Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time For Chinese To Turn To BN

The political tsunami which hit Malaysia during 2008 GE12 did give a huge impact to BN where for the first time, it lost five of its ruling states - Perak, Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor.
BN even lost two-thirds of its majority while BN's popular votes was only around 51% from all voters who voted.
Looking back at it, most BN leaders were shocked as it was very hard to believe, proving that the claim saying that the EC is in favor of BN, is wrong.
We are lucky that the tsunami did not break BN leaders. Instead of giving up, they tried to work on the mistakes they had done.
Now, the scenario has been changed especially since leadership was changed from Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak. Transformation was made and most mistakes are fixed.
From there, it is not surprising when most political watchdogs and economists from inside and outside of Malaysia expected that this coming GE13 would go back to BN including getting the chance of winning the states that are now ruled by PR.
The trend is now showing majority both Malay Muslim and Indian voters are beginning to show their support back to BN. The same thing goes to Sabah and Sarawak Non-Malay Bumiputera.
They realize that the protest votes made during GE12 which enables PR to rule a few states is not a good thing because being ruled by PR only brought more issues instead of benefit.
Having PAS as PR's hope in raising Malay Muslim votes is now beginning slip. PKR in the other hand, is only supported by a few Malay Muslim while the Indians are shying away from the family-based party.
PR's hope to rule this country and to add up more states under their leadership is growing thin.
The question is, who would Chinese voters vote for in GE13? Would they go back to BN like their Malay and Indian friends?
If we are to look at the status quo, there is a little transition on Chinese voters from PR to BN, but the numbers are still small. Perhaps the others are still falling for PR's false promises, probably.
Or perhaps the Chinese has decided to stick with PR propaganda and they do want to see PR in Putrajaya?
According to Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI), if most Chinese give their support to PR, the scenario after GE13 would show Central Government being led by Malays, Indians and other Bumiputera, while DAP will be supported by Chinese and they would remain as the opposition.
If that comes true, Chinese would be on the losing side because their representative in the Central Government led by BN will grow smaller. When that happens, who's to be blamed?
Hence, Chinese voters need to think about this because time is running out. This is the time for them to come back to BN which is obviously, beneficial for the common good.

Manifesto: Withdraw Hudud, PAS' Fight Is Useless

PR 'Pakatan, The People's Hope' Manifesto was officially launched on Fenruary 25 in conjunction of Pakatan Rakyat's fourth convention which was held in Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC).
The manifesto was made based on four sections,  the people’s economy, people’ welfare, government for the people and fulfilling people’s aspirations.
One interesting bit about this, the contents of the manifesto did not even touch on PR's commitment to fight on the implementation of hudud if they manage to take over the Central Government. From page one to the end, not even a single sentence mention anything about implementing hudud.
This shows that PR do not even want to implement it even though everyone knows that implementation of hudud is synonym with PAS for the past three decades.
This surprised many political watchdogs because this means that PAS' fight seems to have been taken out just like that, making the party useless.
PAS do not seem to have any influence to push its agenda to become a priority in PR Manifesto, making PAS' fight for hudud look worthless as it is considered as something that does not provide any benefit to PR.
From there, most PAS members and supporters only stood in silence because this is another same story of PAS' first failure where they withdrew the fight for islamic state to be replaced with Welfare State.
In a way, dropping hudud from the manifesto can be considered as a huge success for Anwar Ibrahim because the PKR General Leader did promise a group of pro-DAP and PKR Chinese leaders in Subang Jaya, Selangor, that hudud will never be part of PR.
And Anwar clearly managed to fulfil his promise, confirming the fact that PAS is worthless in PR and they only follow orders from DAP and PKR

PM: GE13 will be Malaysia’s 1st ‘social media election’

KUALA LUMPUR: The coming General Election will be Malaysia's first "social media election", said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
The Prime Minister said that this was because politicians were already using social media networks to engage with the people online.
"Of course, it will not be the biggest factor in the elections, but it is certainly increasing the tempo of political debate and bringing more voices into it," he said.
Najib said this when officiating the Malaysia Social Media Week 2013 summit, currently ongoing in hotel here.
As an avid social media network user himself, Najib was given a special Leadership in Social Media Engagement Award at the event organised by the Malaysia Social Media Chambers.
The event held from Feb 26 to March 3 saw over 25,000 participants, including bloggers, journalists and social media experts from across the country and all over the world, attending in person as well as through live streaming via
Local guest speakers at the summit included Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin, Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, Tune Talk CEO Jason Lo and television host Aishah Sinclair.
In his speech, the Prime Minister also said that the advent of the social media had greatly encouraged openness among the people.
He said that this also brought about a greater need for accountability.
"The power to reach new audiences also brings new responsibilities; to be more open and more accountable.
"People, especially the young "digital natives" who have grown up using the Internet - now have higher expectations for openness in all spheres of life," he said, after posting his first Instagram picture - a picture of the audience at the event which he took using his iPad - on his newly set-up Instagram account @najib_razak.
Najib described social media akin to "running on a treadmill that never stops", and that its rapid evolution pushes its users to be forward-looking.
"A recent study even found that Malaysia, along with Brazil, has the highest Twitter use in the world,” he said.
He added that the Government had put in much effort to ensure that every Malaysian had access to social media.
"We cannot afford to let parts of society be left on the wrong side of the 'digital divide', cut off from the most potent force for education and enterprise in the modern world.
"We are working to make sure that doesn't happen, through initiatives like Digital Malaysia, offering smartphone vouchers to young people, and expanding broadband access in rural areas.
"I want all Malaysians to be ready for the fast approaching future," he said.

tunku : indeed the social media plays a very important role nowadays and it is very effective way to spread information and news the fastest way.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This P.Balasubramaniam or popularly known as P.I. Bala seems to be like a guest artiste – like a guest actor in a movie – appears only when is needed like right now when the general election is just around the corner.
Appear in grandeur, with his lawyer who is a PKR leader waiting at the airport and some 50 others, Bala is made to be like the ‘ultimate weapon in the ongoing political war’, the last bomb that is supposedly to ‘flatten’ Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and ruling BN.
One wonder how come Bala, the man who claimed to know all in the Altantuya case is still giving out bits and pieces of the ‘whole episode’ and now return in grandeur to ‘finish off’ everything, meaning to give a complete picture of the case.
And one wonder how come the Attorney-general Chambers and the MACC are not even bothered about Bala’s return?
As a Malaysian, one would wonder the two agencies should be right now questioning Bala everything about the case and the police should also get Bala to spill out everything.
The point here is that the case, which had been closed by the court, is being probed by the opposition in every angle with the aim to re-open it and point the finger to PM and wife.
Simply put is the oppositions want to see Najib and wife accused for the murder of the Mongolian model and be jailed…no more and no less…and for that purpose, the oppositions, particularly Anwar Ibrahim is very determine to see the aim is achieved.
Bala, the so-called private investigator, suddenly appeared from his hide out at a time when the country is going to hold its general election, and pledge to tell the whole truth.
Why didn’t he tell the truth or spill out everything when he was here some two years ago?
Why didn’t he spill out the truth when MACC wanted to meet him overseas where he was hiding?
Why did he return now and at a time when carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan is also pursuing the same matter?
Or is it a plan, a strategy by the ‘director’ of the make-believed movie for both Bala and Deepak to make the ‘last minute kill’ to ensure victory for Anwar and the oppositions?
Are both the men credible when they reveal or purposely reveal bits and pieces of what they claimed to know everything?
Or are this two men try to buy time to get the highest bidder for personal benefits given the fact that Anwar is desperate to sit at Putrajaya and is willing to pay any amount to get it?
The fact is when both the men have been seen with PKR leaders and their lawyers are PKR members, would one think that both men are truly credible and non-partisan in their stand?
All this questions should be asked and the relevant government agencies should get the two men to tell everything so that the truth will prevail before they continue to play the ‘I will tell further in next press conferences or in the court’ which no one knows when the case will be heard.
In this case, Malaysians at large would want to know the truth and the credibility of the two men will determine the credibility of the oppositions particularly Anwar.
Given the gravity of the matter, AG’s Chamber, MACC and the police should by now be more concerned and get to the bottom of the case so that Malaysians know the truth.

Altantuya Slandered By Deepak

Recently, Deepak Jaikishan, the problematic businessman, used to raise people's attention by claiming that Abdul Razak Baginda is sterile.
Just how imagine how good this carpet salesman is, he even know personal information of other men.
Deepak however, might have missed a fact, Razak Baginda is not sterile as he has a child, Roweena, from his marriage with Mazlinda Makhzan where they are still together.
The reason behind why Deepak fabricated such accusation would only lead to one - to convince others that when Mongolian model Altantuya Shariibuu was murdered, the model was pregnant and it was not with Razak Baginda.
Altantuya might be crying in her grave for being accused by Deepak and PR as they try to manipulate her tragedy for their political interest.
Deepak is only trying to follow PR's script, trying to link all the stories told by PR regarding Altantuya's scandal with Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak and that she is pregnant with him.
With that, PR hopes that the real fact would turn to, people would forget that Altantuya's Razak Baginda's secret lover and they would believe the fact that Altantuya was murdered as she was pregnant just to hide her relationship with PM.
Prior to this, PR did spread a superimposed picture to show as if Najib did eat together alongside Razak baginda and Altantuya. PR also created speculation saying that Altantuya's murder was caused by purchase transaction of Scorpene submarine, just to add spice to this sensational story.
Fact is, PM does not have anything to do with this issue. How can Altantuya end up carrying Najib's child when they do not even know each other?
The truth is, Altantuya and Razak Baginda do know one another, Razak even gave money to his girlfriend. That is the factual truth, so, if it is true that Altantuya was pregnant when she was blown to pieces, the child should not be Najib's, instead, it should be Razak Baginda or other men.
The opposition's wild accusation saying that PM's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor was also involved in the case where she shot Altantuya, is simply illogical. Saying that  Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor went through the forest just to kill Altantuya.
Reality is, Datin Seri Rosmah was not even at the crime scene because she was in an event with the orphans in Kuala Lumpur. While PM was at a break fast event in Kedah.
That is enough to show that PR and Deepak are lying. Their stories would make great fiction novels, and that's that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So Anwar Ibrahim is not interested to become Prime Minister? Or he is ‘shy’ to say that he wanted the post badly? Or he would quietly tell his people in PAS to continue ‘rubbing’ members of the party’s Syura Council to review its stand on the post.
Anwar told a press conference at PR’s convention that the matter was a non-issue…the position that he has been aiming for since the 90s when he was a Deputy Prime Minister to then Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
He had been very impatient and very vicious in his ways to become the PM and after he was out of Umno and BN, he organized street demonstrations just to topple Tun Dr Mahathir, no conscience and no mercy.
Ruthless and willing to sell his soul to the highest bidder as long as he gets what he want, Anwar suddenly today said the subject matter was a non-issue, while the whole country waits for him to put his foot down and say he would be the PM.
FEAR struck him because he cannot control his partner, an Islamic party whose leaders know him well and know what he is like if he becomes PM.
PAS is now the strongest party that can help him to win the Malay Muslims voters as his own party PKR is considered as ‘dead wood’, used by DAP only to bark – meaning exposing make-believed allegations – main aim is to destabilize and make the Malay government and institutions lose their credibility.
The main target is of course, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who is successful in fulfilling the needs and desires of the population as well as fulfilling the pledges and promises made during last general election.
So now Anwar is finding it more difficult to achieve his ambition because PAS is not with him and DAP is just using him and will make him his ‘tool’ as the party leaders have got ‘by the balls’ as the saying goes.
The situation is not good for Anwar as without PAS support, he would not get to be the PM as PAS still wants Abdul Hadi Awang to be PM, PAS know who Anwar was and still is.
With Najib going on an onslaught and not just Anwar and DAP feeling the heat, PAS is in worse position due to Nik Aziz NIk Mat’s statement that whoever accepts the BR1M were animals, a statement that went right into the hearts and minds of PAS grass-roots because they were the ones who took the aid, a sincere aid from the government to uplift their burden.
Thus, the situation is truly bad for Anwar and probably, he sees his ambition flying out the political window because even with carpet seller Deepak Jaikishan’s help, the support for him is still decreasing, especially among the Malays.

Who Has Been Funding Bala For The Past 5 Years?

After about 5 years private investigator, Balasubramaniam Perumal (Bala) went to hiding in India, last Sunday, February 24, he came back to KLIA, welcomed by about 50 PKR supporters.
The welcoming ceremony confirmed that the party does have its involvement in running an evil plot to manipulate the murder case of Mongolian model, Altantuya to be linked to Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak.
The first thing Bala did when he got to KLIA was being under oath while holding onto a Bhagavad Gita and said that the first Statutory Declaration (SD) which links Najib in Altantuya;s murder was true, but the SD2 was forced onto him, which proves PKR' role in this case.
Instead of denying SD2, wouldn't it be better for Bala if he simply denies the third SD, he did already make false SDs, why not make up to 10 SDs?
It is interesting to see how Malay Muslims in PKR accept Bala's action with the Bhagavad Gita, perhaps they are exited to see it considering that even PKR General Leader is not confident over the oath made witnessed by Allah S.W.T.
During an interview with the media in KLIA, Bala had announced his preparedness to help Pakatan Rakyat's campaign by travelling across the country exposing the truth behind Altantuya's murder case.
This does not shock people, because everyone knew that Bala's SD1 had links with PKR main leaders as they hope that manipulations and speculations on Altantuya's murder case could bring Najib down.
PR's effort did not give any positive result after Bala denied Najib's involvement, added with Raja Petra Kamaruddin's statement saying that he did fabricate Altantuya's story by manipulating everything, and admitted that PM and his wife did not have anything to do with the case.
Instead, it was exposed that PKR's General Leader, Anwar Ibrahim's role, which was involved in an effort trying to convince the murder suspects, Azilah and Sirul to mention Najib's name in this case.
Any of Bala's move after this would not help PR in any way because people no longer believe in the credibility of this private investigator hired by Razak Baginda.
People are more interested to know why Bala would steal the RM50,000 given by Razak Baginda which is supposed to be handed to Altantuya, and if Bala did not mean to steal it, people want to know where did the money go?
And most importantly, people want to know who has been funding Bala for the past five years.
That should have cost more than the RM50,000.
Obviously the fund came from PKR leaders, because the party even sponsored Elizabeth Wong's secret lover, Helmi Malik in Indonesia as part of their efforts to put a stop on their scandal from public eye.
The question here is, who is the leader and where did the money come from?


So Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is giving out sweets – sweet promises to the people through their election manifesto – promises that truly attracts but of course, manifesto are just words.
Just like the Bee Gees song titled words – its only words, and words that all I have, to take your heart away – Anwar and his pact have only words, sweet beautiful words to win the hearts of people whom they had cheated before.
Those were the sweet words Anwar and the pact sold to win the people’s hearts and minds in 2008 general election and those words whom the people trusted were mere words that have not been fulfilled.
Now Anwar and the pact try to sell their ‘words’ again to the same buyers…not just same buyers but new potential clients…some 3 million plus who are supposedly to be on the fence, their minds and hearts are still open for grabs.
To Anwar and the pact, these young new voters would be attracted to ‘words’ as they are hungry to achieve their goals as fast as they can, with minimal costs as their needs are many and costs are high.
So the ‘words’ in the manifesto may attract them – to the minds of Anwar and his pact – looking at the psychological side, forgetting that these youngsters are matured and wise despite their young age.
Even at present, majority of the young voters look deeper than just words as they read how those words were not put to actions in Selangor, Kelantan and other states ruled by the pact.
Corruption may interest these young voters but then again, they see through the allegations with facts…not mere words without strong facts and figures.
They are wise with independent minds, beautiful minds that are clean and uncorrupted and the minds that are inquisitive and needing guidance towards the future.
So for Anwar and his pact, these youngsters is the easiest target to sell their ‘words’ because they had not experience being cheated and lied, like the other voters who are now ‘up in arms’ against the pact for unfulfilled promises.
Anwar and his pact know they are in deep trouble and they cannot rectify these troubles as there are no remedies to unfulfilled promises and words, so they try to psycho the young voters who are first timers.
Whether their trick works or not is yet to be seen but the fact is very clear that Anwar and his pact are in deep trouble as support dwindling as fast as the waterfalls in exotic holidays destinations in the country.
In short, their days are numbered but they are good in putting up a strong front, a picture of beautiful sceneries that attracts but inside it is full of bad worms and rotten.

Philippines' Aquino warns Sulu sultan over stand-off with Malaysia

MANILA: Philippines President Benigno Aquino warned the Sulu sultan on Tuesday that he would face the "full force of the law" if he did not end a stand-off involving his armed followers in Sabah.
Aquino told Sultan Jamalul Kiram III to recall 180 of his followers, about 30 of whom were armed, from a fishing village near Lahad Datu where they have been facing off with Malaysian security forces since Feb 9.
"If you choose not to cooperate, the full force of the laws of the state will be used to achieve justice for all who have been put in harm's way," Aquino said in a statement aired on national television.
"This is a situation that cannot persist. If you are truly the leader of your people, you should be one with us in ordering your followers to return home peacefully."
He warned Kiram that he had also ordered an investigation "into possible violations of laws by you, your followers, and collaborators engaged in this foolhardy act".
Aquino cited a constitutional provision renouncing war as an instrument of policy and a law prohibiting citizens against inciting war, which is punishable by up to 12 years in prison.
Kiram's followers made a boat trip from their homes on remote islands in the southern Philippines to occupy the Malaysian fishing village two weeks ago, after the sultan gave them a blessing to live there.
Kiram says he is the head of the Sultanate of Sulu, which once controlled parts of Borneo, including the site of the stand-off, as well as southern Philippines islands.
Aquino said his government was working with Malaysian authorities in an effort to peacefully resolve the stand-off.

tunku :go back peacefully before you are killed for reason which is not worthwhile.

Pakatan Rakyat Wants Sultan Sulu Army To Be Killed

It is just the nature of PR leaders when it comes to creating issues, which then would be dragged by involving the national security, which they would then blame the central government.
That is what is happening in Lahad Datu, Sabah, which showed the invasion of about 100 Sultan Sulu followers whom were invited by PR leader after they were promised a region at the state.
They labeled themselves as Sultan Sulu Army where most of them are armed and are surrounded at Lahad Datu, at the same time the authority is still under negotiations to settle this issue in peace.
PR realized that their role in this issue has been exposed to the public after Philippine military confirmed that the invitation came from a Malaysian opposition leader, and they are in the hot seat.
Sabahans who managed to see that there is an inside job to this matter, rise up by criticizing the unpatriotic move made by opposition leader from Peninsular for trying to threaten Sabah's public safety.
PR is now stuck and it is PR nature to keep on blaming people when they are in a tight space. They are blaming the authority for taking the measure of negotiating with the invaders.
The reason the negotiations are taken is because the authority realize that there is space to settle this in peace without having to follow any of the invaders' demands.
If violence is the priority, that would be the last resort if all negotiations turn sour and Malaysian Armed Force (MAF) would follow the orders to protect our country.
However, as long as there is still room for negotiations, no harm will be done, that has been Malaysia's policy.
Despite this, PR leaders kept on trying to provoke the public to question the authority for making those negotiations, and at the same time belittles the national defence system in facing issues as this.
This immature move does not help anything, instead, PR's provocation would only cost them their negotiation process.
Generally, PR love to see chaos, and if there is any blood shed in Lahad Datu where all invaders are killed, PR hope that it could benefit them.
PR leader promised a region to Sultan Sulu and his soldiers, and now PR want to see blood shed? Weird.
Whatever it is, lets hope that everything would go smoothly. We believe that this issue can be settled in a few days from now without any blood shed

Monday, February 25, 2013


Every Malaysian is waiting anxiously when the opposition pact leaders would sign the Transparency Integrity Election Pledge as time passes by and the general election is drawing near.
S. Ambiga has the cheek to say that he would Prime Minister Naib TunRazak responsible to the pledge but why doesn’t she call on the leaders of the opposition pact to sign?
She knows that the pact leaders would cheat in the election and she is with them and that is why she does not even want to touch them.
So Malaysians now know the leaders of the opposition pact only knows how to condemn but never want to commit – the only reason anyone can think of is they wanted to cheat – that is why they will not sign the pledge.
If they have clean heart and mind and if they are true to their words to rid the elections of corrupt practices, they should emulate Najib and stand on their feet with pride.
But now they are not – obviously their minds are filled with thoughts how to cheat – and the get out of the awkward and sticky situation, they claimed the pledge is just a piece of paper that means nothing.
If that is so, then why in the first place they profusely and adamantly demanding that Najib proof himself clean and what not, claiming and alleging all sort of things but never at any time they said these so-called corrupt practices made then won four states and nearly took the over Parliament house?
But in their greed to take over Putrajaya, they continue playing politics of blame to divert the minds of voters from their weaknesses in not implementing the peldges and promises made.
Now when  the voters see through their bluffs, they went on election fraud and corruption and when dares them by signing the pledge, they back off with various excuses.
This, they thought can hoodwink the voters and this they thought can make them stay afloat until the voting day, while at the same time, they bring back P. Balakrishnan to continue the pace on Altantuya murder.
The opposition pact is actually being ‘checked mate’ and in their desperation, the leaders are grasping at anything to stay relevant, like now, crying out loud with their manifesto as though the voters do not know what they are and those manifesto are nothing more than just writings on the wall like graffiti paintings by irresponsible kids.
Probably the manifesto is exactly graffiti on the walls created by young people under the directive of shrewd old politicians who can always manipulate thinking voters are stupid fools who are attracted by just the beauty of the paintings.

Where Did Bala Hide Altantuya's Stolen Money?

The coming GE13 is used by former private investigator, P Balasubramaniam (Bala) as his main backup to return to Malaysia after being called back by Pakatan Rakyat leader to assist them in the coming election.
The content of the campaign should revolve around the murder case of Mongolian model, Altantuya Shariibu, Razak Baginda's secret lover where PR tried to link the murder with Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak.
Bala's return was not free, PR had something to offer Bala after he fled to India a few years ago, including all of his cost of living where he gained all financial help from the opposition.
As soon as he arrived at KLIA, he was welcomed by about 50 PKR leaders and supporters, the first thing he did was stating that his first statutory declaration (SD) was true while his second SD was false.
Both the SDs are different, but it came from the same person, who would still want to believe the credibility of Bala in this case?
Besides that, rakyat knew that one of the main reasons which caused Altantuya to rush over to Razak Baginda that it then caused a fight between them, was caused by the money which was asked by Altantuya which she did not receive.
Bala obviously still remember his meeting with Razak Baginda at Hotel Malaya before Altantuya came over to Razak's house, where during the meeting, Razak gave RM50,000 to Bala to be given to Altantuya.
Where is the money now? If it is given to Altantuya like what Bala was told to do, the Mongolian surely would not have travelled to Malaysia to look for Razak Baginda.
However, the money did not find its rightful owner because Bala ended up stealing and hiding the money away from Altantuya, which then led to the fight between Razak Baginda and Altantuya.
From there, Azilah and Sirul somewhat misunderstood Razak's orders, then led to Altantuya's murder. If Bala was honest, Altantuya might have not even ran amok at Razak's house and this case might not have even happened.
RM50,000 may sound small for us, but to others, it is a huge number. That is why Bala decided to steal the money, little that he know that the money cost a life.
Now Bala is back, not to clear the air. Instead, he came to get all the money from PR to twist the truth, for the sake of PR's political interest.


The opposition pact has come out with its manifesto that promises the stars and the moon…yes…again, just like the pact did in 2008 general election and no even one has yet to be fulfilled.
This time the manifesto is more refined and detailed that can obviously attract those who do not know basic economy or basic calculation on salary versus cost of living.
And of course, this can attract those who forgot the opposition pact has yet to fulfill any of their pledges that attracted them to vote for the pact in 2008.
So BEWARE of the repeat of the make-believe stories, with new actors and presentation but same story lines and same directors.
So what is new in the manifesto? Even pledges of free water for Selangor’s poor are not fulfilled, what more about allowances for single mothers, students and so on.
This time, they came out with attractive offers like reduce prices of cars, higher ceiling for taxable income, drop in fuel prices, electricity tariffs and many more.
Beautiful and attractive…like a well-designed package that looks beautiful on the outside, attractive to look at and beautiful to be exhibited in a nice glass show case.
But do not open and see the content inside…it is full of ‘bullshits’ and smells bad, very bad that last for years, like the ones now experienced by voters duped by the 2008 manifesto.
The point here is that what the opposition pact is offering is similar to the ones in 2008 except laced with some improvements and beautified, presented by young enterprising and ambitious men with of course, strings of degrees to lend credit.
Pushed up to be the main actors and attraction of the ‘repeat movies’, the opposition pact continues to ‘cloud and cheat’ the voters, this time the target is the 3 million plus young voters who are said to be on the fence, first time voting.
Looking at the manifesto unveiled, it cannot be denied the pact aims for this group of voters and the ones above that already know who are the people in the pact, what are the lies and cheats they have done and how they manipulate with words.
But then again the young voters are also wise and mature in political sense as they know who cheat and lies and who delivers and who does not.
Young voters are not easily swayed by ‘repeats or replays’ because they seek new adventure, they memorized and understand the play and story lines and they know what comes next.
Not fools to be taken lightly, young voters wanted to be treated as equals to the existing voters and they do not like to be taken for granted as they know they are the future leaders, if not the future citizens that can contribute tremendously to the future growth of a nation.

Hopes rise for Lahad Datu stand-off to end in 72 hours

 TANJUNG LABIAN (LAHAD DATU): As the stand-off between Malaysian security forces and an armed Sulu group here enters its third week, expectations are rising for an end to the drama within the next 72 hours.
Malaysian forces are holding their ground less then 500m away from the Tanduo village where the group has been holed up since Feb 9.
A Philippines ship is expected about noon Monday to help evacuate the civilians and five women in the group of about 180, seen as a sign that group leader Azzimudie Kiram is prepared to leave the village.
According to the Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs, the vessel which arrived in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi before midnight Sunday, will stand by off Lahad Datu as Malaysian authorities negotiate through emissaries and Manila holds talks with the family of Sultan Jamalul Kiram.
Manila officials have stated that they were using Esmail, a brother of Jamalul, to convince the group to return home.
The Sulu group, with about 30 gunmen reported to be in its ranks, has also run out of food supplies in Tanduo village because of a total blockade enforced on land and sea.
There were also reports of dissent in the group, with several of Azimmudie's followers wanting to return to southern Philippines.

tunku : we hope it will end very soon peacefully without having to use force.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

People who accept BR1M are stupid: Hadi Awang

Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has described those who accept the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) cash aid as stupid.
 He said the cash aid would never do the people any good because it is a tool for BN to fish for vote in the coming general election.
"The cash aid is a stupid idea and the people who accept is are just as stupid," he said at the Chinese New Year gathering, organised by Non-Muslim Pas Supporters Congress (DHPP), at Jalan Putra tonight. Some 200 people attended the gathering.
Present was Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak. Abdul hadi's comment on BR1M was echoing the sentiment expressed by Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who had likened the recipients of the BR1M to "chicken and cows" recently.

tunku : first nik aziz and now they know that there are thousands of their supporters receieved BR1M ???? what a moron.


Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the most popular so-called ulamak of an Islamic party and the oldest in the country, has actually shamed Islam and learned Muslims when he termed those who took the BR1M as chickens or fowls.
Truly he reflected himself as a ‘sour politician’ rather than a learned Muslim given his shallow, bias and politically motivated mind in looking at the government’s aid to rakyat to ease their burden.
Nik Aziz, head of the ulamak who was, not not so cannot use the word is, respected even by some Umno grass roots, has now lost all credibility and respect when he shot his mouth without any basis of Islamic considerations.
Islam teaches its followers to appreciate all good things and all good acts by anyone to anyone regardless of race and religion without malaise and biasness, without questioning the ‘nawaitu’ or intentions of the doers.
The ‘nawaitu’ or intentions of the doers should be just leave it to ALLAH the Almighty to judge because HE is the One who will reward or punish – if one does good with good intention or ‘nawaitu’ then ALLAH will reward the doer with good things and if one does good with bad or evil intention, then ALLAH will punish the doer HIS way – ALLAH’s ways are strange.
For Nik Aziz to ridicule and worse still to liken the takes of good deed like BR1M as fowls being fed when needed, obviously he is not sincere and not truly religiously following Islam’s ways and thought.
As Muslims, on the surface value, we should appreciate Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s move to extend aid to lessen the rakyat’s burden in facing their daily needs and this act can be considered as Najib indirectly promoting the ‘welfare state’ that PAS is talking about.
What Najib is doing is just not cash aid of RM500 but also other aid such as aid for school going children, college and varsities students and many more, with the objective to lessen burdens.
Najib obviously does not know how many of those would vote for the ruling bBN coalition but he intention is clear…helping out the rakyat as a responsible government.
So Nik Aziz should not, by any account misjudge or passed out remarks that does not reflect the attitude of ‘bersyukur’ or thankful to ALLAH for opening up Najib’s heart and mind to share the country’s wealth directly with the rakyat that lessens their financial burden.
Islam does not want its followers to misjudge other’s ‘nawaitu’ or intentions with malice and biasness because that is ALLAH’s work as HE is The ALL KNOWING WHO KNOWS in and out of a human HE created.
Nik Aziz should as ulamak at the very least extend gratitude or ‘tahnkful to ALLAH’ for Najib’s good acts.
No wonder PAS members who are knowledgeable in Islam accepted the BRIM in good faith, and obviously Nik Aziz is angry because he is a politician, not an ulamak that should be respect

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lahad Datu stand-off: Philippines requests Malaysia to extend deadline

LAHAD DATU: The Philippines government on Friday asked for an extension of the deadline for the Sulu armed group to leave Kampung Tanduo.
Philippines Foreign Minister Albert del Rasario said that he had contacted his Malaysian counterpart Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, requesting that the Friday deadline for the Sulu Sultan followers be extended till Tuesday.
He said the Philippines authorities were trying to persuade the followers of Sultan Jamalul Kiram holding up in Tandau for two-weeks to leave Sabah.
“We expect our request to be endorsed as work is in progress on urging the Kiram family to work on a peaceful withdrawal," he was quoted as telling the media in Manila.
He said that the Malaysian authorities had assured Manila they would not use force on the Sulu group if they left Sabah peacefully.
Malaysian security forces have encircled the Sulu group, comprising more than 100 men and led by the brother of Jamalul, and are waiting for orders to move in to deport them back to the Philippines.
The group, however, has so far refused to budge from the seaside village of Tanduo about 165km from Sabah's east coast town that straddles close to the sea borders of the Philippines.

Lahad Datu stand-off: Deadline extension up to Wisma Putra, says Hishammuddin

KLUANG: The Home Ministry would leave it to Wisma Putra on the request made by the Philippines on extending the deadline for the Sulu armed group to leave Kampung Tanduo.
Home Ministry Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said that he was notified about the matter from the Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman on the request from his Philippines counterpart.
He however stressed that the Ministry would leave it to the police to conduct an operation to end the standoff with the armed group.
"The country's sovereignty and the pride of the people of Sabah must not be taken for granted," he said to reporters after attending a meeting with Barisan Nasional Sembrong machinery meeting here on Saturday.

'Malaysians should be grateful security forces able to handle Lahad Datu issue wisely'

KOTA KINABALU: Malaysians should be grateful that the security forces, including the police, are still able to handle wisely the intrusion by a group of Filipinos in Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu, which had been ongoing since Feb 12.
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the important thing now was that the matter could be resolved amicably and based on regulations, without any bloodshed.
 "Well, it (the Lahad Datu incident) has bearings in the sense that whatever happens in the state, there will be an impact.
"But, what we are grateful with is that the matter is being tackled wisely by our security forces and the police, and this has been explained by the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak) when he was here and in a statement by (Home Minister) Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, and also the Inspector-General of Police (Tan Sri Ismail Omar)," he told reporters after an election briefing by the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) divisional coordinating chairmen at the Umno Building here today.
Muhyiddin said this when asked for his comment on the latest development in the Lahad Datu intrusion issue.
 He said the Malaysian government would do the best possible to resolve the issue.
 "If we can do that, God willing, the people in Sabah, particularly, will feel that security is always maintained.
 "They can see the leadership, at the state and federal levels, working hard to resolve the sensitive issue.
 "This means the people know we can manage anything that crops up," he said, adding that the government had and would continue to give priority to issues on the security of the people of Sabah


PAS, the strongest party in the opposition pact of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is opening up and getting wise.
The party has decided to ‘go alone’ in wooing voters using its strength that is Islam and its fundamentals, distancing itself from the cheats and lies of PKR and DAP.
The party which leaders are matured and who know Anwar Ibrahim since the latter was in university, has now taking a hardline stand to put its own choice as Prime Minister if the PR wins the 13th general election.
PAS move has angered not only Anwar who has sold his soul to the ‘devil’ just to be the Prime Minister, but also partner DAP as shown by Karpal Singh openly.
The verbal spat on several issues between PAS and DAP is not just a ‘storm in atea cup’ but a typhoon over the sea, threatening to rock and capsize the ship the three parties are in.
The ‘captains’ in the sinking PR ship are now arguing profusely who should lead with PAS putting its foot down that its president Abdul Hadi Awang as the right candidate while PKR and DAP want Anwar.
Whatever DAP and PKR are thinking of, PAS is on its own in every ways as its leaders do not want Anwar whom they know ‘in and out’ to be PM.
They know Anwar’s Machiavellian ways and they are experiencing it in the party where Anwar is undeniably and continuously trying to take control of the leadership through his men who now sit in the leadership line-up.
 With PAS’s move and hardline stand PR is slowly but definitely sinking as DAP and PKR fights over seats in Johor, a state known for being an Umno bastion, which PKR and DAP seemingly take for granted they could penetrate very easily.
Selangor is considered as good as gone for the PR with its Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim ignoring every complain from the voters that supported them in 2008 general election.
A series of suits have been filed for unfulfilled pledges and promises against Khalid while in Kedah Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Latif is facing a ‘mutiny’, obviously with Anwar’s invisible hand behind as he plans to put up his own man there.
Uneasiness, distrust, suspicious and back-stabbing is the name of the game in PR while Anwar, through his men such as Rafizi Ramli continues to hoodwink the voters by promising make-believed dreams, the dreams they had promised before and have yet to fulfill.
Given the situation and with the 13th general election is just around the corner, parties in PR are struggling to tie loose-ends which look like many, many ends that cannot be tied.

Ku Li Becomes PM If PR wins

Anwar being rejected by PAS Syura Council is no longer rumor or any political propaganda. The fact is, PAS Syura Council is really serious in refusing to accept Anwar as the Prime Minister over his moral issues, LGBT, liberal and pluralism.
The rejection is led by Hadi Awang himself, Awang, Haron Din, Haron Taib, Tuan Ibrahim and a few others in the Syura Council.
The names Hadi Awang and Ku Li was then brought up front as Prime Minister candidates.
However, Ku Li is seen to have more potential as he could maintain Kelantan, other than having a much cleaner image than Anwar. Ku Li is also well accepted by Malays, he even managed to raise Malay votes for PAS. Besides that, Ku Li also has been in UMNO for a very long time other than having a much more open image which could make it easier for bumiputera to accept him.
Due to this factor, Hadi had to be put aside for a while, especially to avoid any problems with DAP.
PAS' strategy would be, confirm that Ku Li will compete with UMNO' ticket at his constituency, Gua Musang, unchallenged, and he should win. After that, Ku Li will then announce his withdrawal from UMNO and then campaign for Pakatan Rakyat as PM candidate.
However, this decision was made by PAS alone, without discussing any of it with neither PKR and DAP because they think that talking about PM candidate with both the components would be useless, based on experience, because most issues will never go in favor to PAS. All these while, the decision to put Anwar as PM has never been discussed and it has never been agreed by PAS but it still is considered as mutual understanding under democracy 2-1.
It seems like PAS is beginning to step up and they would not let DAP and PKR step on them. Syura Council, through Dato’ Haron Din, is now working hard to prove that they are not useless or slaves to anyone and PAS would no longer tolerate when it comes to issues involving Malays and Islam, especially the Kalimah Allah issue.
The decision on 'PR Prime Minister' was expressed to Anwar in a meeting attended by Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Haron Din on PAS' behalf to Azmin, Saifuddin Nasution, Rahim Ghouse and Anwar himself for PKR. Anwar was reported to be raged when he received the news that he is rejected as Pakatan Rakyat Prime Minister candidate.
Anwar cannot accept the rejection and he then met Haron Din personally at his house. To avoid from being pushed by Anwar, Haron Din gave an excuse saying that Ku Li's appointment would just be a transition, just to secure the win for election before handing over the PM post to Anwar.
However, obviously Anwar knew whether the excuse is logical or not.
The decision taken by Syura Council, however, seems 'hanging'. This is because those who are involved, including Ku Li, still have not state anything, even he he does, we still would not know whether it comes from him or it is purely politics.
With DAP out of this discussion, obviously it would be tough for Syura Council to ensure their success in their plan.
What is certain, Anwar is really mad and his expressed it during PKR meeting. And surely, DAP would be furious with PAS for not 'listening to them'.
This is not the first time PAS ever made a U-Turn while they are in Pakatan Rakyat. PAS had made several U-Turns in hudud issue, alcohol, gambling and a few others. Even this Kalimah Allah issue might not be PAS' last U-Turn. in 2010, PAS agreed with DAP, but by 2012, they decided otherwise.
That is why, as long as PAS still hope to get to Putrajaya, would there be any guarantee that the party would not make another U-Turn to join DAP's choir singing kalimah Allah in Bibles just so that they could get there?
If Syura Council really want to put religion ahead of politics, this is a good start. However, we still cannot really understand how can a group of Ulama use such cunning and dirty strategy to bring our their own ally just to be in power.
Just look at how they refuse to take any risk of losing the chance in winning GE, they simply pass the ball to Ku Li. But of course, stopped by Anwar and DAP. Thus, what would happen by the end of the game?
It is clear that PR is lost, even before GE. Thus, how can we put our hope on such lost party, to lead us?

Friday, February 22, 2013


Like the movie Fast and Furious, leaders of parties in opposition pact are now crossing the country, profusely trying to ‘put off fires that begin to burn their bases’ which threaten to pull their influence down.

In Selangor, the three parties are practically ‘f…ing’ each other up as suspicious and backstabbing take centre-stage as each party scramble to stay afloat under the heavy onslaught of BN.

On the ground, voters who had trusted them are now turning their backs and filing suits in courts for unfulfilled promises and pledges while party workers leaving, like abandoning a sinking ship.

Racism between them is prevalent as their each party attempts to sustain their influence along race and religion because voters do not trust their pledges and promises anymore.

So each party goes on racial and religious lines that can pull back some lost influence.

In Kedah, PAS state government is facing credibility crisis with majority of the party divisions calling for MB Azizan AbdulRazak to step down and party secretary-general Mustapa Ali as usual play dump.

In Kelantan, Mentri Besar who is also the party Ulamak chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat is facing decline in respect as no more than 500 waited for him at the airport last week compared to no less than few thousands every time he returns from anywhere at the airport.

In Johor, PKR and DAP are crossing hairs and in animosity mood as both the parties’ chiefs blame each other for sabotage and DAP supremo Karpal Singh and PKR Wan Azizah Ismail are backing each other’s man.

In short, parties in the opposition pact are now fighting each other and from within while PKR Rafizi, termed as the financial wizard…ha ha ha…is behaving like a schoolboy trying to outdo whatever or do better than the other boys’ claims.

Things are actually looking bad for the opposition pact as the old saying goes ‘love fades when marriage begins’ in this case the marriage is one of convenience, not based on true love feelings.

Falling apart and downhill fast, leaders of the pact have no choice but to put off the ‘fires’ as diversion tactics have failed to hide the truth given the voters are getting wiser while parties in the pact are showing their weaknesses and their lies are being exposed by the day.

The latest act by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in signing the Transparency International Election Integrity Pledge has put the opposition in a ‘check mate’ position.

Clearly the opposition pact is cornered and they are in a hot spot, hotter than the frying pot they used to fry Najib and Bn leaders all this while.

PAS Supporters Who Took BR1M Are Worse Than Cows And Chicken - Nik Aziz

It is shocking to hear Nik Aziz's speech as soon as he arrived at Kota Bharu after he performed his umrah in Mecca.
Ni Aziz' speech did not promote unity, instead, it sounded like insults, that he came to a point of comparing those who received BR1M with animals.
Nik Aziz said, in front of his supporters at Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium compound," Those who offer money to people, is as same as we calling out chicken to come cloesr to us, all we do is just throw the food. If we want to call the cows, we throw in straws."
That is how insulting he is towards those who received BR1M even when most of his own supporters received it. Not just that, they even said that it is their rights, as rakyat and the money belongs to rakyat.
God knows how did they find such excuse. Would any other governments in the world provide BR1M? No, because it is not their responsibility.
It is part of nature, people need to work to earn money. No one deserve to get anything without doing anything unless they really do not have any power to work due to health reasons for example.
Government's responsibility is to administrate, generate income, bring in investments, public facilities, education, preserve national sovereignty and to ensure peace.
Providing 'free money' to rakyat is not part of the government's responsibility.
As for rakyat, they need to work to pay for themselves, their family and taxes to the government, so that the government could keep on providing the service they need.
Coming from concern, BN government do think of those who are in need and decided to help them, through BR1M. Government can simply use the RM3 billion, budgeted for BR1m for other things, but that might not benefit those who really need it.
Obviously BR1M cannot be implemented if the government cannot afford it. If the government only depend on taxes from those who can afford to pay, obviously they will not be able to provide BR1M to those in need.
Thus, being able to implement it proves how efficient Barisan Nasional is in generating income as well as managing the country's finance.
Sadly, Tok Guru sees BR1M as bait or bribe to gain votes from rakyat, other than insulting those who accepted it. It is even sadder when those who actually took BR1M, are his own supporters.
That is why, we would like to ask Tok Guru, if those who took BR1M are as same as cows and chicken, what about his supporters who often insult BN by in the end still took BR1M anyway, what are they?
Think about it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


A DARING ACT BY A BRAVE LEADER…that is how anyone can describe Najib Tun Razak when he signed the Transparency International Election  Integrity Pledge on Wednesday.
Will the act put a check mate or just a check as in a chess game against the opposition pact and anti-establishment NGO particularly S. Ambiga and her Bersih group?
Whether or not is another matter but Najib’s act, as chairman of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and Prime Minister, is an act of not just brave and daring but in truth a sincere and honest act to see the coming general election is free of corruption and vote buying and whatever allegations thrown at him and BN.
Besides that, Najib even will get all BN representatives in the coming general election to sign the pledge – meaning he wants all his people to be as clean as he is and as credible as him.
Transparency International is an international anti-corruption NGO that promotes transparency and accountability for elections around the world which is trusted.
And Najib, by getting BN representatives to sign the pledge, is the first Prime Minister and country in the world to take such move that shows a crystal clear election.
Having done that, Najib kills all the doubts and allegations that he and BN practice ‘political corruptions’ which resulted in the opposition won four states, a surprise result…he he he.
The pledge commit BN, among other things, not to be involved in votes rigging, vote buying, moving voters to sensitive or ‘red areas’ and passing dead persons as voters.
Now that Najib is open and brave enough to sign the pledge, let us see whether the leaders of opposition pact would do the same, after all they are the ones plus of course the NGOs supporting them who cry foul.
Najib and the BN have been sincere and honest all along as reflected in their actions and statements but winning the hearts and minds of the people – we are talking about human beings here – is not an easy task.
Normal humans believe in nice beautiful stories and leaders of the opposition pact particularly Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz Nik Mat are very, very good in doing this, telling make believe stories that catch the highest sound frequency of humans.
They have been at this game for so long that it now become a tedious job for Najib  and other BN leaders to undo and put back on track the minds and hearts of those who had been deviated mentally.
Whether it is by a stroke of luck, those mesmerized and ‘hypnotised’ have suddenly awaken when the opposition pact themselves failed to deliver their promises and the make-believed stories disintegrate as the truth emerges one-by-one.
Thinking Malaysians are now abandoning the opposition pact which they supported in 2008 general election and they now see the sincerity in Najib’s moves and future vision.
The trend has got the opposition pact worried and leaders of the pact, who are at logger-heads with each other on practically every issues are now in a hot spot, like worms in a hot hole, grasping at anything to get out.

Kalimah Allah Drama: Clash Between Syura Council-Karpal Singh Is Sickening

Pakatan Rakyat still could not find any solution towards Kalimah Allah issue. Even the media kept on publishing statements between Syura Council members and Karpal Singh which kept on hitting one another.
Syura Council considered that the issue is finished after they made the decision where Kalimah Allah cannot be used in any Christian Bible and the decision only subjected to PAS members.
However, Karpal denied the claim saying that it is over, as long as Syura Council do not clearly state the approval to allow kalimah Allah to be used in Bibles as well as accepting the fact that Syura Council do not have any rights to voice out their opinion in Pakatan Rakyat, only in PAS.
Looking at this matter in detail, we will find that this issue has been solved a long time ago for Pakatan Rakyat.
This is because Syura Council themselves stressed that the decision is only subjected to PAS members, even though there is no way any PAS members are involved in translating and printing Malay-language Bibles.
At the same time, Syura Council did not exactly stop, and they do not have any rights to stop any DAP members or anyone else to ban anything, like what was stated by Karpal Singh.
This means, both sides have came to an agreement that kalimah Allah can be used in Bibles, except for PAS members.
Thus, the argument between Syura Council and Karpal Singh in the media is just another drama, scripted and filled with subliminal messages. Just like the issue on hudud, this kalimah Allah issue is yet another one of PR's endless telenovela, even though it is over where PAS had to obey to DAP.
Not that we do not know DAP have to show non-Malays how strong they are, that they are able to control PAS from bringing any Islamic elements into PR. This kalimah Allah issue does not just symbolize PAS' obedience towards DAP, it is also a strategy which gives advantege towards Christians to convert Muslims.
In the other hand, PAS need to show Muslims that the party is still strong in defending Islam from being attacked by enemies considering that their 'Islamic' image is ruined thanks to their defeats: UMNO in Hadi's Message issue, DAP in Islamic State issue, hudud, gambling, alcohol, massage houses, nightclubs and saloons. Their defeat with PKR include Pluralism, liberalism and supporting Israel.
This kalimah Allah drama is PAS's final chance to show that they party is still as Islam as they used to be. So, the drama needs to go on at least until the election begin.
The fact is, if it is true that this is not a drama, PAS would have left PR. Just imagine, PAS prefers to let go Nasharuddin Mat Isa than letting go a cooperation which could risk Muslims' faith and the sanctity of kalimah Allah.

PR Took 18 Months To Prepare Manifesto Tipu Rakyat 2013

“Manifesto is not a promise” is the ultimate statement made by Selangor Chief Minister, which still haunts rakyat until today. In other words, Khalid stressed that PR;s Manifesto is just a lie.
With that, yesterday, PR announced that the party will launch its latest Manifesto for GE13.
The manifesto known as ‘People’s Manifesto’, goes with the slogan “Pakatan Harapan Rakyat”, contains for main core, People in Brotherhood, People’s Economy, People’s Well-being and People’s Government.
Even though PR’s manifesto do not mean anything because it is not a promise for people, preparing the manifesto, as stated by its Strategic Director, Rafizi Ramli, took 18 months worth of deliberations and discussions, before it was presented twice to the coalition’s presidential council.
He also said that this ‘Manifesto Tipu Rakyat’ brings together all policies based on Pakatan Rakyat’s common policy, the Orange Book and specific programmes which have been earlier announced through PR’s 2012 and 2013 budgets.
Loooking back at 2008′s manifesto Tipu Rakyat, it also contain a few main core which covers administration, rakyat’s social and well-being, rakyat’s health and rakyat’s security.
In its detail, there was a pledge to ensure ADUN and Exco would remain transparent, establishing a special body to investigate misappropriation of land and its resources on states, and to stop projects that seems wasteful.
However, the thing that happened was land and resources kept on being used inappropriately, MACC’s investigation on corruption case involving PR Exco was politicized which led to the death of a vital witness, and wasteful projects kept on running.
Regarding providing money to rakyat in the other hand, including money for children of Selangor who are in universities, starting fund for Selangor babies, TASKA subsidies, single mothers’ allowance, housewives’ allowance, insurance for OKU, scholarship, free pre-school education and home for every family, does not go anywhere.
However, Selangor government denied that the claim that they have not paid any of the fund promises and according to their checklist, a few matters have been implemented, ot in other words, a few rakyat did get the benefit. They include TASKA subsidy worth RM50-RM100 and starting fund for Selangor-born citizen worth RM100.
We cannot help but to ask, who received those funds? Because, no procedures were followed in terms of announcements, to inform rakyat on ways to claim for these promises. Instead, they simply claim that rakyat have gotten those things.
Also mentioned, assessment tax will be reduced, However, not just that it was not implemented, a few areas in Selangor, the tax was increased.
The same thing goes to the statement saying that they would observe development and preserve the environment. Let’s not talk about development, they cannot even manage the matter of waste management issue in kedah Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan, which never really occurred during BN’s era.
Whatever it is, we should accept that rakyat do not have any rights to question promises that are unfulfilled because “Manifesto Is Not A Form Of Promise” and that it is just a “Lie”.
Thus, rakyat should not hope for anything from PR’s Manifesto Tipu Rakyat that will be launched this February 25, because it is just another paperwork to please rakyat.
Not all Malaysians are as stupid as Anwar Ibrahim who failed to understand simple economics which almost led this country towards bankruptcy when he was the Finance Minister.
Besides, no one need to be smart to understand the statement ‘Manifesto Is Not A Form Of Promise”.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GE13: Ulama UMNO VS PAS Celebrities

These days, UMNO has been working hard to approach Ulama group other than hosting religious programs involving international Ulama. This new approach proves how serious UMNO really is in defending Islam, and Malays as its ‘guards’ for Malays’ status as well as the Royal Institution.
Even then, UMNO never uses religion for any political motives. Instead, UMNO often welcome opinions from Ulama to find ways to strengthen UMNO’s ‘nature’. There is even rumor saying that UMNO will be listing a few Ulama as the party’s GE13 candidates.
Few of the names include a personality from Ulama Muda Umno (ILMU), Ustaz Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya.
ILMU features religious leaders which practices professional approach towards their ceramah, by using academic arguments and promotes unity to drive ummah towards the advanced culture in order to stay relevant today.
However, at the same time, we realize that such approach seems a but tough to gain any interest from most Muslims who love the light form of dakwah, opposing, being sarcastic, criticizing and insulting others, which does not promote unity at all, other than getting away from Islamic teaching which forbids us from taking over Allah’s role to sentence and judge others.
That is why, we hope that if any leaders in ILMU ever get into the political arena, this could change the ways Malaysian Muslims think.
Other than ILMU, there is another rumor saying that a few other names listed as part of UMNO’s political arena include Perlis Mufti, Dr Juanda Jaya and Ustazah Norbahiyah as well as a few others.
If the rumors are true, then these Ulama should realize that their role is not limited to religious issues only, they should also have the skills to administrate and understand the intricacies of the economy.
We do not want their constituencies to end up like Kelantan, a slow undeveloped state led by ‘Ulama’. We do not want anyone to make fun of the term ‘Ulama’ and ‘Islam’ just because these leaders are unable to perform their task well.
The interesting thing about UMNO’s commitment in improving the party by getting a lot closer to Islam would be their closest competition, PAS. PAS is somehow taking the opposite approach. Since they work alongside DAP and PKR, PAS has been working hard to show an open image, leaving their extreme image.
PAS is proud to get celebrities endorsing their party and at the same time, tries to portray that Ulama PAS are moderate people. PAS often promote problematic celebrities such as Bob Lokman, Abby Abadi or Aishah as ‘icons’, even more than their Ulama. These celebrities are dragged around the country to give ceramah on religion, something which they just recently found.
You can imagine how ridiculous their ceramah are, blaming others by saying that they are turning kafir, and how they became so ‘arrogant’ that they end up challenging to debate with Ulma, just because the Ulama do not support PAS.
PAS claimed that they managed to have these celebrities as the proof to the effectiveness of their tarbiyah. The fact is, this only show how uneducated the celebrities are.
Looking at how determined PAS is to prove that their party practices openness, it is not impossible that PAS would list these celebrities as their GE13 candidates.
If that is true, Malaysians can expect to watch one of the most lively election campaign in history as Ulama UMNO clashes with PAS celebrities.


FEAR struck the oppositions when Najib Tun Razak screened Tanda Putra to Felda settlers a few days ago – a movie about the sacrifices of two great Malaysian leaders in facing challenges while same time building the nation, uniting the multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia.

Along the way, the May 13 riots came and how both leaders handle the touchy situation while struggling to annihilate the communists insurgents which ended only in 1986.

The movie is just like any other movie of same genre – such as Gandhi – should not have been made an issue as it is just a movie depicting the enigmatic leadership quelling racial uprising on the agitation by communists insurgents and how they put the country back on track.

There is nothing sinister about the movie and nothing that can create a Malay uprising or racial clash or anything of that sort.

Hong Kong have produced so many patriotic movies ridiculing and running down Japanese and other races and the movies were screened here without anybody making any noise.

So whats wrong with Najib screening Tanda Putra to Felda settlers? After all, the movie can enhance the settlers knowledge on history of the country and feel the hardship of the country’s leaders in trying to make Malaysia a developed and peaceful country.

Bersih’s grumblings and noises on the movie has no ground and baseless and of course, Bersih is actually voicing out the minds of the oppositions for the fear that the movie would influence the minds and hearts of Malays to vote for Umno.

FEAR is normal and oppositions have to face the challenges just as Umno and BN are experiencing right now.

But when Bersih protested against the screening of Tanda Putra, this truly reflects the FEAR that now envelops the opposition pact as when the Malays unite, especially the rural Malays who are the backbone of Umno, then the opposition pact can ‘kiss goodbye’ to their dream of Putrajaya.

The Malays are actually running away from them – DAP being chauvinistic Chinese, PKR having jokers and ridiculed by DAP while PAS is steering away from the basic struggle of strengthening Islam.

The Malays see Anwar Ibrahim and PAS leaders such as Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Abdul Hadi Awang being controlled indirectly by DAP leaders and how these Malay and Islamic leaders being run-down and belittled.

Tanda Putra the movie is just a reminder, just like the movie Gandhi, on how the population should value and appreciate what they have right now from the sacrifices of former leaders.

What the opposition FEAR is that the movie could hit the Malays hearts and minds and made them think deeper on which party to vote come election.

This FEAR seeps into the minds and hearts of opposition leaders which now make them very jittery of whatever moves Umno and BN make, a real FEAR of losing everything they have been fighting for all this while – power and the opportunity to dictate – not divide and rule and dictate.

Losing influence, especially at this present moment is a very dangerous thing but the opposition pact leaders know this is happening and with Tanda Putra movie being screened to selected targets, their FEAR becomes real…very real.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I remember the song that I sang with the rest of the schoolboys in primary school those days in the sixties – London Bridge Is Falling Down – and the song however evaporated as time goes by and the education system changes accordingly.
Taking the song to the current political scenario, the way it goes, the opposition pact or the so-called Pakatan Rakyat is actually crumbling just like the what I  had been singing those days.
Distrusts and suspicious minds prevail ever since the three parties ‘vowed’ to be together for bad or for worse…sounds like a marriage vow…and the feelings that were hidden for years are now exploding like a row of volcanos spurting out their larvae one-by-one.
With honeymoon over and each partner now finds the other sickening and distasteful after a short spell of enjoyment, the ‘marriage of convenience’ is now breaking up from within and from the outside.
DAP Karpal Singh seems pissed off with everything the other partners do while PKR Anwar Ibrahim continues with his ‘joker’ role trying to make all the partners happy and PAS Abdul Hadi Awang sticking to the party’s fundamentals like holding on tightly to its teddy bear not allowing anybody to even touch it.
With no common platform except to topple the ruling BN government, the three parties are now lost in their own game of lies, deceits and make-believed issues as they fall apart from each other’s grace and of course love.
Clearly the opposition pact is falling apart and attempts by the leaders to try to glue them together as one force seem to fail as the present situation is too volatile and sensitive.
Their mistakes are many and too big to rectify, in fact they are like three trains going on a parallel paths with no meeting point at the end.
Their assumption that the voters in 2008 were with them because they were influential which was called political tsunami was totally wrong as proven at present.
That wrong assumption had make them arrogant and over confident to the extent they forgot that the minds of voters changes according to performances and promises delivered.
Voters’ minds are not constant and being matured and wise, they watch, observe, analyse and make decisions accordingly, not just blindly follow as though being herded like cattle.
Actually this was what the opposition pact tried to do all along – herd the voters like cattle with their lies, deceits and make-believe stories – to hide their incompetency and weaknesses in administration and most importantly their failure to fulfill their election promises.
Voters are now demanding these and with the leaders of opposition pact right now are fighting each other on who should be Prime Minister and how many seats each party should contest, their aim seems miles away – a case of so near yet so far.
After all, Malaysian at large now see they are falling apart just like the song London Bridge Is Falling Down

DAP-PKR Are 'Killing One Another' In Johor

Recently, Malaysian politics' filled with stories of clashes between component parties within the opposition's coalition due to current issues. The issues include the kalimah Allah issue, which has set a gap between PAS and DAP even if most PAS supporters do not admit any of it. The same issue has caused sort of a distance between PAS and PKR because PKR has the same stand with DAP.
Even though PAS often listen to DAP, but the arguments in media still need to go on to show that PAS does not give up that easy. However, PAS' inability to get out of Pakatan Rakyat only shows that PAS has given up and only follow orders from DAP and PKR.
DAP and PKR generally do not have any problems with all the current issues. However, the latest update in Johor, has proven that having mutual agreement in current issues does not guarantee that both the parties would not go against each other.
In short, Pakatan Rakyat is now beginning to crumble to pieces.
The problem between PKR and DAP in Johor is said to have been triggered by Chairman of PKR Johor, Datuk Dr. Chua Jui Meng. This matter was raised by Johor DAP Chairman, Dr. Boo Cheng Hau. It happened because they are both going for election seats where Chau is said to have 'attacked' DAP Johor from underground, beginning a few months back.
Few of the attacks made by Chua include blaming DAP for being arrogant as they denied a few seats to DAP, to avoid DAP from ruling the state. Chua was also blamed for not respecting the history of understanding and close ties between component parties for PR Johor which has been around for ages when he announced himself as a candidate in Gelang Patah even when the seat distribution is still yet to be confirmed.
Chua's excuse, he has the rights to do so as PKR State Chairman and that onlu shows that his arrogance is even more than DAP, which he claimed to be arrogant. During GE12, Gelang Patah constituency was won by Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Tan Ah Eng as he defeated PKR candidate, Zaliha Binti Mustafa with 33,630 votes. For this coming GE, PKR is said that they want to compete again but DAP Deputy Chairman, Tan Kok Wai announced that the party would like to place DAP candidate at the constituency. Thus, Chua's action in announcing himself as the candidate there only makes thing intense.
Today, Karpal Singh is reported to have stressed that DAP would not take Dr. Boo's complaint lightly and they will investigate the matter for the sake of PR's interest.However, PKR is yet to come up with the same statement.
That is why, Dr. Boo had to 'urge' Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim or PKR President, Wan Azizah to not intervene and observe PR's political updates in Johor to ensure that the plans to take over the state goes smoothly.
It is weird that Anwar had to be called upon to intervene because when it comes to other issues, Anwar would always voluntarily butt in. Even during PKR election, Anwar did not just butt in, he even simply filtered the ones who are not that loyal and benefit him.
Besides that, it is not s secret that Anwar also intervened in PAS internal political matters via his people who are aware of his strategy.
Based on this fact, perhaps Karpal, Dr. Boo and DAP should re-think whether they really want Anwar or his wife to intervene in DAP-PKR issue in Johor.
It is not impossible that efforts to sabotage DAP which is claimed to be the work of Chua Jui Meng actually came from Anwar's intervention?
Rakyat have been warned that the 'war' within Pakatan Rakyat would last for a very long time. Not just because all of its component parties have different stands and mission, it is also because of the different characters among their leaders.
So, the scenario is, PKR would keep on stabbing DAP in Johor. DAP will keep on bashing PAS in Penang as well.
Looking at how DAP-PKR-PAS often 'kill one another', Pakatan Rakyat may end up being dead anytime from now, without getting any attacks from BN. 

DPM: No common stand among opposition parties in Johor.

SUNGAI SIPUT: The problems over seat allocation between the DAP and PKR in Johor on show that Pakatan Rakyat parties do not have a common stand, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
He said there was no understanding between the two parties as they could not even reach an agreement over their candidates.
"They don't have a common stand. Johor is a Barisan Nasional stronghold and we are confident of holding onto it," he said at the Perhimpunan Rakyat Malaysia here on Tuesday.
 He was commenting of the apparent cracks in the Opposition in Johor with Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau accusing PKR's Datuk Chui Jui Meng of being behind “vicious attacks” against Johor DAP.
In a two-and-half-page long statement (in Chinese) issued on Monday, Dr Boo said Chua should be removed as state PKR chief, claiming the latter refused to accept opinions or compromise on seat allocations for the state.

tunku : the election is not announce yet, all these jokers from pakatan fighting each other for the seats.everyone want to become leader in pakatan. is this the type of leaders we want to lead us? it is good that day by day we can see their actual colours. may it be pas, dap or pkr.......they are full of dirt.

Anwar Insults The Sanctity Of Huguan Siou

Kadazandusun ethnic still seem unable to forgive Anwar Ibrahim for 'sodomizing' the sanctity of the Huguan Siou title, the highest title for the ethnic. Not just because it did not follow any procedure, Anwar even took the position which can only be taken by a Kadazandusun Murut.
Thus, Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) has demanded for apology from PKR Ranau and Anwar Ibrahim himself over the irresponsible action in presenting and receiving the title. According to KDCA's Secretary General, Suman Yasambun, according to Kadazandusun's belief, the action will lead to a curse towards the other party for ruining the leadership structure, especially when it involves the Huguan Siou Institution.
Huguan Siou is the 'guardian' for culture, norms, artifacts and tradition of Kadazandusun Murut which is celebrated each year during their Harvest Festival. The title brings along the spirit of unity, courage and determination.
The official Huguan Siou today is Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, making another appointment of Huguan Siou an insult towards him, as well as the whole society of Kadazandusun ethnic.
It is clear that PKR Ranau's action has been too much, other than stupid. More than that, Anwar's action in receiving the title, shows that he is insensitive and crazy for power.
Anwar's attempt to repair the situation by denying that he did accept the title and accusing that it is one of BN's dirty political game, does not seem to benefit him. This is because, Malaysians had seen pictures of Anwar wearing Kadazandusun's traditional headgear known as 'sigar' as well as a sash with ‘Huguan Siou Malaysia’ written on it.
How can there be a ‘Huguan Siou Malaysia’ when it is a special title meant for a single ethnic? How can Anwar become a Huguan Siou when he is not part of Kadazandusun?  And how can there be two Huguan Siou?
PKR Ranau Chief, Jonathan Yasin may have gone a bit too far in pleasing Anwar that he misjudged the sanctity of the title. His hopes of winning the election somehow made him forget who Anwar is.
However, Jonathan may have done what he was ordered. It is not impossible that he was given the task to show that Kadazans are Anwar's loyal supporters. Thus, the only way that he could think of was by showing Anwar as the highest leader of the ethnic, as their Huguan Siou.
If Anwar has even a bit of dignity and moral in him, he would definitely know that the best way to repair this is by apologizing over his 'ignorance' over the culture of the ethnic. But, as we are all aware, Anwar is an immoral man, he would never apologize.
His denial has enraged Kadazandusun ethnic. Anwar does not seem to want to be responsible, he even blamed BN for it even though the evidence are there. This is not surprising because he also never really admit that he was the main character in a sexual video which went viral even though the character in the video clearly proved that it was him. It was even confirmed by a facial recognition system that it was 99% Anwar. If Anwar can deny that, he can deny anything he wishes.
This is the problem if you are desperate for recognition but rarely get any. Anwar has been wanting to be the country leader for a very long time. Considering that it is very hard for him to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Huguan Siou Malaysia title is good enough for him, for now.
Sadly, the title is only dragging Anwar further than getting the Prime Minister title.

Monday, February 18, 2013


PAS leaders are now buying time before making a ‘do or die’ battle in the coming general election – meaning go alone or with the opposition pact.
Threading carefully on a tightrope – not to antagonize partner DAP and PKR while trying hard to comfort the rising anger of party members – PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang was given no choice but to pacify members by putting up a stand.
Simple as it might seem, the stand actually sent ‘shivers’ to other Pakatan leaders because PAS, despite being fundamentalists and orthodox in many ways, still attracts Muslims of all ages.
Compare PAS with PKR, PAS has more support and real members who are loyal and obsessed while PKR is presently shaky with many ‘jump ships’ given the dwindling credibility of Anwar Ibrahim.
While PAS members at grass root level are speaking out loud against the party leadership for ignoring or sidelining the Syura Council on the use of word ALLAH, PKR and Anwar do not even have any qualms in going along with DAP on the issue.
In fact, Anwar’s statement in Sabah where he ran down PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Abdul Hadi had affect the already sour relationship between the two parties and this does not augurs well for their ‘political relationship’.
DAP Karpal Singh had come out with statement to ‘cool down the rising temperature’ by saying all parties in the opposition pact were working well and agreed on most major matters except few small matters.
That was Karpal’s statement, a PR piece for public consumption when he himself knows that the opposition pact is like a boat being struck by huge waves and at the verge of collapsing.
The political relationship is very volatile at present and with the general election nearing, Karpal tries hard to make the political relationship work stronger but the circumstances right now are inevitable.
Issues involved are not superficial but they touched on fundamentals especially with PAS as they involved the party’s ideology on Islam, the most important element the party claimed has been struggling for.
Abdul Hadi has no choice as the pressure from party members may have tremendous backlash on the party, so he stressed that PAS would have no qualms to break off from the opposition pact if the partners did not respect PAS’ ideology.
This simply means PAS may just break off because the party members and supporters are getting restless with Anwar’s statement that did not reflect any respect for PAS or the party leaders.
Worse when he and Karpal still insist on Abdul Hadi to get the Syura Council to ‘toe the line’ of Pakatan’s so called ‘wisdom just to win the votes’, regardless of whether the means to the end are right or wrong or haram or halal.
Given such scenario, it is best that PAS leaders take the decision to split from the pact than being ridiculed, shamed and under pressure from loyal members and supporters.