Thursday, November 26, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha


Don't stop dad from quitting, says Nik Aziz's son

The speculation that a transition of power would soon take place in Kelantan has intensified, with menteri besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat's son airing his thoughts about his father's retirement.
According to Nik Abduh, who is also PAS Youth exco member, nobody should stop Nik Aziz from relinquishing his post.
"My father is old and weary. He has given his best. If one day, he discloses his wish to resign, let there be no fools who would tell him not to do so," he added in his blog.
Nik Aziz, 78, has been the menteri besar for the past 19 years. The venerated Muslim scholar is also PAS' spiritual advisor.
Prior to this, there were suggestions that the veteran politician name his successor in order to prevent a power tussle in the state when he steps down.
Previously, Kelantan PAS deputy commissioner Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said that a planned transition of power process would ensure stability in the party.
Following this, senior state exco Husam Musa, who is known to be close to Nik Aziz and has often described the menteri besar as a mentor and father figure, was touted as a possible successor.
However, Husam said that he is not interested in the post and does not wish to be linked to the issue.
Another name floating about is Kelantan deputy menteri besar Ahmad Yakob, who was also endorsed by Husam as a 'better candidate' for the post.
Nik Abduh, who had just returned from a PAS Youth camp in Sepang, also conceded that the resignation rumours are causing tremors in the state's political landscape.
In an obvious reference to Husam, he said there is also talk about the resignation of a leader who is 'loved' by his father.
Meanwhile, Nik Abduh also defended his brother-in-law Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, the former chief executive officer of the Menteri Besar Incorporated (PMBK) who was accused of financial mismanagement.
Ariffahmi, who is being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), resigned from his post after being told to do so by Nik Aziz.
Nik Abduh also lashed out at PMBK's former corporate communications executive Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, who was fired by Ariffahmi on Nov 11.
Syed Azidi later exposed the alleged financial irregularities in his blog, called 'Kickdafella'.
Nik Abduh described Syed Azidi's blog posting as 'punishment through words' and likened the blogger to a 'judge who metes out punishment in a state of intoxication.'
The menteri besar's son also criticised some of Nik Aziz's aides, who were more interested in cleaning their own names and "leaving my father confused and stuck in a trap"
Apart from this, Nik Abduh also announced his intention to quit all his political positions as well as a Kota Bharu councillor next year.
This is in order to open a 'new chapter,' he said.

tunku : of course only fools will tell nik aziz not to retire.he should have retired long time ago but what a way to run away after all his misdeeds exposed. i guess he understand that the longer he stays, more will come out which will put him in deep trouble. anyway if it is true that he's resigning,it's a very good news to MALAYSIA.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Police Deny Anwar's Claim Over Ceramah Cancellation

JOHOR BAHARU, Nov 24 (Bernama) -- The police Tuesday denied that they had been prompted by Umno to cancel a "ceramah" (talk) attended by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Kulai two days ago.
"Kulaijaya district police chief Supt Zulkefly Yahya said the police had not approved the permit for the ceramah and had also not taken instructions from Umno as alleged by Anwar.
"As the district police chief, I had not approved the permit, and I advised the organiser not to go ahead with the ceramah but my advice was ignored," he said in a statement issued here.
Zulkefly said the permit was denied owing to factors associated with security and public order, besides averting slander by certain people which could confuse the audience.
Newspapers reported today that Anwar had written in his blog that the ceramah was cancelled because the permit issued was withdrawn after a protest by 30 Umno Youth members.
He reportedly said that he was able to speak for only four minutes before the audience dispersed.

tunku : by right no permit should be given to the melodrama queen of moron to give speech in public place as it would put his life in danger.anwar claimed that his life is in danger.someone is trying to harm him and that was the reason he ran to turkey embassy.remember the scene? the police have to make sure of his safety and don't allow him in any public gathering.taste your own medicine anwar the moron.

No forgiveness for Chin Peng, says Muhyiddin

PUTRAJAYA: The government is sticking to its earlier decision in rejecting the return of former Malayan Communist Party (MCP) secretary-general Chin Peng to the country, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
As it had stated earlier, the government was sensitive to the sentiments of the people who were still angry over the terrorist acts committed by the communist leader during the emergency years, he told reporters after chairing the 7th Meeting of the National Minerals Council, here Tuesday.
He said this when asked to comment on the apology by the former MCP leader published by a local English daily Monday.
However, if there was any change in the decision, the matter must be discussed again at the Cabinet meeting but the earlier decision remained.
"As of now, there is no forgiveness for you (Tiada Maaf Bagimu)," he said. - Bernama

tunku : only those who are the descendant of the communist wants the government to forgive chin peng.they themselves still carrying the ideology(communist). they do not care or bothered the feelings of those whose family had been tortured and killed by these people.think about those who were killed by chin peng and his army.think about the police,army and the people who were killed.the citizenship of those who are trying to bring back chin peng to Malaysia should be stripped off.yes,TIADA MAAF BAGIMU KOMUNIS.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mukhriz: I'm ready if Umno picks me for Kota Siputeh

Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said he was "willing" to contest the Kota Siputeh by-election if asked to do so by the Umno leadership.
The Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister is being widely speculated to be Barisan Nasional's candidate for the by-election.
"I'm willing if the leadership decides so. Even if I am not picked, I will put in 100% to help Barisan win.
"The machinery is actually moving already, making preparations if the decision is not in a favour and we have to face the by-election.," he said.

Umno to appeal against Kota Siputeh seat vacancy on Tuesday

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno will appeal against the High Court declaration that the Kota Siputeh state seat was vacant at the Court of Appeals on Tuesday.
Umno information chief Ahmad Mazlan, while acknowledging that the party was running out of time to keep the state seat, said they would file the appeal through legal adviser Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun.
"We are short of time. Can a decision be arrived at (by the Court of Appeals) Tuesday itself?" he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.
Should the decision not go Umno's way, Ahmad said they could still file an appeal at the Federal Court.
"But the Election Commission (EC) has to make an announcement (of the vacancy) by Wednesday, otherwise it will be in contempt of court.
"Maybe the EC can proceed while we continue with our appeal. This is unprecedented, so we have to study the technicalities," he said.
Meanwhile, he said Umno had proceeded with preparations for the by-election.
"Kota Siputeh is Umno's territory. We want to continue the winning spirit of Bagan Pinang, but we don't want to be overconfident either," he said.

tunku : mukhriz said it right when he said he is ready if selected and if not he is still ready 100% to help BN's win in Kota Siputeh.that is the spirit.the best for mukhriz is to stay put where he is today and keep doing the good job both at his constituency and ministry.
meanwhile, i think Umno should not appeal and let's have a fight in Kota Siputeh and wins it.a win in Kota Siputeh will be a turning point for Umno in Kedah.this will set the direction for the coming GE.i don't agree when it is said that Kota Siputeh is Umno's stronghold as the margin is too little.Abu Hassan won only by 495 votes which is too will be a tough fight for Umno in Kota Siputeh as Jerlun has lots of pas supporters.Abu Hassan should let it go gracefully and help the BN's machinery without any hesitation.afterall he is the one who made the mistake here.we know that he is welcome there but he should know that he has to sacrifice the seat, at least for now.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Karpal: Office hours ruling for cops as well

GEORGE TOWN: Veteran lawyer Karpal Singh has disputed Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan's statement that the High Court ruling confining the interrogation of witnesses to office hours is not applicable to the police.
Karpal said the police, more than the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), were bound by the ruling in accordance with Rule 20 of the Lock-up Rules 1953.
He said specific provisions in Rule 20 stated that suspects must be placed in the lock-up between 6.30pm and 6.30am.
"This is a clear ruling that suspects cannot be questioned or interrogated at such times. If such protection is granted to suspects, there is no reason why it should not be extended to witnesses," he said.
Karpal, who is also the MP for Bukit Gelugor, said there was no reason for police to interrogate witnesses at unearthly hours as this was tantamount to torture.
He cited a High Court judgment in the murder case involving former Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Mokhtar Hashim where a co-accused was set free after the judge ruled that the cautioned statement recorded by the police was inadmissable.
"In that case, the judge ruled that the police had breached Rule 20 of the Lock-up Rules when recording the cautioned statement as it was done at odd hours.
"Therefore, the IGP should be cautious in making statements regarding the High Court ruling on the interrogation of witnesses," he said, adding Musa should be well advised to abide by the recent High Court ruling.
Karpal said those in accordance with the Public Authorities Protection Act 1948.
Musa was reported to have said the High Court ruling confining the interrogation of witnesses to office hours was not applicable to the police and that the force had not received any instructions on the matter.
On Thursday, in the lawsuit brought by Kajang municipal councillor Tan Boon Wah challenging MACC's interrogation procedures, Judicial Commissioner Mohammad Ariff Md Yusof ruled that the MACC could only interrogate witnesses between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

tunku : if these rulings are not changed then for the force to complete their cases will take ages.with 24hours we have to wait for so long for them to complete the case what if it is only during office hours.all the officers will not be able to move around during office hours as they will have to limit their time interrogating suspects only.the government(kdn) should reevaluate these ruling and change them asap.this old pathetic lawyer now suggesting that those who were subjected to interrogation at odd hours by the police in the last three years could file suits against the force.he is encouraging those criminals to sue the force.of course he wants them to sue the police as he will get massive business from them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

As Expected Kelantan PAS Will Not Interfere In Nik Aziz Issues

KOTA BAHARU, Nov 21 (Bernama) -- The Kelantan PAS does not want to interfere in the issues that Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is embroiled in because they have nothing to do with politics.
Its secretary, Mohd Zaki Ibrahim, said the party was confident that Nik Aziz was capable of resolving the issue which involved his son-in-law Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman's appointment as chief executive officer of Kelantan Menteri Besar Incorporated (PMBK) and Nik Aziz's acceptance of a sponsored haj pilgrimage.
"The Kelantan PAS has never discussed these issues because they are not political issues but administrative problems that Tok Guru (Nik Aziz) can resolve as menteri besar,"he told reporters after the party's liaison meeting here.
Nik Aziz, who chaired the meeting refused to meet reporters, saying that he was not well.
Mohd Zaki also dismissed rumours about Abdul Ariffahmi resigning as PMBK CEO and about the resignation of a senior state executive councillor as reported in certaing, saying that if they were true, today's meeting would have discussed them.
Kelantan PAS deputy commissioner Datuk Husam Musa did not attend the meeting. He was reported to be undergoing treatment at a hospital.

tunku : why it is nothing to do with politics.nik aziz is in politics and in the government.why they close (not an eye) but both eyes on this issue.just because it is concerning their tok guru and his son in-law and let haram things become double standard of pas.pas new slogan should be : Now Everyone Can Receive Sponsor.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Husam claims conspiracy against him

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 – Kelantan executive councillor Datuk Husam Musa claimed today that there was a conspiracy to have him removed from the state government.
“There have been efforts to drive a wedge between me and Tok Guru,” said Husam (picture) referring to Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.
“I am fully aware of the conspiracy against me,” he told The Malaysian Insider.
Rumours were rife yesterday that Nik Aziz was considering removing Husam from the state administration following the actions of his former aide, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz.
Syed Azidi was a corporate liaison officer at the Kelantan Mentri Besar Corporation (PMBK) until he was sacked early this month.
His removal was followed by a public argument between him and the PMBK CEO Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, who is also the son-in-law of Nik Aziz.
Yesterday, Syed Azidi claimed that Nik Aziz had ordered Ariffahmi, who is under Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) investigation, to leave PMBK to avoid further embarrassment to the state administration.
Ariffahmi had denied the allegations, claiming that Syed Azidi was trying to pressure Nik Aziz.
Rumours of Husam’s removal surfaced soon after Syed Azidi made the claim that Nik Aziz would announce Arrifahmi’s resignation yesterday.
“I know Tok Guru will not do that as he is a very rational man,” Husam told The Malaysian Insider.
He refused to say if Ariffahmi was behind the attempt to kick him out of the state government.
“They are outsiders, trying to get me, eventually the target is Tok Guru, and then they will move in to topple the PAS government,” said Husam.
Meanwhile, the Kelantan PAS liaison committee will convene a special meeting tomorrow morning and is expected to discuss the latest crisis in the state government.

tunku : looks like the pro anwar group is tasting their own poison which the prepare for the pro unity government earlier. the attacks now is going on the other direction and husam with typical pas mentality blaming it on outsiders.may be husam is the want behind ariffahmi's case and tok guru,the mudalilul am(penyesat umum) of pas wants to get rid of him.husam should not worry as the master moron melodrama queen anwar will help him should he be sacked from the state government.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nik Aziz’s son-in-law dismisses quit rumours

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 — The CEO of Kelantan Mentri Besar Corporation (PMBK), Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, today dismissed rumours that he has been directed by Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to resign.
“That is not true,” the son-in-law to the Kelantan mentri besar told The Malaysian Insider.
“I meet Tok Guru every day, he told me to remain calm as this is part of jihad, there was no discussion on my resignation,” said Ariffahmi whose appointment has resulted in criticism against Nik Aziz.
But the Kelantan mentri besar had repeatedly defended Ariffahmi’s appointment, saying that his son-in-law is qualified to hold the position.
Yesterday, the former corporate liaison officer of the state investment arm, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, wrote in his blog that Nik Aziz at a meeting with Ariffahmi on Tuesday had asked the latter to leave PMBK.
However, Syed Azidi added, Ariffahmi had refused to resign and left for Kuala Lumpur soon after the meeting.
“But I am sure that Ariffahmi will agree to Tok Guru’s demand, what he needs now is transition period,” he wrote in his blog.
“Maybe he was misinformed, or maybe he created the story to pressure Tok Guru,” Ariffahmi told The Malaysian Insider.
He added that he left Kota Baru after the meeting with Nik Aziz to attend to family matters in Kuala Lumpur.
Ariffahmi, who was appointed PMBK CEO two months ago, is currently under Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigation for alleged abuse of power and Syed Azidi’s dismissal is said to be related to the investigations.
Ariffahmi, however, insisted that the sacking which took place two weeks ago had nothing to do with the MACC probe.
Soon after his dismissal, Syed Azidi demanded Ariffahmi’s resignation, calling him a liability to the PAS-led government.

tunku : there is no corruption in pas dictionary.they called it sponsorship and to get sponsor it is called jihad.that's why nik aziz told his son in-law to calm down and carry on getting all the sponsorships as this is part of their jihad.hope that the people will open their eyes and see the devil hiding behind these so called ulamak.for them everything is halal even though it's haram.when it comes to Umno even though it's halal, they'll say that it's haram.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

PPSMI IS A FAILURE : More score As in Maths and Science in UPSR 2009

PUTRAJAYA: The number of pupils obtaining As in Mathematics and Science has increased in the UPSR 2009, says Education director-general Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom.
As for the aptitude test held for first time for Year Six pupils, he said, it was found that the pupils have better thinking skills than solving problems and making decisions.
"The number of pupils scoring all As increases to 9.51 per cent this year compared to 9.19 per cent last year.
"The number of those with good achievement (minimum C) increases to 63.03 per cent compared to 62.56 per cent last year while the percentage of those with all Es declined to 0.64 per cent compared to 0.66 per cent last year," he told a news conference.
There were 506,620 pupils who sat for the UPSR this year compared to 507,320 last year.
He said that rural candidates also showed an improvement although they still lagged behind their urban counterparts. "Overall, the gap between rural and urban pupils is narrowing. This can be seen in the contraction in the overall achievement disparity between rural and urban pupils," he said. He said that the gap between rural and urban pupils achieving excellent results this year was 3.64 per cent compared to 4.22 per cent last year. The gap for good performance between the two areas is 5.55 per cent this year compared to 6.25 per cent last year.
In terms of subject, Tamil language showed a strong improvement in the number of students obtaining Grade A, which is 3.6 per cent, while Mathematics also showed a strong increase, which is 4.2 per cent.

tunku : i don't think this is true, the ministry said that PPSMI failed and if it a failed policy then how can more students score As in Maths and Science ??? muhyiddin wake up and listen to us out here.we want PPSMI to continue.

One more vote for Dr M being made senior minister

KUALA LUMPUR: The suggestion to appoint Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a senior minister, if accepted, would enable the former prime minister to state his views directly to the Cabinet, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin said.
“I believe the people will support this, except of course the Opposition,“ he told reporters on Wednesday.
He was asked to comment on the call by Risda chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik Tuesday that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak consider appointing Dr Mahathir as a senior minister in the Cabinet.
Abdul Rahim said that although retired, Dr Mahathir was still an influential figure and had been receiving invitations to talk at many international forums.
Lajim said it was up to the Prime Minister to consider the proposal.
Dr Mahathir, who led Malaysia for 22 years until his retirement in October 2003, is now penning his thoughts at his blog. -- Bernama

tunku : i don't think Tun Dr Mahathir is keen to be a senior minister.if he wanted to be one he had been as a senior minister just after he stepped down as pm.he told several times that he is not interested in any official post but if the government needs his help/opinion he's willing to contribute at any time.what the government should do is to set up a think tank which includes Tun Dr Mahathir and other retired senior top government officers,economist,academicians,businessman etc to assist in giving ideas/thoughts/plans/advice etc to the government.they have plenty of valuable experiences that government needs.that will be the best medium for Tun Dr Mahathir to give his ideas and also advice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DBP Looking For Authors To Write Science, Mathematics And Bahasa Melayu Books

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17 (Bernama) -- The Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) is currently looking for authors to write primary school text books for science, mathematics and Bahasa Melayu.
Deputy Education minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said the ministry was working towards preparing the text books early before the implementation of teaching science and mathematics in Malay.
"DBP is looking for authors who meet the criteria and those interested can contact DBP," he told reporters after opening an International seminar on Linguistics and Bahasa Melayu Culture here on Tuesday.
He added that the implementation of the policy to replace the teaching of science and mathematics from English to Malay can be brought forward from 2012 to 2011 if the restructuring of the syllabus, curriculum and printing of text books can be completed early.
Mohd Puad added that the use of Bahasa Melayu must also be adopted as a culture by leaders because the process of enhancing the use of Bahasa Melayu in schools alone was not enough to achieve the nation's objective.

tunku : change the policy then only looking for authors to write those two subjects in Bahasa Malaysia, what a brilliant way to do thing.this is what happened when you implement something without doing thorough studies and asking public opinion on it. for other things always seek public opinion but for PPSMI just scrapped it when the government knows that majority wants it.pity our students, they will again be left behind in maths and science.they can even get authors , just imagine.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anwar Was The Dumbest @ Moron Finance Minister

Anwar Sebagai Punahsihat Ekonomi.

With the courtesy of

By Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

1. Saya ucap taniah kepada Kerajaan Negeri Selangor kerana berjaya menganugerahkan Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim dengan jawatan penasihat ekonomi dengan bayaran hanya RM1 setahun.

2. Mungkin kepimpinan Kerajaan Selangor tidak tahu akan prestasi Dato Seri Anwar sebagai Menteri Kewangan Kerajaan Pusat diwaktu krisis kewangan melanda Malaysia.

3. Dia begitu taksub dengan Dana Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF - International Monetary Fund) dan Bank Dunia sehingga menerima bulat-bulat nasihat Michel Camdessus (pengarah urusan IMF) dan James Wolfensohn (presiden Bank Dunia dan sahabat karibnya) supaya negara ini mengurangkan perbelanjaan Kerajaan untuk mencapai surplus, menaikkan faedah pinjaman bank dengan tinggi supaya peniaga kekeringan modal dan tidak dapat berniaga, memendekkan masa untuk membayar hutang bank daripada enam bulan kepada tiga bulan untuk menjadikan yang berhutang muflis dan bank dibeban dengan hutang tak berbayar (non-performing loans), supaya bank tidak dapat berfungsi dan memerlukan suntikan modal dan bermacam lagi tindakan yang melemahkan dan memburukkan lagi ekonomi negara ini supaya terpaksa mendapat bantuan IMF dan Bank Dunia dengan syarat ekonomi Malaysia diserahkan kepada institusi-institusi ini.

4. Jika pentadbiran ekonomi Malaysia diserahkan kepada IMF maka Dasar Ekonomi Baru akan dihapuskan.

5. Tindakan Anwar ini dikenali dalam akhbar-akhbar sebagai pengamalan dasar IMF tanpa IMF - iaitu tanpa apa-apa bantuan kewangan daripada IMF.

6. Dengan dasar yang diperkenal oleh Dato Seri Anwar maka keadaan ekonomi menjadi lebih buruk dan Ringgit Malaysia jatuh lagi nilainya.

7. Jelas sekali Anwar tidak faham sama sekali pengurusan kewangan dan ekonomi negara.

8. Kuasanya keatas kewangan dan ekonomi terpaksa dipindah kepada Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Negara (MTEN), sebuah jawatankuasa dan think tank yang ditubuh untuk menangani masalah kesusutan nilai Ringgit dan ekonomi negara.

9. MTEN-lah yang mencipta currency control atau kawalan matawang dan menyekat CLOB (Central Limit Order Book - pasaran saham haram yang ditubuhkan di Singapura) supaya segala perniagaan Ringgit oleh penyangak matawang dan penjualan saham Malaysia dalam CLOB ditamatkan.

10. Tindakan MTEN ini berjaya memulihkan ekonomi dan kewangan negara.

11. Mungkin sikap Gabenor Bank Negara dan Timbalan Gabenor yang cuba mengagalkan currency control tidak ada kena mengena dengan Dato Seri Anwar. Tetapi hakikatnya ialah kedua-dua pegawai ini terletak dibawah bidangkuasa Menteri Kewangan.

12. Saya berdoa Kerajaan Selangor tidak akan dipermainkan oleh Penasihat Ekonominya.

tunku : this is so obvious anwar's motive is to whack everything out of Selangor before BN takes over.selangor government does not have money right now but pkr has it.the previous government left RM1.4billion cash but all gone by the wind. then they will quickly put the blame on the previous government as usual. well paying in peanuts, you get monkey for the service.but that is not the real motive here, the motive is to make money as much as possible.that is why the moron recently called a challenge to BN than pakatan will keep ruling in Selangor and will defeat BN in the next doing this people will take their eye off from what they will be doing but to concentrate on baseless allegations against the government and their propaganda.above notes by Tun Dr Mahathir explained in detail how anwar's performance when he was the Finance Minsiter.this dumbest and moron was the worst ever finance minister had by Malaysia till today,second comes pak lah.

Monday, November 16, 2009

KJ will be included in Najib's cabinet soon.....

There is strong speculation going on that KJ will be included in the cabinet reshuffle soon. The speculation said that he will be made a deputy minister of higher learning or a full minister.If this speculation turn out to be true, Najib will be making a big mistake then.
We have heard many rumours those "budak tingkat 4" making a comeback lately especially with Omar Ong's appointment as executive director of petronas and the possibilty of Zaki Zahid's appointment as CEO of MRCB.
While Umno and BN are struggling to make a comeback which they are on the right track now, with KJ's appointment it will only bring disaster to Umno and make all the efforts goes down the drain.
So Mr Prime Minister, please do not make the mistake here and make life difficult for those who are working day and night to make sure that BN gets the 2/3 majority back. If KJ is included in the cabinet many voters and supporters will shy away from Umno and BN.Think carefully Najib, we know that it is your prerogative to appoint anyone but look at the history and learn from it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zaid's big mouth angers "boss".

Anwar: Zaid’s suggestion ‘just a personal view’

IPOH: Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has dismissed Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s suggestion that PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat helm Pakatan Rakyat after its registration as merely his personal view.
Commenting on the PKR political bureau member’s blog that Anwar should “sacrifice” himself to make way for Nik Abdul Aziz to lead Pakatan, Anwar said the matter had never been raised within the leadership council.
“If it is a serious suggestion, of course, we can deliberate on it and listen to the reasons and arguments.
“But for now, it is just a personal view,” he told reporters after opening PKR’s 10th anniversary convention here yesterday.
Anwar added that he had spoken to PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and both had confirmed that the issue never cropped up.
“But if they raise it, I am prepared.
“I think Umno will be very happy to see this discussed,” Anwar added.
Meanwhile, Anwar also dismissed claims by former PKR Youth executive council member Zamil Ibrahim that a significant number of elected representatives had expressed their wish to leave the party.
“Most of these statements are from people who already left the party six years ago and who are now quite rich.
“Why should I entertain them?” Anwar said, claiming that it was just an Umno ploy to try to create uncertainty within PKR.
“This is not new. They are using the same script and we are prepared,” he added.
Zamil was reported as saying that some representatives had expressed concerns over their political future and PKR’s survival with Anwar’s sodomy trial coming up and claims that he was playing favourites in the party.

tunku : the master moron melodrama queen is angry on why zaid suggested nik aziz to be the chairman of pakatan(till now not officially formed yet). of course the moron wants to be the chairman and not the senile old man. the best part he asked hadi awang and lim kit siang, of course they won't agree to it. on the other note, typically anwar, any turmoil in his party he blames it on is the easiest way to answer to any problems.keep doing that as it is good for Umno as they will not be able to solve any problems within their party.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

KJ & Azmin : Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Khairy Wants Explanation From Azmin Over RM8 Million Shares Purchase

SEREMBAN, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said on Saturday Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Azmin Ali should explain an allegation over the purchase of RM8-million worth of shares raised by Malaysian Indian Youth Development Foundation chairman S.A. Vigneswaran.
"It is not wrong to buy shares, but an explanation is necessary as to how the purchase was financed. He must have an answer and an explanation, and we are waiting for the explanation," he said.
Khairy spoke to reporters after he had launched a consumer campaign to cultivate one's own vegetables to save cost, organised by the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca), at the Taman Tuanku Ja'afar community hall in Sungai Gadut near here.
He was asked to comment on the allegation by Vigneswaran on the purchase of shares worth RM8 million involving three individuals, including Azmin, in the early 1990s as reported in several newspapers on Saturday.
Khairy, who is the Member of Parliament for Rembau, said he hoped that Azmin would not remain silent as the matter was associated with his credibility.
"The Barisan Nasional (BN) government has been accused of many things. As such, it is not wrong if we ask for the same form of accountability to be applied by the opposition leaders," he said.
On Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim appointing PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the economic advisor to the state, Khairy said this showed the inability of the Selangor government to manage its own economy and having to appoint someone from outside.

tunku : we knew from where azmi got the money, well everyone knows it, its from anwar.remember shamsidar.......understood. what about your shares kj....ecm libra etc? next time before opening your stinking mouth kj, have a good look of yourself first.

Anwar worth RM1

Selangor appoints Anwar as adviser for RM1 a month

SHAH ALAM: Selangor has appointed PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as economic adviser to the state with a token monthly allowance of RM1 with immediate effect.
Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said Anwar had consented and his appointment letter would be ready at the coming state executive council meeting.
He said the move was part of the state government’s efforts to improve the economic status of the state and moving toward making Shah Alam into an Islamic capital.
Khalid said Anwar was an experienced person for the post as he had been the Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister as well as director for a fund management company in United States as well as adviser for a large Islamic bank in Europe.
He said the state needed a person with such experience with no ties to the state administration.
When asked why Anwar accepted with only RM1 for the job, Khalid said it would be a charitable contribution from Anwar.
He added that Anwar would liaise with the Mentri Besar office directly.

tunku : another melodrama by the melodrama queen.after more than a year with no positive result, now wants to create new drama.charitable is not in anwar's dictionary.....there is huge kickbacks waiting for him behind the scenes.shah alam an Islamic capital, what a joke. Islamic capital can't be having a beer factory.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New "Fatwa" by Nik Aziz.

Nik Aziz cancels haj following negative reports

KOTA BARU: Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has decided to cancel his haj (pilgrimage) to Mecca on Nov 18 following negative media coverage because a sponsor was paying RM65,000 for it.
The PAS spiritual adviser, who according to some reports was being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission over the sponsorship, told this to hundreds of his followers who had gathered at a street here on Friday for his weekly kuliah (lecture).
He said those who had slandered him would be answerable to God.
Earlier this week, he said it was all right to accept sponsorships from individuals to perform the haj, saying that this was not an act of corruption.

tunku : new version now, can accept sponsorship, its not corruption. anybody can accept it in the name of "sponsorship".new fatwa by nik aziz. pas members will have to abide by this fatwa now and everyone can accept "sponsorship" from now on.hope the sprm won't take any action against anyone accepting "sponsorship". we can accept if someone sponsors poor man to perform haj, but for a company to sponsor a menteri besar it's out of mind. one more thing why nik aziz has to cancel his haj, just return back the money or donate it and go for haj using his own money.this shows that this old senile man is a corrupted ulamak and full of crap.

Bridge Project Across Melaka Straits To Continue - Ali Rustam

MELAKA, Nov 12 (Bernama) -- The bridge project spanning 35km across the Straits of Melaka between Melaka and Dumai, Sumatra will continue despite objections from detractors, the state assembly was told Thursday.
Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said Exim Bank of China had reportedly agreed to finance 85 per cent of the RM44 billion project while the remaining 15 per cent would be raised by private companies involved.
He was replying to a motion to shelve the project tabled by Khoo Poay Tiong (DAP-Ayer Keroh).
Khoo said the project was not practical and it would be better for the state government to find ways to improve the ferry and air services between Melaka and Sumatra.
"Definitely the bank from China wants a government guarantee before proceeding with the funding and if the project failed, the government will also be at risk," he added.
Mohd Ali said the project had received a greenlight from the Sumatran authority and it had been deliberated at the Malay World Islamic World and the Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle (IMTGT) conferences.
A proposal on the bridge project had been submitted to the Economic Planning Unit, he said, adding that the bridge would stimulate economic activities between the peninsular and Sumatra.
The motion was rejected by the house.
The sitting was adjourned until a date to be fixed later.

tunku : ali rustam must be out of his mind.first thing is do we need to spend unnecessarily such a huge sum of money when we need other urgent developments in the country? second,is it worth it to make easy access for the indonesian illegal immigrants? the bridge will benefit the indonesia more than us.we hope EPU will not approve it.

'Friends of Barisan Nasional' group in the offing

Malaysians can expect a vigorous and all-inclusive Barisan Nasional in the near future as the necessary steps to turn BN into a more relevant political institution have been initiated.
Various fresh “out of the box” initiatives are in the works but for a start, BN is mulling the setting up of a “Friends of Barisan Nasional” affiliate, comprising BN-friendly non-governmental organisations and political parties.
BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said the idea was to create a platform for individuals and organisations keen on supporting and working with BN.
“We are trying to put forward this concept for those who are not keen on joining BN component parties but strongly believe and support our struggle towards building a better Malaysia for all.
“Such groups and individuals could join the ‘Friends of BN’ and be with us,” he said when contacted yesterday.
Tengku Adnan said BN was looking at the possibility of adjusting the coalition’s constitution to accommodate the proposed changes which might also consider the possibility of introducing a direct membership mechanism.
Tengku Adnan said the “Friends of BN”was a noble initiative to ensure a greater participation aimed at serving the people better.
“We are not talking about seats.
It is not all about winning elections but more about being inclusive and understanding the rakyat’s needs and aspirations.
“Becoming election candidates or holding positions in BN should not be in the picture if like-minded groups are sincere in wanting to be of service to the people,” he said.
“Even Pas or DAP might want to join the ‘Friends of BN’,” Te n g k u Adnan said in jest, adding that the ruling coalition was currently looking at the legal aspects of the concept before putting it forward to the party’s supreme council.
He said under the proposal, “Friends of BN” r e p r e s e n t at i ve s might be included in the BN’s brainstorming sessions on how best to serve the rakyat.
“BN cannot afford to be complacent.
It has towork hard, serve the people and move with the times,” he said adding that it was part of the re-branding process initiated by BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. It was understood that Najib started the ball rolling for the necessary reforms in the 13-party ruling coalition when he was heading the BN Management Committee under the previous leadership.
The main focus was to look into the details in terms of the structure and conditions, of setting up a platform for greater participation in BN.
Several leaders from BN component parties were fully supportive of the “Friends of BN” concept, agreeing that the initiative was in the best interest of the rakyat.
Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Information chief Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum said the BN has always been open to new ideas.
“Since even enemies who realised their folly are welcomed in BN, what more if they are our friends,” he said.
Kalabakan Umno chief Datuk Seri Abdul Ghapur Salleh said it would be a good idea to include the NGOs in the government’s policy making processes.
Echoing his views was MIC vicepresidentDatuk Dr S.Subramaniam who said the people stand to benefit if BN works together with the bodies under the “Friends of BN”.
Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said “Friends of BN” was a good way for BN to work with NGOs and other political parties in order to reach out to the people.
“It’s a good concept. We welcome it,” he said.

tunku : this is a very good move by BN. they have to get involved with each and everyone,each and every group etc.the more they get closer to people the more the will understand the needs of the people.these 'friends' can meet few times in a year with the BN supreme council members to discuss things and give ideas and suggestions etc.while pas,pkr and dap still thinking of forming pakatan rakyat officially, BN has move forward by creating friends of's good to have NGOs that can help and give ideas and feedback to the government rather than being thorn to the government.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who's the liar in Pas ?

Sacked Kelantan officer willing to ‘spill the beans’

KOTA BARU: The sacked corporate liaison officer of the Kelantan Mentri Besar Corporation has threatened to “tell all” about the alleged abuse of power and financial mismanagement by its chief executive officer.
Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, popularly known as the blogger Kickdefella, said he was ready to spill the beans on the inside stories of the corporation under its chief executive officer Abdul Ariffahmi Abd Rahman, who is Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’s son-in-law.
At a press conference in front of the corporation’s office along Jalan Kuala Krai on Wednesday, Syed Azidi called for Ariffahmi to step down as the CEO, as his alleged dirty dealings would tarnish Nik Abdul Aziz’s reputation and that of the state government and PAS.
“This must be exposed. His appointment as the CEO also has elements of deceit that even Nik Abdul Aziz is not aware of,” he claimed.
Syed Azidi, who joined the corporation in 2007, received his termination letter signed by Ariffahmi on Tuesday for allegedly lodging a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission over the management of corporation and conspiring with Barisan Nasional assemblymen.
Syed Azidi claimed that he had sensitive materials that include minutes of meetings and financial documents to back his allegations.
“This matter about the corporation is an open secret but nobody was willing to do anything because most of the officers had signed an oath of secrecy and that is why they remain tight-lipped.
“I want to clear my name and categorically state here that before I was sacked I had nothing to do with the MACC’s investigation into the alleged financial anomalies or irregularities at the corporation.
“I will continue to support Nik Abdul Aziz and at the same time make him realise that his son-in-law is a liability to him,” said Syed Azidi.
However, Ariffahmi has refuted all the accusations, saying that he had instructed his lawyers to scrutinise each word uttered by Syed Azidi.
He stressed that he was unperturbed by Syed Azidi’s remarks because “he can say anything he wants as my mind is at peace.”
“I have done no wrong,” he told reporters at his bungalow not far from his father-in-law’s house in Pulau Melaka here.
Ariffahmi also said Syed Azidi’s services were “terminated” and he was not sacked.
“Syed Azidi had signed a three-year contract with the corporation and his services were terminated because his performance was not up to the standard required by the corporation.
“But we have been generous and gave him RM20,000 as compensation,” he added.
On allegations that his appointment had violated the laws as he was the son-in-law of Nik Abdul Aziz, Ariffahmi said his appointment had been given the greenlight by the state legal adviser and had the blessings of the Kelantan PAS legal adviser.
“I have nothing to hide. I have been cooperating with the MACC. I am confident that I would be cleared of all these allegations,” he said.
On Nov 5, MACC officers seized financial documents from the corporation, which was set up to oversee the state’s economic and social development.

tunku : at last the kickdefella has been kicked himself.what a life there will be twist somewhere, somehow.anyway,what has this fella been doing all these while? only when he is "kicked" then only he's willing to spill the beans.if he's still working there, i'm sure he won't spill any beans as he will eat all the beans himself. this is the case of pot calling the kettle black.he put the Malaysian flag upside down, now his life is upside down.i wonder why his boss the liar husam didn't come to his rescue???

Zulkifli Nordin: Walk the crap

Kulim Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin, who has challenged party vice-president R. Sivarasa on Tuesday to resign within 24 hours, considers the spat between them resolved.
“For me, the matter is closed. For him, it is up to him. I have said my piece,’’ he said when met at Parliament lobby on Wednesday.
Zulkifli retracted a challenge to PKR vice-president R Sivarasa to step down from his post in deference to what he claimed are more urgent matters.
"At the end of the day, we close ranks, because we still have public enemy number one to deal with - Barisan Nasional," he said.

tunku : just after 24hours he this the same man that talk big yesterday?it's confirm that for zulkifli, party first, Islam second. it is all drama at pkr staged by the melodrama queen of moron.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nik Aziz performed haj by using sponsored money.

RM65,000 for haj is not graft, says Nik Aziz

KOTA BARU: PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat deems it all right to accept sponsorship from individuals to perform the haj, saying it is not an act of corruption.
As such, the Kelantan Mentri Besar said he would accept an all-paid-for trip at a cost of RM65,000 borne by an individual for him to go to Mecca on Nov 18, where he is expected to stay for two weeks.
Nik Aziz said he was of the opinion that sponsoring such a trip could not be deemed as a bribe, saying it would only be bribery if the person offering to pay wanted something in return.
He said he had received numerous offers from many people who were willing to pay for the trip.

tunku ; wow. rm65000 sponsor for nik aziz to perform haj. first of all, if nik aziz is "that clean",he has been the menteri besar of kelantan for 19 years and i'm sure he can afford to perform haj on his own. if he is really true "religious" he have donated the money to the poors but no why should he miss the chance of getting free trip. those who donated the money to nik aziz should have donated the money to the poors instead. for this nik aziz has to follow what rosmah did, she donated rm7million given to her by Prince Saud to the people.she could just kept the money with her.don't tell that ooo rosmah did that because she has lots of money,but hey,its not easy to just give away rm7million to others.

Take me on if you dare: Zulkifli to Sivaras

Vocal PKR parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin today challenged party vice-president R Sivarasa to quit and battle him for the top post.
"I challenge Sivarasa to step down within the next 24 hours and go against me, man to man
"Let PKR members exercise their democratic right to decide if it is the party's policy to defend the right of Islam and Muslims or otherwise," he told reporters in Parliament.
Zulkifli was responding to Sivarasa's statement in an English newspaper today that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's warning to party representatives to shape up or ship out was targeted at Zulkifli.
Among others, Sivarasa said the PKR supremo's warning was aimed at people like Zulkifli who constantly issue statements contrary to the party's stand.
The Kulim Bandar Baru MP said he would willingly quit if he lost to Sivarasa in the contest for vice-presidency.
"If I am defeated, I would leave PKR because I do not want to be aligned to a party which does not defend, uphold and fight for Islam and the rights of Muslims," he added.
'They are using Anwar'
Zulkifli alleged that "Sivarasa and the likes of him" have their own personal agenda, and are using Anwar's political clout for their own purposes.
"I hope Anwar is aware of this because the public would one day know about it, and this would tarnish the party's image," he said.
He also claimed that Sivarasa was unfit to continue as vice-president. "He is unworthy because he seems to be issuing policy statements according to his whims and fancies," he said.
Zulkifli also took a potshot at Sivarasa's background by saying that the co-founder of human rights group Suaram, was only driving the NGO agenda.
"Sivarasa and his friends only struggle on the NGO front, which is a very narrow agenda, making them the handmaidens (balachi) of NGOs," he said.
Instead, he added, Sivarasa should defend the rights of all Malaysians, including Muslims and Malays, without infringing on the rights of others.
Asked if he had tried to contact Sivarasa, Zulkifli said his calls, along with that of seven other MPs, have not been answered.
Earlier, several PKR MPs, Kamarul Baharin Abas (Teluk Kemang), Wee Chee Keong (Wangsa Maju), Yusmadi Yusoff (Balik Pulau) as well as Penang PKR chief Zahrain Mohamed Hashim defended Zulkifli.
They said Anwar's statement was not addressed to Zulkifli, and that Sivarasa himself was misquoted by the press.
Zulkifli however felt that if Sivarasa was indeed misquoted, he should have called for a press conference himself to address the issue.
"It is not my obligation to call him here. He can eat for himself, why should I spoon(feed) him?" he said.
Zulkifli also defended himself against Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad's allegation that he is a PAS reject.
According to Zulkifli, he was asked to represent PAS in Baling in the 1999 elections and Karak in 2004, but declined on both occasions.
Meanwhile, Anwar told a press conference later that he did not specifically target anyone in his warning.
"What I said was that everyone who is PKR must abide by the party's agenda and principles... no specific reference was made," he said.
The opposition leader also felt that Zulkifli had crossed the line in issuing a challenge to Sivarasa.
"I spoke to him (Zulkifli) after his press conference. I feel that he could have simply explained his position... but he went overboard with his challenge which I think was unnecessary.
"He wanted to respond to the negative perception towards him and that is not wrong, but I feel that he could have refrained from issuing a challenge," he added.
Asked if he was angry with the PKR MP over his statement, Anwar replied: "It is not fair to be angry at him because his name was singled out (in the report quoting Sivarasa)."

tunku : these pakatan members....when thing get tough for them,they blame media for misquoting their statements.the media can't be misquoting all the time.coming back to the main issue, it seems that zulkifli is another blue eyed boy of anwar.majority of pakatan members especially from pkr and dap don't agree with zulkifli but anwar is always defending him,why? God knows to others, stop telling or saying anything to zulkifli in future as he is "protected" by anwar.if he is not, i'm sure he would have been warned by anwar long time back.both mentor and protege protecting each other and others become fools in the party.listen to the youtube, pkr will start launching attack on DS Najib after they have nothing else to do.they can't serve the rakyat and can't unite well,so the best thing for them now is to divert the issue and make lies after lies to attack DS Najib.we are ready for the attack.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anwar's warning is for people like Zulkifli

PETALING JAYA: PKR leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s warning to party members to leave and join Umno is aimed at people like Zulkifli Noordin, whose actions are not in line with party policies.
PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah said Anwar’s remark was also meant for party leaders who were squabbling publicly to be more disciplined and settle their disagreements internally.
“For instance, Zulkifli attempted to table several motions in Parliament which were not in line with party policies and without consulting party leadership,” he said.
Another vice-president, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, viewed Anwar’s statement as a stern reminder to PKR leaders, especially those who were willing to cross over to Umno or other Barisan Nasional component parties.
“It might also be a way of reflecting the crisis we are facing now. The coming months are crucial to us since Barisan is mounting political attacks on PKR and Pakatan Rakyat.”
PKR strategic director Tian Chua said Anwar’s remark was a call to leaders and members to stop petty squabbles and uphold the party’s struggles for reforms, social justice and democracy.

tunku : sivarasa thinks that anwar's warning is for zulkifli.well he's 100% wrong. you think zulkifli dares to do what he does today if not getting blessing from anwar? why is zulkifli on attacking everyone mode except for his boss? this is all the melodrama set by the melodrama queen and its puppets.leave pkr asap as it is full of empty promises inside.just imagine the party's strategic director is a person who bites cops.the party's de facto leader ......all rounder.......

Dr Asri May Join Politics

Asri May Join Politics As A Platform To Preach

KOTA BAHARU, Nov 9 (Bernama) -- Former Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainol Abidin today indicated that he may join politics so that he can continue with his dakwah (preaching) activities.
Although he had no prior intention of joining politics as he was more interested in the propagation of Islamic thinking, he said, he would do so as a last resort if that could provide him with a platform to continue engaging in dakwah activities.
"If all avenues are closed and I cannot speak unless I am doing so on a political platform, then I will have to rethink my next move. I hope this won't happen," he told reporters after meeting Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat at the latter's office in Kota Darulnaim, here on Monday.
He was responding to reporters' question whether he would join politics to pursue his preaching activities following his detention by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) on Nov 2 for conducting a religious class without a certification of authority.
Meanwhile, Dr Mohd Asri denied that the meeting with Nik Abdul Aziz was a prelude of him joining politics.
He said that he met Nik Abdul Aziz a show of respect as the Kelantan menteri besar was supportive of his dakwah movement.
He also denied that he subscribed to Wahhabism, saying the accusation was not new.

tunku : that will be the biggest mistake for dr asri if he joins politics.if he join politics, his preach will be ignored and will be taken as word of a politician.just look like what had happened to nik aziz. if asri join politics, he will lose respect and he will definitely be bias. just look like the yb zul from kulim, he thinks that he is a great Muslim by telling everyone off including those from pas and dap but he never says anything about his party or his boss's sodomy dr asri, if you want to preach Islam, stay away from politics as you have the mediums to preach right now.there is no excuse for you to join a political have said that millions are visiting for blog and your ceramah at can give ceramah in most of the states in Malaysia.don't do the mistake.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Nik Aziz: ‘I woke up with my mouth full of blood.’

KOTA BARU: Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who had a health scare last week, has admitted to feeling anxious after “waking up with my mouth full of blood.”
Nik Aziz, 78, who is also PAS spiritual advisor, said waking up that way caused him to have heart palpitations.
“At about 1.30am on Thursday, I suddenly woke up after I felt that there was blood in my mouth.
“There was so much blood that I could not speak. I panicked. After that, my heart started pounding because this has never happened before.
“After I was admitted, I had to undergo several scans of my heart. The doctors even put a probe down my throat but they found nothing.
“I was relieved to learn that the blood had come from my gums and my throat,” he told reporters at his home in Pulau Melaka late Sunday.
Nik Aziz was admitted into the National Heart Institute (IJN) on Thursday due to fatigue but attended the PAS’ seminar on Saturday to give his keynote address.

tunku ; we hope nik aziz will recover fast. he should think about resigning seriously now.

Ignorance has overshadowed Pakatan

Khalid hits back at PAS delegates on promotion of Islam

PETALING JAYA: Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has denied criticisms by some PAS delegates that the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is not doing enough to promote Islam.
He said Muslims had a collective responsibility to be proactive and that he was doing his part to promote Islam in the state.
Khalid was responding to the PAS delegates attending a special seminar on Saturday.
They had voiced concern that the PKR-PAS-DAP coalition might not augur well for the propagation of Islam.
This comes in the wake of several controversies involving Selangor PAS chief and exco member Datuk Dr Hasan Ali and the state government in recent times.
Besides protesting the sale of beer in Muslim majority areas and locking horns with his DAP counterpart Ronnie Liu, Dr Hasan had also created a furore by accusing Selangor’s Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) of bullying civil servants at its inquiry.
This earned him the ire of Speaker Teng Chang Khim, also from the DAP.
Khalid told the PAS delegates to “walk the talk.”
“If you want to be a leader, people have to accept you as a leader,” he said.
“It is not merely about you wanting others to say that you are a leader.”

"Forget the voices in the dark. They should be ignored"- KHALID SAMAD
In an immediate reaction, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad said the opinions voiced by some party members in the seminar did not represent the view of the majority.
“There are always the sceptics as PAS is a broad-based organisation,” he said.
“However, the resolution passed reflected the majority support for the Pakatan coalition.”
Khalid Samad said these sceptics sometimes made “silly” statements, and they were the ones who were the least authorised and knowledgeable.
“They are completely in the dark,” he said. “Forget the voices in the dark. They should be ignored,” he said.

tunku : what had happened to Umno/Bn before is now happening with pakatan. they think those opposing voices are the voices in the dark. they are not learning it from Umno.Umno did not listen to the voices in the dark till the dark showed them what they can do in the last GE. it is not the BN members voices, it's their own people voices. that is why we want those in the dark in pakatan camp to leave the party and join BN. if you stays there, you will be in dark forever.

Leave PKR If Unwilling To Follow Party Policies - Anwar

PENANG, Nov 8 (Bernama) -- Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has given party leaders and members two choices -- stay loyal or leave if they do not want to adhere to party policies.
He said he could accept criticisms against the party, but would not compromise with leaders and members who could not follow the stipulated party policies.
"All party members must support the transformation agenda, work for the Pakatan Rakyat or be sacked from the party," he said when opening the Penang PKR Convention, here, on Sunday night.
Anwar said the stance was taken as there were many PKR leaders who wanted stern action taken against errant members.
"Give your commitment to the party or leave the party and join Umno," he said.

tunku : well what are you waiting for pkr members? leave the party.pkr is all about a sodomizer and his will not gain anything there, you will only gain pain is not too late, leave the party for the sake of our nation.

EGM, Seminar Was To Send A Message To PAS Members- Nik Aziz

KOTA BAHARU, Nov 8 (Bernama) -- PAS spiritual advisor Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said his calling for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of the party was to send a message that support for PAS was waning.
He said although the EGM was replaced with a seminar, the original objective to relay the message was met and it was now up to the members to act accordingly.
"To me it does not matter it was an EGM or a seminar, what is important is that the message (of waning support for PAS) was conveyed," he said here when asked to comment on media reports on Sunday that there was declining support for PAS among youth.
The report said a survey carried by Universiti Malaya's media studies lecturer Assoc Prof Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah showed 70 per cent of youth who were for PAS after the general election last year now felt otherwise.
PAS held the seminar in Kuala Lumpur yesterday in an effort to regain lost support.

tunku : nik aziz said that the message is sent to pas members on his call for egm and wants its members to act accordingly.does this means that he wants the members to get rid of leaders like nasha,hadi,hassan ali and co? there is still uncertainty in pas.though they blame the media that potraying their leadership crisis but that is the actual truth.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kelantan fans cause havoc at Malaysia Cup final against Negri

TANAH MERAH: Football is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that.
So said Bill Shankly. Yesterday, the Kelantanese proved the Liverpool legend right. For them, the Malaysia Cup final in Kuala Lumpur was more important than floods and the inundated railway tracks.
Some 700 hardcore Kelantan fans scrambled from all over the state to get on the only train out of Kelantan. All other train services were cancelled except theirs, which was booked by the Kelantan Football Association to take fans to Kuala Lumpur for the final.
They had been waiting at the Wakaf Baru and Tumpat train stations on Friday night when they were told that railway tracks had been flooded – cutting them off from the train that could only get as far as Tanah Merah.
Wakaf Baru station master Izani Ahmad said heavy rains since Wednesday flooded the railway tracks at Tok Uban in Pasir Mas.
“The train was scheduled to pick up the fans here and Tumpat at 10.30pm but since the train could not get here we told the fans to find their way to the Tanah Merah station and board the train there.
“All trains were cancelled except this one with 10 coaches that was booked by the association,” he said.
So the manic fans found other ways to get to Tanah Merah where the train waited for them to get to Kuala Lumpur.
Alas, their team lost 3-1 to Negri Sembilan and all hell broke loose at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.
The fans, about 65,000 of them, vented their frustration by letting off fireworks and smoke bombs.
Some unruly ones even set fire to the plastic seats in the stadium. Others pelted the Fire and Rescue Department officers. Some Negri Sembilan fans were bombarded by water bottles. Order was restored after the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) members stepped in.

tunku : after close to 20years of Islamic pas ruling, why do these people acts like barbarian? is this the pas way of Islam? we understand this is football game but what kelantan fans did was not the first time, many many times.we hope that nik aziz open his big mouth and start preaching good things to his people.the 'hooligans' did not stop their act just in the stadium, they continue it outside till the train stations and so on.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

PAS' image plunged, reveals study

KUALA LUMPUR: The image of PAS has plunged despite its success in last year's general election, a study on the party leadership revealed.
The study, on the people's faith in the party leadership, was conducted by Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah of Zentrum Future Studies.
The study was conducted on 2100 respondents who were separated in three age groups.
It found that 633 respondents, in the 21 to 30 age group, losing faith in the party leadership. Only 67 respondents believed in the leadership.
In the 31 to 40 years group, 519 people answered negatively while 181 answered positively.
“This means only 181 people from that particular age group say that PAS will move forward with the existing leadership,” said Dr Abu Hassan at a seminar to strengthen the party organised by PAS on Saturday.
Meanwhile, a total of 751 people aged between 41 and 50 years answered negatively and 396 answered positively.
Dr Abu Hassan said another shocker was that most of those who answered negatively from the 41-50 years age group were from the east coast and northern states.
The east coast has always been regarded as a PAS stronghold.
“The leadership as well as delegates in this seminar need to pay attention to this. Most of the positive answers were actually from Sabah and Sarawak,” he said.
The leadership of party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was also not spared.
For the age group of 21-30 years, a total of 493 answered negatively on Abdul Hadi’s leadership while 207 people answered positively.
For those in the 31-40 year group, 539 answered negatively as opposed to a small group of 161 who answered positively.
However, for those aged 41-50 years old, 383 answered negatively compared to 317 who answered positively.
Dr Abu Hassan said the rather balanced views from those aged between 41 and 50 years could be that they were more experienced in politics as elders in the party.
“But the two younger generations (those of 21-30 years and 31-40 years) appear very aggressive and dependent on their perception,” he said.

tunku : those in sabah and sarawak who gave most of the positive answers doesn't really know what is pas.those in peninsular would know pas very well. they know that pas is not what it used to be.of course the older generation will gives positive feed back as they are the hardcore supporters,come what may, they will still support pas.the younger generation are different.pas is out of date party for the you see any of their pakatan partners helping them? only three of them, yet so hard to be was pas who helped pakatan wins so many seats last GE but they are treated like "dogs" by pkr and dap.

Jamil Slams PAS For Linking Party Loyalty To Divorce

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 6 (Bernama) -- Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom said it is unreasonable for PAS to link party loyalty to divorce.
He said the loyalty oath taken by PAS members of parliament and state assemblymen to prevent party hopping was not only cruel but could also hurt innocent family members.
"I like to remind those who made such statements to realise that divorce is a serious matter. I am worried that it will become a joke among the people," he told reporters here Friday.
The minister was commenting an English newspaper report today that PAS elected representatives had taken a loyalty oath that they would divorce their wives should they decide to quit the party.
Jamil said the 71st National Fatwa Committee Conference did not accept a proposal that 'lafaz taklik' (pronouncement of divorce) be included if the husband decides to practice polygamy.
"As such, it is unsuitable to invoke taklik in matters like party hopping. It is loose, irrelevant and unreasonable," he said.

tunku : what an Islamic party is this? Islam never preach us to do such thing. pas is no more a party that believes in democracy.pas are ruled by dictators.they should be ashamed of themselves.they have made religion a joke.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Government Pulls Back Plan On Vehicle End Life Policy

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 6 (Bernama) -- The government has agreed to pull back the introduction of an end of life policy for vehicles after taking into account the people's views and feedback.
Since the announcement of the plan, the government has been receiving many complaints from the people who are generally not agreeable to the mandatory annual comprehensive inspection as requirement for road tax renewal for vehicles aged 15 years or older, a statement from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) said Friday.
On October 28, MITI had announced the new National Automotive Policy (NAP) which included the Vehicle End Of Life Policy which will see the introduction of a mandatory annual check-up of cars 15-years and above as a requirement for road tax renewal.

at the same time we hope those who are driving 15 years old and above vehicles to make sure that their machines are safe to drive.

Hadi is 'Pak Lah of PAS'

Political analyst and constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari today said that the leadership of PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang can be likened to 'a PAS version of Pak Lah'.
Pak Lah is the affectionate nickname for former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who has often been criticised for his 'flip-flop' and lackluster policies.
Abdul Aziz claimed that this was the mood and general understanding that he got in his conversations with the Islamic party's leaders and grassroots.
In an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini this morning, the Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) professor said that while the PAS president was once a highly credible leader in the 1980s, "Hadi has ran out of steam."
He mentioned Hadi's failure to defend his famous 'Amanat Hadi' (Hadi's Message) from that era as a perfect example of the PAS president's lack of conviction as a leader.
"He was a good deputy, he is loyal and dedicated, but he is not a good leader," he said.
Furthermore, Abdul Aziz said the veteran PAS leader does not posses the ability to read the game and play in the 'new politic' arena.
He explained that the arena of 'New Politic' is a battle of the mind, issues and ideas "but I do not see Hadi as someone that can bring any new ideas to the table."
Abdul Aziz was seen as the man who led to PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat to call for Abdul Hadi and a number of pro-Umno PAS leaders to quit.
Nik Aziz had wanted an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to trash out the matter. However, at a top-level party meeting last Thursday decided against an EGM but to hold a seminar instead.
The invited speakers in the seminar, which will be held tomorrow and attended by PAS leaders nationwide, include Abdul Aziz.

tunku : if hadi is pak lah of pas then what is nik aziz? nik aziz is obsolete object. looks like pas has no leaders left in the party that can hold it's constitution.the new generations are more of the type of 'gives all' for the sake of power.the best for pas to change it's name and do rebranding to suits it's current policies.i wonder how the hadi's group will react to abdul aziz'z comment tomorrow...

Tun Dr Mahathir receives Tokoh Takaful award

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was conferred "Tokoh Takaful Award" at the Malaysian Takaful Association inaugural Dinner and Awards Nite 2009 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the takaful industry.
Dr Mahathir has been instrumental in ensuring the takaful industry received strong support from the government and this support has remained to this day.
"We owe much to Tun Mahathir as in October 1982, barely a year after coming into office as the fourth Prime Minister, a special task force was formed to explore the viability of an islamic insurance company in Malaysia," said Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah when speaking at the event.
Dr Mahathir had passed on a legacy to the Malaysian Islamic financial industry, said Malaysian Takaful Association Chairman Datuk Syed Moheed Syed Kamarulzaman.
He said Dr Mahathir was also a multi-skilled individual and a strategist in his own sense, making him the perfect candidate to receive the award. - Bernama

a well deserved award.

PAS Crisis: EGM The Final Solution

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 (Bernama) -- Conversations with several PAS leaders on the leadership crisis affecting the party indicated that the issue is anything but resolved.
While some view the matter as no longer an issue as it has been left to the party's disciplinary committee to resolve, others feel that it should be discussed and that the best platform to do so will be at the party's political seminar scheduled for Saturday.
There are also those who feel that an extraordinary "muktamar" or general meeting (EGM) will be the best way forward to resolve the impasse should the disciplinary committee and the one-day seminar fail to break the deadlock.
Shah Alam member of parliament Khalid Samad said the option to hold the EGM is open for consideration by party members as the matter is allowed for under the constitution.
"It is an extraordinary move but if that can provide the solution, or if the solution sought through the seminar or the disciplinary committee is not forthcoming, then I think party members have the option to call for an EGM," he told Bernama here.
Ironically, PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub stressed that the seminar was to replace the EGM.
The seminar, however, would not discuss the leadership crisis in the party as the purpose was to get the views of members and two political observers on steps PAS should take to strengthen its role in the opposition pact, Salahuddin said.
The two political observers invited to share their views are Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari of the International Islamic University Malaysia and Prof Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah of the University of Malaya.
"This (leadership crisis) does not arise anymore; we consider it settled. We leave the issue regarding (Selangor PAS commissioner) (Datuk) Dr Hassan Ali to the party's disciplinary committee to investigate," Salahuddin said.
Another vice-president, Datuk Mahfuz Omar, concurred with Salahuddin's statement, saying the leadership issue would be thrashed out by the party's disciplinary committee.
But Mahfuz appears to be sidestepping the issue when asked about the fact that other leaders described by a political observer as "problematic leaders" have not been referred to the disciplinary committee.
"How would you know? Are you the disciplinary committee?" asked Mahfuz.
The party's central committee, at its meeting on Oct 28 which was also attended by spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, had instructed the party's disciplinary committee to investigate the Selangor PAS leadership on grounds that they made decisions contrary to the spirit of consensus of the opposition pact.
However, several names like president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa and secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, who were mentioned by Prof Abdul Aziz Bari as "problematic leaders" and prompted Nik Abdul Aziz to call for an EGM to rid the party of them, are not subjected to any investigation.
Attention is focused instead on Hassan and Selangor PAS leaders who are said to have acted contrary to the interest of the opposition pact in the state.
"Prof Abdul Aziz, in his analysis, said that Selangor is in trouble. He said that these leaders (Nasharudin, Mustafa and Abdul Hadi) are protecting Hassan because they concurred (with the stand taken by Hassan on several issues including his call for a ban in the sale of alcohol).
"If the disciplinary committee takes action (against Hassan), then there is no truth to the claim and there is no reason for any quarters to allege so," he said.
The Selangor PKR-DAP-PAS government has been treading on shaky ground on numerous occasions due to the stand taken by Hassan on certain issues.
He has also been adamant in defending his stand even if it runs contrary to the stand taken by the opposition pact.
Among them was his call to ban the sale of alcohol in Malay-majority areas in Selangor, a move seen by political observers as having the potential to erode the support of non-Muslims towards the party.
Hassan also came under fire for openly criticising the investigation methods employed by the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat), a body established by the Selangor opposition pact.
Hassan and several PAS leaders in Selangor may be facing disciplinary action.
However, there is also the question of the fate of other leaders whom Nik Abdul Aziz is not too happy with.
Political observers agree that PAS will remain intact despite the severity of the crisis.
They also see that the current impasse is nothing more than a manifestation of the power play between Nik Abdul Aziz and Abdul Hadi.
But their observation is based on history and on different generation of leaders. In reality, the party is divided into two -- on one side is the conservative ulama, on the other is the liberal professional ulama.
Can PAS withstand the force of crisis until the next party elections or will a new chapter in its history be written, which will force the party to call for an EGM?

tunku : there are two team in pas now, H1N1 teams. team hadi and team nik aziz.i guess egm is the best solution for them not the one day seminar.i don't see how the seminar will help pas internal problems as the problems are between two teams and not because of policies or strategies.the best way for the party to solve it's problem is to ask the senile old man,nik aziz to retire for good.the longer he stays the more problems for pas.