malays. Anwar as the Chief of Opposition in the Malaysian parliament is a suitable candidate to execute all of DAP orders in Selangor without being questioned by the Malays.

In Anwar’s head, he must think that he is playing the DAP to achieve his dream, but in DAP’s mind set, DAP is the one who are using Anwar for their very own political survival. As for PAS, like a loyal lap dog, they are waiting for orders by both of the parties.

According to this particular fact, our advice for the people of Kajang is to oppose Anwar. Just imagine with all the wealth of Selangor and the big project that they were planning in Kajang, who will gain the most of it? Are the Malays and the poor in Kajang will benefit from Anwar’s victory?

Or if Anwar really do win, how many civil servant will be sacked when Anwar Ibrhaim is the Menteri Besar of Selangor?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Najib Serves The Country While Anwar Serves Himself

Anwar Ibrahim has, once again, put his personal interests above those of the nation. In a brazen attempt to seize the top job in Selangor, Anwar has effectively forced one of his own to resign and imposed a costly by-election on the country, at a time when budgets are tight.

By running for the Kajang state seat, Anwar is making a move to be the next mentri besar. After all, somebody has to resolve the cat fight between Azmin Ali and Khalid. But Anwar appears mostly keen to take over Selangor in order to provide him with a wealthy platform from which to run for office again in General Election 14 (so much for his plans to retire from politics if he lost GE13). And so he is busy knifing friends, allies and the public coffers in the back to get the prize he has coveted his whole life: the keys to Putrajaya.

Even PKR’s allies have condemned the move. Bersih chairperson Ambiga said: “Money has to be spent and that is why people are not happy. They don’t understand it”. PAS is unhappy about Anwar too, and have suggested they may not support him in becoming the Selangor mentri besar: “there is no agreement or consensus for after the by-election. We are waiting for word from the PAS national leadership, but PAS has not agreed to who will be the next mentri besar yet”.

Anwar power play could cost taxpayers over RM4 million and this is happening at the same time as the opposition has criticised the government for price increases, and led protests against subsidy reform. If you are Anwar Ibrahim it seems you can have your cake and eat it. Incredibly, Anwar says he will recycle past campaign materials so as to save money for the by-election. If only people could be fooled that easy.

The contrast between Anwar’s behaviour and that of the Prime Minister could not be starker. Najib has put Malaysia’s long-term interests first by taking politically unpopular measures to get the country’s financial house in order. Subsidy cuts and the introduction of GST have hurt the Prime Minister, dampening his popularity. But the measures, as any independent economist will tell you, are crucial to ensure Malaysia and therefore the rakyat’s long-term financial stability and economic growth. While the PM puts country and people first, Anwar prioritises only his own ambition.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
President of
Centre for Political Awareness Malaysia (CPAM)

Wake Up Malaysian Chinese! History of Indonesian Chinese May Repeat Here!

Many of my Indonesian Chinese friends keep telling me to be wary of DAP.

This party is evil,they continually reminded me.Malaysia is such a beauty, a real peaceful and harmonious country for everybody,why must this DAP tried so hard to destroy her? 

History of the Indonesian Chinese may repeat itself here in Malaysia for the Chinese community if they were to continue supporting DAP in creating unending mistrusts for the moderate Malays.

What would DS Najib do if forced to the corner?

Malays are Malay, for race survival they would unite under any circumstances. Prove me wrong? 

Back in the 60s,the Chinese communist party and the Chinese Nationalist party Kuomintang both having vast local supports due to their excessive financial capability were head on with each other until the end of President Sukarno's era.The new President Suharto realised that these troublesome Chinese must be marginalised somehow to save Indonesia from chaos.

The new gov't started by forcing them to change their name to Indonesian,Chinese characters were not allowed for display in public area,majority of the Chinese schools were closed,income tax dept were all over them to ensure that they pay back what they have over taken,business licences were limited to them to prevent them from controlling the economy and so on and so on.

Do we want all these to happen here in Malaysia?The opposition wouldn't care a hood of what would happen to the populace and the country.What they wanted for all these years is to topple the moderate UMNO-BN to form a government of their own regardless of all consequences.

After the GE13,as evidently seen that the PR coalition have had brought the Chinese to no where and of late,their MPs are digging graves for the Chinese and the non Malay to jump into.The Chinese community better wake up and started thinking seriously before things spiralled out of control.

Going head on with the ruling UMNO moderates bring us to no where,you are only forcing them to take extreme measures to further excluding all the non Malays in the political arena for their own survival.

Hidup Malaysia!

by saviour of puritans.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Teresa Kok's video clip an insult to Sabah and Malaysian security forces

A 12-minute “humorous” Chinese New Year video on You Tube by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok way has fallen flat on a senior Sabah minister who said that the clip was an insult to the state and Malaysian security forces
Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said on Sunday that stern action should be taken against the DAP for ridiculing Sabah and Malaysian security forces in the video.

In the clip, Kok took on the role as a “Feng Shui” talk-show host with three guests with one of them making a snide remark connected to last year’s Sulu gunmen intrusion in the east coast Lahad Datu and Semporna districts that resulted in 10 security personnel losing their lives.

In the video, various snide remarks were also made about the national education system as well as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

"Issues of national security should not be lampooned. Our fellow Malaysians sacrificed their lives in defending the country,” said Shafie, who is the Umno vice-president, after attending the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) open house here.

Also present were Sabah Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Juhar Mahiruddin and Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.