Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DAP - PAS's Secret Agreement: Anwar Only Becomes PM For 2 Years

People say that politic is dirty. Perhaps it is true, but the only thing that is dirty would be politicians, not politic itself. Despite that, for Pakatan Rakyat, it is not just the people who are dirty, even its political strategies are dirty as well. We all know that PKR, DAP and PAS never really have any meeting point for them to actually work together as a coalition. For these three to work together is actually impossible. Nevertheless, they still insist to tell rakyat that they are fine together, fighting for rakyat. Knowing DAP which is led by Lim's Dynasty, their natural kiasu-ness would never let them accept anyone as their leader. The same thing goes to PAS who seem like fighting with Ulama leaders for Islamic country, it would be impossible for them to accept any outsiders as their leader. But DAP and PAS have accepted Anwar Ibrahim as their leader, hence, as the future Prime Minister, or to be more precise, President, of we are to count PR's fight to form a Republic. Weird, right? Things get even weirder if we are to look at the history on relationship between Anwar and PAS as well as DAP. In 1997, as Anwar's sodomy case gets famous, Mat Sabu was one of the first who revealed the information in an interview with Majalah Tamadun. Mat Sabu was also responsible in fabricating the famous nickname, 'Aljuburi' for Anwar. During the interview, Mat Sabu criticized UMNO for having such a dirty leader, Anwar Ibrahim. In the same year, Karpal Singh took further action by bringing Anwar's sodomy issue to the Parliament. This can be proven through Parliament Hansard record. Karpal Singh questioned the government for letting such dirty man become a leader. He also revealed that DAP has concrete evidence on what they have claimed. When Anwar was finally sacked, Karpal Singh then suddenly defended Anwar as best as he could. Obviously, all of the evidence regarding Anwar's mistake like what they have charged were kept nicely. And the evidence should still be in the hands of Karpal and DAP. With information and evidence owned by DAP and PAS regarding Anwar, their actions in accepting Anwar as leader proves that they have their own or separate agendas in making sure that each party would gain enough power. Internal sources told that DAP and PAS had made a verbal agreement between a few leaders of the parties regarding Anwar. According to the sources, both the parties had agreed to accept Anwar because there are simply no other candidates are fit enough to become the 'middle man' of their coalition. Anwar who used to have a radical Islamic thinking who then changed to liberal and plural is the best man to fit between extreme Muslims and kafir. But, both PAS and DAP cannot let Anwar become their leader for too long. Thus, they have agreed that Anwar would only hold the position for a short period of time, while things are still stable and rakyat could still accept PR's administration. With this, PAS and DAP can use Anwar as a scapegoat if PR government ever gets threatened and doubted by rakyat. This would also cause rage among rakyat against Anwar and it would make it easier for them to kick Anwar out. To prepare an official excuse to eliminate Anwar, they would raise Anwar's sex scandals again by revealing new evidence which they have been keeping all these while. At the same time, leaders from DAP and PAS would provide statements by saying that they do believe that the sex video between Anwar and a Chinadoll was true. Source also told that within two years, the latest, Anwar would be dragged to jail by PAs and DAP. This is the verbal agreement made between PAS and DAP. But, either they could trust one another is another story. This is because DAP has this similarity with Anwar based on their four basic mission, eliminating Royal Institutions, eliminating the Malay Regiment and making Malaysia as a Secular country. And PAS only wants to add up more religion to the country by implementing hudud and increasing the implementation of Islamic law and Islamic way of living which totally goes against DAP. DAP and PAS could both believe that they could fulfill their objectives without Anwar. But could they reach the objective together? By the end of the day, one party would have to give in and we could expect that PAS would be the one at the losing end even though the majority of rakyat in this country is Malay. This is because PAS leaders are proven to be too weak and they could not go against DP. Things get worse as PAS itself is overpowered by Anwarinas with principal which is almost as same as DAP. This group would definitely create trouble if the PAS-DAP agreement is implemented. Thus, what we can see here is that the country would tremble if PR rule. Lim Dynasty would hold on to their power to implement DAP's agenda, PAS would just listen as they are simply slow and weak to fight. Anwar in the other hand, might then use his influence with the West to break these two parties. This chaos would lead to rage among rakyat as everything goes haywire. I do not have to tell the end result of this matter because I am certain that we could figure it out ourselves.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Azizan - A Clueless CM

Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak, Chief Minister of Kedah is known by rakyat of Kedah as a laidback person, humorous and transparent. For those who do not think far, the three attitudes are enough to win their votes. They somehow fail to realize that administering a state requires more quality then just those three attitudes. However, the Audit Report which was presented recently should really be an eye opener for rakyat Kedah due to their mistake in giving trust to the wrong person. The report clearly showed that Kedah is now in a tough spot only because its Chief Minister do not have any control nor knowledge over things that are happening in his state. This is a very big problem, not as small as how PAS tried to portray to rakyat Kedah. His weakness has cost Kedah such huge loss, which should not have happened if he were to take preventive measures since beginning. The audit found that Kedah CM has failed to identify high risk projects such as the farming project in Papua New Guinea. From nowhere, such big project continued with loan worth USD44 million from a foreign country without any signature from the Board of Directors. The loan was also signed without proper complete documentation. The same thing goes to 99 East Langkawi project which suffers damages only because it does not follow the agreement requirements, without any valid excuse. And I do not have to repeat on the appointment of unregistered contractors like what was revealed by the media. From there, it was then revealed the practice of cronyism as well as corruption in the administration level. This 'Ulama' CM also failed to ensure that religious matters are taken care of. The proof, Audit report found that halal certificates for Kedah in 2011 were awarded without any notice to the committee because the committee has never held any meetings. Instead, all of the halal certification process were done by YDP personally with the reason of the industry's interest, when he was questioned whether corruption was involved. All of these are simply shocking because it surpasses normal weaknesses in the history of state audit. Kedah is not a big state, it is slightly bigger than Perlis. In terms of industries, Kedah is still less developed to be compared to Penang, Selangor or Johor. With only a few projects annually, the state's financial activity is definitely not that active. In other words, a CM should not have missed any of these issues in the state. Thus, there should be no excuse for Azizan to deny his weaknesses. Azizan also can no longer blame the previous government considering that all of these projects which suffers 'bizzare issues' began as he took over. Not just that the projects which were 'approved' were simply irrelevant, the damages which occurs after it were also irrelevant. At the same time, Azizan could not even find any relevant projects which Kedah and its rakyat really need. For example, restoring tourism sites. Up until now, the only tourism site which can be considered as a pride for people of Kedah is Langkawi, even that was made possible by Tun Mahathir who PAS really hate. We are still yet to consider other issues such as KUIN or KCS where complaints made by staffs are left there without any actions taken from Azizan. Now, after everything is finally revealed in the audit, we cannot tell whether Azizan purposely ignore all of those issues or he really never knew about any of it. He did not even give any guarantee whether he would fix each of those issues which were reported in the audit. But, what he knows now is only to blame others and act as if he does not know anything.

Musa Hassan's Press Conference Is Fabricated By Pakatan Rakyat

Most Malaysians are already aware with the fact that the venue of Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand (FCCT) with links on the press conference made by former Malaysia, Chief of Police, Musa Hassan was used by SUARAM when they held a press conference regarding Scorpene. So, it is not surprising when all of the sudden FCCT was once again manipulated by SUARAM and opposition coalition just to tarnish the former PC's image so that they could proceed with their propaganda regarding Altantuya. At FCCT, anyone could organize press conferences with just about any issue, and for SUARAM as PR's NGO proxy, organizing such event is not something hard. The Opposition and its NGO would always want the story of Altantuya to go around until at least the coming GE13, to make that happen, a new character would need to be included in the drama. A few days prior to the event, Musa had withdrew his suit against PKR's General Leader, Anwar Ibrahim regarding the charge where he was involved in the conspiracy of fabricating evidences against Anwar. The fact is, no evidence were fabricated and the suit was only withdrew by the former PC when Anwar sent his representative to suggest that the case is settled out of the court. "I was understood that there were some misunderstanding regarding my role in this case, by the defendant, and I accept to settle this case outside of court as suggested by defendant," Musa's statement when asked by reporters on the reason why he withdrew the suit. Anwar then took the advantage from the case withdrawal by portraying that he was at the right side even though the suggestion to settle the case outside of the court was made by his side. Then all of the sudden FCCT's website showed the invitation for a press conference by the former PC by saying that 'there is a new finding in the murder case of Altantuya'. Pro-opposition portals were few of the first to publish the news on this matter. Then as Musa realized that his name was misused, he immediately denied the matter, then the same media had to announce that the conference was cancelled. For us, this fabricated press conference by Pakatan Rakyat seemed funny, but for opposition's loyal supporters, they look at this matter as their moral win, without even realizing they were fooled by their own leader. It was clear how opposition was smart in taking the chance to manipulate Musa for their own political interest. The close GE comes, more wird stories would come up. That is all they can afford to do. They did not do anything to rakyat because all of leaders have been focusing on their own interest. Despite that, there is no doubt that PR and its vehicle has always been great when it comes to drama, but that would not last long. They might be able to lie to a few people, but they cannot lie to all Malaysians.

2 Terrorists Arrested In Lubnan Are PR Supporters

We are lucky to be born in Malaysian a country free from terrorism or any big natural disaster. Even though there were multiple attempts to cause chaos in this country by a few people, until now all of the attempts managed to be broken or curbed by authorities. For that, we should appreciate the performance of the national security force and the government's leadership. This is the proof that all of the criticism which told that the government is corrupt and unreliable is untrue. It is impossible for a country which has a corrupt government and security service to maintain security in the country. However, it does not mean that the mentality which loves 'terrorism' does not spread in the minds of Malaysians. Perhaps because they are unable to penetrate through Malaysian security system, these Malaysian terrorists then decides to fight in other countries, this include Nordin Mat Top from Johor, who was shot dead in Indonesia for being involved in a bombing attack at the country. Besides that, the arrest of two Malaysians, suspected to be suicide bombers in Lubnan recently also proves such mentality among Malaysians. Investigation found that the two Malaysian men were recruited into Al-Qaeda by another Malaysian before they were brought to Yemen where they met with other members of the terrorist group. Both of the suspects tried to enter Syria through Turkey for their jihad mission. They were said to have planned to contact an individual in Lubnan to proceed their attack. The mentality of terrorism often hides beneath the name of jihad so that it would be okay for them to commit such crime. The history on terrorism in Malaysia recorded how PAS was involved in spreading such mentality which resulted to the bloody Memali Tragedy as well as Sauk. All of those were in the name of Jihad. It began from Amanat Haji Hadi who stated that UMNO was kafir for working alongside non-muslims and the party should be rejected. Up until now, there are still a few PAS supporters described those who were killed in Memali tragedy as 'syuhada'. They believe that murder, rebelling and bringing down an Islamic government was a must because it was not 'Islamic enough'. They were convinced that killing officers who were at that time mostly Muslims was a jihad and that if they were killed, they would descent to heaven. Even though PAS has became more open now, probably liberal as well, the terrorism mentality still stay in the mind of a few of their supporters. Today, these group chooses to join terrorist organization such as JI, Al-Qaeda and a few others. They refuse to practice jihad in a peaceful manner such as which is practiced by a few organisations such as Aman Malaysia and Mercy Malaysia where the members are willing to put their lives at risk with attacks from Israel terrorists just so that they could send food supplies to Palestine. Choosing act of terrorism instead of peace has always been synonym for those who goes against the government or rebels. Just like those two Malaysians who were arrested in Lubnan, early source which was gained from Lubnan stated that their main political stand is to go against the government and to support the opposition. We do not need to mention which opposition party do they support because the opposition has been under one roof, Pakatan Rakyat. Thus, it is enough for us to say that these two suspected terrorists are Pakatan Rakyat supporters. So it has been proven that the hate which is spread by Pakatan Rakyat has resulted to act of terrorism.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Khalid Ibrahim Is The Best: Anwar Confirmed Nik Aziz As The Worst CM?

The actions of Opposition Leader in announcing the 'best Chief Minister Award' which was 'won' by Khalid Ibrahim is seen as politically incorrect, in a war shows that Anwar's performance in politics is deteriorating. This minor mistake is not a normal thing for Anwar considering that he has been really smart when it comes to talking in politics that he manages to fool a lot of people including the Hews and internationally acclaimed leader, Tun Mahathir Mohamad for years and years. However, recently, Anwar kept on making minor mistakes either for being trapped in tough situations such as when he was asked on his stand regarding Israel and sodomy trial, or perhaps he was scared that he might be caught such as the Omega watch case. But in this 'Best Chief Minister' award slip up, Anwar is not in a stressed situation. Thus, there is a probability that the announcement was not a mistake but he really meant to announce the matter without even thinking of the consequences. Pakatan Rakyat has four Chief Ministers and for Anwar to compliment only one would definitely raise this uneasy feeling for the other three. When the fact is, the performance of CMs should not be evaluated through the state's financial income because each states has its own issues based on the state's sources and social landscape. In another angle, choosing to compliment a single CM is seen as an attempt to save the CM who is seen as weak. This is a basic political game where as a politician gets weaker, the more compliments would be given to him to ensure that supporters would still be able to put their trust on him. That is why Anwar complimenting Khalid does not just backfire him, it also causes problems to people around him. According to a few blogs, this action is seen as a life-support for Khalid as his reputation is being tarnished by Azmin Ali and his group who uses Faekah Hussin, CM's Political Secretary as their scapegoat. And naturally, when there is the best, there should be the worst. So, who is PR's worst CM? Even though Anwar did not really announce it, based on logic, Nik Aziz who has been ruling Kelantan for 22 years should automatically be the worst among the four. Complimenting Khalid who has only been CM for a term can be said as a sarcasm for Nik Aziz as he never really managed to develop Kelantan at all. Kelantan even stayed as the poorest and under-developed state in Malaysia for more than two decades. At the same time, rakyat is aware that Khalid Ibrahim is a weak CM, might not be as weak as Nik Aziz, but he is still weak for a CM. Under him, political issues which could cause loss for PR were not handled well. Few of the issues include murtad, alcohol and massage houses. Besides that, under Khalid, rakyat has witnessed how UNISEL went down, Malay business owners under PKNS suffers risks, YBK land under risk of being taken, water issue which gets worse each day. Despite that, Selangor government still yet to provide any convincing answers nor solution. Hence, even though Anwar seemed like complimenting Khalid, the assumption which is made by rakyat is that Anwar is trying to revive Khalid's image, thus, criticizing Nik Aziz. Whatever it is, Nik Aziz should get Anwar's message. Anwar has been known for not having any respect for PAS, That is why such sarcasm was made by Anwar, to remind PAS how weak they are and that they are not at the same level as PKR and DAP in PR.


So PKR and PAS youth protested against MCA for the party’s hard stand against Hudud laws and Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s statement that women who wear revealing cloths should be raped and they asked for it. How the statement fron Nik Aziz is read is up to the individual but the irony is that how come PAS and PKR youth could protest against MCA and the party president Chua Soi Lek when they did not even open their mouths when DAP strongman Karpal Singh put his foot down against Hudud laws and implementation of Islamic government? Double standard? Or political considerations? Or whatever it is, the scenario is revealing…for the parties in the opposition front, whatever their leaders do is good and whatever the ruling BN do are bad…even if the population thought otherwise. They will present all kind of scenarios and all kinds of reasons to make sure the population of the country dislike and hate the ruling party and attracted to them. The ‘political tsunami’ they created in 2008 is no longer existing and they have to find other kind of ‘tsunami’ to maintain their influence which is fading very fast while at the same time ward off onslaughts from the voters on weaknesses emerging very clear in states they won and ruled. Failure to fulfill their promises made in 2008 and the weaknesses in administration as shown every now and then, they try hard to divert the attention and focus of voters to whatever they can against the ruling BN. Now they harp on ‘make believe issues such as scorpene and the RM40 million donation to Sabah Umno’, the act which they do good which would, at the very least, create doubts in the voters’ minds. And when Karpal was hitting out at Hudud which was worse than Soi Lek, belittling Islam and PAS, PKR youth and its head Shamsul Iskandar Mat Akin did not utter a word. PAS youth was quite vocal against Karpal but not so demanding. Lucky for PAS, the party has former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa who is willing to sacrifice his position in defending Hudud and PAS policies. He was later joined by Ulamak council deputy chief Dr Haron Din, and the by few others who proposed that Nik Aziz steps down and make way for new leaders. Whether right or wrong, the protests by PKR and PAS youths against MCA and Soi Lek does not have much or any effect on voters’ minds and sentiments given the hypocrisy in whatever actions they take. The double standards they practiced are crystal clear and voters know and see what they do…thus the protests against Soi Lek and MCA, to the voters are just a ‘show’. What voters know and understand at present is that DAP is against Hudud and Islamic laws and PKR has been quiet on this just, just to make sure the ‘marriage of convenience’ among them ‘look good’. And as far as PAS is concerned, regardless of NIk Aziz or not, the party is determine to go alone if it is necessary as the party continues to pursue its struggles and objectives.


Are the Muslims and Malay NGOs in the country going on the wrong path or barking the wrong trees? Have intellectualism and rational thinking dodged the minds of these organisations to the extent that they no longer see the threes from the forests or vice-versa? The Islamic world or rather Islamic countries are now facing rebellions from their own people wanting or more freedom, and what they got so far are chaos and instability with unemployment and economic uncertainty. The price they have to pay for the so-called freedom and democracy propagated to them by agents of change from non-other than the foreign masters and economic hooligans who just wanted profits and to see the destruction of developing or developed Islamic nations. While Iran is fighting a lone battle against America’s attempt to disarm them of nuclear weapons to protect Israel and to make sure no Islamic nations is powerful enough to fight Israel or United States, here in Malaysia the Islamic and Malay NGOs are harping on movies like My Name Is Khan. Whats wrong with the movie? Promoting liberalism? So does the movie create revolution in Islamic nations? Have these NGOs ever thought of how to build up Islamic and Malay enterprises to compete with other races in the country? Have they ever thought that the ruling party Barisan Nasional (BN) needs help in promoting and developing Islamic and Malay businesses, no matter how small they are? Have they ever thought of being loyal to Malay and Islamic businesses which can help the government promote and develop them? Have they thought that government alone cannot do much unless they support these enterprises by being loyal, by visiting and buying their products, by helping to promote them to others and so on? Now what these NGOs do is to harp on movies like mentioned above and other movies that rundown Islam as though they are the protector of Islam but right under their own noses when Muslims businesses needed their support they just ‘walk pass’ without taking notice? To these NGOs, they must reflect intellectualism but they cannot even make a movie that can fight back the so-called promotion of liberalisms in other movies…it is just useless showing of one’s intellectualism when one’s own backyard and economic status are just nothing. No one would listen to anyone who is nothing – no economic power or standing – as intellectualism alone is of no relevance in today’s world of economic power. Most of the intellectuals are also being employed by those liberals or non-Muslims who are financially sound and make use of them to actually stir up the minds of other Muslims. And this is actually happening where we see Muslims going after each-others’ throats in the name of freedom or liberalism or whatever ‘isms’ that the West wants. And Muslims and Malay NGOs here are just the same as they continue to harp and become emotional on matters or issues unrelated to the reality of the Malays and Islamic situation here.

Friday, October 26, 2012


On This Holy Occasion of Eid,
Spread The Messages of Spirituality
Among Your Near and Dear Ones.
Wishing You The Blessings & Peace ..

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Malaysia 12th Most Competitive: Proof That Malaysia Is Not Bankrupt

The World Bank Report for 2013 Edition which puts Malaysia in 12th for the most competitive in terms of business completely rejected opposition's claim which says that this country is going bankrupt. This result is actually an improvement from 2011 where this country was ranked at 18th. In 2010, Malaysia was at 23rd. This position also puts Malaysia on top of countries such as Sweden (13th), Taiwan (16th), Germany (20th), Japan (24th) and Switzerland (28th). The World Bank Report was made based on research ran on 184 economies with various criteria such as facilities to start businesses, licensing, the efficiency in tax administration and the facilities to carry out cross-border trade. Malaysia was found to have improved its competitive position through five elements of business, Electricity Facility (from 59th to 28th), Property Registration (from 59th to 33rd), Tax Payment (from 41st to 15th), Cross-Trade (from 29th to 11th) and Construction Permit Management (from 113th to 96th). It seems that all of opposition's effort to tell Malaysians and the world that this country is being hit with various economic issues and suffers the risk of bankruptcy based on the recent Audit Report has fail. With this World Bank Report, the confidence among investors towards Malaysia would definitely increase and this would help this country to achieve its target to reduce the amount of deficit to 4.0 percent from KDNK compared to 4.5 percent this year. Business owners are also expected to provide full support to the government for the coming GE based on such positive result on the report. Meanwhile, the opposition coalition is seen to be hitting a dead end especially when their budget was criticized as it was not done based on reality and they kept on making irrelevant promises. Things get worse for them as Audit Report which was presented clearly showed weaknesses in states which they are ruling where it came to the point where rakyat is demanding for the states to be investigated by MACC. As BN manages to prove its performance through execellent service, the opposition had no other choice but to kept on playing with small issues such as AES cameras and cigarette tax which both provide good impact to rakyat. They tried to tell rakyat that the government is desperate for money and that is why they are taking a lot of rakyat's money. However, this World Bank Report has proven that the government has never became desperate in generating income for the country. It has been proven that the government has managed to provide such comfortable environment for businesses to bloom as well as increasing investments to ensure that the country's finance could be generated consistently. Rakyat are getting more and more convinced with the government and the opposition is beginning to lose points for their campaign.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So the opposition parties are making so much noise, diverting the voters’ focus on their planned policies to the purported expose’ of wrongdoings in ruling BN. With the Dewan Rakyat in session, the oppositions are now on an attack mode, trying to dig further into all kinds of tenders and policies, wishing the Cabinet Ministers would bungle in their replies. If this happens, they would then shout about it, making sure the voters know the ruling BN bungled in so many things and this would create the impression that the BN has done many wrongs. But the most important thing here for the oppositions is that voters would forget to ask their policies and how they would rule if given the chance because these voters are busy watching how the oppositions grill Ministers on the issues raised. Smart and shrewd, the oppositions have in fact managed to divert the focus of voters from the real issues to the ‘make believe world of ‘blunders and abuse of power’ in BN administration. Voters already forgotten about the shadow cabinet the oppositions are supposed to announce so that voters know exactly what they will be getting if they vote the oppositions in power. Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto chief will not announce the shadow cabinet line-up fearing that this would affect the oppositions’ chance of being voted into power, he assumes probably. Firstly, the shadow cabinet he has would comprise old veterans, the likes of Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang, Abdul Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz Nik Mat, and he himself as well as the old veterans in his party PKR. Secondly the line-up would reveal clearly cronyism and family dynasty such as Lim Guan Eng, Nurul Ezah and Karpal’s sons and not to be missed Anwar’s crony such as Azmin Ali and few others. In short, announcing the shadow cabinet would ‘turn off voters’ as the young voters are looking forward to young fresh faces who are intellectuals, honest and wise. The ‘tastes’ for people’s representatives have changed the scenario and political outlook and the young voters, comprising some 3 million, are no longer ‘limited to those who can talk’ but more importantly those who are honest and talk with intelligence. Forget about Hudud laws and racial debates, they want development that can benefit them in their daily life and families, Islamic state or not, so long they can live peacefully and harmoniously as well as earn a living that can give them and their families a comfortable life. They are no longer taken in or attracted with the loud talks and promises that have no basis because they are more knowledgeable than the elder politicians assume.

No Trial On Scorpene, SUARAM Killed Altantuya?

After being unable to deny the truth, that there was no trial made on the purchase of Scorpene submarine in France, SUARAM can no longer continue making the same lies. Thus, Cynthia Gabriel had to admit that the news which were told including the list of individuals which will be issued with subpoenas were simply fabricated. In other words, Cynthia Gabriel had to admit that she lied to the world. Despite that, this does not mean that the traitor is embarrassed for lying because they do not know such thing. Instead, Cynthia and SUARAM is persistent to keep on lying by changing the course slightly. Besides, the lie would need to keep on going so that all the funds which they have been receiving all these while would not go to waste just like that. In lying, SUARAM did not hesitate in using just about any names, which include Government and French Judge, the wife of Prime Minister, and Jasbir Singh Chahl to strengthen their fabricated stories. And despite of the fact they have been caught red handed for lying, SUARAM still insist on using the same modus operandi as their effort to bring down the government by lying and using people's names. This time around, the name which they have picked would be former Police Chief, Tan Sri Musa Hassan. According to SUARAM, Tan Sri Musa Hassan will be speaking to journalists in Bangkok regarding Altantuya's murder. The title of the program is known as 'New Revelations In Altantuya Murder Case'. Tan Sri Musa was shocked with the news and he quickly denied the matter. He do not understand why would the organization lie by using his name. He stressed that he is here in Malaysia and that he is not involved with the program in Bangkok. Cynthia Gabriel definitely has a radioactive wall on her face considering that she is not even embarrassed for lying in open. The fact is, of French prosecutors themselves had made official statement saying that there was no trial made on the submarine and that SUARAM had lie about it, this makes every single stories which has been sold by SUARAM were simply lies. This includes the story on the involvement of higher leader or Malaysian Government in the murder of Altantuya. SUARAM claimed that the murder of Altantuya was led by PM which was then either executed or witnessed by him or Datin Seri Rosmah. This murder was said to have began from the point where they were involved in the corruption of purchasing the submarine. Thus, if French court found that SUARAM's complaint regarding the involvement of Malaysian Government and PM in corruption in the submarine was baseless and rejected it just like that, this means that their involvement was fabricated by SUARAM as well. Considering that it has been proven that SUARAM simply made up all of those stories, the question here is that 'how far would they go to ensure that people would buy their story'? In another word, would they kill to ensure that they could fabricate stories in order to bring down Malaysian government? That is one of the issues which surrounds Malaysians these days. And this issue would haunt the opposition as GE draws closer because everyone know that SUARAM is just another one of opposition's masks.

Gerakan Wants MB To Take Responsibility For Losses Incurred By KCB In PNG Investment

ALOR SETAR, Oct 24 (Bernama) -- Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak should take responsibility, instead of blaming others, for the huge losses suffered by a state-owned company, Kedah Corporation Berhad (KCB), in a project in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said that Azizan, as the KCB chairman and chief executive of the state, should know the development of state-owned companies. "It is unfortunate and weird if Azizan does not know the details of the terms of agreement on share purchase and joint ventures signed by KCB and MAS Incorporated (PNG) Ltd (MAS) on Oct 12, 2008, because he was the witness. "He should lodge a police report if he suspects any abuse or misappropriation and not wait for two years until after the National Audit Department has issued its report. "Azizan should have informed the people about this or raised the matter at the State Assembly sitting, he told a media conference here today where Tan produced a photograph on the exchange of documents between KCB and MAS which was witnessed by Azizan at Wisma Darul Aman.  

tunku : who is the chairman of KCB? none other than our top qualified MB of Kedah,Azizan. if he had done his jod effectively none of this will occurs. when the big boss is sleeping all the time then people will take adavantage of the situation. so blame azizan on this.

Kit Siang Fights For Secular Country, What About PAS?

Lim Kit Siang attempt to break up Muslims by wanting to enforce the concept of Secular Country for Malaysia has now put PAS in dilemma. Kit Siang somehow wants to raise doubt among Muslims upon UMNO by quoting Tunku Abdul Rahman saying that Malaysia is a Secular Country. However, he forgotten that Tun Mahathir, Tun Abdullah and Datuk Seri Najib strictly stated that Malaysia is an Islamic Country. Thus, if a statement which came from a single Prime Minister should be taken into consideration, why should statements from three other Prime Ministers should be rejected? Besides, how can a concept of administration be enforced with just one mere statement? When the more important matter in explaining the concept of administration is by looking at the constitution and looking at the social landscape of the society as a whole. Malaysia is an Islamic country as it is led by a Muslim who does not support vice and goes against the constitution which champions Islam and practices open religion among rakyat where they could practice their religion without any restrictions. Malaysia also has become an exemplary Islamic Country and acknowledged by Ulama around the world including Syeikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. So, for Kit Siang to deny the fact that this is an Islamic Country only shows his persistence in fighting against Islam by wanting to establish a Secular Country. The question which surface from his action how be, how about PAS? Does he raise this matter so that he could assist PAS to build the real Islamic Country? Obviously not, because general knew that Kit Siang and DAP are always consistent, open and strictly reject any efforts to form an Islamic Country. It is not impossible that Kit Siang simply wants to test and see where does PAS stand in this matter. Would PAS defend Kit Siang's statement by approving the fact that Malaysia is a Secular Country or would they say otherwise? If yes, would PAS make a pledge that they will be able to form the real Islamic Country which they said UMNO cannot ever do, or would PAS follow DAP's wants, making sure that this country remain as a Secular Country? As expected, PAS only remain quiet, scared that they might be screamed at by DAP. At the end of it, PAS could only agree with DAP who stated that Malaysia is not an Islamic Country. Now it is clear that if Pakatan Rakyat rule, Kit Siang would ensure that the first thing which PR Government would announce is that Malaysia is not an Islamic Country. From there, four of DAP's main objectives would be implemented as soon as PR take over where they would 'Destroy all Malay Royal Constitutions', Royal Malay Regiment, bumiputera rights and rejecting Islam as the official religion in Malaysia. Thus, with PAS stood in silence as DAP continues their fight for a Secular Country, it is not wrong for us to say that PAS has always been ready to fight alongside DAP. If there are Malays who might still vote for PAS, do know that you are helping in rejecting Islam in your own soil.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


PAS is going into a new phase as more and more of the party members who are liberals called on Nik Aziz Nik Mat, the spiritual leader to step down and make way for young and new successor. However, those who made the call are none other than the liberals who are aligned to PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim and who have made use of Nik Aziz to further strengthen their positions in the party. Husam Musa is one of those who now finds Nik Aziz has no use to the group anymore and thus should step down and make way for someone he and others can control. Nik Aziz’s position is the highest in the party where policies and rulings must be endorsed by the council he heads before they can be implemented. With such great power, Anwar’s protégés in the party has been using him to steer the party to Anwar’s wishes which has been quite smooth until recently when former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa began ‘shooting at the scenario, revealing piece by piece the evil agenda.’ And Nasharuddin’s expose received good response from within the file and rank in the party to the extent that voices of disagreement towards the co-operation with DAP are now visible, no more buried and silent. PAS central committee member Datuk Dr Hassan Ali, expelled due to his vocal resistance against Anwar and DAP, is also fighting the liberals from outside the party. But his voice is only heard by outsiders not party members, unlike Nasharuddin, whose credentials are known and recognized by party members and outsiders alike. His revelations prompted Nik Aziz deputy Dr Harun Din to issue statements that he is with Nasharuddin’s mind and this has changed the scenario in their political relationship or ‘marriage of convenience.’ With the present undercurrent in PAS urging the ‘elders’ to step down to give way to new blood who are fundamentalists, PAS relationship with DAP seems fragile and this worries even PKR, not just DAP. With the three parties not on one platform, the oppositions cannot call themselves Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and DAP’s ambition of monopolizing the opposition goes down the drain along with the objective of ending the Malay political dominance. Malay political dominance has been DAP’s ‘enemy’ all along as the party could not dominate Malaysia due to Umno’s Malay hardcore minds. Presently DAP dominates the opposition front as PKR is too weak to call the shots even in state ruled by the party example Selangor and two years back Perak which now fell back to BN. In Kedah, DAP could not open its mouth as PAS dominates the state while Penang is truly a DAP state. Thus, if PAS changes leadership before the general election is called and Dr Harun Din takes over Nik Aziz position, then DAP can kiss goodbye to its objective of ending the Malay political supremacy. And of course, Anwar’s ambition of becoming Prime Minister will fly out of the window of his million ringgit bungalow.

Bad Audit Result, SUK, PAS Clashes, Where Is Kedah's CM?

We are well aware that Kedah's 2011 Audit Report showed such surprising result. Few of the 'greatest' findings would be how five housing contractors whom were not registered and owned by an individual who has family ties was appointed, and their financial records for their project was not complete, filled with doubt and not precise, which brings to the question of corruption when same claims were made while a few of those claims were made on houses which never existed. The state government in the other hand clearly seemed to have lost control when a few high risk projects such as the 99 East Project in Langkawi which suffered loss due to carelessness in breaking the agreement and Logging and Farming project in Papua New Guinea which was continued without observation which enabled a Managing Director to take a loan worth millions of USD from a foreign company without any complete loan agreement as well as not having any approval from the Board of Directors. The state government even ignored their responsibility as an Islamic government as they did not even run any meeting in awarding Halal Certificate for products in 2011 and all of the halal certificate which were issued by the Chairman without giving any presentation to the Committee, following the procedure. However, this audit finding should not a surprise for us if we are to consider the administration in Kedah which has always been hit by argument among themselves. We are well aware how PAS Kedah has never been in peace with open clashes between their leaders who simply crave for power. And with GE coming, each of them became even vicious to ensure that they would be protected. Utusan Malaysia recently revealed how PAS pushed Secretary of the Government, Datuk Rasli Bin Basir who was accused of being 'UMNO'. It all began when he decided to transfer Ahmad Fisol Md Nor, Kubang Pasu's District Officer to Kuala Muda. Ahmad Fisol has been famous for being a loyal PAS follower ever since BN was in power. His excitement when PAS managed to rule Kedah was never a secret, he even held multiple programs with PAS. Ahmad Fisol felt like the post of SUK fits him best due to his 'loyalty' towards PAS. Thus, his influence in PAS was fully used to pressure Datuk Rasli. Datuk Rasli has been in service with Kedah's state government since 1976 as Assistant Collector of Land Revenue at Kota Setar District Land Department. With background education from Universiti Malaya as well as Ohio University, Athens, America, he has been in various services within the government. He was a District Officer, Project Officer, Project Director, Land Administrator, Financial Officer until he was appointed as a Board Member of Kedah State Development Corporation in 2006 before he was appointed as Secretary of the State. That is why his performance towards Kedah should not be questioned. He is a very responsible and professional officer who do not mix between politics with administration. And that is probably one of the biggest problem is PAS where he does not consider any interest in any political parties, including PAS in making decisions. Kedah's Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak seemed uninterested in providing any reactions regarding Kedah Audit Report. Instead, it was rumored that he is supporting Ahmad Fisol to keep on pressuring Datuk Rasli. It is clear that PAS puts politics in front of rakyat where they are only interested with 'who' has the post rather than caring about 'what is happening' to the state, Even though there was strong evidence showing weaknesses in financial management for the state, no serious statements were made by their leaders to solve the issue. We need to remember that the audit found that the financial surplus for 2011 was only recorded at around RM2 million, RM20 million decrease within a year with 'great projects' recording illogical losses. Thus, if this continues, just imagine what would happen to the state if PAS were to rule for another term, or even just for a year?


The ‘war’ is on now…BN is ready to except for some final touches and then the battle can begin. BN, after more than 50 years rule which saw Malaysia developing at a very fast pace, is now facing the most critical time in its political path. Led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, BN has been strategizing and strengthening its position slowly after its dismal performance in 2008 that saw four states went to the opposition. Umno, the backbone of BN is already standing and ready for battle few years back and at present Najib has managed to strengthen MCA, the party representing Chinese community and MIC, the Indian community’s representative in BN. Gerakan, a multi-racial but Chinese- based party in BN was at a total lost after the 2008 general election but at present, it manages to ‘return’ but not fully, still staggering. Despite such a situation, Najib has managed to bring back the spirit of comradeship among the BN component parties which fell behind after 2008 general election. Najib’s confidence was further boosted after the MCA assembly Sunday that saw the party is now on its feet and is fighting hard to get back the confidence of the community. The challenges of the ruling BN are not so much on her policies but the manner the oppositions launched their attack the past several years which saw the harmonious plural society split in terms of race and religion. Headed by Anwar Ibrahim, once BN deputy Prime Minister who ‘missed the opportunity of the premiership’ due to his immoral character and abuse of power, the opposition is on a very aggressive onslaught to allow Anwar to ‘grab back the opportunity’. Regardless of the effect of their actions, playing up sensitive religious and racial issues which affect the harmony and unity of Malaysians that have been tirelessly built, the ruling BN is faced with the toughest ever election this time around. Anwar, being obsessed with his ambition, has allowed himself being made a stooge by foreign masters and also a tool used by chauvinistic DAP. Whether he is aware of it or not, Anwar does not care and he does even care whether the country will be in one piece if…this is if….he succeeds in helming Putrajaya. He only care for his ambition and this has made him fighting like a mad man as though there is no tomorrow, promising anything as long as he can rally support of Malaysians. In short, Najib and BN is not fighting an intelligent and rational political enemy but a political animal that will eat even its friends

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kelantan CM Post:Nik Aziz Rejected It Once, Now He Can't Let Go

It seems that the pressure for Nik Aziz to retire is getting greater. Many among PAS are getting more and more anxious with the persistence of their Tok Guru to remain in power even though they refuse to admit that fact due to their loyalty towards him. PAS itself seems to be a bit anxious with Nik Aziz's stubbornness in understanding people of Kelantan whom no longer believe in his leadership. Despite that, it has been part of Malays's culture in not confronting. Instead, it would be easier to talk behind him with the excuse of respecting a person who is older than they are, especially to a leader with the status of an Islamic Scholar. Due to that, Nik Aziz began to look like a person who is crazy for power as he refuse to back off even though it is time. When the fact is, the person who was heavily criticized by PAS for being 'crazy for power' back then was Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has retired, even though up until today his physical and mental abilities are a lot stronger than anyone his age. But, Nik Aziz who appears to be all religious, do not even want to let his post go to anyone else despite of the fact that he is unable to do anything anymore. During a congratulatory speech made by PAS President on 22 years of leadership by Nik Aziz in Kelantan yesterday, he mentioned how Nik Aziz actually rejected the offer to become a Chief Minister back then. Perhaps he was being sarcastic, with the hope that Nik Aziz would reconsider about his attitude of being a man crazy for power and post? Nik Aziz has been in the political arena since 1967, 45 years ago. Since then, he has been a Chief Minister for 22 years. There is no way that he is not tired from politics. If we are to say that he still has plans for Kelantan which is still yet to be implemented, it is simply illogical as he had more time than anyone to implement those things. When at the same period which he had, Tun Mahathir has managed to develop Malaysia from a third world country to Asian Tiger which is respected by countries around the world. So, it is clear that there should be no more excuse for Nik Aziz to remain in power unless he is crazy for it. If it is true that he is still the same man as he was 22 years ago like when he rejected the post, he should retire without having to be criticized nor forced considering his mental and physical conditions. The response which was given by Nik Aziz when asked whether he would compete again proves that he refuse to back off. He said that he is leaving his future to the hands of the highest leader, whether he should compete in the coming GE or not. The fact is, he is the 'highest leader', being the Mursyidul Am, a post which is higher than the President. Based on the fact, he is well aware that no one in PAS can come clean with him, telling him that he is no longer needed by people of Kelantan and he needs to retire. It is clear that his answer was purely political and the intention was only to fool rakyat. Nik Aziz do not have any intention to retire as long as he breathes. He is convinced that if rakyat of Kelantan could live under his administration for 22 years without any development, what is wrong for him to stay with the post for a few more years? No Kelantanese died from dirty not shortage in water supply, Nik Aziz has never stopped poor rakyat from making their money in other states, so what is the problem? Whatever it is, if it is true that Nik Aziz still wants to compete, then his fate will fall in the hands of rakyat Kelantan, lets see whether he would be a CM or former CM after this coming GE.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Anwar Cannot Be Next PM Due To Immorality - Tun M

'Immorality' was one of the reason why Anwar Ibrahim was sacked in 1998. The decision to sack Anwar was not taken alone by the Prime Minister at the time, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, but it decided in UMNO's Higher Council Meeting after taking consideration from evidence and witnesses. This is the kind of history which Anwar cannot possibly change even though he was later released. Even in judgement statement on his release, the three judges stressed that they believe that Anwar was involved in such immoral activity, homosexuality that is, but they cannot sentence him considering that the witness was confused on the date of the event. In the same trial, it was also revealed how Anwar was involved in a scandal with Shamsidar Taharin, the wife of his aide, Azmin Ali. There are still a few things that cannot be denied by Anwar, Shamsidar and Azmin regarding the case up until today, including who is the father to one of Shamsidar's children, Afifah. Afifah's position in Azmin's family became a question when it was revealed in court that Shamsidar often refer her child as Anwar's. Azmin failed to prove that Afifah is his child when he refused to accept rakyat's demand to perform a DNA test. Instead, he did it silently in another country without revealing any result. Other than having a scandal with Shamsidar, Anwar also had intimate casual relationship with a few other women. A few of them did come up to cooperate with police investigation and with UMNO High Council. Besides sodomy, scandal with a friend's wife and vice with a few women, Anwar was also found guilty for being involved in power abuse charges including threatening witnesses to change their statements. Each of his corruption issues were proven with the wealth among sibling and friends who became his crony, including Shamsidar whom each gain huge contracts with salaries worth hundreds of thousands without having to work at all. Up until now, Anwar still cannot deny even one of those charges without any concrete response. Considering that he still has a lot of supporters despite of those charges, he became even more arrogant and daring. That is why, since his release, Anwar kept on sodomizing until he was once again he was involved in yet another sodomy charge which was made against one of his personal aides. However, once again Anwar managed to get himself out of it with the excuse of technical error even though he told the world that Malaysian court is unfair, controlled by the government which he wants to take over. Just like the first sodomy trial, the acquittal from sodomy case 2 does not mean that he is not guilty or that the charge was not true. Anwar forgot that in politics, no friends would stay with him forever, the same thing goes to enemies. Anwar made a wrong move. His friends began to reveal all of his misdemeanour. It turns out that Anwar's immoral activities has been recorded, perhaps for their 'insurance' for the future, or perhaps for their own safety. Whatever their reasons may be, now the whole world could see Anwar's sex tape with a China Doll which was revealed by one of his former friends. Even though most of his supporters had to lie to themselves by saying that the man was not Anwar, but that did not stop few of them to really think about the matter. Added with Anwar's failure to present the Omega watch which became one of the vital element in the issue, and his refusal to face the issue seriously. Instead, he kept on avoiding himself from answering questions. In the middle of it, a website which is controversial, Wikileaks then revealed the communication between Singapore and America where they confirmed that Anwar was involved in a homosexual activity when he was at the country based on a 'trap' which they had set to gain evidence. Singapore however, refuse to cooperate and simply kept quiet in this issue. Thus, Anwar's moral issues are not something that is fabricated. His refusal to take legal action against those who became the key for this matter such as Nallakarupan, Umi Hafilda and Ezam Mohd Nor somehow prove that he is guilty. Malaysia cannot afford to have this kind of Prime Minister. Especially when foreign countries have evidence of his immoral activities. An immoral country leader can easily be threatened by those who are keeping his secret. Finally, Malaysia cannot acknowledge an immoral person as a PM, as long as we are holding on to the constitution which puts Islam as this country's official religion. Islam does not tolerate with this matter especially when there are a lot of other leaders out there who are much more qualified than Anwar when it comes to leading this country.


Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is just like the Malay saying goes “sakit merian’, the kind of sickness where he feels unsatisfied with his life until he gets what he wanted. He is sick in the head and his heart is bleeding for he was very near to the post he dreamt of but missed it by ‘an inch’ as the saying goes. The Prime Minister post is so meaningful to him that when he missed it, he was so very angry and frustrated that he might have promise himself he would die for it – in short get the post at whatever cost. Thus, the present situation, whether one likes it or not, Anwar is going all out to get the post because he thinks he deserves it, the post was his after Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Now when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak took over the post, Anwar got very pissed off to the extent he would do anything…even splitting the Malays and create chaos and disunity in the country so long as he can achieve what he aims for. Given his ‘gift’ of speech, manipulating words and playing up emotions, he managed to rally some influence but unfortunately for him, there are among the population people who see him ‘in and out’. People who know what he is up to and what he is after – these people do not mind his ambition but what they mind is he being made a tool by foreign masters – that is what matters. For Anwar, he does not care anymore about the country nor the religion…after all the videos that showed him having sex have no impact to him mentally nor conscience wise as he continues to seek his fortune. He will do anything and everything so long as he can achieve what he aims for – which means he would sacrifice even his closest of friends and family members – just to get where he wanted. A man without guilt – without conscience – without feelings – without care – Anwar will sacrifice everything for his ambition. Currently he is using all those who are loyal to him – Rafizi Ramli, Saifuddin Nasution, Tian Chua, Khalid Samad, Mat Sabu and others – to get where he wanted. And when he gets what he wanted, he will just abandoned these people without any feelings…without any regrets…without any guilt. Just like what he did to former Malacca Chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, former Selangor Mentri Besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib and few others. So now it is up to those people like Rafizi, Saifuddin and the rest to think deeply whether their loyalty would be paid accordingly or they would be abandoned when Anwar achieves his aim. Obsession is a very bad habit that would cause destruction.

Friday, October 19, 2012


The Auditor-General’s Report is now the ‘bible’ and reference book for the oppositions to hit out at the ruling party, especially after they succeeded in nailing National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) through AG’s Report. In Dewan Rakyat, the oppositions keep picking up the weaknesses in the AG’s Report, trying to nail down anything that could stick but this time around, they could not find any thus far. So they aim for AES ( Automated Enforcement System), hoping the issue would stick as motorists are always against summonses and if there are new methods to track their mistakes. Motorists have always ‘up in arms’ against laws that will cost them money because they are always going against the laws…it’s a kind of habit, not only in Malaysia but everywhere in the world. Its normal human behavior which can be controlled through strict discipline because flouting laws on the road can cost death, which is a worrying trend especially during holiday seasons. But because of politics and with the aim to gain influence and votes, the oppositions are trying to get the government to withdraw the system, citing so many reasons. When one considers the oppositions lashing out against the system, one wonders whether these people in the oppositions truly value life or just want to gain control of the government…without care. One wonders whether the oppositions are truly championing the cause of the people or their own self- interests when they go against something that is good and safe life. If the AES, proven in other countries, developed countries in that aspect, can save lives and discipline motorists, why is it that the oppositions continue opposing it if they do not have ulterior motives of their own. The reason they gave that the tender was given to cronies is just an excuse to go along with their allegations of corruption for every government project, after all that has been their line of campaign which they think can influence the minds of the people. It is sad that the oppositions here are not playing the role of constructive criticisms like in other countries but instead harping on issues that can bring them benefits in terms of influence and votes. In short, the oppositions in the country are nothing but full of opportunists with personal agenda and the irony is that there are Malaysians who believe in them – blind loyalty – despite knowing they are being cheated openly. But the truth and reality are beginning to emerge with many voters now taking the oppositions to court for failures to fulfill the promises made during the 2008 general election. Hopefully, such actions may open up the eyes and minds of others who will then know how to evaluate between a glass and diamond.

Water Vs. Highway, Which One Is More Important?

If you are asked to choose between clean water supply and highway project, which one would you choose? Obviously most would choose water instead because it is simply one of the basic necessity of life. Nevertheless, Kelantan thinks differently because despite of the fact that they suffer water supply issue, even though they have gotten a loan worth RM609 million from Barisan Nasional government, they still insist on proceeding on the highway project, along with collection donation from rakyat. The rumor on PAS Kelantan wanting to develop their Lebuhraya Rakyat with the cost of RM1.8 billion is beginning to be real since August last year, but until today, nothing is happening. Perhaps it was because there were speculation saying that GE would come by November 2011. After about a year from there, suddenly another rumor rises, saying that the project would officially start in May 2012. Finally, by May 28, 2012, the official ground breaking ceremony was done by Kelantan's Chief Minister, Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Once again, probably coincident, the ceremony was held at the time where the speculation on dissolution of parliament and GE was said would be held in June or July 2012. Since then, the amount of donations for the highway project has gone up to a million Ringgit, god knows when it would take for them to be able to collect up to RM1,800 million. With the month of June passing with any dissolution of the Parliament, in July, rakyat was shocked by statement made by Husam Musa during DUN Kelantan Meeting, saying that the project was still yet to get any approval from the Exco Council. Probably to cover their shame, Husam pushes Excos to approve the project as soon as possible while giving the guarantee that the project would be implemented as soon as it is approved. To add more sugar to the promise, Husam claimed that they already have four machines in the jungle for the purpose of measurements. Who knows what kind of measurement would they do. We have the rights to be worried, who know if the project would end up like the project in Lembah Sireh, out of the blue, a private company receives a 716.8 acres land worth RM318.29 million without even having to finish up every infrastructure project which was promised. The highway project was finally approved by July 4, 2012. Based on Husam's guarantee, the development should have begun at least a week after the approval. Too bad, since the date, news regarding the highway somehow began to simply stop. After almost three months, during DUN Kelantan Meeting which ended last Wednesday, Husam as the Senior State Exco suddenly told the public that the development of the highway would begin after monsoon either this November or December. Just so happen that there are speculations saying that the coming GE would be on January 2013, he then decided to give a new guarantee. Considering that this election highway project often goes on and off just so that it could raise rakyat's attention, we would like to suggest to Husam to just use the donations which they have raised to provide maintenance service for clean water supply in Kelantan. It the matter is left just like that, people might be worried that the money for Kohilal investment might just be gone in a flash. Besides, there is no doubt that both water and the highway is important, but everyone knows which one is far more important. Right?

Fuziah Cheats: Early Strategy To Reject GE Results

The life of PR has always depend on how great their lies to rakyat are, not to mention their sweet promises as well. As for now, a few of PR branches have been caught red handed for cheating such as SUARAM and BERSIH. SUARAM's lie had forced Cynthia Gabriel to take back her statement and denied that there was a trial proceedings regarding the purchase of scorpene and admitted that the story of subpoena was just another lie. BERSIH in the other hand somehow made a fool of themselves when Ambiga Sreenavesan acted by committing treason to her own country by asking Australians to 'colonize' Malaysia by intervening in our GE process. Australia however rejected Ambiga's proposal on reasons that the application was made on baseless reason after looking at the facts and figures of previous GEs. But, aren't they tired of getting caught red handed all these while? No, because without lies, the party would simply die. The effort to bring down the government through the back alley would need to go on to ensure that PR would be in power. Considering that demonstrations which they have been doing all these while do not really give any positive impact, they only option left is to keep on denying that our election is clean and just, which would provide them more excuse to rebel if results do not go their way. For that, PKR's Deputy President, Fuziah Salleh was given a vital role to keep on lying by saying that there are serious issue in transparency in the voters' registration process. EC became their 'punching bag' and it is being beat up just to ensure that the opposition could keep on living. Then stories such as Hasmidah Surahbil with IC number 820315-12-6446 who is said to be a temporary IC holder but listed as a voter by EC was made as a big issue by PR media. For your information, Hasmidah was not the first person which was politicized by PR. A few others were also used as tools to tarnish the government's image. Despite that, EC today made a statement that Hasmidah applied for citizenship in 2002. The application was approved in 2007 and she received a legitimate Mykad. What is shocking or perhaps not that shocking for her case is that based on the voters' registration form which Hasmidah filled out, it was proven that it was made by Registrar of Voters, a political representative from Pakatan Rakyat. It is clear that Fuziah simply acted too much that she would use such cunning strategy to ensure that her party would gain power. Other lies include PR saying that there were 63 cases where MyKad with codes from foreign countries were used at DUN Gombak Setia and after being checked out, it was found that half of them were registered by the Registrar of Voters, a political representative from Pakatan Rakyat. Thus, why would PR raise those issues if their own representative was the one who registered those voters? Malaysian election system requires EC to check all of the names for those who applied to become voters with National Registration Department (NRD) and they need the approval as citizens before they can become voters. If there are doubt or mistakes, then complaints and objection must be made so it can be corrected. It is true that the system cannot guarentee 100% perfectness during the voters' registration process. That is why each political representatives should be there to observe the voting process until it is done. If there are doubts, then objections or actions can be taken directly, at the same time. Thus, PR should not have kept on making complaints on the result of election because they have a lot of time to assist EC to ensure that the voting process would be done in a clean and just manner. With this information, rakyat should not fall with all the lies made by PR especially when it comes to them blaming EC when the coming GE results do not go their way. Do believe me that this is just part of their early strategies to take over this country even if they lose during election.

PAS's Islam: Islamic Billboards But Muslims Eat Haram Food?

PAS has always been a party that is always confused, led by confused leaders and cooperates with a chaotic coalition. Islam became their daily political game, used as promotional motto in various advertisements. Islam is used as their clothes to cover their hypocrisy. For being too much when it comes to politics, Islam is just another name for PAS. PAS only uses Islam on the outside where everything they do should be seen by mankind, not for Allah SWT. So, it is not surprising to see the findings regarding the audit report on Kedah where PAS government simply underestimated the matter of halal certificate which are awarded within the state. When the fact is, the certificate is a vital thing for rakyat to know the differences between halal-haram on products which they would consume. The 2011 Audit Report showed that between November 2011 until January 2012, halal were not awarded on time due to weakness in activities such as observations and Implementation as well as the issue where reference service on halal products were not updated. But, the word 'weakness' which was mentioned in the report should have been changed to 'laziness' because of such surprising finding where no meeting made at all among Halal Panel Committee. The Committee only had two meetings in 2009 and three times in 2010. Meanwhile in 2011, they did not even make any meetings. There should be no excuse for this matter, because PAS Kedah should not have taken this matter lightly especially right after they push BN aside for saying that BN is not Islamic enough. What is more shocking is that MAIK had issued Halal Certificate to 72 companies without even going through the Halal Panel Committee with the excuse of technical error. For that, MAIK's Chairman simply approved those certificates for the sake of the industry. The question is, what qualifies MAIK's Chairman to approve those certificates personally? What is the guarantee that tests or observations have been made to those companies before approving those certificates? And the more important matter here is that rakyat now cannot help by to ask whether this has to do with corruption especially when the excuse which was given was 'benefit for the industry' which means profits are more important than religion and rakyat. Besides that, Audit report also found that there were no follow-up observations imposed since 2009 until 2011. However, in 2011, two observations were made, only after people began to lodge complaints. Even integrated enforcement operations to ensure the usage of halal logo along with KPDNKK has never been done. There you go, this is the Islamic administration which PAS has been talking about all these while. If the matter of halal-haram can be ignored, the PAS do not have to act all Islamic through their billboards which requires female models to cover their aurat and publish them in jawi. Sins from the eye is not as much to be compared to consuming food which would stay in the body. The conclusion, the audit report presentation not only reveal PAS Kedah's weakness, it also reveals how hypocrite PAS really is when it comes to religion.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Malaysia, a melting pot for culture and food, is known for her tolerance and fair distribution of wealth as well as freedom of worship and expression. It is cosmopolitan in every way as the government does not restrict her population in seeking wealth and freedom to choose what type of education they want – the only country that allows vernacular schools to exist alongside the national schools. Malaysia is the only country in the world that allows her Chinese population to study in their mother tongue language which is the Chinese schools and Indians the Indian schools, while both the races can also opt to study in national schools which uses Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of the country. Bahasa Malaysia is the national language given the majority of the population are Malays but English is compulsory in these schools as it is the international language that the population need to use for businesses as well as further studies. Economically, the Chinese and Indians have all the freedom to do businesses as the abundance of wealth in the country has no boundaries and the freedom to seek wealth is well open for those who have the initiatives and enterprising. In short, the government, led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, through her policies does not discriminate any races in all aspects as the slogan 1Malaysia treats every individual as equal irrespective of race or class. Given such a background, there are still, a minor part of the population, who cry foul and condemn the government alleging discriminations and abuse of power. With the upcoming 13th general election, the oppositions, led by Anwar Ibrahim, hit the pre-election campaign trail with issues that are considered as irrelevant by the majority. Attempting to cover their weaknesses and failures, the oppositions go on an aggressive onslaught against the ruling party alleging corruptions, abuse of power and mismanagements. Diverting their weaknesses and failures in the states they rule – Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah and Penang – they tell lies and create make-believed scenarios that aim at creating doubts towards the credibility and image of the ruling party. To some extent, the oppositions have been successful initially but lately, the voters who voted for them in 2008 general election are seeing through their bluffs. They know Anwar-led oppositions are only good in making promises but never fulfill them as being experienced by those in the states ruled by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR). So at present Anwar is keeping quiet or move silently because attendance to his talks or ceramahs have dwindled drastically, no more in thousands, just a few hundreds who are imported. Knowing that he is no longer trusted by the public at large but only politicians who have ulterior motives, Anwar let his men speak out, raising issues and running down the government through whatever means they can think of. Anwar is actually ‘going down the political scale’ on credibility and he is trying to put a stop to this by doing so. He knows if he continues to open his mouth, he will continue sliding down the political scale to one stage where nobody will want to hear him out. A clear example is the dwindling audience he is getting from his talks and ceramahs. The truth hurts and to Anwar, the truth hurts badly.

Confirmed! Sg. Selangor Reservoir Is Drying Up!

KUALA KUBU BHARU – The situation of raw water loss at Sungai Selangor Reservoir which has now gotten to the level where rakyat of the state should give serious attention.
This is due to the fact that the water level at the reservoir is getting lower even though it has been raining heavily around the Klang Valley since a few days ago.
The power of rakyat should be brought out so that we could reach the final decision regarding water crisis in Selangor.
Chief Minister, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim actually confirmed that the state is running out of raw water  when he came up with ideas such as cloud seeding and membrane technology which is still yet to be proven feasible from Canada.
He just do not want to agree with the plan from the Federal Government in wanting to build Langat 2 Plant involving water transfer from Pahang.
This is clear enough to show that this is pure politics.
But, the water situation at Sungai Selangor Reservoir today is at the level had gone down with only 200.4 million cubic meter compared to 200.6 million cubic meter on October 2. This shows that despite of the heavy rains, the reservoir still lost 200,000 cubic meter worth of water.
This weird situation is a little worrying even though state government had mentioned a few times, telling rakyat that the reservoir has no problem at all.
Such sweet statement given by the leader of the state government is not the best solution for such huge catastrophe which might hit Selangor in the near future.'s observation this evening at the reservoir once again found low reading of water level.
For the record, Sungai Selangor Reservoir channels water supply to all consumers in Klang Valley and Rawang could store raw water supply at the maximum level of 235 million cubic meter.
But, the low water level since a few months ago this year might become critical if it goes down all the way to 190 million cubic meter.
On October 2, reported that water level readings at the reservoir was at 200.6 million cubic meter.
Today however, as much as 200,000 cubic meter of water was lost from earlier reading. All within 15 days.
So, the new reading for the current level is 200.4 million cubic meter.
If we are to see this, the number might not look as much, but with the size of 600 hectares, that amount of loss is clearly a lot.
This is because water usage for 60 percent among rakyat and industries around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya increases each day.
For that, revealed the lower meter reading  of water at the reservoir between October 2 and October 17, today.
Just like an article written regarding the reservoir in the blog, the blogger had attached a few pictures which shows the differences between water levels at the same reservoir between 2010 and this year.
According to the article at the blog, the blogger was shocked with what had happened to the reservoir which takes years to make it full. also attached a few comparison pictures when water level was high at a bridge nearby orang asli's settlement in Kampung Pertak.
Perhaps there might be a few out there who still think that this is not a huge issue and this is simply being made up.
Some might not even care on what issues the Federal Government need to rectify.
But, we need to remember that if no solutions or early preventive measures are taken, the water crisis which hit us in 1998 might just come back to haunt us.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Teng Chang Khim Would End Lim's Dynasty?

Lim dynasty which has been leading DAP for a long time might have to face a new threat in the National Congress party which is expected to be held on December 2012. If DAP like to remind BN regarding the change of mindset among rakyat, then they should be prepared to face the same thing in their party. Thus, like it or not, this old dynasty might have to accept the fact that time has change and DAP members are beginning to change their mind. Today, iron-fist leadership can no longer guarantee continuous power. Few of those who are expected to challenge Lim Guan Eng for the Secretary General post include Teng Chang Khim, Speaker for DUN Selangor and also a party committee member. It is no longer a secret that Teng Chang Khim would be few of the individuals who are brave enough to go against orders and even question actions that are taken by the highest leader of the party. He is said to be leading the group which is beginning to doubt Lim's dynasty and DAP higher leaders especially after they took over Penang. Not just about the arrogance among higher leaders, the party is also beginning to question their performance. Each of their weaknesses began to show when they first gain power considering that prior to that, all they knew were just to criticize people. Internal source told that Chang Khim's influence is not bad too. Especially with the party's hate against Lim Guan Eng which is rising from day to day which could be dangerous for the party itself. Most members became nervous, scared that if Pakatan Rakyat wins, Lim's dynasty would be even more arrogant, making it tougher for the party to bring him down. Lim and his family are well aware of this matter and they are said to be planning for ways to save themselves. But, from what I was told, there is a huge possibility that they might not be able to fight the party because they are too arrogant to accept any criticism. Thus, it is not impossible that DAP Congress this time around would be the starting point of the fall of Lim Dynasty. This may sound impossible, but the more impossible it sounds, the clearer all the iron-fist and arrogance claims regarding the family gets. And when those things are clear, it might just be possible that they would be brought down in the coming Congress.

Kedah Audit Report: Proof That PAS Cannot Rule

Most of of Audit Report on states that are ruled by Pakatan Rakyat shows various weaknesses and they do not even show any transparency nor performance that is better than Barisan Nasional unlike what they have bragged. Despite that, it does not seem wrong to say that the weakness on Kedah's administration is actually stands at its own class - the lowest between all other states because the it simply does not make sense. Even though we are well aware with PAS Kedah's bad management, the information which was revealed from the 2011 Audit is just too much. We do not understand how can a state government could possibly missed basic essentials such as contractors' license, in awarding project which cost millions of Ringgit. This matter involves 5 contractors which were responsible to run maintenance project worth RM2.55 million in 2010 and 2011 for a few Public Housing projects. Not just that the contractors were not licensed, it was also believed that they have family ties between one another. Not just that, the audit also found that RM500,000 was paid to the contractor via other company's bank account and registered number. The audit also found a few repeated claims in the same voucher for the same home at the same place, which then showed that the work which was certified to be finished was not even developed and that it does not even exist! Besides that, the audit on Logging and Farming project in Papua New Guinea also causes confusion. The criticized project which was dubbed as risky involved offshore loans worth USD44 million which was taken from Capital Investment Agency (CIA), a finance consultation company in London. We do not know how and why, such big loan was signed by the Managing Director of the project without even getting any approval from the Board of Directors. Even payments had been made to the consultation company as well as legal fees even though the project was cancelled. The Audit also found that loan worth RM3.01 million from 5 other companies to cover the cost in Papua New Guinea has been made by the Managing Director without any approval from the Board of Directors and the loan was taken without any agreement nor a complete support document. The same thing goes to Projek 99 East in Langkawi which caused Kedah Corp. Berhad suffer huge loss only on such illogical excuse where they had broken the agreement, without any concrete reason. I do not want to say as much, but all of these would be enough for us to know how PAS rule. What we can see here would be the values of cronyism, corruption, incompetence and weakness for the whole of PAS Kedah's administration system. As if they do not have a clear system regarding approval for projects which then lead to people putting aside the state government and the Chief Minister in making decision including using rakyat's money worth millions of Ringgit. This also proves that Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak's leadership means nothing to them or perhaps he does not know anything about his state such as who is spending the state's money, for what it is spent and the result. Overall of the audit also show drastic fall in excess income from more than RM20 million in 2010 to only around RM2 million for 2011. The excuse which was given was then they money was used to cover administrative cost. But, it seems that most of the money had been used for projects that are risky and costly that they finally failed, all because of such weak administration and corruption as well as cronyism. Rakyat of Kedah should push for a further investigation to be imposed against those who had cost such huge loss for the state.

PR's Budget Ignored Islam

The recent Budget presentation as well as the Audit Report yesterday has been receiving positive responses from every side. In a way, this can be seen as increasing rakyat's confidence towards Barisan Nasional.
It has now been proven that Barisan Nasional is not a party which only talks because it is clear that every promises have been fulfilled and every programs have been implemented like how it was planned.
All of these can be proven through the performance value and the financial state of the federal government.
Barisan Nasional also did not become hypocrite such as using beautiful slogans, trying to picture that the party is clean from any sins. Barisan Nasional also has never described itself as a party which has the magic to control market prices within a blink of an eye.
The Budget which was presented by BN was budget that is based on reality and based on the party's capacity and the state of the global economy like what was proven through the Audit Report.
Even though BN is not tied with the description of being pure like Pakatan Rakyat, Budget that was presented by BN would still consider all of religion's teachings in planning the development of this country.
PR previously criticized BN for putting aside Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR) in this current Budget. PR's hypocrisy is simply sickening especially fi we are to look at the party in issues such as murtad, including the usage of the word Allah SWR by non-Muslims and Bibles in Bahasa Melayu which they support.
If the matter of akidah is small to them, what qualifies PR to question other matters regarding Islam to other people?
Muslims also need to understand that knowledge in Islam does not revolve around the religion alone. It was even stressed in the Quran that the task of mankind is to look out for knowledge in various aspect of life such as science, astronomy, mathematics etc. That is why it is right for the government to combine all subjects in education including religious studies in the national budget.
Meanwhile, religious development in the other hand should not only revolve around ibadah such as zakat or haj, but it should be as a whole such as combating poverty which could lead people to become 'kufur' among Muslims, in terms of social and crime which is rising.
Despite that, BN's Budget still ensures that all ibadah matters are included in the budget, they include:
1. Yayasan Wakaf Malaysia, under Jabatan Wakaf Zakat dan Haji which is responsible in drafting the master plan for Corporate Wakaf by taking into account the legal structure of Islamic states.
2. SME Bank with cooperation with Bank Pembangunan Islam will provide Halal Industry Fund worth RM200 million to cover the cost of PKS's working capital.
3. Future haj pilgrims who contribute with EPF, can now be allowed to withdraw their savings to cover the cost of their pilgrimage up to the maximum RM3,000.
But, these things do not have to be 'preched' as much because it has been part of BN's principals which highly respects the constitution which puts Islam as the official religion.
The question here is regarding PR's Budget and their critic towards BN which is not consistent with the image which they are bringing. Perhaps PR supporters had missed the fact that PR did not even mention anything about Islamic development in their Alternative Budget?
This is not surprising because PR has never mentioned their intention to defend Islam if they are to rule. Instead, they simply made the statement to unite or be fair to all race and religion.
That is why PR do not dare to put any Islamic clause in their Budget. Development of mosques, Islamic education not fund for Islamic development never really became any of their focus.
Thus, their negative comment towards BN was simply a joke if it is not sickening. Especially when PR, which is known to be the backbone for SUARAM and BERSIH which becomes the agents in spreading liberal understanding. There is no way that PR would include Islamic development in their budget even if they are receiving funds from Jewish branches who are from radical liberalists.