Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WWW 1 bid: Nizar being investigated under Sedition Act over remarks about Johor Sultan

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is being investigated under the Sedition Act for his alleged remarks over the Sultan of Johor's successful bid for the car registration number WWW 1.
It is learnt Johor police have formed a task force to investigate after five police reports were lodged in the state over the matter since Tuesday.
Former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin
Johor police chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Sharif confirmed that the task force has started investigations.
“We will investigate the matter transparently and professionally. Let us carry out our job without any undue pressure to ensure justice is done to both parties,” he said.
Nizar came under fire for criticising the Johor royalty's winning bid for the WWW 1 number plate on Twitter.
He posted that the RM520,000 spent on the bid could have been utilised for the poor has led to calls for a public apology to the royal family.
Johor Umno information chief Datuk Samsol Bari Jamali blasted Mohammad Nizar, saying he needed to check before making his comments.
He said Johor Rulers had always generously donated to Yayasan Iskandar and Yayasan Ibrahim to help the development of the state and improve the living condition of the people.
Meanwhile, Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim tweeted that the royal family does not take any money from the Government.
“The money allocated to my father and me every month as the Sultan and Tunku Mahkota is put into Yayasan Iskandar and Yayasan Ibrahim. The purpose of these foundations is to help the rakyat and to assist the state government,” he said.
He stressed that he had never taken a single sen from the Government, adding that “before you open your mouth, do your research.”
It was reported yesterday that the Sultan of Johor was the owner of the WWW 1 number plate, with a winning bid of RM520,000.
The Road Transport Department's website ( listed “D.Y.M.M. Sultan Ibrahim Johor” as having outbid 9,998 others for the coveted plate.

tunku : action should be taken against this loser nizar. he thinks he can just simply says what he likes to anyone. he has been lying, talking craps and utter seditious words a lot lately but till now no action is taken against him. that is why his wings is getting bigger and bigger.
so what if Sultan Johor bought the registration number of WWW 1 for RM520k. so what if the King bought the www 5 registration number for RM350k? they could have requested it from the government for free but no they paid for it. the money will go to the government and eventually to the people.why is this nizar and all the opposition losers making a fuss on it? no better thing to do or no better issue to play with? what about those toyota camry cars bought by nizar administration before with double digit numbers? how much did they spend on it USING state goverment's money.

Monday, May 21, 2012

No muzakarah if Nik Aziz still around.

Don’t set preconditions if you are sincere, Mustapa tells PAS

PETALING JAYA: PAS should not set any preconditions if it is sincere about having a muzakarah (discussion) with Umno, said Kelantan Umno chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.
“We welcome Nik Aziz’s readiness to have a unity dialogue with Umno but why did he put conditions even before the meeting is set. If it is for the betterment of the ummah (community) and Malaysians, all the conditions are secondary.
“Both parties should discuss with an open heart,” he said in Kota Baru yesterday.
PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had said that Umno must first change its nationalist policy to one that was Islam-based and to also accept PAS allies, PKR and DAP as partners.
In Jitra, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the conditions set by Nik Aziz clearly showed that PAS was not sincere and not keen to have a dialogue with Umno.
“If they really wish to hold the talks with Umno, there is no need to impose conditions,” he added.
Dr Mahathir said it would be good for Umno and PAS to sit together to discuss ways to unite Muslims beyond political ideology.
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin described PAS’ muzakarah invitation as a political game.
“PAS just wanted to flex its political muscle to show its power within Pakatan Rakyat.
“The message they want to send to the other Pakatan parties is that they can switch sides,” he said in his twitter account.
“Anwar (Opposition Leader) will panic and he certainly will be willing to allocate more seats to PAS,” he added.
Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said PAS leaders should have a muzakarah among themselves first before attempting to have a dialogue with others.
“Each leader in PAS has differing opinions on whether to have talks with Umno.
"Thus they should have their own discussions first before attempting to have talks with us,” he told reporters in Marang, Terengganu.

tunku : i have said it earlier that umno is wasting their time when it comes to this muzakarah issue. everytime this issue is brought up it leads to nothing as pas through nik aziz will set all sorts of condition for the muzakarah to be held. this evil old man is against the unity of islam. to him the craze for power is more important than islam. may be umno can held muzakarah with pas when he is not around any longer.till then umno, don't bother to comment on this issue.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Atmosphere at Ambiga’s house back to normal

KUALA LUMPUR: The atmosphere in front of Datuk S. Ambiga’s house in Bukit Damansara here has returned to normal.
The burger stall and a group of hip gyrating ex-servicemen who performed the “butt exercise” in front of her house on Tuesday are gone and rumoured plans by a group to set up “pasar malam” stalls did not materialise.
The presence of Kuala Lumpur City Hall officers and police patrol cars may have deterred anyone from doing so.
A check at 4.30pm saw City Hall officers in two vehicles parked near Ambiga’s home, with police patrol cars making their rounds every 10 minutes.
Although Ambiga, who is Bersih co-chairperson, was not at home, several of her bodyguards were seen outside the porch entrance.
When approached, a City Hall officer at the scene said they were merely making their rounds to ensure that everything was fine.
“So far, everything has been normal since morning,” the officer said.
He said he was unaware of any plans to set up stalls there yesterday, although the Malaysia Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Alliance had threatened to do so on May 24 in retaliation to Ambiga organising the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28, which they claimed had affected their business.
Brickfields OCPD ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said the police were merely on routine patrol in the area.

tunku :now she knows what others feels when she organize illegal gatherings in the city. this is just few people in front of her house and she's feeling threaten and uneasy. she said that these people are bullies. what about you ambiga, when you organize illegal gatherings in the city and you put others life at stake? did you ever think about it? i hope there will be people gathering in front of her house on daily basis.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tunku Aziz quits DAP

PETALING JAYA: Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim (pic)has announced his resignation from the DAP, citing “irreconcilable differences” with the party leadership.
His resignation comes days after his criticism of the recent Bersih 3.0 rally and the announcement that his senatorship, which ends on May 31, would not be renewed.
During an interview aired on NTV7 last night, the party vice-chairman said he would advise the DAP of his resignation “within the next few minutes”.
“I think the time has come for me to take a hard, very serious look at my own position within the party. Given the very wide differences now, which are irreconcilable, there is no alternative but for me to seek to withdraw, with some dignity left.
“I will therefore resign my membership from DAP and I will be advising the party within the next few minutes,” he said.
A man of strong principles, Tunku Aziz is among the few Malays who joined the Chinese-dominated party and was immediately made a DAP vice-chairman. In 2009, he was nominated as a senator for Penang.
Tunku Aziz said he had already been warned by friends and colleagues to be prepared to be sacked.
“But so far, there has been no indication from the top leadership that this would be my fate,” he said during the hour-long Chat Time segment.
He stressed that he had always supported the struggle of Bersih for clean and fair elections but merely opposed its decision to go ahead with the plan to sit in at Dataran Merdeka as it was “clearly against the law.”
“I found it extremely difficult to support anyone breaking the law,” he said adding that the party leadership had, however, claimed that he was against Bersih.
Asked about allegations that he was a “traitor to the party”, Tunku Aziz said people were entitled to their opinions.
“But this seems to be a standard script for people who differ from their views,” he said.
Tunku Aziz said he was sure that his tenure as senator had not been renewed as a direct result of his statements against the Bersih rally last month.
He said he believed that as a member of a democratic party, he had the right to differ.
Holding up party adviser Lim Kit Siang's book, The Right To Differ, he said he had believed the party was one that could accept dissent.
On the Barisan Nasional Government, Tunku Aziz said he felt they were on the right track.
“They have put in place transformation programmes which will bring about the sort of change that we have been yearning for and fighting for,” he said, adding that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, on the other hand, did not have any experience.
On his plans for the future, Tunku Aziz said he did not have any plan yet.
“I think I am still in the position to make some contributions to the country. I hope in the next few years of my life I will be able to do just that.”
DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said he would respond to Tunku Aziz's resignation today.
At 11.30pm last night, Kit Siang responded on Twitter: “Just saw recorded (video of) Tunku's TV interview as I was taking a flight. Heart-broken @ ending of Tunku's stint in DAP. TQ 4 efforts 4 yrs n best wishes”.

tunku : tunku aziz made biggest mistake when he joined dap. he should have stayed as an ngo and fight what he believes in to make the country better. dap is not a democratic and clean party as they claim to be.they are the worst dictator. it's all about family in dap. hope tunku aziz will join some ngo soon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hudud not part of common framework, Pakatan reiterates

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Rakyat has reiterated that the implementation of hudud is not part of its common framework, and that any decision made would be based on a consensus between PKR, PAS and DAP.
PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said they were still bound by the Federal Constitution, their Buku Jingga and the joint statement made last September.
The relationship between the three parties, he said was still solid although some were trying to portray it as otherwise.
"Our main focus is still on the economy. The Pakatan spirit and cooperation are still strong and not affected even in the slightest.
"All three parties are with Pakatan now and after the general election," he said after the Pakatan leadership council meeting here Monday.
Anwar also denounced claims that Pakatan would throw out the Federal Constitution should they take over and stressed that guarantees under the Federal Constitution would be maintained.
He was asked to comment on the recent reports on hudud which had raised questions to Pakatan's common stand on the matter.
PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang said they stood by the joint statement last September, the Buku Jingga and are firm on Pakatan's common policy.
"Islam and Malays have a right but at the same time we respect the difference in ideology in Pakatan. If we need to discuss anything, we can do it internally and not through the media," he said.
DAP leader Lim Kit Siang said Pakatan was committed to the spirit of the Federal Constitution which included upholding Islam as the official religion in the country while allowing other religions to practise freely.
"Hudud is not in Pakatan's common policy framework.
"We respect PAS views on hudud but our position is very clear that it is not in accordance with the Federal Constitution," he said, adding that any changes would be made following a consensus.

tunku : now suddenly hadi saying they stood by the joint statement last september and that means no hudud, so why lying and confusing people?

Hudud drama

PAS Youth Slams Karpal For Disputing PAS President's Opinion On Hudud

KUALA LUMPUR, May 13 (Bernama) -- The national PAS Youth wing today lashed out at DAP chairman Karpal Singh for criticising PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang on the issue of implementing 'hudud' law if the opposition pact were to rule the country.
The wing's vice-head, Dr Raja Ahmad Al Hiss claimed that the move by Karpal Singh when he stated his opinion publicly on Abdul Hadi, who is the leader of an Islamic political party in the country, was most inappropriate.
"As PAS president and a top leader of the PR (opposition pact), Abdul Hadi had the right to issue any statement on whatever policy championed by PAS," he said in a statement, here Sunday.
Raja Ahmad said PAS had always respected the views and opinions of the DAP leaders as well as the principles of the party's cause, and hoped Karpal Singh would do likewise with regard to PAS principles.

tunku : whenever there is election coming we will hear abouth this hudud issue again and again played by dap and pas. pas will say that they will implement it and dap say NO and pkr will say yes or no depending on the audience. inside their sacred book "buku jingga" which is endorsed by all there is clearly stated no Islamic state or hudud. so who is trying to fool the people here?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Selangor DAP to quiz rep over ‘comedy of errors’ letter

SHAH ALAM: Selangor DAP will meet Damansara Utama assemblyman Dr Cheah Wing Yin to determine the accuracy of his letter, where he allegedly described Pakatan Rakyat's rule in Selangor as a comedy of errors.
“The Selangor state committee will be meeting Dr Cheah very soon to determine the veracity of the letter and discuss other related issues,” Selangor DAP chairman Teresa Kok said here.
Kok claimed the letter was carried by The Star yesterday without the permission and confirmation of Dr Cheah and the DAP leadership.
The 12-page letter that was made available to The Star was addressed to DAP advisers Dr Chen Man Hin and Lim Kit Siang, national chairman Karpal Singh and party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.
The contents of the letter included a string of complaints against the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and a certain powerful MP who apparently had the final say.
It was also alleged, in the letter, that the city councillors from the DAP had failed to respond to complaints and had not attended council meetings to address problems of his or her constituents.
However, Kok denied the allegations and offered her support to the MBPJ councillors.
In a related development, Kuala Kubu Baru assemblyman Wong Koon Mun said the letter, purportedly written by Dr Cheah, was a tell-all of Pakatan Rakyat's incompetence.
“Pakatan is being hypocritical. It is doing exactly what it criticised Barisan Nasional of.
“It has apparently created dissatisfaction among its own ranks,” Wong said in a statement yesterday.
“It is apparent through this letter that many of Selangor's Pakatan-aligned councillors are inept and irresponsible, and the fact that some are being reappointed is blatant proof of cronyism and nepotism.”
On another matter, Beliawanis MCA national chief Tee Hooi Ling said PAS did not care about the anxieties of non-Muslims especially the women when insisting on implementing the hudud law.
Tee claimed in a statement that women would be the first to be subjugated as their rights would be diminished, despite PAS' claim to promote a welfare state.

tunku : it is so obvious that pakatan's rules in selangor and in other states too as comedy of errors. there are corruption, nepotism and all the "ism' and "tion" you can name for. dr cheah is wasting his time with the 12 pages letter as they will be swept under the carpet as soon as it gets to the top leaders.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz confirms being dropped as senator

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has confirmed that his term as senator will not be renewed.
"Yes, it's true, it is just a small sacrifice" he told reporters at the Dewan Negara here Wednesday, during a farewell gathering for senators whose term will be expiring.
Tunku Abdul Aziz was made a senator in 2009 and his term expires on May 30.
Earlier, sources said the DAP vice-president's senatorship was unlikely to be renewed.
The same fate also awaits current PKR state election director Mustafa Kamal Mohd Yusoff.
Both men were nominated for the senatorship by the state government.
Tunku Abdul Aziz made headlines when he objected to the Bersih 3.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur on April 28 although DAP had openly supported the gathering.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is expected to table a motion at the state assembly sitting today to nominate academician Ariffin Omar and former Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) chief Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud to replace the duo.

tunku : dap stands for democratic action party but they don't practice democracy. they say something else, they will act the other way round. shame on this opposition party, you can't speak against the party or its leaders, once you do that, your days are numbered.

Pit bull kills jogger .

SUBANG JAYA: A man who just turned 74 a few days ago was killed by a pit bull while jogging in his housing area.
Yip Sun Wah died at the scene after the dog bit him on the neck and almost tore off his left ear in the 9.50am incident in Jalan SS19/5B, about 1km from Yip's house here.
The dog ran out of its owner's house and attacked Yip for almost four minutes before returning home.
A car salesman, who only wanted to be identified as Addy, 44, said he was on his way to meet a customer when he saw Yip being attacked by the dog.
Deadly bite: A family member mourning over Yip’s body in front of a house in SS19, Subang Jaya yesterday.
He said he tried to hit the dog with his umbrella but it was too aggressive and only stopped attacking after Yip was motionless.
It is learnt that the owner had just got the animal about three months ago after her house was robbed.
Subang Jaya OCPD ACP Yahaya Ramli said the 25-year-old female accountant had bought the animal from a private kennel. He said she has a licence to keep the dog.
“We have released her after recording her statement,” he added.
ACP Yahaya also said the dog had escaped from the house through the rubbish compartment door which was not properly secured.
The victim's body was sent to the University Malaya Medical Centre while the dog is now with the Shah Alam Municipal Council.
ACP Yahaya said the animal would be tested to ascertain if it has any disease.
The victim's eldest son Hon Mun, 51, said he was informed of the incident by an eyewitness who called him using his father's mobile phone.
“I rushed to the scene immediately but my father was already dead,” he said, adding the victim had been jogging in the area for the past 20 years.
The case is being investigated under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code for causing death by negligence which carries a maximum two years' jail sentence or a fine or both.
Meanwhile, Subang Jaya Municipal Council director Dr Roslan Mohamed Hussin said it had started checking residential areas in the township for breeds that were said to be aggressive and dangerous.
“Seven dog breeds, namely Akita, Neapolitan Mastiff, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanesa Tosa and American Pit Bull are predisposed to aggressive or dangerous behaviour,” he said.
The council is also enforcing a directive from the Selangor Veterinary Department to ban these “unmanageable or possibly dangerous” breeds.

tunku : i think it is the time where the authority should make tough act against dog's owner. this incident happened many times , some are reported and some are not. the dog owner should not let their dog out of their compound and if it is out it must be tied and guided or walked by the owner. the owner too must ensure that they bring plastic/waste bag to dispose their dog's shit so that the neighbourhood is clean. we can see dog's owner walking their dog in the park and the dog piss and shit as it like without thinking of other people especially the muslims. the authority must put an end to all these and make sure all the dogs have license and follow rules and regulation or confiscate their dogs.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tenaganita Irene Fernandez the traitor.

Tenaganita Laments On Absence Of Laws To Protect Migrant Workers In Malaysia

JAKARTA, May 7 (Bernama) -- Tenaganita executive director Irene Fernandez has made a statement criticising the Malaysian government and Malaysian employers in an interview with an Indonesian English daily on the issue of migrant workers in Malaysia.
In the question-and-answer article published Monday by The Jakarta Post, she had among other things lamented on the absence of laws to protect migrant workers in Malaysia.
"Migrant workers have been objects of exploitation, physical abuse, violence and rape in line with the emergence of care-giving industries and the privatisation of health care, which are part of the neo-liberal capitalism which has damaged Malaysia's economic system and raised inequalities among migrant workers, mostly women," she said.
The Indonesian government, she said, should not resume sending workers to Malaysia until the government and employers change their mindsets and make a particular law to protect them and their rights.
Fernandez said many employers have breached the immigration law in employing undocumented workers.
"In 2011, we recorded more than 1,500 cases befalling undocumented workers and 500 cases of employers' violations of the immigration law. Most undocumented workers were deported after serving their jail sentence while most employers were cleared of charges," she said.
Fernandez said labour and child trafficking as well as trade of babies has been rampant in the country over the past three years and, in Sarawak, women migrant workers who were victims of human trafficking were raped and forced to give birth.
She said Indonesian migrant workers, especially domestic helpers and gardeners, would continue to face troubles with their employers and the authorities because, among other things, the revised labour agreement between Indonesia and Malaysia does not identify their rights, the labour permit is still held by employers and not by the government, and the minimum wage is not set for new workers.
"I appreciate the Indonesian government's policy not to resume the sending of workers until the bilateral agreement spells out workers' rights and the recruitment system is revised to put workers and their employers in an equal position," she said.
The are about two million migrant workers from Indonesia who work mostly as domestic maids and labourers in the agricultural sector.

tunku : i think this old lady has slightest love for malaysia. if she is truly malaysian she will not condemn malaysia in other country. this show this leech actual can air your view but to the right channel and in your country not going to foreign media in foreign country. i don't know if there is an act to tak action against her but i think government should really think about doing it and charge this leech for condemning her own country outside malaysia. i have little respect for leeches like her. her citizenship should be revoked. by the way ask indonesian maid, malaysia is like heaven to them or else there won't be hundred of thousands of them in malaysia.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bersih 3.0 organisers need to realise they are at fault too, says DAP vice-chairman

PETALING JAYA: DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim who had spoken out against Bersih 3.0 has again expressed his unhappiness that the rally was hijacked by the Opposition.
“Bersih 3.0 organisers are not a group of angels descended from heaven who are completely blameless”, he was quoted as saying by The Mole news portal yesterday.
He said they should take a look at themselves first before pointing fingers at the police for last Saturday's violence.

“Bersih organisers should accept that there are substantial elements within the rally whose intentions were to create havoc and cause chaos as long as it was possible.
“Instead of shifting all the blame to the police, they need to realise that they are at fault, too. Besides, they are not angels descended from heaven who are completely blameless,” he said.
Tunku Aziz, who was Transparency International Malaysia's founding president, said he did not deny there were people who took part in Bersih 3.0 who genuinely sought electoral reforms and were expecting a peaceful rally. “But, as evident, there were people who thought differently”.
“Bersih 3.0 lost control of their agenda because their agenda was hijacked,” he said.
He said Bersih leaders must answer this question: Who allowed the rally to be hijacked by people with a political agenda?
Tunku Aziz also said he found it totally absurd and unfair for Bersih leaders and politicians to solely blame the police for the violence that took place among protesters and the police.
“The Bersih leaders should have realised that this was how it was going to end.”
“But since it has ended in violence, it is always the police who will be blamed.”
He said he was not surprised with the alleged reports of police brutality, as “police bashing is a feature in almost all demonstrations all over the world”.
Saying he was not giving any excuse for the alleged brutality, Tunku Aziz said “the issue of police brutality will be highlighted by some people just to put the authorities in a bad light”.

tunku : how come dap is not listening to its vice chairman advice? is he the only person who can think rationally in dap? at least one wise man in the opposition group.i wonder what his future will be in dap now.

Mum’s Mother’s Day plea: Come home, Azmin Ali

KUALA LUMPUR: Che Tom Yahaya, 78, said her only wish for Mother's Day is for her son to repent and return to the family.
“He has not come to see me for months even though I have been ill and hospitalised several times,” said Che Tom about her son, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, during a press conference at her home here on Friday.
Feeling neglected: Che Tom is hoping to reunite with her son.
She said the time had come for her to speak up about her son.
“People are saying that I am not a good mother and that I did not raise him well, but I know I raised all my children well,” she said referring to reports about Azmin's involvement in the Bersih 3.0 rally and alleged sexual misconduct.
Che Tom said the last time she saw her son was during Hari Raya last year when Azmin had a fight with his sister, businesswoman Ummi Hafilda.
“He became angry when he saw his sister, and started calling her all sorts of names.
“He even told his children not to eat anything at my house,” she said, adding that several attempts by the family to contact Azmin after the incident were futile.
“He is still my son.
“If he comes to his senses and returns to the family, I will accept him,” said the tearful mother of six.

tunku : i can only pray to Allah that azmin will regret his action against his mother as no matter how he change from now on to be a saint he will never enter paradise if he did not apologize to his mother.leave all you wrong activities,leave your evil boss and come back to the family and seek forgiveness from your mother.

"Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or both of them attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say: ‘My Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood' "(17:23-24).

A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?' The Prophet said: Then your father. (Bukhari, Muslim).

Friday, May 4, 2012

Members of panel to probe rally allegations to be known next week, says Hisham

KOTA BARU: The names of the independent panel to probe allegations of violence during the Bersih 3.0 rally will be known next week, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.
He said the panel will investigate all claims of violence to ensure that everyone's right is protected and justice will prevail.
"There have been many baseless allegations of violence especially towards the police and we want to find out the truth.
"To those who had protested in the rally, we will not compromised.
"We will take action against those who had breached the country's law,” he told reporters at the launch of Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) here.
Hishammuddin said it was important for the public to know the real situation during the rally.
"We have identified those involved and we are working with the Attorney-General," he said, adding that investigations are still ongoing.

tunku : i support the panel set up to investigate the violence of bersih 3 only involving the protestors not the police. the police had done good job and the violence was created by the protestors not the police. first of all it was an illegal protest/gathering, so why make hassle for the police? because of these morons protestors the government has to bear the this justice?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Independent panel to probe assault claims against journalists, says Hisham

PUTRAJAYA: An independent panel will be set up to investigate claims of police brutality against journalists covering Bersih 3.0, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.
His ministry made the decision after the Cabinet indicated that it was agreeable to the establishment of such a panel.
“At the post-Cabinet meeting, it was unanimously agreed that such a panel should be formed to get to the bottom of the allegations, which police have started investigating,” Hishammuddin said.
We have no qualms about doing that (forming the panel), and the IGP wants it to be transparent, even if it involves the police. - Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein
On who would be in the panel, he said a few names had been mentioned and would be announced in due course.
Hishammuddin expressed regret that some journalists were allegedly treated badly.
“We have no qualms about doing that (forming the panel), and the IGP (Tan Sri Ismail Omar) wants it to be transparent, even if it involves the police,” he said.
Hishammuddin added that the issue must be looked at in the right context.
“I have to remind you that the worst case (of violence) involved a journalist, Mohamad Azri (Salleh) from Al-Hijrah (TV), who was set upon while trying to save a police (officer).
“It was not the police who set on him, so please be fair in that context,” he after the post-Cabinet meeting here yesterday.
Hishammuddin said the Cabinet had no issue with calls for a separate independent panel to look into claims of police misconduct in dealing with demonstrators, and urged Suhakam, the Bar Council and the public to submit whatever evidence they had to his ministry to facilitate investigations.
Hishammuddin noted that the Cabinet had ordered the police and the Attorney-General to expedite investigations and charge those responsible for turning the rally into a riot.
He said his ministry and the police would compile all their footage from April 14 to 28, to give the public a full picture of the security situation that the police had to manage over that two weeks.
He said the footage included that of PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu allegedly leading some 3,000 people in an attempt to occupy Dataran Merdeka at around 2am on April 28.
Separately, Ismail said the police were investigating reports by journalists that they were roughed up and intimated by policemen during the rally.
“We understand that you were doing your duty during the rally and assure you that anyone who was victimised will get justice,” he said at Bukit Aman yesterday.

tunku : what about those police who were beaten up ? you should have an independent panel to investigate for the assaults against them.they are human too not machines.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nik Aziz justified Bersih 3 violence.

Nik Aziz Feels No Guilt At All In Sponsoring Rally Participants

KOTA BAHARU, May 1 (Bernama) -- PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said he felt no guilt at all in sponsoring a number of party supporters to participate in last Saturday's illegal rally in the federal capital which turned riotous.
The rally, which took place around Dataran Merdeka, was organised by several non-governmental organisations and supported by opposition parties.
In fact, the Kelantan Menteri Besar said, he encouraged people to take part in the rally which he regarded as a must to demonstrate their feelings against something they were dissatisfied with.
"If there are two or three more such rallies, I am prepared to sponsor party supporters who wish to participate," he told reporters after speaking and presenting awards for excellence to students sponsored by the Kelantan Islamic Foundation at Pusat Tarbiyah Islamiah Kelantan (PUTIK), here, today.
Also present were state Islamic Development, Education and Islamic Propagation Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah and state assembly Speaker Datuk Mohd Nasiruddin Daud.
Two days ago, Nik Aziz who is also Kelantan PAS commissioner, admitted to having sponsored with his own money, some PAS supporters from his area to attend last Saturday's rally in Kuala Lumpur.
Asked whether he regretted the violence that took place during the rally which had caused injuries to several people, Niik Aziz said it happened because the participants were hampered by the authorities during the demonstration.

tunku : so the senile old man had justified the violence happened on 28th april because according to him police had "hampered" this the teaching of ISLAM ? is the the way for the muslims ? this senile old man is a disgrace for the muslims