Friday, January 31, 2014

Are We Too Stupid To Think?

- in our opinions, this time around, Rafizi's reasons and excuses really does not hold water at all.
- DS Anwar Ibrahim is the "Ketua Umum" of Pakatan and PKR and the MB and his team is behind him. He is also the economic adviser for the state, therefore he has more than enough clout and influence to "protect" the state from UMNO - no matter who the head of UMNO is
- YB Rafizi, I think you can do better than these reasons

PKR is putting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Kajang to defend Selangor from being taken over by Umno if the ruling party unseats party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, party strategist Rafizi Ramli (pic) said today.

He said it was an open secret that moves to remove Najib has begun and once it was done, Umno will unleash every “unscrupulous attack and schemes” to take the state back “by hook or by crook”.

“As a party strategist, I cannot rule out the possibility that once Najib is removed and Umno falls to the ultras led by the Mahathir Mohamad faction,” he said today in a statement while apologising to the public especially the voters of Kajang for the by-election.

PKR and allies DAP and PAS won Selangor for the second term in Election 2013 with 44 state seats, six more than in the 2008 polls, battering Selangor Umno which only picked up 12 seats despite being led by Najib.

Rafizi said the by-election would certainly consume public money and public space at a time when the people have to go through economic hardship.

He said Umno’s cards were all too obvious in the latest round of racial and religious controversies stirred up in Selangor in the last few months.

Rafizi said this did not mean there might be a change of stewardship in Selangor, which was currently helmed by popular Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, but it would give them the option to "optimise" its leadership potential if Umno caused more problems.

“Option is key. Having the option means having the flexibility of manoeuvres that can easily frustrate Umno’s game in Selangor, especially with regards to racial and religious controversies."

He acknowledged that under Khalid's stewardship, Selangor, Malaysia's richest and most industrialised state, had shown "sterling" performance in the last six years and set a "gold standard" in integrity and prudence in managing public funds.

But, Rafizi said, there were problems and challenges that required intervention.

These included traffic woes, affordable public housing and water resources.

"Selangor has to be doubly better than what it is today if it were to become a showcase for Pakatan in its quest for Putrajaya.

Following the resignation of Lee Chin Cheh from the seat, PKR named Anwar as the candidate, fuelling speculation that it was a move to pave the way for him to become the next menteri besar and to put a stop to the ongoing feud between his loyalist Azmin Ali and Khalid.

However, Anwar fended off suggestions that his candidacy was to pave the way for him to take over from Khalid, insisting that he was running as a state assembly member in order to help strengthen Pakatan's running of the state and to build momentum for the coalition's ambitions to take over federal power.

"This decision is for me to help improve the already stellar performance of the state administration under Khalid.

"It is to make Selangor a base from which to launch our campaign to take over Putrajaya," Anwar said yesterday.

He also fended off criticism that the party was using the by-election to resolve what was really an internal party crisis.

"We have to explain to the people the rationale of this by-election. It is to give space to a candidate that can help boost the state's administration. I will assist the state government in whatever way I can."

Khalid's feud with his party over how he runs the state became an open secret months after he was sworn in for a second term after the 13th general election.

During the state's budget session last October, Khalid clashed with Selangor PKR over a hike in the salaries of elected representatives, state executive councillors, the state assembly speaker and menteri besar.

Azmin, who is Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman, and Anwar, opposed the salary hikes, some of which were increased by up to 300%.

Khalid was also criticised for the amount of funds set aside for development in the state budget which were said to be less than expected compared with the amount allocated for the operating expenditure.

A few weeks ago, things came to a head again between Khalid and Azmin over Azmin's termination as a director on the board of state property developer PKNS.

Azmin blamed Khalid for dropping him as a board member but Khalid claimed it was the corporation’s decision.

An investigation is currently under way to get to the bottom of the issue.

It's All Khalid's Fault!

Selangor govt at a standstill as construction and development projects are unable to proceed due to freeze
The failure of the Selangor government to appoint new councillors at all 12 districts in the state is causing hardship to developers and contractors operating in the state, bringing development in the most developed state in the country to a standstill.

The state government has delayed appointing district councillors due to the on-going spat between Bukit Antarabangsa state assemblyman Azmin Ali and Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

“Both PAS and DAP have given their list of preferred councillors but the problem is PKR. Azmin being the state party chief has a name list while Khalid is not agreeable to the list…so there is a delay. Both these leaders must stop thinking about themselves. Think of the people of Selangor,” said a party source familiar with the issue.

While the two leaders are busy fighting each other, developers and contractors are out of jobs as district councils are unable to tender out work because there are no councillors to approve projects.

Developers and contractors want the Menteri Besar to concentrate on his job at hand rather than spend time politicking.

The source said the term of councillors ended on Dec 31, last year and after nearly a month the state government was still silent on the matter.

“It is Khalid’s responsibility to appoint new councilors for 2014. However, this infighting with Azmin has caused problems in appointing councilors. The lack of councillors is making district councils a lame duck,” he added.

While the delay is affecting developers and contractors, the state is also losing millions of Ringgit in revenue.

A developer from Puchong said the lack of projects in the state has caused him a RM100,000 loss.

“All projects are now pending appointment of councillors. We do not know when this deadlock would end,” he added.

He also reminded political leaders in the state to ensure their spat does not in any way effect the state’s economy.
The discord between Khalid and Azmin dates back to 2009.
Azmin recently criticised Khalid openly over the Menteri Besar’s move to raise pay for the state assemblymen and excos.

Two weeks ago Azmin was sacked as a board member of the Selangor State Development Corporation(PKNS).

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim had publicly stated that Azmin’s termination was not valid and instructed Khalid to reinstate Azmin.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Lie By Anwar and Another Game Plan To Succeed The Imbecility

PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said that the possible move to replace Selangor MB Datuk Seri Khalid Ibrahim is merely an action to upgrade the standards of the state.

“This is not about his performance as an MB as Khalid has been doing great and had been able to resolve many of the issues faced by the state.

“We are just in need of enhancing the level of achievement of the state as it is our model state and the home of the Pakatan leadership,” he said, adding that Selangor has been and will continue to be a launchpad for the party.

With regard the PKR supremo contesting in Kajang, Anwar explained the decision is in no way a bad move.

“Politicians have their ups and downs and if we expect to be on top all the time it’s not going to take us anywhere.

“However, I understand that I owe an explanation to many people, including supporters of Pakatan, and I assure the people that I will soon explain my actions,” he said, adding that he will do so either in Kajang or his father’s home in Country Heights.

Anwar added that the by-election in Kajang this time would be carried out at minimal cost as the party has decided to recycle most of the material to be used.

“I will be reusing a lot of my posters and banners, and new ones will only be made to meet the requirements of the Election Commission,” he said.

On another note, Anwar said that the National Consensus is aimed at finding a middle ground to overcome issues affecting the people.

Presently, it is the racial tension, which has been growing among the people.

“It is of our utmost priority and hope for the ruling government to feel the same way as the situation may cause the people to feel threatened,” Anwar said.

“From our side, we are ready to meet to discuss the issue anytime as we are hoping to resolve it as soon as possible,” he said during a press conference at the Keadilan Headquarters Wednesday.

Also present was PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu who said that the party will stand by Anwar in the forthcoming by-election.

“I am the deputy president and I believe my words are sufficient for you to know that we (PAS) will not boycott the by-election,” he said.

Najib shrugs off calls to face Anwar in Kajang

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Thursday dismissed calls urging him to face Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the impending Kajang by-election, saying he is uninterested in being dragged into PKR’s internal problems.

“This is not my problem, this is their problem, why deflect this to me when they were the ones who precipitated this by-election,” he said at the Prime Minister’s Office here.

On Wednesday, PKR deputy president and Selangor state chief Azmin Ali had reportedly challenged Najib to fight against Anwar instead of fielding MCA or any other Barisan Nasional’s component party candidates.
Najib also said that the people’s response to the by-election was more negative than positive.
“This will be a burden to the people. Many are unhappy with this as they have to go through another by-election,” he said.

The Kajang state seat fell vacant following the resignation of its PKR assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh to pave the way for Anwar to contest the seat.

The move is being seen as a way to install the opposition leader as the mentri besar, replacing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, to resolve the internal crisis in Selangor PKR.

When asked if there was a possibility that Barisan would stay out of the forced by-election, Najib said it was a matter for Barisan’s Supreme Council to discuss and decide.
“And any decision on the candidate, will only be discussed in the Supreme Council meeting after the Chinese New Year,” he said.

Earlier, Najib met with a number of Malay Muslim NGO’s to discuss matters related to current national issues such as the ‘Allah’ controversy and price hikes.


PartiKeadilan Rakyat (PKR) internal problem that threatened to split the party is now over – both MentriBesar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and party deputy president Azmin Ali – are losers.

Both bit the dusts in the do-or-die political feud as party de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ‘walks on stage in style and take the celebrated trophy’ which is the MentriBesar post.

Whether Anwar’s move is right or wrong for the future of PKR and Selangor under Pakatan Rakyat (PR) rule is not important at present because the priority is to stop the Khalid-Azmin feud from damaging the party.

Anwar has shown his political shrewdness in solving the internal feud without affecting unity nor trust within PKR and partners in PR – DAP and PAS – by ‘dumping both leaders’ and putting himself as the ‘winner.’

Anwar’s method, consider crude and smack of cruelty, is effective in eliminating once and for all any future internal feud and power struggle within the party while at the same time open the opportunity for him to jump one step nearer to his long-time ambition to the Prime Ministership.

If Anwar can show his leadership capability in developing Selangor as MentriBesar, then his attempt to helm Putrajaya in the next general election will be an easy path.

Talking about Anwar’s way in solving the internal friction, an Umno member said it was a matter of how one solved a problem and Anwar or probably his smart advisors had shown the way that did not slight anybody in the party as well as did not rock the relationship within PR.

“Given that choosing Azmin over Khalid would slight and anger certain factions in the party and standing by Khalid’s side would affect future unity in the party, Anwar dumbed both and take it upon himself to the front.

“In this way, nobody is hurt and party unity maintained,” said former Kuang assemblyman who was a former Umno youth exco member DatukSuhaimi Abdul Rahman.

Anwar’s candidacy in Kajang state seat is also not a problem as BarisanNasional (BN) has no candidate of Anwar’s caliber in the upcoming by-election.

Traditionally an MCA seat although 48 percent of the voters are Malays with Chinese making up 41 percent and the remaining are Indians, MCA has failed in the last several general elections and in 2004, DAP which had held the seat gave it to PKR.

Known as an opposition seat, BN is going in as the underdog and is expected to remain as that since MCA has no candidate to match Anwar.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PAS wants MB post if Khalid resigns

Selangor PAS will propose its own candidate for Mentri Besar should the post becomes vacant, a move that would scuttle plans for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to assume the state's top job.

Secretary Khairuddin Othman said a candidate who is qualified and suitable for the job would be proposed to the party’s central committee.

“This includes Selangor PAS Commissioner (Iskandar Abdul Samad). It will be up to the central PAS to decide on it," he said in a statement.

He said PAS had the right to name of a candidate for mentri besar as they have the most seats in the state assembly.

After the 13th general election in May last year, PAS and DAP secured 15 seats each. PKR now has 13 seats following the resignation of Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh on Monday.
The Selangor Constitution states that the Mentri Besar has to be a Malay Muslim and receive the consent of the Sultan.

When contacted by The Star Online, Khairuddin said the party did not have any issues with current Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Anwar told a press conference earlier that he will be PKR's candidate for the Kajang by-election, leading to speculation of him taking over the Mentri Besar’s post later.

For now though, Khairuddin said they would assume that the by-election has nothing to do with the move to ouster Khalid.

“We are following the political situation in Selangor very carefully. We assume that the resignation of the Kajang seat is an internal PKR issue and has nothing to do with the position of the Mentri Besar,” he said.

He said that PKR had every right to vacate the seat and Selangor PAS would not interfere.
“As long as the issue of Selangor Mentri Besar doesn’t come up, we will just be observers,” he said.
He hoped that PAS members would be calm and wait for instructions from the party’s state committee.

“Whatever the decision in Pakatan Rakyat we are confident that it will result in a stable Selangor government ruled by Pakatan leaders,” he said.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bersih 2.0: Elected representatives should not betray the people’s mandate

BERSIH 2.0 finds it wholly unacceptable that a State Assemblyperson has resigned “to benefit” his political party.

Kajang ADUN Lee Chin Cheh’s resignation is nothing short of a betrayal of trust, given that less than eight months ago, the people of Kajang voted him in on the premise that he would remain the state assemblyperson for the next five years. The reason for Lee's resignation on 27 Jan 2014, reported in the media as to "benefit PKR as a whole", reflects poor judgement on the part of the candidate as well as the party he belongs to. It is shocking that PKR consented to Lee's resignation and is fielding its de facto leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the by-election. This reeks of dirty politics and should be condemned.

It must be reminded that the first and foremost duty of an elected representative is towards the people in his/her constituency and not to his/her political party. Thus, the only acceptable reason for elected representatives to resign is when he/she is not able to carry out the mandate given to him/her - i.e. to serve the people. Lee's reason for stepping down does not put the people's interest at the forefront.

There is little difference between the actions of Lee and the actions of former DAP Assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong in the 2009 Perak Constitutional Crisis. Both actions are equally deplorable. It is disappointing that PKR, one of the victims of the 2009 Perak Constitutional Crisis, is the key player in this sorry saga.

BERSIH 2.0 is appalled that a by-election would have to be called and public funds would be unnecessarily wasted because of the whims and fancies of a few. No amount of political spinning will hide the fact that on 27.1.2014, the interest of the Kajang people took a backseat.This is a regressive step for democracy because it supports the mistaken notion in Malaysia that elections are about political parties and politicians rather than about the people.

BERSIH 2.0 would like to remind all politicians and their parties that the people's trust should not be up for manipulation. The mandate given to an elected representative by the people is something that should not taken for granted. It is disappointing that in the midst of this political merry-go-round, the people's interest, like many times before, is forgotten.


Issued by:

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 which comprises:

Maria Chin Abdullah, Dr Farouk Musa, Masjaliza Hamzah, New Sin Yew and Farhana Halim.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

After GE 13, many Malaysians became angry because of baseless allegations unproven until today. However, as revelations and news are unraveled daily, Malaysians are awakened to the reality that perhaps their beliefs in the fairy tale ending of ‘Malaysians will live happily ever after if PR wins’ is fast going up in smoke. Painful but true is the realization that they have been hoodwinked by propaganda and had misused the democratic space in Internet to construct a reality that may never come true under PR. Regardless of its weaknesses, the thought of BN winning GE is more comforting than that of PR coming to power and then throwing Malaysians into a flux of uncertainty.

Pakatan Rakyat component parties are united and divided as and when circumstances suit the whims and fancies of component parties. Making inconsistent statements on issues is the trademark of the coalition.

During the recent controversy where Anwar was denied entry to Japan, only Lim Kit Siang made a statement in his capacity as DAP Adviser. The coalition, PAS and DAP remained silent. Until today, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has refused to apologize for his supporters' act of stomping on and burning the Japanese flag, a move that does not augur well for international relations.

On 24th January 2013, The Star reported Pakatan Rakyat stand on the use of the word “Allah” remains unchanged despite PAS Syura Council’s decision that the word cannot be used to describe God in any non-Muslim publications. However, that stand was only for pre-GE13 gimmicks. Naturally, many Malaysians voted Pakatan Rakyat to govern Selangor. However, Pakatan Rakyat has shown its true colors with its silence on the JAIS raid in early January, as it does not seem to have courage to use its mandate to handle the 'Allah' issue.

Anwar Ibrahim failed to show leadership quality while it was urgently required in the ‘Allah’ issue. MB Khalid took SIX days to make a statement about the unconstitutional and illegal raid on BSM “despite Jais having no jurisdiction over non-Muslims and the absence of evidence that the over 300 Malay and Iban-language Bibles confiscated from a storeroom were being used to proselytize to Muslims.

Khalid Ibrahim’s request for JAIS to consult the Home Minister to see if their actions were inconsistent with the BN Federal government's 'ten-point solution’ (a policy rather than a law), is a clear evasion of his duties and responsibilities and a subtle case of passing the buck. Note how Khalid’s earlier promise that JAIS would in future have to seek the state government’s approval before conducting raids was ignored by JAIS.

All it takes is for PR to repeal or amend laws or state legislation that are not harmonious with its ‘declared’ stand but it prefers to drag its feet, blame others, and zip up hoping that in time, the issue will cool down. Responsible governance? If it cannot resolve basic issues, how can it rule Malaysia?

Many have yet to realize that with more voting for PR in GE 12 and13, there is now a lack of representation for Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups in the government. The ethnic coalition component parties within BN have very little influence and akin to toothless tigers because of the lack of respect for these parties and low morale in the face of dwindling ground support. Who suffers? The rakyat – who go on a moral crusade against corruption without realizing they are killing the goose that lays golden eggs.

If any student or group has problems, who can help them? PR reps? With lack of majority rule, they cannot do much. Former BN reps cannot help either as the mandate has been given to PR, especially in Penang and Selangor. Few realize the ramifications of the swing to opposition – which has yet to show they have leaders of substance. Worse still, is the fact that PR is fanning racial tension making the gap wider and more difficult to bridge and making use of differences to further their own selfish aims.

The PR Leadership Council at its meeting at PAS Hqrs in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 22nd January 2014, decided to give full support to the Johor PR objective to fulfill the Johor Dream to make Johor the front-line state of PR in Peninsular Malaysia in the 14th General Elections in the march of PR towards Nusajaya and Putrajaya. They have yet to resolve inherent problems and yet, dare dream of marching to Putrajaya. Without offering Malaysians constructive proposals in education or even settling the JAIS issue, or putting forth concrete proposals to rectify problems, all they want to do is to rant, claim superiority, and chase their selfish pipe dreams of taking Putrajaya.
From before GE 13, Anwar has been talking about a shadow cabinet and its Orange Book. The fact remains that PR cannot even agree on education policies and its key leaders are righting within their respective parties with and no consensus as to who will be the Prime Minister should PR win GE 14. These are just some of the key issues, which have not been resolved for the past 5 years. That being the case, are they competent and experienced to rule the country?

BN is not blooming in perfection but it has its mechanisms and systems at work. Its leaders have experience and most importantly, the support of the civil service. It is not the same story where PR is concerned so what will happen if they do come to power in GE 14?

The Instant Society

Malaysians are an instant-gratification society. They want BN to produce instant remedies when BN has implemented policies that can only show results in the end. Yet, most are willing to make excuses and close one eye for PR when they flip-flop and then lambaste BN mercilessly when unable to deliver.

In the light of all these uncertainties caused by PR inherent weaknesses, there will be a swing towards BN in GE 14. By then, BN will win with a bigger margin. If that happens, Malaysians would then have exercised wisdom in their voting for it is better with the devil we know (which is a devil only because it is painted as such by PR) than to be drowning in the deep blue sea of uncertainty if PR comes to power.

Undoubtedly, the winds of change are blowing but they are not all the same type of wind. Some are tornadoes and typhoons bringing destruction to all who stand in their path whilst some are gentle and help in growth such as in wind pollination. Hence, Malaysians must move in tandem with correct type of wind - not the destructive ones that will undermine all built by our ancestors.

BN is still the preferred choice for stability, growth and unity even though there are enemies within who are plotting and working against the PM and the government, painting lies and distortions of truth.
After GE 14, PM Najib enjoyed a period of unchallenged authority during which he implemented his manifesto. Malaysians are not only an instant society but they are also impatient. The more radical the manifesto for change, the greater the likelihood to abandon it in the absence of positive results.

However, results HAVE been positive because PM had the guts to implement the changes he passionately believed are necessary to develop Malaysia. That is the mark of a leader of courage and conviction but Malaysians are faulting him on the minutest issues such as kangkungs and whatnots.

It is time Malaysians give our government recognition and support instead of running down our leaders, which is the opposition’s favorite game. With respect, support and unity for and within the ruling government, the course of leadership and development in this nation can be charted positively with commitment and conviction.

Datuk Huan Cheng Guan
President of
Centre For Political Awareness Malaysia ( CPAM )

Monday, January 27, 2014


Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s spat with PartiKeadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president Azmin Ali is expected to continue until both get tired and stop on their own steam.

Words have it that party de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is not going to interfere and take sides although the expectation is that he would be on Azmin’s side and ensure that Khalid steps down and make way.

Party insiders said Anwar had all along been in favour of Azmin and if he had got his way from the beginning in 2008 or the latest in May this, but due to several factors which he could not overcome, he would now just ‘let the rift between Khalid and Azmin stop on its own.’

They said it is a known fact that party president Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail called the shots in Khalid’s appointment as MentriBesar and Azmin, despite being the deputy president elected by party delegates, was and is still just second fiddle to the president’s authority.

“Moreover, in Selangor Pakatan Rakyat (PR), Khalid is loved by the DAP and PAS assemblymen and MPs for his corporate ways which in a way seems to put aside Malay interests and religious focus.

“The priority is in running the state as a business concern, devoid of political diversion on racial priority.

“So on this score, it is quite difficult for Anwar to convince his DAP and PAS partners to push Khalid out of his MentriBesar seat just for the sake of Azmin.

“Secondly is the issue with the Selangor Palace where it is also everybody’s knowledge that the Sultan is not comfortable with Azmin.

“Anwar will face a great difficulty in trying to get the Sultan to consent to a change of MentriBesar from a person the Palace is comfortable with to a person who the Palace is very much not comfortable.

“Last is of course, internal favour – between Anwar and his wife – which also everybody knows where Azizah is not comfortable at all with Azmin.

“Given this three factors, it is very unlikely that Anwar will intervene despite his dislike towards Khalid,” said an inside source.

The source said Anwar would just let time solve the spat between the two PKR leaders and both seemed to know the outcome – Khalid stays as MentriBesar and Azmin as an assemblyman and PKR Selangor chief.

The source added Azmin had wanted to play bigger role such as a position in MentriBesar Incorporated but Khalid would not allow this as Azmin would have more influence if given such a chance.

“I do not know why Umno Selangor or Umno is not acting now to influence Azmin to jump ship or something like that because the scenario is just suitable for a political charge from Umno to split PKR,” he said.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Anwar Raging Mad But Khalid Is Cool And The Rift Continues

The cards are laid on the table except for the last card and Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is not about to reveal it – not as yet.

With Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim seemingly after ‘his blood’ for dropping his loyalist Azmin Ali from Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) board, Khalid seems to be playing cool.

The present political rift between Khalid and PKR deputy president Azmin is getting hotter, and the temperature is not going down anytime now given that Anwar is backing Azmin all the way.

PKR is close-knitted at the top – advisor Anwar and president Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail are husband and wife, one of the five vice-presidents is Nurul Izzah who is their daughter.

Azmin, who is now in the middle of the political tiff with Khalid is Anwar’s closest ally, who Anwar most probably trust more than anyone else.

Getting entangled with Azmin is no child’s play unless one has got a true solid backing from someone somewhere who Anwar fears or respects and Khalid, whether he has one or not, is actually playing with fire.
Does Khalid has an Ace that he would open when he is pushed to the corner?

Anwar’s show of anger against him has put him in an unstable position as the Mentri Besar as Anwar can appoint anybody from the party to replace him, of course with the consent of the other partners DAP and PAS, which many observers feel Anwar could get anytime.

However, why is Anwar not doing this is another question as Khalid, despite being politically novice and not possessing grassroot support, does not seem to fear such threats.

And the ‘scapegoats’ thus far are PKNS general manager Datuk Othman Said and executive secretary Norita Mohd Sidek.

When PKR political bureau sat a week ago to hear the case, only Azmin was present and the bureau members heard Azmin’s side of the story while Khalid was absent, the same thing happened at the party supreme council meeting the next night after the political bureau meeting.

In the absence of Khalid’s version of the issue, obviously the ‘judgement’ was on Azmin’s side and when Anwar expressed disagreement with Khalid’s action on Azmin, Khalid put the blame on PKNS.
Othman and Norita, as civil servants, had said they were in no position to make such decision as only the state executive councilors had the authority to do such things.

Khalid then transferred them out, citing investigation was taking place and the two should not be there while this was going on.

Khalid’s action is seen as a cover-up to ‘more than the eyes can see’ as even a layman knows a general manager and an executive secretary have no power to remove a director.
Given PKNS, a statutory body under the state government, a general manager and executive secretary are just civil servants who ‘menurut perintah’ or ‘obeying orders’ according to one of the PKR political bureau members.

With Anwar raging mad and Khalid taking it coolly, the political rift between Anwar’s loyalist Azmin and Khalid is expected to drag until the coming party poll in May where the delegates will have the final say.


The rift between Selangor MentriBesar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and PartiKeadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president Azmin Ali has revealed the truth about the whole matter – Khalid should be replaced by Azmin.

And Azmin’s supporters have spoken out on the matter, loud and clear, not officially of course, but the call, made subtly is said to reflect the minds of the party leadership particularly de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Not that this news is new and shocking as Malaysians at large are quick to read the hidden motives of any political move by any politician but now, the motive is being mentioned and highlighted.

And to Khalid, this is nothing new or else he would not have taken actions that are seen as clipping Azmin’s influence, a move many see as the preliminary strategy for the party upcoming poll in May.

Of course, replacing Khalid will free PKR of internal dissatisfaction and problems because having a ‘yes’ man to the party in particular to party supremo Anwar, who probably wants to know all the goings on and decisions on anything and everything, is very much welcomed.

But the process of replacing Khalid is the most difficult given the situation where it involves all the parties in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) which are DAP and PAS and external factors but most important – acceptance of the Selangor Palace on the person to replace Khalid.

Sources said Anwar was angry with Khalid and obviously would love, if the opportunity was there, to replace Khalid immediately so that the party could move on to develop Selangor and other states, politically that is.

“Removing Khalid is easy – just get the party central executive committee to make a resolution – which is simple.

“Then present it to PAS and DAP and when all agreed, present it to the Sultan.
“The problem here is first will Selangor PAS and DAP agree to the proposal? Given that Selangor PAS and DAP have been working very well with Khalid, the latter who have been satisfying both the parties in filling up their leaders in various positions in the state GLCs and others.

“Second, if assuming both PAS and DAP agree to remove Khalid, will both parties agree to have Azmin as MB?

“It is common knowledge that Azmin is not accepted very by both parties as they have not very much taken Azmin as an administrator, only as politician.

“Then assuming they still agree because of Anwar, who will present the recommendation to the Palace?

“The Sultan, as it is at present, seen and proven, trusts Khalid more than anyone else from any of the opposition party.

“So would the Sultan consent to the change,” said a party insider.

He said the Selangor situation was a matter that was sensitive and that Anwar knew nothing much could be done given that Khalid had the trust of the Palace and leaders of both parties in PR – PAS and DAP.

In short, Khalid had played his card right to PAS, DAP and the Palace and “that is why he continues to be cool in this situation despite the anger of party de facto chief,” said the source.
One thing for sure, the source said if Khalid decides to jump to PAS, PKR will be left with nothing in Selangor.