Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PKR member held over alleged death threat against Taib Mahmud

The police have arrested a member of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) to help in the investigation into an alleged death threat issued against Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, Sarawak CID chief Datuk Zulkifli Hassan said.

He said the 34-year-old man, who is a member of the Sarawak Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK), was held at 9.20 pm Monday when he was at the Kuching international airport with several PKR members to see off Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) chairman Badrul Hisham Shahrin, also known as Chegubard, who was returning to Kuala Lumpur.

The police had obtained a court order to remand him for three days, he said.
The suspect is believed to have posted on a Facebook account on Dec 27 a statement allegedly containing words constituting a death threat against Taib, he added.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Anwar Is Ruining The Economy By Extending The Toll Concession Period.

In the midst of the all-out attack on the government by the opposition because of the proposal to raise the toll price for 13 intercity highways effecting next year many of the opposition supporters are unaware that these toll hike was started by their own leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim himself.

This is because from the 13 toll concession that is involved next year, most of them was built with the permission of Anwar as the Ministry Of Finance in between 1992 to 1998.

It is true that the job to regulate the building of such highways was done by the Ministry of Works, head by the legendary Datuk Sri (Now Tan Sri) Samy Vellu, but Anwar as the Minister of Finance is also involved and this includes the concession agreement whereas the government has to pay a large amount of money if these toll companies were unable to raise the price of tolls.

As an alternative to these payment, the Ministry of Finance at that particular time which was led by Anwar Ibrahim made a specific clause that allow the government to extend the concession period to avoid the price hike of tolls.

A few times, the government used their power as stated in the concessional agreement to extend the concession period and the users (people of Malaysia) do not have to pay any added cost. As a matter of fact, according to the original agreement, the North South Highway which was run by PLUS Berhad of whom was supposed to end their concession in 2025, was extended a few times. The last time a toll concession was extended was up to 2038 as a reasonable reason for the government not to raise the toll.
This particular situation may be effective by a shorter time period, but for a more lengthy period this will burdens toll users as they need to pay a higher price, much more than it is now.

This is the impact that we can see now when the government can no longer extend the concession period to halt the rising toll charges and was forced to allow the company to raise the price of toll as stated in the original concession agreement.

All of this is the results of Anwar’s critical thinking during his tenure as the minister of Fianance. Other than 10 more highway concession that was built during his tenure as the minister of finance, The concession agreement is stated above where the road user do not have to pay a certain extra charge as to  get the privilege of using a hassle free road.

For your information, the Najib Razak administration has never extend any concessional period for any highway in Malaysia since Datuk Seri Najib Razak became the Prime Minister in 2009.

What was done by the  PM is to let go of government shares in PLUS and gave it to UEM Berhad and KWSP and nothing was hiked for 5 years (2010 to 2015) and when it is going to be raise in 2016, the hike is for about 5% for every year is much more lower then according to the old concessional agreement  (10% perannum).

3 paged report to the ROS shows DAP triad like nature.

The Central Executive Committee election that was held last December is still not valid even though a year has passed. The recount that was made on January received a lot of criticism from their own members who suspected that there are manipulations when many of them did not receive a proper notice of meeting.
This particular controversy was the trigger for the re-election that was held last September.

However, the re-election was done in a controversial manner where more delegates were “missing” compared to the earlier election. At the same time DAP stubbornly refuse to entertain any complaints by their members or orders made by the ROS. The DAP still conduct their annual congress even though the CEC members were not yet legitimise.

DAP cannot run from the law or the wrath of their own members. Because of that, they do not want the party to send any reports to the ROS regarding the congress progression and also the CEC elections.
As expected, the report made by the DAP is as if useless and they are not serious in handling the matter.
It is ridiculous as this is a big problem but it is only reported in a three page letter. The truth is, if the names of the delegates who “disappear” or went missing must have been a few pages long.

What happened is, this shows that whether the DAP is really dumb or they do not know how to make a report for an investigation, or the DAP is really trying to show their triad style nature to the ROS.
Whatever it is, we are inclined to believe that the DAP is really dumb and can only act like a hooligan when faced with the authority.

If the DAP is not stupid, then all the problem concerning the CEC will not happen. Is it really begins with a “computer error”? Because they are only counting 2,000 votes.
Who can forget, during the presentation of the supermega project regarding the undersea tunnel that was said by their representative as a typo error?

How it is the drainage project to avoid flood was given out without the proper channel with open tender? And it is not mentioned in the meeting as they say that they took the wrong minute of meetings?
Isn’t this is the proof that the DAP is consist of stupid people?
If that is still not enough to show how stupid DAP is, then understand that only the dumbest Chief Minister will go overseas to promote their very own state while defaming the country. Who else if it is not Lim Guan Eng himself?

We do not know whether that Lim Guan Eng is stupid or too arrogant or too arrogant to understand his own stupidity. However, his own stupidity will not bring any help to his state, his party or even himself.
We do not know what the voters think when they elected that particular party in the last PRU. If they are still voting for the DAP in the next election, then we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Maybe those who votes for the DAP continues their princip that they do not care whether their leader is stupid and violent as long as their representative is a Chinese, they will have no problem with that.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amnesty International is Doing More Harm than Good to Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial must be the longest sexual crime trial ever recorded.  Anwar was acquitted last year for reasons that it was unsafe to convict him over DNA samples which was not handled properly. This, despite the samples matched his, and despite the fact that CCTV recordings, timings and witnesses’ testimonies are all pointing towards Anwar.   

His acquittal is inconsistence with his stories about the government having influenced in the judiciary and that he would never win the case.  All the years, Anwar has been going around the world telling the same story of the cruel regime of Barisan Nasional.  According to him, the BN leaders, whoever they are, Mahathir or Abdullah or Najib, they all just want him dead or locked-up. 

However, Anwar is ever free to roam the world, telling all these stories without being shot dead by the cruel regime.  He even managed to give quite a tough fight in the last election which he claimed to be the most unfair and unclean, with results already set for the BN to win big. 

What is even more mind-boggling is that he won the sodomy case and forced the victim to appeal. 

The inconsistencies in his stories are what caused the people to turn away from him.  His best buddies, his most trusted aides, his confidantes, his followers are all abandoning him in a steady flow.   His own people, the Malays, have no more respect for him except for a small number who believes in liberalism and supports the rights of LGBT.    

Thus, makes his guilt of sodomy even more obvious and convincing. 

It is a common knowledge of the Malaysians that Anwar Ibrahim is a liar and a bisexual.  Anwar Ibrahim has been telling lies all his political life.  There must be a reason why he is called the Chameleon by the Economist. 

As what is expected from a guilty person, the Appeal for the sodomy case which is scheduled today, has certainly makes Anwar uneasy, could be a little scared. 

Oh yes, Anwar is not as brave and strong as he claimed to be.  We can never forget how he ran frantically to the Turkey’s Embassy when the police report was made against him.  As much as he likes to be compared to the great leaders of the world like Mandela or Gandhi, Anwar is not anywhere near them.  Anwar is afraid of jail-time, most probably because, unlike them, Anwar is guilty as charged.

Just as predicted, whenever Anwar is scared, he would be running to his friends in the west for help.  Amnesty International (AI) is first to come to the rescue on this one by publishing an article claiming that the charges against Anwar is politically motivated. 

AI said that the charge is an attempt to stop Anwar from running for election.  AI must have forgotten that the election is over and nobody stopped Anwar from contesting.  As a matter of fact, Anwar’s majority had dropped quite drastically and shamefully for a man so well-known and ‘praised’ internationally.  His coalition though, had performed quite well. 

Obviously, it was a fair and clean enough election. 

If Anwar’s western buddies have a little intelligence, they should have stayed away from Anwar in order to help him.  The ‘interference’ from AI will only convinced Anwar’s followers and supporters - the Malaysians, that he is a bisexual and he did sodomized the victim. Isn’t LGBT rights is one of AI’s interest?

AI might have been promoting itself as an independent organization which fights for human rights, transparencies and justice but one would have to be as naive as a baby to believe so.  On page 11 of Amnesty International Limited’s 2011 Report and Financial Statement (.pdf) it states (emphasis added):

The Directors are pleased to acknowledge the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Oak FoundationOpen Society Georgia Foundation, the Vanguard Charitable Endowment ProgrammeMauro Tunes and American Jewish World Service. The UK Department for International Development(Governance and Transparency Fund) continued to fund a four year human rights education project in Africa. The European Commission (EuropeAid) generously awarded a multi-year grant towards Amnesty International’s human rights education work in Europe.”

One doesn’t have to dig far to figure out who is behind AI – it’s the same old enemies of the world:  the Neocons and George Soros as the main funder. 

Just in case Anwar’s western buddies didn’t know; we, Malaysians, are not very fond of the Neocons and George Soros.  So, even though the Appeal’s verdict could be in favour of Anwar, again, AI’s interfering stunt is not going to help Anwar in the next election.  If Anwar won the case, he will also be losing more supports from the Malaysians - thanks to his brilliant western buddies. 

Perhaps, AI should think before jumping. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Pakatan Formula for Destruction

Picture this scenario. Two opposing factions declare their allegiance to their country. One works to develop the nation positively although not perfectly while the other consistently runs down the country locally and abroad supposedly for the rakyat’s sake. Internationally, the nation’s prestige is on the downward trend. Many conclude that things are not well on the home front. Whom would you trust?

Despite such reports, many are still hoodwinked into thinking that Pakatan Rakyat is doing all it can for the country but what have they REALLY done for Malaysia? Look at the following table, which is a compilation of the ways in which PR has put Malaysia on the road to destruction.

Listing all the grouses raised by Opposition is an arduous and impossible task. They have NOTHING good to say about the government. However, let us go down to the brass tags. What has Pakatan Rakyat done to DEVELOP the nation?

         Do they have a good record of accomplishment in securing foreign investments on their own without riding on BN effort
         Since 2008, have they produced their Shadow Cabinet to prove their leaders can be better than BN leaders?
         For every criticism thrown at the government, have they proposed concrete ways to overcome problems highlighted?
         For every criticism hurled against the government, have PR been innocent and blameless in NOT doing the same actions they condemned?

         Has any Pakatan leader ever praised or promoted our country locally or internationally in speeches or social networking platforms?
         Has any Pakatan leader/party ever revealed a national plan for development for country or has this been only for one or two states?
         Has Pakatan Rakyat ever assured Malaysians or foreigners that our country is a fantastic place to live and to invest?
         Apart from complaining, ranting and disgracing our government about corruption, wastage etc, what has Pakatan Rakyat done for Malaysia as a whole?

What is their motive? Is it to develop Malaysia or to develop their agenda by putting this nation on a path of destruction?

By Datuk Huan Cheng Guan