Monday, December 31, 2012


PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said he wanted an hour on air without any disturbances…meaning no interruptions or questions during his talk or whatever one calls it…explanation. Hadi will explain everything about his edict that split Muslims right down the political divide as well as terming or calling Umno infidel. An edict that was aimed at demeaning Umno so that the Malays who are Muslims support the Islamic party, Hadi had taken the advantage of the Malays who were not well knowledgeable in Islam at that time to his side. 20 years later, the Malays, very knowledgeable on Islam and laws, begin to question Hadi’s edict and wanted him to explain clearly what it is all about…why Hadi termed Umno kafir just because the country’s administration is based on the Western style which incorporates Islam. Hadi is actually not a debater nor a politician…he is just a religious teacher who preaches according to his own interpretation, repeat, his own interpretation, and no one can question how. That is why Hadi gave the condition that he, only he alone appears on TV, so that he can talk without anyone asking questions because he could not answer on-the-spot. Even if he does, only on superficial questions as deeper ones need references which Hadi would not want to commit himself, especially on matters that are out of his own knowledge. Hadi’s knowledge is only limited to Islam and the Quran, that also nobody actually questioned him or debate with him on his interpretations…other than that…Islamic economy and politics and others, he is zero or lack knowledge. Devoid of such knowledge as that of a true leader who knows at least most things, Hadi does not want the public to know he is not knowledgeable in economy and administration. That is why he only wanted himself alone on TV, talk about his edict than walk away, no questions and debate or even discussions because Hadi is not that kind of man. He is not the kind of man who can discuss and take questions and answer them because he is not knowledgeable as thought off by many, he is just a preacher who speaks and then walk away. So when he asked to go on air alone, let it be…let Malaysian see his stupidity and lack of wisdom and intellectualism when explain his edict, after all the edict has backfired on his own party as Kelantan has yet to implement an Islamic government despite ruled by an Islamic party. Hadi knows his own party could not implement a total Islamic government in Kelantan and he knows, according to his edict Kelantan government is infidel for separating administration and Islam in its governance.


Under public scrutiny, Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham bluntly and without hesitation said it was none of the public’s business on where he obtained the money to buy the land in Kelantan. And arrogantly to MACC he said: "Show us you are impartial first before we can have any confidence in them." Obviously the cousins Ngeh and Nga are arrogant in their replies as they feel they are on top of the world, nobody can ‘touch’ them in this deal with Kelantan government. Ngeh has been propagating transparency, translucent and whatever trans….probably plus transgender and what not…and when it comes to him, he said THE PUBLIC HAS NO BUSINES TO ASK WHERE HE GOT THE MONEY TO DO HIS BUSINESS. The ‘shit’ he said it was none of the public’s business to know when he is himself holding a public office, elected by the people and was at one time a state exco member. He has no right whatsoever to tell the public its none of the public’s business to know where he got the money because he is a public servant, serving the public under his capacity as an MP and also state assemblyman. He has no right to tell the public what they should know and what they should not know about him. The public, especially the people who voted for him have the right to know and he has no right to tell them off, as he did with arrogance and without conscience. Not just that, Ngeh even showed his arrogance to MACC asking the commission to show its impartiality before he and his cousin have any confidence in them. Ngeh and gang, particularly Anwar Ibrahim have been attacking MACC’s credibility the past few years which gave (Anwar and gang) the leverage in every move they make. They always create the doubts on MACC whenever the commission tries investigating one of their own and in this case, they will go all out to create credibility doubts against MACC so that Ngeh and cousin Nga can escape thorough and deep investigations. Now it is up to MACC to take up the challenge because delaying in actions mean allowing the two DAP leaders to ridicule and tarnish the credibility of the commission which in turn create doubts in the minds of the public towards them (MACC). Arrogant as they are, it is also up to party chairman Karpal Singh to show the world that he is of clean character and clean heart by pressuring Ngeh and Nga to reveal where they obtain the money to be involved in a RM30 million deal. Karpal should get Ngeh and Nga to reveal where they obtained the money and how the deal was made so that the party is clear of practices that have elements of corrupt, abuse of power and free of any related issues that reflect an unclean chauvinistic party. If Karpal fails to do this, it simply means that Karpal is no different than any of the chauvinistic leaders in the party who puts up a clean front for public consumption which in reality full of ‘shits’ behind their back. It is no small amount and Ngeh and Nga could not have saved the amount even if they pool their financial resources together, sold or mortgaged their houses, and no one would give such a huge amount of loans.

Pakatan Rakyat Is Beginning To Lose

Ever since they won a few states during the 2008 election, Pakatan Rakyat has been very busy with politics trying to take over yet a few other states for the coming election. PR put their whole soul in tarnishing BN's image as well as making more and more promises. Not just with their ceramah, they also look out for gap to demonstrate. For the whole term, PR's 'work' can be seen through their various demonstrations organized by NGOs which would use one another to achieve the same target, to bring down BN government. Few of them include Bersih 2.0 on July 2011, Bersih 3.0 April 28, 2012, Himpunan Janji Demokrasi on the eve of August 31, 2012, a few series of Himpunan Hijau going against Lynas, Himpunan Royalti Minyak Kelantan, Himpunan 901, series of Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, series of Himpunan Oren going against FGVH's listing and a whole lot of others. Looking at such strategy, we could expect that PR's political momentum would rise up as the election draw closer. However, we might be wrong. Only a few months before GE13, PR seem tired of politics because they have just done too many. Their demonstrations are getting less and less attention that even their party's assembly did not show much excitement. For example, DAP's National Congress, the congress only showed low number of attendance, and Muktamar PAS which seemed anti-climax with their bad prayers which hit them afterwards. Besides that, the recent Himpunan Oren which was held on December 28, was attended by less than 1,000 participants, their target, 30,000, despite of the official orders given by PAS asking their supporters to join the event. The same thing goes to Himpunan Hijau (hunger strike) on December 27 - 30, which promises this huge convoy of 10,000 cars and motorbikes which will head to Lynas plant, only took around 50 people, such small number. What's worse is when a few of those hunger strike participants decided to eat in hiding, until their actions were recorded by the media. It seems like the whole event is a bust, and they are the 'final hope' for PR to increase its momentum in facing GE13. Everyone is aware that Himpunan Oren is led by PAS and Himpunan Hijau is under DAP, with PKR as the 'cover'. That is why, these demonstrations somewhat shows rakyat's support towards PR. With such small attendance for both of the demonstrations, this clearly show that PR is beginning to fall. It crumbles due to different principals, goals, mixed with racism, extremism, liberal as well as the iron fist leadership which can be seen at all PR leaders which has been the coalition problems and problems from the start. Time is running out for PR to repair the damage. Their leaders' credibility is also growing thin in the eyes of rakyat. The sad thing about PR's destruction is that the states which they rule crumbles along with the party. Just imagine, within a single term, they managed to clear out a whole jungle and dig up all the sand in the world which led to pollutions and natural disasters, they found a way to isolate bumiputeras, add up numbers of 'entertainment' centres which grew uncontrollably. If they are rule for yet another term, just imagine how much logs would be left in Kedah? How much land would there be enough for Kelantanese? How many more entertainment areas will bloom in Selangor? And how many Malay will be able to survive in the middle of Penang? Rakyat should be aware of these facts before we all fall with PR just like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Word Allah: PAS Would Obey Lim

DAP once again played the issue of the usage on the word Allah for Bibles. The same issue which was raised back then during Sarawak's election where PAS agreed to allow Bibles to be published in Bahasa Melayu. This is seen as the same issue because both have the intention to spread Christianity towards Malay Muslim. Considering that PAS has agreed with Bahasa Melayu bible, we are not surprised if PAS would finally agree with DAP that the word Allah can be used not just by Christians, probably other religion as well just to make their master, Lim Guan Eng happy. However, as usual, PAs would first act as if they are against it. The drama with DAP is important so that they could buy some time before the election comes to cover the issue of Hadi's message, Land in Kelantan, Logging in Kedah, Water in Selangor and other issues which are pressing leaders if Pakatan Rakyat. Despite that, their predictable drama seemed very boring this time around, it is best for DAP and PAS to stop acting. This is because everyone is well aware that by the end of this drama, PAS would still obey DAP. Besides, why would PAS reject the motion when they released an official statement back in January 5, 2010, approving it. The statement can be seen here, However, today, when Lim dynasty raised this matter again, they were slammed by one of the members of PAS's Ulama Syura Council who is also the Chief of PAS Ulama Council for Kelantan, Datuk Mohamed Daud Iraqi, who says that this confuses Muslims around this country. He said, "PAS took the stand just like what was decided by the Syura Council of the party previously, not agreeing with anyone regarding this issue." What is going on? Why didn't PAS Syura Council agree with PAS President? If this is true, then PAS President might be standing alone supporting Lim because in one of the reports from Harakah, ( content&task=view&id=019648&Itemid=96), Nik Aziz also denied the claim which says that he supports the matter, just like what was reported by the mainstream media. However, in another report in January 21, 2010 in Harakah, Nik Aziz stated that kelantan government do not have any rejection for non-Muslim in the state to use the word Allah, either orally or their religious references. Nik Aziz then said that he only agrees with the use the word Allah for other religion just as long as it does not cause any harm to Islam. For Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, PAS Syura Council and PAS supporters in general, I would like to urge them to stop making any contradictory statements because it does not mean a thing. This is because everyone knows that PAS would still listen to DAP. The only thing which is confusing here is that what is the motive or significance for DAP to fight on the usage of the word Allah for Christians. Everyone do not really know why are they bringing this up now. Would it bring chaos to Christians if they do not use the word Allah? Can Lim dynasty provide the answer? Or would Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang answer the question on behalf of Lim?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Lynas Hunger Strike: Proof That PR Is Falling Apart

The anti-Lynas group, Himpunan Hijau is on schedule with their plan to organize a hunger strike at Dataran Merdeka for 100 hours beginning at 8pm on December 27 and it is expected to be finished by 12pm, January 1, 2013. Report at 8pm yesterday found that there was less than 20 people at the scene. Before that, we need to understand they would still drink during the whole strike because they are not willing to die for this 'fight'. The highlight for this event would be on December 31 where 10,000 cars and motorcycles are expected to join them. The protest is suggested that it would begin at PAS's Markas Tarbiyah at Taman Melewar Gombak, then in Markas PAS Chegar Mendang in Bentong before they head to Gebeng. PR Leaders are also expected to be there to give their ceramah during the whole protest. According to the report today, December 28, the attendance of supporters in Dataran Merdeka is only around 60 people. Most of them are DAP's Chinese kids who can't really understand both Bahasa Melayu or English, the language which is used on the research report made by international atomic and nuclear authorities, or they are simply too stupid to understand science facts. Besides that, those who are in Dataran Merdeka also include the Malay kid who refuse to pay off his debt, Adam Adli and two of DAP's slaves from Unit Amal PAS. If we are to count the media, the real number of those who attended might just be around 30 people. Even though the number is expected to increase from time to time, this is still a bad kickstart for a program which is supported, or to be more precise, led by the opposition which is famous for their hobby in organizing demonstrations. Malaysia rarely see any hunger strike before, especially that this one is being done by youth, some even as young as 14 years old, according to the organizer. That is why, we should expect a huge turn up for this event. However, just like what is said above, this protest suffered a bad kickstart. Especially looking at the fact that Lynas has been proven to be safe and it would not cause harm to other human nor the environment. Fact is, other than those who gave their statement to the court and gain information regarding Lynas, others do not really know what they are protesting about. They seem to be struggling when it comes to answering questions about Lynas or radioactive matters. It is just as same as how the court rejected their leaders' statements because it does not contain any factual points. That is why we think that this hunger strike as a very stupid move. It is clear that they are being used by the opposition who are desperate to find issues that they turn Lynas into a political issue. They are also being used by foreign organizations who want to bring down the government as well as Lynas itself (business competition). In another angle, fact that Lynas has the potential to really be a business competition led by Malay professionals, should not be put aside. That is why, the number of Himpunan Hijau supporters show almost 100% Chinese, should be taken into consideration to prove that there is something wrong with the real agenda in their rejection towards Lynas. Whatever it is, the bad kickstart for this event is a clear sign for Pakatan Rakyat to see that rakyat sees the work of trying to tarnish the government's image is just a stupid thing to do, led by stupid leaders. This is because, smart leaders would not 'torture' rakyat by ordering them to walk at such long distance, getting into a hunger strike which could let them to risks such as injury, or even getting arrested which could deter their future, all so that they could won election. Smart leaders would always take care of their constituencies to ensure that rakyat would keep on voting for them. It seems that as Himpunan Hijau works hard to destroy Lynas, Pakatan Rakyat has somehow crumbled first.

The Edge Financial Daily Article on 13 May – An over-reaction of DAP?

For a party that has been around for so long, DAP should have known better that changing history is an impossible thing. People who try to change history are egoistic cowards who dare not look back and admit mistakes but rather live a lie and be proud of it. As we know, the Americans admitted their forefathers’ cruelty towards the native Indians and the Africans whom they robbed off of their rights. The new generations of Americans are not proud of what their forefathers did but they are ready to admit it and almost never hesitate to express their regret. This is the act of rightfulness, of people who uphold values and truly understand the meaning of civilization. The Chinese in DAP, however, is totally the opposite of the Americans for they have been continuously and tirelessly trying to block the ugly truth of their forefathers. It seems to be a natural thing for DAP to deny and refuse responsibility over the wrongs done by their people and they would go as far as re-writing history whenever they can. It isn’t a secret that DAP is fighting to paint a beautiful heroic picture of the communists instead of the cold-blooded, heartless terrorists who tortured and killed the innocence. Blogs, websites, books and even talks are held in the objective of planting the false pictures of the communists into the minds of the Malaysian youngsters. Often, the pictures would be immediately erased by the real heroes, such as the arm-forces and the villagers who had survived the communists’ attack. Combined with the British’s records on Malaya at the time, it would take a pure ignorant person to purposely deny the ugly truth about the communists. Naturally, evidence and witnesses aren’t hard to find to help us see which is the real picture. The same goes to the bloody history of May the 13th, 1969. Since things had calmed down and the DAP learned to accept the fact of living in a multiracial country that once belong only to the people they hate most, that is the Malays, it has been a long and unending effort of DAP to re-write the history of this tragedy. Same M.O is used in this course that is, blogs, websites, books, talks and everything and all cables and strings are pulled to achieve their goal. The recent article in the Edge Financial Daily is just one of the desperate attempts to make DAP looks like the ‘good guy’ on the 13th of May 1969. It all become much more important for DAP when the movie of the tragedy is about to take place in cinemas any time soon. For all we know, DAP has been screaming and jumping around since the news about the movie came out. The Edge had painfully but unsuccessfully trying to paint a different picture of the tragedy, echoing the DAPs words by making it looked like the fault of UMNO. Whereas, it all started with the hate campaign by DAP that brought down to the arrogant parade of the party to the streets. DAP was already over their head with arrogance and hatred that they actually marched into Kampung Baru which is basically a Malay area. It is important to note that the government led by UMNO had given DAP the permission to parade but to avoid Kampung Baru in order avoid tragedy. But DAP ignored the order. Blinded and overwhelmed by self-pride over their economic power, DAP told the Malays to ‘go die’ or go back to the jungle where they belong, and that they would kill all Malays. And what do you think would naturally happen when the Malays heard those words? And if DAP was the ‘good guy’, why would they march into a Malay area? Anyway, I believe by now all the countries in the world who have their own China Town, or Chinese dominated areas, would have trouble picturing DAP as the ‘good guy’. The arrogance and selfishness of these people is vivid and nobody would have trouble picturing them marching arrogantly and telling the Malays to go and die. And I understand that the Mat Salleh had studied on Malay characters before they actually invade us. I believe that the findings of the study itself would make DAP’s version of history seemed too far-fetched and ridiculous because Malays aren’t violent people. They are soft and they don’t mind sharing anything as long as they may continue living their easy life. The Malays aren’t driven to conquer and that’s why we see so many Sultans in Malaysia whereas, in other countries the Kings would have fought to conquer until there was only one of them left. This didn’t happen with the Malays. Even without record, we couldn’t see UMNO initiating or causing the May 13 tragedy, but we can clearly see DAP calling out the Malays to go to hell, even today, indirectly. So, for The Edge Daily to help DAP paint a horrible picture of UMNO in the 13 May tragedy, may be considered as a nice try .. but it didn’t help DAP at all in any way. You know, DAP likes to poke fun at the Malays for being over-reacted on things related to their race and religion but obviously didn’t realize how ridiculously over-reacted they are about the history of the 13th May tragedy. If only DAP is smart, they should know that there should be nothing sensitive about history as it is the thing of the past. Unless, the hatred that they had against the Malays in 1969 isn’t at all the thing of the pas but continuous and growing… am I right?

Crusade In Malaysia By 2014?

DAP has been very synonym with their racist, chauvinist, kiasu and anti-Malay-Islam attitude. The party also never really hide their agenda to abolish Malay rulers where they openly reject all the honor given by the institution. We see it as a symbol of total rejection towards Islam as the official religion in Malaysia. Generally, Malaysians are aware of who DAp really is. However, if we feel that we really know how DAP works through that description, it is not that correct. This is because, there is another thing about DAP where most Malaysians, Malays especially, are still not aware of, their Christianity agenda. The ones who aware of this matter would be the Chinese. Few of the blogs which revealed this matter include as well as They revealed how DAP's ceramah to the Chinese often say that there is a clear line between 'Malay Muslim' and the 'non-Malay non-Muslim' and then they would ask the 'non-Malay non-Muslim' to unite, in a way, to go against the 'Malay Muslim' (UMNO). Their expose is then supported with Malay-language blogs especially in Penang as well as current reports in media regarding the spreading murtad case. Few of the things which the blogs exposed include DAP's closed meeting which clearly mentioned the agenda of turning Malaysia into a Christian country. The murtad cases proved that the agenda is real when DAP leaders came forward to defend the church and tried to cover their trace, which they then managed to ensure that PAS sacked Dato’ Dr. Hasan Ali. DAP denied the report but they decided to keep quiet so that this would not turn to a big issue. Considering that most of the stories come from english-language blogs written by Chinese bloggers, DAP believe that their secret agenda is still safe. Especially when PAS took the approach of defending DAP in most issues, including the murtad issue, so DAP is convinced that they do not have to worry about any response from Muslims. It is true that as long as Pakatan Rakyat remain as the opposition, and as long as PAS and DAP need one another to get to Putrajaya, DAP's Christianity agenda could still be seen as a small thing for PAS and covered by DAP from the public. However, as long as its 'centre' of spreading the religion such as in Subang Jaya, Selangor is still under PR, DAP, and as long as they have the funds for it, it would still be able to spread in this country and it is not impossible that it would give a huge impact for Malaysia. Or worse, if PR gets to win the coming GE-13, considering that PR is taking the approach of 'win first, think later', we should expect a huge turmoil in the parliament which would never end. DAP would definitely be consistent with their hopes of developing a secular country which PAS would want to turn everything into Islam, which is opposed by DAP. Then, we are expecting that PAS leaders would bow down to DAP to ensure that their position would be safe. Having PAS giving up would definitely spread rage among Muslim rakyat including those who support UMNO because they could not bear seeing Malaysia being turned to a Secular country. Within less than a year, by 2014, demonstrations would be something routine and behind it, the fall of our country's economy. What we can expect if PR rules this country is not that different than the era of the brutal Indonesian Reformation. Bad economy had cost heavy burden to Indonesians. Those burden then led to anger. Their hate towards Chinese-Christians who monopolize the country's economy, then became even stronger. The hate was then translated to the slaughter, rape and robbery to the Chinese just to channel the anger. Finally, what began as an economic crisis, has turned to ethnic cleansing and 'Islam - Christian war'. If this happens in Malaysia where DAP stands on the fight for Christianity, it is not impossible that there would be another Crusade. Few from PAS would definitely say that this is just another scare tactic to avoid people from voting for PR. However, with all the records and expose, the question of trying to scare rakyat is out of the question because you should really, be scared. The question now is, does Hadi Awang and his followers believe that UMNO is kafir? Would they still fight for DAP? Or would they fight alongside UMNO and other Muslims to get their syahid?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

PAS Will Defend Hadi's Message Until Their Death

Hadi's message still remain as a hot topic even though the intentionally 'goes missing' with hopes that it will be forgotten.
However, we believe that he is well aware that not saying anything would not let him away from being responsible for all the negative impacts the message had given to rakyat.
Efforts from the media, especially Utusan Malaysia to expose the stories where through the message, relationships were broken when supporters start calling their own family members as kafir. It is because this message is not a small matter which can easily be solved.
Besides, this is the matter of 'debt' where Hadi Awang owe those who were involved, with an apology at least.
Especially when Nik Aziz urged Hadi to defend his message and to never take it back unlike what was Ulama told him to do.
In other words, Nik Aziz is asking Hadi to confirm the fact that UMNO members are kafir and those who held on to the message are right, and that Hadi does not need to apologize to anyone.
It is weird when Nik Aziz claim that we are afraid to face Hadi. How can we face him if he is not around? We are tired of calling him.
Whatever it is, we need to think positively. We know that such 'Grand Ulama' like Hadi is never a coward. Perhaps he has no time to respond to the media. We should understand the attitude of of celebrity-Ulama like Hadi himself.
Hadi however, would need to answer all the questions which has been going around. It might not be that hard for him to explain things considering Nik Aziz had already given the 'tips' to the answer when he said 'Yes, to PAS, UMNO is kafir.
Thus, if Hadi want to keep quiet, it is clear that PAS still defend its 1981 Message which turns all UMNO members to kafir, until the end of time. This is what PAS members would have to bear as long as the party is led by people like Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz.


PAS and DAP are head-on now on the using the word ‘ALLAH’ issue as DAP harps on it to gain the Christian votes while PAS stand firm on its fundamentals that the word ‘ALLAH’ is sacred to Muslims. The difference in this issue is threatening the political relationship between the two parties that may see each going their own way come the general election. PAS is now hardening its stand as the party sees the racial and religious divide in the multi-racial Malaysia has taken a new twist as political parties – of course the opposition DAP – is playing to the gallery. For PAS, despite having its own setbacks, particularly the edict issued by president Abdul Hadi Awang, the party still maintains its support among Malay grassroots who are either fundamentalists or leftists in religious views. DAP is not banking on PKR to lend support knowing very well the multi-racial party is heading nowhere as its support among the Malays declined very much and its Chinese supporters are either running to DAP itself or MCA while the Indians are seeking ‘greener pastures’. Left with few Malays, Indians and Chinese who are leaders or generals without soldiers, and headed by Anwar Ibrahim whose ambition to become Prime Minister knows no limits or boundaries, DAP seems to have lost trust there. Given the fact that PKR Malays in Penang especially do not trust Lim Guan Eng as reflected by PKR state chief who is also Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mansor Othman, DAP has to act fast to prevent the erosion of support and replacing the loses through other means. Like a business plan, DAP is now playing the religion card, using the word ‘ALLAH’ to attract Christians of different political ideologies to replace the lost support caused by PKR. But in doing so, the party has caused a rift, a real religious rift that will affect the whole of oppositions’ chance of winning what more retaining whatever seats they are having at present. The religious rift may also see Malays in DAP, a handful only, going to the establishment or PAS in the quiet of course, because the issue also affects their faith. As PAS information chief said that Christians should not use it in the Alkitab, claiming that it does not reflect the actual meaning of “God” in the original text, adding that using the word “Allah” in the Alkitab will confuse both Christians and Muslims. Of course, Anwar as usual flew in like a hero, calling for an urgent meeting of all opposition leaders to solve the issue. Hopefully Anwar does not behave like the Malay proverb says ‘saperti tikus membaiki labu’, literally means like rats trying to fix pumpkin, which result in more damages.


With the year ending and the general election is considered as still few months away, the oppositions are still grappling with internal conflicts and also within the alliance itself. The three parties – DAP, PAS and PKR – are not seeing each other ‘eye-to-eye’ in every political sense as each party go their way to gain as much influence as each can, forgetting the ‘togetherness’ they are supposed to forged to take over Putrajaya. 2012 is a year of ‘disaster’ for the three opposition parties as they see their strength and influence eroding by the day and the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) is on the offensive. Since the past few years, the oppositions under the unregistered alliance of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) have been on the offensive picking up issues that attracted Malaysians but apparently, the issues did not stick. Just a passing fade, like games with the youngsters, seasonal and do not last long, which at present got the oppositions worried. Whatever being highlighted and raised have thus far ‘climbed the popularity charts very fast and came down fast too’ which had them repeating again and again, adding new ‘actors’ and updating with new angles. Latest is the ‘ugly blood curling incidents’ claiming BN ‘thugs’ did them in desperation and so on, plus the repeat of scorpene and Altantuya, all aiming at keeping the issues afloat and alive so that Malaysians at large continue being reminded. In reality, most of the public are fed up with the repeats, just like Astro HBOs…and the updates that the oppositions gave are always the same persons giving out the briefings and nothing new. So this year, updates of the repetitions did not attract the much interests and this worry the oppositions as their recent ceramahs have also seen dwindling number of audiences, only same faces all over the country. 2012 is not their year and this scenario is expected to get worse as all the three parties in the opposition face internal problems. DAP is facing internal squabbles with Karpal Singh now questioning every move that the party leaders make with the exception of to’kong Lim Guan Eng. Karpal’s actions have antagonized many DAP leaders who, many said are presently in the quiet trying to gather enough support to at the very least keep his mouth shut. Karpal’s outbursts have somewhat divide further the already split party where non-Malays are still not accepted despite the party claiming to be multi-racial. And Karpal has also antagonized the party’s partners PAS in condemning them against the party’s moved in including non-Muslims in the implementation of Hudud laws. Adding to their problems is the anti-Malay brand that the party carries after its recently concluded convention which saw no Malays being elected into the leadership line-up. So with the anti-Malay brand and racial ‘turbulences’ as a result of Karpal’s explosion on issues involving the acceptance of Datukship and land deal in Kelantan, DAP may see the party split may result in the party performing just as it was before 2008 general election.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hadi Is Dying?

The issue of Hadi's message is still haunting PAS even though they had done just about everything to cover the issue. The issue might come in and out, but it does not mean that it is no longer relevant. Like what was revealed, the message has caused a lot of negative impact to rakyat, including death. Various matters has been raised to Hadi, trying to get him to take back his message, but until now, he still haven't say anything. Other than Nik Aziz's statement in harakah who tried convince people that Hadi Awang is a wise man and he knows what he's doing, only those in social networking sites try to defend the message as either true, or stale. Hadi never really felt responsible over his supporters who divorced their wives or broke their parents heart, all because they believe that those people are kafir, based on the message. Hadi Awang also seem ignorant towards the children of those who died during Memali tragedy who still believe that their parents are syuhada as they die fighting against kafir government. As for now, he is only interested to talk about the election and not religion. This is what people are thinking of Hadi's silence. However, it is not wise for us to be as arrogant as Hadi Awang. That is why we should be open to accept the probability that our perception might be wrong. That is why we should consider what people are saying in kedai kopi, saying that Hadi Awang is sick. It is rumored that not that he does not want to provide his response to the media, it is because he could not face them in his current condition. It is true, only a few days ago, he seem very healthy and strong enough to be the next Prime Minister, but out of the sudden, he is said to be very sick. Some say that he is too pressured with this message issue because he does not know the best way to handle it without jeopardizing Pakatan Rakyat's chance to head to Putrajaya. If he defends his followers belief that UMNO is kafir and the death of those during the Memali Tragedy is syahid, then he might face more divorce and issues among his own followers, which would threaten PR. If he denies that he used to say that UMNO is kafir, then he would need to face his former supporters who said that people around them are kafir. He would also need to tell the children of those who died during the Memali tragedy that their parents died just like that, their death do not mean anything to the religion. This would also bring bad impact to PAS and PR. Thus, Hadi is really stressed because he is scared that this issue might stop him from getting to be in Putrajaya. That is why we should pray for a fast recovery for him so that he could face the media and explain everything.

Kelantan Land Issue: PAS Supporters Fail To Understand Between Letter Of Support And Letter To Transfer Land

The issue of Kelantan's 4,210 land which is worth almost RM30 million in locations such as Relai, Chiku District at Gua Musang which is given to Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd by Nik Aziz's government is beginning to fall apart. It is said that the land is given because it involves the interest of politicians such as Adun DAP Sitiawan, Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, few of the investors in the company. The 'gift' given by PAS government to the Perak DAP leader is said so that PAS could put Adun Pasir Panjang, Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin as Perak Chief Minister at the time. Based on the search on Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), 40% or RM15 million of Upaya Padu Plantation Sdn Bhd is owned by Ngeh Koo Ham, and 51% or RM16 million is owned by a company known as Efektif Kirana. And 99% of the shares in Efektif Kirana is owned by Ngeh Koo Ham as well. Thus, in a way, Upaya Padu Plantation is almost 100% owned by Ngeh Koo Ham. Ngeh also confirmed that he is the owner of the company even though previously he tried to lie deny everything. This issue is not really that hard to understand especially when Nik Aziz's Media Secretary himself, Ahmad Fadhli Shaari confirmed that the state government had offered Upayapadu Sdn Bhd through the letter of Yayasan Islam Kelantan dated August 28, 2005. Considering that everything is braeking up, Nik Aziz and Ngeh began to find ways to defend themselves when their 'dirty business' is exposed. Harakah also took an important role to twist stories and to blame UMNO leaders as the backbone of the whole thing. They are saying that the land is given to Upayapadu through the approval from the central government based on the letter from Deputy Minister of Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Datuk Dr Awang Adek bin Hussin, and the letter from Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities at the time, Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui. It is clear that this is PAS's desperate efford in trying too twist such a simple story, so that it would be too twisted for rakyat to understand. This is because, both of the letters which is being used as PAS as their 'evidence that they are innocent' is only support letter on the project which is proposed and not the document to change land ownership to anyone. It has always been the responsibility of the central government to support projects that are seen to be able to generate state income. However, Datuk Awang Adek nor Datuk Peter Chin have any rights or power to change the land ownership to Upaya Padu Sdn Bhd or anyone. The only one who has the power to do such thing is none other than Tok Guru Nik Aziz himself. The thing which makes it harder for PAS and DAP is when this scandal is raised in Dewan DUN Perak by Dato’ Hamidah Osman. It has been part of DAP's tradition to threat people when it comes to covering their scandal. Thus, on December 20, at 3.30pm when she was at the food court of Dewan Undangan Negeri, Nga Kor Ming came to Dato’ Hamidah and threatened her by saying,"If you reveal this, you watch out I will go after you’’. However, as usual, DAP is too arrogant to admit that they threaten anyone even though the fact is, Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali and Datuk Rusnah Kassim was there during the incident. Who knows what DAP and PAS would do after this to cover their corruption issue. Today, PAS had proven that they are willing to sacrifice 4,210 hectare of their land for the CM post. Just imagine if PR is to lead this country...who knows how much land would PAS give away for the post of Cabinet Ministers or even GLC Directors. And just imagine the kind of threats those DAP gangsters would do if they don't get what they want.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ganesan Has Lodge Police Report, What About Anwar and Azmin

Scandals surrounding politicians is just a normal thing. If the scandal is not true, the issue will just disappear, but if it is true, their political career might be at stake. However, in politics, everything is possible, even for those who have been proven to commit sodomy and leaked sex video can still survive. Those who are mentioned are none other than Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali. And we have seen how politicians can still remain 'alive' even when they choose to admit their guilt. His sincerity in asking for apology due to the scandal was something extraordinary, that some even complimented by saying that it is something brave and honest. He is now pardoned and accepted well by family and rakyat. So, the scandal closed just like that, then scandals on other politicians fill the space in the media. The latest scandal revolves around the sex video which involves a DUN Speaker, Datuk R Ganesan. Prior to that, ADUN Tronoh, V Sivakumar in a press conference claimed that his side received a parcel containing a VCD on misconduct where there was an attachment on image of Ganesan and a woman in a disgraceful condition as well as a copy of an online article. Datuk R.Ganesan quickly denied his involvement in such scandal and claimed the opposition as irresponsible for spreading false news. He then lodged police report to stop the accusation as well as to clean his name. His fast response should be noted to show how he really took this matter seriously. This is because, in most cases which involve sex videos, those who are involved would rarely lodge police report as soon as they hear the news, without going around telling stories to newspapers first. As for Anwar's case for example, he chose to politicize the video between him and a china-doll by denying the video and blaming others. He made various statements including the drama where Wan Azizah wasted her tears. Finally, when people are tired of it, after the Omega watch deal, only by then Anwar lodged the police report. However, even his report raise doubt because it was not made to deny the fact that he is the man in the video, but it was made to ask police to investigate who spread the video to the public. This means, he did not legally deny that he was involved in the video, Instead, he just questioned those who spread the video. The same thing goes to the video where Azmin was in a bathroom with a woman went viral. Azmin did not ask for any investigation to be taken to confirm the man in the video in order to clean his image. Instead, he kept on making denial and blame others. Looking at the similar situation between the two opposition leaders and the leader of MIC, the action taken by Datuk Ganesan lodging police report can be seen as a challenge to Anwar and Azmin. Don't they realize that to be compared to the measure taken by Datuk Ganesan, their method of trying to show that they are innocent is very doubtful. We can see how Datuk Ganesan defend himself by making a swift police report. There is no reason why an innocent person would not lodge police report, unless they are really guilty. That is why, is it wrong for us to have the perception that they are truly guilty even if it is still yet to be proven in court? Based on the fact that getting it proven in court would be impossible if the police report which they made do not really deny their real charge.

Monday, December 24, 2012


The DAP is at it again…playing the religion game to win the hearts and minds of voters with the party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng called on the government to allow Christians to use the word Allah. The issue was resolved some three years ago and DAP raises the matter again given the volatile position the party is in at present as PAS continues with its fundamentalism stand which further distance the party with non-Malay Muslims voters. DAP finds it hard to attract the Malay voters now as its recently concluded convention clearly reflected the party’s chauvinistic character which distance itself with the Malay voters. Thus, to strengthen itself further with the Chinese voters especially who are Christians, the party calls on the government to allow churches to use the word Allah. Its political relationship with PAS is fragile although they are together in the unregistered opposition alliance where they have no common ground except to topple the ruling BN. DAP had expected PAS to net Malay voters as well as some Chinese voters who do not want DAP’s chauvinistic stand but PAS has apparently antagonized the Chinese by imposing Hudud laws on them such as in Kelantan. DAP is damned angry with PAS but the party cannot cut-off ties because they are together in the objective – to topple BN – and between the three parties in the opposition unholy alliance, PAS is considered the strongest Malay party. PKR, a Malay-based party but the Malays are shunning away and distancing themselves from the party as its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s character has been an issue of contention and disdain among them. Only a handful who are blindly loyal are standing behind Anwar and these are mostly leaders at all levels, maybe around 100 of them, not members or grassroots who every political party counts as their backbone. PKR has no such things as grassroots and whatever grassroots they claimed to have are actually PAS members and supporters who throw their support behind as instructed by PAS leaders. So DAP cannot count on PKR to add value to its position…in fact the party is asking for more parliamentary and state seats and Anwar has said no way. That is bad for DAP because it cannot widen or expand its influence and even in Penang, the party cannot stand alone to be the government although it has the most state seats. Thus Guan Eng is actually fishing for votes from Christians to add to the party’s existing status as it cannot hope for help from PKR nor PAS given the situation in PKR which is not convincing at all and PAS is consider ‘enemy of the Chinese and Christians’. DAP wants its situation to be strong before the general election is called, without having to depend on its partners in the unregistered Pakatan Rakyat (PR), this is especially so in Penang. That is why he raises an old issue but it strikes the ‘cord of Christians’ all over the country.

8 Matters In Hadi's Message

An Ulama should always be humble but they would defend the truth. Whenever he's criticized, an Ulama should never get raged. Instead, he would explain the truth calmly. However, those things are never really practiced by PAS Ulama. Mursyidul Am PAS himself, which is said to be the highest Ulama in the party, is famous for not having any of the characteristics above. Nik Aziz is famous for being arrogant and snappy where he would get raged over anyone who criticized his actions. The same thing goes to PAS President, Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang. Even worse, Hadi Awang is also a coward as he did not dare to come up and provide any explanation on the Amanat Kafir fatwa which he made himself three decades ago. Even though this issue has been brought up by the mainstream media for the past few days, Hadi Awang still remain quiet. Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Kelantan (MAIK) has made an official complaint against Hadi Awang. The letter was made after a meeting with a few tok guru pondok as well as Kelantan's Mufti and Deputy Mufti. The meeting highlighted eight matters which prove that Hadi Awang had brought misguided belief to society, they include: 1. belief that prayers does not count if it is being led by UMNO supporters. 2. belief that it is haram to eat anything that is slaughtered by UMNO supporters. 3. belief that marriage is not official if it is conducted by kadhi or imam which is appointed by UMNO and the couple would need to re-marry as soon as possible. 4. belief that marriage would be in fasakh for couple who support UMNO. 5. belief that the death of UMNO members would not have to be prayed, just like kafir or murtad. 6. belief that UMNO members cannot perform sembahyang jenazah for PAS/Muslim. 7. belief that UMNO members cannot be buried at Islam cemetery. 8. belief that the prayers performed by UMNO members are not accepted by Allah SWT. PAS is trying their best to cover this issue with the excuse that the story is getting stale. If Hadi Awang insist in denying all the things he said, that he is the reason why people are misguided, then who should be blamed for all the tragedy which happened in between then and now? And who should be blamed for all the death in Memali tragedy, only because they think that they are fighting against kafir? Would Hadi Awang say that PAS supporters are stupid for looking at his message in a wrong way? If yes, then he should come up and give the right explanation. So, PAS supporters should urge Hadi Awang to come out from his hiding and face his own messages. It is not right for Hadi to keep this matter hanging among his supporters. He should be responsible.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Logs Are More Important Than The Lives Of Rakyat Kedah

If writings can speak, we could definitely hear a huge roar in Kedah asking Kedah's Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak to come up. All around newspapers, blogs and websites are calling him, asking him to wake up from his slumber and see what is really happening to his state. Everyone is shouting telling him that extreme logging which is happening in Kedah is getting chronic and it would be disastrous. Everyone is hoping that he would answer and hopefully solve everything. However, even when the dam's polluted, rivers became muddy, and forests destroyed, Azizan is still sound asleep. The warning from the Environment Department is being ignored, Azizan did not even say anything to the mainstream media, nor the opposition's media. People are saying that Azizan do not know anything, considering that Harakah did not publish anything about it. However, considering that Azizan did threaten to continue logging at catchment areas, it is not wrong for us to suspect that it's not that Azizan do not know about it, he is well aware of it. Especially when he proudly announced that he would increase the profit on logging from RM35 million to RM39 million right after PAS takes over Kedah. Not just Azizan, even Kedah exco, Amirudin on May still went around saying how 'smart' PAS is for making profit on logging. In one of his ceramah videos, ( CEaWFkAIwLU), Amiruddin proudly announced Kedah's income in logging has risen up to RM48.5 million in 2010 and RM80 million in 2011! We believe that not even a single PAS Kedah leaders really care about this situation that they went down to the site to see what is really happening. That is why, we suspect that PAS Kedah leaders already know about this but they simply ignore this matter because they do not know any other way to generate the state's income. They are unable to bring in any investors and they could not increase the income for their subsidiaries. So, logging is their only answer. Not enough with logging in their own state, PAS Kedah also humiliated the country when they went on with a logging project in Papua New Guinea. The purchase of logging and farming shares worth RM31.21 million by Kedah Corporation Berhad (KCB) revealed irregularity in form of bribery to the Minister of the country. The 2011 Audit showed loss in terms of goodwill payment to vendor worth RM1.21 million, mobilization expense reimbursement (RM3 million), commission and legal fees for loan (RM1.6 million) and loans for five companies and related costs (RM7.68 million) from 2007 until March 2011. The project, however, is still yet to begin. The thing that surprises us is that all of these deals are done without the approval from the Directors Board. Either Kedah State Government was aware of it or not, that is still in question. This is because, Azizan nor anyone from the state government say anything about it. For PAS, if Kedah is covered with mud, that is fate. If rakyat got sick due to polluted water, it is a test from god. it is never their responsibility, because PAS Kedah need to generate income for the state, and the only way they can achieve that is to perform extreme logging, as long as they have power to do so.

Just Let Himpunan Hijau Supporters Die Out Of Hunger

It seems that there are still those out there who kept on politicizing the Lynas Plant in Gebeng even though it has been proven that the plant follows all the safety regulations which has been set by the environment authorities as well as international bodies for a chemical plant. The efforts to stop this plant's operation through legal process came to a fail considering that those who object, the Himpunan Hijau could not provide any smart arguments and concrete evidence to support their claim which says that the plant is not safe. Meanwhile, the arguments provided by Lynas is backed with facts, figures as well as evidence from experts, authorities as well as international bodies. The tactic from Himpunan Hijau somehow tried to raise doubt and bad perception about the government, to show that the government is not transparent in approving Lynas's operations. This is not surprising considering that majority of Himpunan Hijau supporters are Chinese, and they really love to believe just about anything, as long as it goes against the government. It is also not a shock to know that half of them do not know anything about Lynas. Instead, they just take and process anything that is told to them especially by Chinese newspapers as well as their racist leaders. Their arrogance can clearly be seen through their newspaper when they did not seem embarrassed when they made a mistake in their report saying that the Manager of Lynas Operation, Datuk Mashal Ahmad, said that all rare earth metal waste cannot be exported. Datuk Mashal then went up to deny the false claim and stressed that he mentioned five times that the waste will be processed into product to be exported, he even explained the technical aspects on how it is done. However, Himpunan Hijau ignored it and kept on fighting against Lynas, If previously they went on a 'walkathon' from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur, this time they are planning to go for on a hunger strike for 100 hours on December 27 and to camp at Dataran Merdeka before starting their drive to Gebeng. During their 'walkathon' protest, Wong Tack was joined by 80 activists. According to Wong Tack, the Chief of Himpunan Hijau, they are expecting 10,000 vehicles to join them. The thing that confirms our doubt that there are entities that are helping Himpunan Hijau is when Wong Tack did not just talk about the 100 day opposing Lynas, but he also want to 'bring down the corrupt regime'. Saying that the law has been invaded, and the law makers are the ones who invaded the law. According to, Datuk Ambiga Sreevenasen will be joining them to celebrate their 'victory' of their walk from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur during their previous protest. With Ambiga's attendance, it is proven that this group has links with enemies who want the Malaysian government to tumble. It is now clear that Himpunan Hijau also play an important role just as same as the role taken by Ambiga, BERSIH as well as SUARAM, to tarnish the Malaysian government's image. As for now, BERSIH and SUARAM has been receiving funds from Jewish ties which operates with George Soros to realize the agenda in changing governments in countries which they provides interest to them. We cannot put aside the probability that the protest on Lynas might just run on business motives or anyone's interest. It needs to be mention here that few of the projects that are being developed at the area include a joint venture project between the Executive Chairman of Rimbunan Hijau Group with China, Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King, the Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP) which is only located 1km away from Lynas. And let's not forget that Lynas would be the closest competition which might threaten China's status as the biggest rare earth producer in the world. Perhaps Lynas project could threaten the future development projects for some people? Perhaps such great racism puts the interest of China even higher than their own country> Or perhaps they do not want to see Malays to be successful? Because we are all aware on how the Chinese really hate Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary… Anything's is up to you to solve this riddle. What is certain is that Himpunan Hijau do not fight for the environment but it is only part of their dark agenda. Thus, we welcome their plan to run a hunger strike. They should might as well extend their hunger strike to 100 days instead. Or it would be better if their supporters threat to burn themselves if Lynas is not shut down. Or perhaps they could blackmail by saying that they wo

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


With the conclusion of DAP convention, it is certain, in fact it can be considered that the party and PAS will battle it out on who would be the PRIME MINISTER if the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) wins the upcoming general election.
Karpal Singh, DAP’s chairman had outrightly, openly and stressed that PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim would be PM.
However, PAS secretary-general Mustapa Ali, who attended the convention (wonder why PAS president Abdul Hadi Wang and spiritual chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat did not attend) said who would be PM would be discussed after the general election.
His reason was that the election had yet to be held and no one knows who would win or lose.
Thus, the ‘verbal war’ began again and this time, it would not be just a ‘war’ between leaders but this ‘war’ is going down to the grassroots.
PAS grassroots, who are fundamentalists, have been fighting and struggling to have a place in Malaysia’s political landscape and  their support have been on the ups and downs, Malaysians still see them as very, very fundamentalism.
However, at present, Malaysians see PAS as somewhat moderate but adamant to imposed Islamic laws that would see the true fundamentalism out like what is happening in Kelantan right now.
Hudud laws meant only for Muslims are imposed on non-Muslims which has now become the ‘thorn in the flesh’ for DAP as the Chinese supporters called on the party to defend them while PAS does not listen and does not care less.
Mustapa’s reply was logical of course and rational too, but the reality is PAS does not want Anwar or any other person. The party has decided Abdul Hadi should and would be PM regardless of DAP or PKR agreement or not.
It is very simple as far as PAS is concern and of course, Karpal and DAP are just being hypocrite about the whole matter.
PAS knows the true Anwar and PAS is not for him to be a leader as Islam does not allow such a person who has doubts on his credibility and integrity to become leader.
DAP believes the same thing but for this time and purpose, thinking the tsunami wind is still blowing, DAP threw away its principles just to win at federal level, a dream the party has been living with the past 50 years.
PAS is following Islam in choosing a leader – a person whose image is unquestionable – no way that Anwar is their pick.
Of course, this criteria differs when come to a person of their ‘clan’ or the party leader. PAS, as usual will have all the verses and whatever from the Holy Quran or hadiths (sayings of the Prophet) to back their stand.
So DAP and PAS will have a ‘war’ from now until the general election and this ‘war’ is about personality – about Anwar Ibrahim – a man who wants to be PM regardless what happens and at what cost.


Calls have been made for PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to withdraw his edict or amanat made in 1982 which deemed Umno as infidel or kafir. The edict on the whole stated that separating Islam and administration is unIslamic and since Umno and BN practice such in the country’s administration, therefore Umno is infidel. In short, an Islamic administration does not separate religion and administration unlike practiced in western countries where the church is separated from the country’s administration. So PAS is fundamentalist at that, very Islamic about that and following Islam on that but why is that Kelantan does not follow that? Why is that in Kelantan the administration still follows the modern admin method left behind by the colonial British and PAS did nothing to change it? Why was it when PAS ruled Terengganu, the administration was not fully Islamic? Why Kedah ruled by PAS is not totally Islamic? Given the background of PAS’ ‘negligence or weaknesses’ which do not follow the edict, party members and former party members are calling Abdul Hadi to withdraw or retract his edict. It is shameful for an Islamic party that does not practice what it preaches, more so when the edict was give out by the very person who is now the party president who boasts nothing but Islamic fundamentalism. A person who is not shy to hold the position of Prime Minister if the party and its partners in the opposition win the general election. Hadi’s edict, given out in 1982, had stirred political upheavals as Umno lashed back asking for proof which of course, PAS had never has any proof. Until today, the edict that has not been withdrawn or retracted is being questioned by practicing Muslims all over the country because PAS does not implement as what were written in the edict since it held power in Kelantan and Kedah, and when it held power in Terengganu. Going by the party’s practices in Kelantan and Kedah, the party is also considered hypocrite or munafik or even infidel because it separates the administration of Islam and the state. In short, PAS does not ‘walk its talk’, a party that does not know how to govern when given the power, a party that has no professionals experienced enough in administration of both public and Islam. They can only boasts of possessing people with paper qualifications but without knowledge on true administration in both Islam and public. So PAS members and former members are now aware and realized their mistakes and they will make amends to go straight which is to follow the true path of Islam by voting out PAS. By doing so they are actually repenting, making amends the wrongs they did last time and doing the right thing by voting a party that is truly Islamic and following the sunnahs and hadiths which is Umno.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kedah Might End Up Being Cleared Out

Utusan Malaysia today revealed on the logging issue in Kedah which is getting worse. This issue has been revealed by alternative media such as blogs and websites a long time ago, but it was ignored by Kedah state government, or even any PR leaders. As for PR supporters, they think that the expose was just another accusation even though some of the stories had pictures to prove the issue. That is why, it is not surprising if the stories published by Utusan Malaysia, complete with pictures, would still be perceived as BN's accusation to tarnish the image of PAS Kedah government and PR as a whole. Even if anyone accept the news, they would only tackle the matter by saying that the problem was triggered by BN, a standard excuse given by PAS Kedah government to respond towards all the issues in the state. Being too busy in blaming others, the logging issue in Kedah is not just unsettled, it gets even worse by the day and it might end up being disastrous. This is confirmed by experts through tests and evaluations brought by the Department of Environment. Few of the disasters expected to hit Kedah include mud floodings in huge scales, even bigger than what happened in Sik, Kedah back in 2010, which hit six villages - a news which was never published by Harakah, PAS's official media. Besides that, another disaster would be water quality, due to heavy logging activities, mining as well as sand digging, at catchment areas which contaminates water in the dam. As of now, the rate of turbidity at catchment in Kedah is at 8,000 - 18,600 Nephelometrik Turbidity Unit (NTU), way passes the normal rate which is 50 NTU, for catchment areas, and 1,000 NTU for rivers, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). However, Ustaz Azizan stressed that the issue was triggered by BN government and he does not have any jurisdiction to solve it. The question is, is that true? His political aide, Sanusi Md. Noor, responded to this matter in his blog around August 2011 by saying,"logging activities was approved during JHB meeting in August 25, 2005 and November 9, 2005, during BN's era as state government. The cutting down license was the final process in the logging process after the approval was passed. Prior to receiving logging license, the arroved areas should be through the process of bordering, tree tagging, waterways evaluation and other technical aspects. After all of those requirements fulfilled, then the logging license will be released by the forestry department. I have mentioned that the process between the approval and logging would take years. So for this area, it took five years before any trees can be chopped off." However, prior to the notice, on January 3, 2010, Harakahdaily reported how Azizan managed to raise income in logging through an open tender system. According to record, 10 companies received logging license from the government through this 'open tender system', but until today, Azizan has never mentioned on how big is the size of the project. The fact is, the process of rewarding license given by the forestry department as well as the environment department only takes six month. That is why, the response given by Azizan's aide who said that the process takes five years is surprising. And according to record, since Dato’ Seri Syed Razak and Dato’ Mahadzir Khalid became Kedah CM, no logging license were released at catchment areas. It was rewarded for Rimba Teloi but logging activities were made even before Beris Dam was built and it was a controlled logging. But what is happening to Kedah now is no longer controlled as logs that are still small are being chopped off as well. Generally, rakyat in Kedah are aware that their CM often ignore issues of the state. Kedah's audit report is enough to prove that their CM do not know anything where projects worth hundreds of millions are approved without his knowledge. It is as if in Kedah, everyone, no matter what post they are in, can do things as they wish. From there, Utusan Malaysia's report today should be taken seriously by Azizan. He can no longer point fingers to anyone, not to BN or even PAS itself. He should find the solution to his issue. Moreover, he cannot deny that he did threatened to continue with logging activities around catchment areas if the central government refuses to pay for the annual RM100 million compensation. Thus, rakyat of Kedah should really know who their leader really is - whether Azizan really do not know anything or he simply ignore things. Rakyat should make the right decision in choosing their state government for the coming GE so that the state would not end up covered in mud. But before all that, they should find ways to wake Azizan up, so that he would settle state issues instead of working for the coming election.

DAP's CEC List: Malaysian-Malaysia's Style Of Democracy

DAP's National Convention was heavily criticized when Malay leaders, including those who have fought with the party for decades, did not get any place for DAP's Central Executive Committee (CEC). Being all proud by saying that they are a multi-racial party and fights for 'equal rights', this matter only proves how racist the party really is. DAP however, tried to defend themselves by saying that the result of the election is democratic and it should be well accepted by everyone and that they are not racist as they accept members from various races. Even a few PAS and PKR supporters defend DAP by accusing BN for being more racist for segregating races according to component parties. It seems that this gang of PR has fail to understand the basic ideology of politics in all parties in Malaysia, including their own parties. UMNO, MCA and MIC are different parties, but they work under one roof, Barisan Nasional. Three of these parties often move as one, under the same leadership and they hold onto the same mission based on mutual understanding and racial tolerance which was reached during our Independence. However, DAP rejects the concept of tolerance, as well as the constitution where they only fight to change Malaysia to be a Secular Country so that they could abolish Bumiputera rights, two of the most important things for Malay Muslims. All of those are being put into a concept known as Malaysian-Malaysia. They are saying that through the aspiration, Malaysians would then really unite and rakyat would accept a non-Malay Prime Minister. If we are to see this in a glance, the ambition does seem clean. But if we are to really look into their records and their fights, it is obvious that they are not really fighting for a Malaysian-Malaysia where everyone gets equal rights. Instead, they are fighting for the Chinese, so that they could dominate the economy, as well as the country's politics, in total. Their reluctance to segregate all races through vernacular schools, their refusal to acknowledge the National language, rejecting tradition wear in Dewan Undangan Negeri only because it has elements of Malay Muslim, they even seem reluctant to acknowledge Malay Royals, which only prove their real intention. All of these can be seen through the discussions made through their NGOs and their supporters from social networking sites. Even though DAP kept on denying all the claims, their chauvinistic, racist and kiasu mindset can clearly be seen from the way they rule Penang. The history of May 13 showed how DAP really think of Malays. All the hate chants of wanting to chase out Malays, wanting to take over Tanah Melayu, DAP is trying their best to wipe off those bad things from this country's history. Denying all of the claims only to show that DAP is not racist would not mean a thing if the Chinese kept on being all kiasu. This Malaysian-Malaysia democracy style which is inspired by Guan Eng would also not mean a thing as long as the party is being controlled by families and friends of an iron-fist dynasty. That is why, it is a tragic to see those Malays who still look up to DAP even though it is clear that DAP do not even care about them.


The carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan’s is not the end of Anwar Ibrahim’s attempts in trying to rundown PM Najib Tun Razak and obviously Deepak’s so-called confession is not the last. Anwar will not stop until the voting day and even after that he will continue, unless of course, his opposition group wins and he becomes PM, the position he yearns so much that he is willing to sell anything and everything to be there. Deepak in the meantime has got himself into a trap he could not get out despite his over confidence appearance when handling the press, of course la, the press owned by the opposition. Thinking he had saved himself by revealing the purported truth – because those are his words that have yet to be ascertain – he had also revealed the ‘other truth’ in a video recording with, as he mentioned an Umno supreme council member and two bloggers, which contradicted his words with the press. And since DAP and Karpal Singh had lodged a police report against him and the subject matter, alleged involvement of those people he mentioned, Deepak is going to undergo lots of questioning and this will be very interesting. Expect Deepak to begin ‘turning around’ or begin meandering on his story so much so that he may lose the first part…unless he is being taught and remember the scripts prepared. Deepak can be considered just like Anwar, a desperate man, but on different grounds. While Anwar is desperate to become PM to serve his foreign masters, Deepak is desperate to get the banks out of his back. He wanted business and as usual, lobbied and spent lavishly to get his business, not on his own merit though if he had to spend (get what it means). Of course, in business u get some projects and you lose some…nobody gets all the government projects despite spending money, wonder why this spending has to be done because this in reality defies others who are genuinely based on merits. So Deepak got some and lost some but the lost were more than the ones he got and this had resulted in his going haywire trying to escape from being chased after by banks which may finally see him being made bankrupt. To avoid being a bankrupt and he needs the money to pay and it was said Anwar promised to settle all his debts if he is willing to play the game – of course the political game where Anwar and gang have always pumping the issue – normal propaganda, lies will be seen as truth is told thousand times. Deepak is now in the game despite him saying he is not being used nor being made a stooge to further Anwar’s propaganda. Deepak knows he is in the game but he play dumb because he needs to save himself from being declared bankrupt and from losing face. The police report by DAP and Karpal has actually not help him in anyway but instead put him deeper in the game where he can never get out unscathed…or he will never get out because Anwar will not let him out easily.

DAP National Convention: Malays Down, Indians To Go

DAP has been around since 1966 and has never changed one bit. It has always been a party of the Chinese, fighting for only the Chinese’s interest regardless of the fact that this is a multiracial country and that others have rights too. Therefore, DAP is known to be a racist party and since its establishment, it has never succeeded in proving otherwise. The few Malays and Indians holding some insignificant posts in the party couldn’t help tone down the colours of racism in DAP. Being a racist is bad enough, but being a racist and a kiasu is what makes DAP a true evil. As a kiasu, DAP only takes and never give back because the word, ‘tolerance’ doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. It is even clearer now, when DAP joins hand with PAS and PKR than before, that the party has always put themselves above everybody else, above other races. PAS and PKR have no choice but to ‘kow-tow’ to DAP even in matters so close to the heart of the supporters, like those concerning religion. The slogan ‘total equality’ that DAP boasts of, is a subjective thing as it only serves justice in their eyes if it would result in the Chinese remains as superior. When DAP took over Penang, their intention is to turn the state into a ‘mini-Singapore’ where the Chinese dominates and the rest obliged. Penang is the best example of DAP’s ruling where the Chinese are given privilege and special treatment compared to the rest. When a Chinese kampung is affected in a development project, the villagers were access to lawyer’s advice and chances to fight and be compensated accordingly. But Kampung Buah Pala, an Indian kampung, didn’t get the same treatment even though a specific promise was made and recorded that the kampung would be saved in no time by the PR-DAP government. What happened was, the kampung was demolished in no time at all. And it goes the same with the Indians and Malay stalls where they were demolished for obstructing traffic but the Chinese stalls that caused a far worse traffic obstruction, remain untouched. Selangor is another example of DAP’s dictatorship, where PKR and PAS can only agree with what fits DAP best. Any potential threat to DAP would be chopped off where Datuk Dr. Hassan Ali had learned the lesson all too well. Kedah and Kelantan too, which are thought to be far from DAP’s influence by looking at the exco line-up and the fact that both are Malay-dominated state, couldn’t escape DAP’s grip. Rules and regulations passed are to be approved by DAP or else… With Karpal as the symbol of Indian ‘power’ in DAP, many Indians take it that DAP isn’t as racist as it is alleged to be, or at least not against the Indians. But believe it or not, DAP may not despise the Indians as much as they do against the Malays but then, Indians too, in their eyes are mere slaves. That is why there is only 1 Indian in the Penang state committee members – as it is deemed enough by DAP to blur out their racist image. DAP’s perception of Indians can be summed up in Perak’s Ngeh’ statement when he ridiculed Datuk Zambry’s dark complexion. He even tweeted that the Indians are stupid which then gave Hindraf Makkal Sakthi Chairman P Waythamoorthy a second thought in his plan to field candidates under DAP in the next GE. And the recent CEC line-up should help us understand the exact place of the Indians in DAP. There were only 4 Indians in CEC, not including the Singh King’s family - with two of them being appointed, not elected. So, where does this leave the Indians should PR, or DAP to be exact, takes over the country? How sure is the Indians that DAP is going to take care of them and not discriminate them? DAP has told the Malays, the original settlers to go back to the jungles, and they are still telling it now, only indirectly. If the Malays belongs in the jungles in their own motherland, then where does the Indians belongs to then? With Indians being the last minority of the three main races, how can they ensure survival under the ruling of the party that looks down on people with dark complexion? Will the few Singhs at the top fight for the Indians? Well, may be, but only after the Singhs managed to obtain all the top posts in the party.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Malays in DAP: How Lower Can You Go?

The DAP election yesterday which resulted in the lost of all Malay candidates in their bids for the 20 slots in the party’s central executive committee (CEC) is just one more hard evident out of the many, that shows what a true racist DAP is. DAP was born out of arrogance of the ‘kiasus’ and hatred towards the original settlers. It is an open secret that DAP is still very much linked to PAP by an umbilical cord that continuously feeding the spirit of the kiasus, believing that they are the only people with the right and ability to rule and conquer and oppress the rest. As long as the spirit of the kiasus are alive, DAP can never be a friend, what more an ally and worst, a leader to others. So, DAP is a racist party – it has always been and will always be. It’s a party of the Chinese, to the Chinese and for the Chinese. Some, ‘suitable’ Indians and Singhs are welcome into the party leading posts only as decoration to perfect DAP’s disguise as a multi-racial party and fit the Malaysian-Malaysia slogan. But Malays, the original settlers, the one that has all the right to object and reject DAP’s Chinese-supremacy fight, would never be allowed to lift a finger, what more stand up and talk, in the party. As mentioned above, the kiasus can never be friends, and therefore they look at others as enemies. As we are forced to live with the enemies, we have no choice but to understand them in order to survive. In order to understand them, we must first live, work and play among them. And once you do that, you would find that: No Chinese would give a chance, acknowledge or recognize the service and value of others, if that would mean that others would be sitting at a higher seats than any of them. They would rather have an idiot Chinese, than a qualified, experienced, hard-working and brilliant Malay at top posts. And with that in mind, be certain that no DAP Chinese would ever vote for a Malay. Once again, DAP is a racist party and denying a fact so vivid would only prove that you either have issues with your sanity or dignity, or both. Ahmad Ton, Vice Chairman of DAP Johor who had lost in the CEC election, is one of those who are having these issues for he has supported the party and trusted its leaders for decades – 36 years to be exact. And today, he is still pledging his believe in DAP’s Malaysian-Malaysia slogan. If this is not insane, then it must be a pathetic case of a person born without dignity. In his effort not to hurt ‘his people’ in DAP, Ahmad Ton claimed that his defeat was probably due to his stroke and that the representatives have yet to understand the concept of Malaysian-Malaysia. Yes, we can see that the racist Chinese may be hardworking people but be informed that they aren’t very smart which is evident in our life today. That is why they still have problems mastering the National Language even after 55 years of independence. So it is just natural that they still cannot understand the concept of Malaysian-Malaysia since DAP’s establishment in 1966, as stated by Ahmad Ton. But what can we expect from the people who can’t even understand the general human values like respect and tolerance even justice, in a true sense. If Ahmad Ton is considered the ultimate shame of the ‘bangsa Melayu’ and a mother’s deepest regret, then what can be said about Zulkifli Mohd Noor? This man chooses to blame Tunku Abdul Aziz for his defeat in securing a seat in CEC. Zulkifli claimed that Tunku Aziz’s abandoning the top post in the party was what caused the declining strength of the Malays in DAP. Well, I’m sure many is having a hard time understanding what ‘strength’ is he talking about? Since when do garbage and trashes have strength? Zulkifli is obviously in denial that Tunku Aziz was merely a symbol, a mask worn by DAP to hide their true racist colour. But DAP is too arrogant to hide it properly and the colour are displayed to the world, anyway, crystal-clearly. I guess, from the inside, the colours must have been too bright that people like Zulkifli and Ahmad Ton are blinded by them. Blinding bright lights is a good method to ‘crack’ a person in an interrogation. It is proven to be able to jam up the rationality and the ability to think straight. Maybe this is exactly what happened to these two goons. Because of his strong will to pursue his dream of seeing good governance, Tunku Aziz has finally come to his senses. But, Zulkifli and Ahmad Ton, together with the other defeated Malay candidates like Dr. Ariffin S.M. Omar, Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, Sulaiman Syed Ibrahim, Roseli abd. Ghani, Harun Ahmad and all other Malays in DAP, seem to have no problem being the garbage in the world of the kiasus. May be the role suits their slave-minded right, as they got to watch the kiasus from a corner without anybody expecting them to say something smart. Never mind being spat at, or stepped on, or kicked around by the kiasus, as it is the destiny of the people born without pride and dignity to be treated just like that. You know what? If PAS is said to be a loyal dog to DAP, then these Malays of DAP are the unwanted, sick dogs sniffing at DAP’s foot, forever hoping to be adopted as pets. They have reached rock bottom and still digging holes to go lower and under…

Saturday, December 15, 2012


The ongoing DAP convention will reveal whether the party is truly democratic or guided by ‘unseen’ hands on who should fill the leadership line-up, whose men should be in or out and what topics should be raised for debates or otherwise. DAP is not a democratic party like BN parties or even its partners PAS and PKR as year in and year out, the same leaders are elected and fielded in the country’s elections, some of them have to stand in two constituencies – state and parliament. Party strongman Karpal Singh, in all honesty, had proposed that the party field one candidate one seat and only a few leaders, not just normal members, should be allowed to stand for two seats. Of course, the ones that could contest two seats – state and parliament are none other than party supremo son Lim Guan Eng and his own son Gobind. Other than that, they have to be in the good books of Guan Eng such as Theresa Kok and few others. This proposal is expected to be debated heatedly if it is to be MCA or MIC or Umno or any party even PKR and PAS, but for DAP, the ‘openness’ to debate such topic is of course very limited. Being too open would mean the owner of the party would lose tremendous hold on the party and probably the party’s objectives may even undergo changes, its chauvinism may even be saturated. The party’s close-knitted and family-styled leadership has not gone down well with the young members whose political idealism is more inclined towards the open system like practiced by all BN parties. Despite the respect shown by the veterans who seemed to be practically owned the party, the young members who are hyper-active and raring to go found themselves stifled by the manner the party is run. They cannot openly ‘shoot from the hips’ like cowboys to get their points across and neither can they express disagreement in any manner towards the leadership after seeing what happened to those members who did that. They do not like the relationship the party has with PAS now as they see the Islamic party as not being ‘friendly to non-Muslims’, being too fundamentalists and not compromising at all. The Islamic party seems to opposed every social events that youngsters enjoy and this has created lots of problem for them to convince voters everything is fine in the political partnership. Whether this matter would be raised in the convention is yet to be known but the resentment is unavoidable and the feelings cannot be contained anymore as the young DAP members want to win the election, with or without PAS. This is despite the veterans’ opinion that without PAS, the party is just a Chinese-based party that can only win small seats and its influence is limited.

Sabotage In PKR Is Expected To Be The Worst

Sabotaging ones own party as the election draws closer is not something new for any political parties. It is just a regular thing. Even though it happens in almost all political parties in the world, we are expecting the worst sabotage for PKR as the 13th GE comes. PKR is a party which is filled with dirty politicians, surrounded with corruptions and scandals, and most of them are either sacked, or resigned from UMNO. It all start with its leader, Anwar Ibrahim, he is then followed by gang, including the recent one, Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, all famous for being dirty. Looking at PKR's previous party election is enough to see how dirty this party is as all tables and chairs were all over the place because of fights. Of all those happened not because of its lower members craving for power, but it is caused by their own leaders, those who already have power, but they want to ensure that only their cronies will be given high posts. If the ones down there are those who fight, the disciplinary council could obviously do something, but if it's their leaders, who would judge them? Considering that they are the ones who appointed the disciplinary committee. That is why, these garbage feel that they do not belong to BN because BN often find ways to clean the party from any of those elements. Thus, the statement from PKR's Secretary General, Saifuddin Nasution regarding that there is a possible sabotage in the party as GE comes actually refers to himself and the top leadership of the party. He definitely know who he is, who his friends are as well as his leaders and what they can do to be in power. Saying that PKR is ready to take a proactive measures to face the situation is a very funny statement. What is certain is that the proactive measure which they will take is only to make sure that Anwar, his family as well as his inner circle controls the highest posts in the party with no compromise. PKR is a party of families and friends and top leadership will ensure that it stays that way even if they have to sabotage the election of their own members. The same thing happens to DAP as their convention starts tomorrow. Rumors are saying that there would be two or three or even more camps which will fight for power and constituencies because they believe that this GE is their best chance to head to Putrajaya. Just imagine, Khalid, Azmin, Nurul Izzah, and even Wan Azizah herself have separate ambition, for themselves instead of the party. With each of them having their own followers who would do anything to make sure that their leaders could be at the throne, PKR might have to face the GE war on stilts. The statement from PKR Vice President, Fuziah Salleh, that some of them were sad for not being chosen and that will only be for a while is just a statement to calm themselves down. The fact is, PKR is filled with greedy people and they will never be quiet if they lose. This can be seen from their own leader, Anwar Ibrahim. Whether PKR realize or not, their icon, Anwar Ibrahim is beginning to lose his influence among his allies, DAP and PAS even though Anwar often focus his energy to his agents that are in PAS that he somehow ignored PKR. His greed to strengthen himself, instead of his party is bringing PKR to how it is today, chaotic. Now, their 'loyalty' to Anwar is just something objective. Thus, the sabotage in PKR is a sure thing. The only question here is how bad it would be. Whatever it is, it would still affect the party's status in PR, making PR weaker in facing GE