Friday, June 29, 2012

Government Should Delay Lynas Operation

Lynas plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, a rare earth processing plant which is one of the most important necessity material in the world today for the production of modern technology devices, is still in issue.
It is not too much to say that Lynas has become a political victim for the opposition only because they are out of issues to play. It is not shocking if Lynas would become the victim of foreign power to ensure that they would not be able to break the monopoly of the rare earth production by China.
As for today, all experts, international atomic and nuclear organizations and the select committee which was formed to observe the safety aspect of Lynas had came to a decision where the plant is safe. Not just that, the infrastructure was also said to be far more advanced than plants that are in developed countries.
But, the opposition who took themselves as 'nature lovers' still denies that fact. Instead, they kept on arguing saying that the plant is not safe, without any concrete evidence.
In a way, their arguments had raised doubts among rakyat around Indera Mahkota and Kuantan. And obviously, rakyat do not want to have any doubts in matter as this.
That is why there is nothing wrong is the government take a little time to provide space to rakyat to go through the details of this issue.
Lynas would not suffer loss if the government asks them to stop their operation until things are cleared up. In other word, stop for a while rather than cancelling the whole project just like that.
We cannot deny that residents that live at the surrounding area of the plant do have their worries due to talks given by the opposition about Lynas.
That is why we need to take a smart measure in explaining and convincing them about scientific evidence which shows that Lynas is safe. This can be done through a few sessions tto residents. besides that, rakyat should be given easy access to find the right information about Lynas so that they would not feel cheated.
Only by taking those measures, Lynas controversy can be put to a full stop. We do not want Lynas's operations to be stopped and politicized because of certain agendas.
With this, we believe that delaying the operations of Lynas would be the best for the government, the country and rakyat.

tunku : again some people are falling into the oppositions trap. scientific evidence which shows that Lynas is safe. we agree that the government should go down and meet the people to explain to them with scientific evidence. we don't want the country losses it's revenue just because the opposition don't want to see the success of bn's government.

Ikhwan Muslimin And PR Are Two Different Parties

The success of Party FJP who placed their candidates including Ikhwan Muslimin, Dr. Mohamed Morsi is seen by Pakatan Rakyat as an inspiration. According to the Opposition Leader, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, like what was proposed by Harakah, which is Fikrah, the victory of Dr. Morsi and the changes which happened in the Arab world today could be spread to Malaysia with the attitude which rakyat are showing nowadays.
In a way, Anwar had also proven the fact that he really has the intention to bring down the government with violence like what was done by the Egyptians.
For really wanting to be the next Prime Minister, Anwar has always imagined himself being in line with other Freedom fighters such as Aung Suu Kyi, Ghandi etc. And when Egypt suffered rebel and when Morsi was taken as the President, Anwar quickly described himself as Morsi, and his party, Pakatan Rakyat, as Ikhwan Muslimin.
The fact is, Morsi and Anwar are two very different people. PR and FJP with PR are two very different parties. While in PAS, even PAS, the party which 'appears' to be the most Islamic party, is not as same as Ikhwan Muslimin.
First, dduring the era of Mubarak, Ikhwan Muslimin can only compete on free ticket because the organization was not acknowledged. While Anwar and any of his parties' rights have never been denied his rights to compete on party ticket.
Even though Ikhwan Muslimin brings the image of Conservative Islam, but it is not as same as PAS. Ikhwan Muslimin does not put aside their mission objective just to win election. They kept Islam as a platform with a much open approach. If back then, the party would push women to the side, but today Ikhwan Muslimin only limits the position of women in politics where they cannot become candidates, but they are allowed to be members of the cabinet.
Thus, this is why this party is vastly different to be compared to PKR who puts Wan Azizah, Anwar's wife as the President.
Because the platform that is implemented by Ikhwan Muslimin is Islam, so the party do not bring any open aspiration and as liberal as PKR where they support the gays and acknowledge their fight on the name of human rights.
Morsi, Egypt's new President is a leader with caliber and has a good personality, something that is far apart from Anwar who has been proven to be a sod and often abuses his power. Morsi also do not have any scandals with prostitutes like Anwar.
That is why we see that Anwar putting himself at the same level as Morsi is actually a form of insult.
The only reason why Egyptians rebelled was because of the economic breakdown which then effected the lives of its people. Earlier this year, the financial reserve of the country was only left with USD10 billion, compared to USD36 billion which they had before the riots. Foreign investments also stopped due to the decreasing number of tourists.
Due to that, subsidies had to be withdrawn and the price of food and routine items went up more than twice from its original price. The percentage of unemployment also went up to 12 - 24 percent, compared to 9 - 12 percent prior to the riots.
Malaysians never really had to go through all of that. Instead, we are one of the fanciest countries in this region. Thus, why do we need to rebel and suffer like how Egyptians suffered, just to turn Anwar as the Prime Minister.
Even then, we still do not know what to expect about Morsi, whether he could become a better leader than Mubarak. If we are to see his first four measures as President, we could find that he does not have a very good long-term vision.
The four measure are:
1. To donate his salary to those in need.
2. Prohibiting his pictures to be put on walls of government building and to print any congratulatory adverts for him in papers.
3. Promising that he would sentence those who killed rioters by prosecuting the former President and Home Minister.
4. Ordering authorities to lessen up the amount of escort vehicles for the President so that the would not be any traffic congestion.
If that is the only thing that the President demand for, it seems that Egypt would be in the same position (growth) for a while going down slowly, or waiting for another riot to come up.
Thus, Malaysians should think again before they gamble with their lives by following Anwar's orders to follow exactly what the Egyptians did.

tunku : malaysian should understand, the situation in egypt was different than malaysia. malaysia is a fully democratic country and has election every 5 years and anyone can fight the election. we do not discriminate anyone and there is much more freedom in malaysia if you compare with egypt. malaysian should not mix up the situation in egypt, their new leader is a good muslim and does not do all the hanky panky dirty things like what our opposition leaders do in malaysia. people like anwar, a sodomizer, a womanizer name it he has all the it is not the same.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SUARAM, Let Altantuya Rest In Peace

Once a liar, always a liar. That’s what SUARAM is.
SUARAM is determined to continue lying even though all their lies on scorpene submarines and Altantuya’s murder have been compromised. It looks like SUARAM is in too deep to get out of their own lies that the only way to go is further down till it hits rock-bottom.
We understand SUARAM’s needs to continue lying as the General Election is approaching but at least, SUARAM should have thought of a better lie or known when to stop before it gets out of control.
We know for a fact that SUARAM is losing control over its own lies when the lies became easier and easier to be detected, even sillier. For example, SUARAM is reportedly saying that they have pictures of Altantuya in France in 2007, which Malaysiakini is more than happy to help publish and spread it on the net.
But here’s the freaky part of the lie: Altantuya was murdered in 2006.
How could SUARAM have missed this important fact - the heart of all their lies?
SUARAM may even be a little panic in their effort to convince the people as their credibility is torn to pieces.
A French police investigation has revealed that a person named Altantuya Shaariibuu has never entered France from 1999 to 2006 which confirms that she was never involved in the negotiation of the purchase of the submarines either as an escort to any VIPs or as an interpreter as alleged by SUARAM. As the former DCNS Sales Manager to Malaysia, Mr. Fredric Faura confirmed, the negotiations were done in English and there was no need for an interpreter to be present at any time.
Maybe SUARAM is trying to challenge the authority to take action on them, with the hope that it could be used against the government to convince the people that the government has some dirty things to cover-up.
But the Malaysian government isn’t a fool and so are the French authorities – the judge, police and immigration officers.
The French would have detected Altantuya’s arrival should she have entered the country before her death. Unless, she was there after her death as claimed by SUARAM/Malaysiakini, the French might have missed her as she must have bypassed the immigration. It could be that she had flown there invincibly and appeared out of nowhere at the square in French and have someone took pictures of her and passed the picture to SUARAM and Malaysiakini, somehow.
I guess, SUARAM just have to sort this story out and come back to us with a better lie.
Many are interested to hear more from SUARAM as it is quite amusing to see how the lies are twisted, turned and flipped and then flopped on SUARAM’s face.
But rationally, we think that SUARAM should stop making a fool of themselves. Not that we pity SUARAM, but isn’t it about time that we let Altantuya rest in peace? Should what SUARAM said is true that there were fishy business going on in the submarine deals, then let the French judiciary figure it out. There is no need for cheap publicity over something that is under investigation.
Unless, there was nothing fishy about the deal and SUARAM just need the cheap publicity to gain some political mileage for the desperate Oppositions.

tunku : suaram is financed by "anwar". that is why they are all out to tarnish the image of the prime minister. although there is no evidence at all to hook the prime minister, they keep coming up with fairy tales to poison the people's mind. beware of this group.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lim Guan Eng’s twisted tongue

Lim Guan Eng does it again. He lied right to the faces of the rakyat.
Earlier this month, Lim Guan Eng was reported saying that Penang BN’s bluff over the free port promise. He demands the Penang BN to apologize for dangling the promise of restoring the island’s free port status saying that the PM had shot down the proposal.
Lim said that when asked about the island’s free port status, the PM had replied that, with already five free trade zones in Penang, the issue of Penang becoming a free port ‘does not arise’. Lim was also reported saying “Najib has said very clearly there is no free port.”
With that, the pro-oppositions blogs, webs and portals helped Lim spread the half-truth statement of the PM.
Looks like Lim failed to learn the lesson about records and documentations. Politicians nowadays, should know better than to lie outright because the truth can be accessed in just one click on the keyboard.
The PM’s reply on the matter has been recorded as follows: “Although free trade port status is no longer in existence, the Federal government is aware that Penang BN has proposed to come up with a new concept to spur economic development in Penang, especially in the tourism and service sectors. The Federal Government will give due consideration based on the feedback and support from the people, as well as the innovative proposal.”
Which part of the PM’s statement above that spelled ‘No to free port’?
The same was exposed by a Chinese current affairs website, as reported by the NST today. It said that DAP leaders were withholding the full text of Najib’s written reply in parliament and had, instead, ‘twisted the facts and distorted the truth’ about it.
Well, we need not say much about Lim Guan Eng and his twisted tongue as this is not the first time that he had been caught lying to our faces.
We can only ask, what is uglier than a lying Chief Minister? And how can we put our fate in the hands of a liar?

tunku : lim guan eng as usual a great liar will always remain one. he has been lying to the whole nation all these while and sadly many falls into his traps. he is the main reason too why tunku aziz left dap. the penangites should not put their fate in his hands him the way out comes next general election.

Malaysiakini (DAP) Promotes Racism

It is amazing how Malaysia has come so far as a multiracial country. As an Islamic religious scholar from Turkey once said, “Malaysia is a country destined to be hell but somehow the leaders managed to make it a heaven.”
Human nature makes it hard for us to handle each other’s differences. Even as civilized, well-educated people, we do not accept differences naturally. Accepting differences is hard work and often, humans failed. The wars may be caused by something deeper like the oil resources but they were all triggered by differences.
But Malaysia managed to get over all differences with one little formula – the Article 153 in our constitution that states the rights of the Bumiputeras. Sure enough, the Article may not make some of us happy but being a little unhappy in a heavenly place, with the economy in your hands, is definitely better than being in a total hell.
The ‘Article’ is what saved Malaysia from going down the same road with Indonesia during the Reformasi movement. Because in Malaysia, although the Malays are unhappy with the Chinese’s control over the economy but they know that the Chinese too, are unhappy knowing that they can’t take it all.
Taking this ‘Article’ away would mean disaster. It is unfortunate for Malaysia that we must have irresponsible people who love to play with racial fire. One party calls the other racist and the other would retaliate calling the party ‘pendatang’.
Since there is no ending to this, the Prime Minister has tried with all his might to clear the air and firmly stated that the Chinese too, are loyal citizens and calling them ‘pendatang’ is not only inappropriate or downright wrong, but lunatics. With that, he referred to the Chinese who truly behave like loyal citizens who put their nationalism first, rather than race - the Chinese who do not question the constitution and the Royal Institutions of Malaysia.
But somehow, Malaysiakini is just too keen to pour petrol to the dying fire. Their readers too took the PM’s call sarcastically by questioning the PM’s effort in curbing racism. ‘Perkasa’ is again brought up as a symbol of Malays’ or UMNO’s racism saying that these are the lunatics that the PM referred to and that until Perkasa is abolished, they will not take the PM’s effort as genuine.
The question is what about Dong Zong or Dong Jiao Zong or Hindraf? Why are Chinese and Indians NGOs who strive for the rights of their races are okay, but Perkasa is not? Isn’t it almost like a crow calling a dove black? Now, who is the real racist here?
The true lunatics are the people who would rather live in hell rather than heaven by putting as much effort as they can to create a racial uproar. They do this by condemning, belittling, ridiculing and ignore every effort made by the government to promote unity.
They insist in being separated forever from other races and refuse to accept Perkasa’s fight for unity through One School for All system. They keep hammering the Article 153 as the ultimate barrier between them and what they thought would be a better heaven.
Everything is all about what they want, what would benefit them and others can go to hell. What they didn’t know is that we all live on the same ground, and one can’t go to hell without dragging the others along.
So, Malaysiakini should stop dragging people to hell and start learning to appreciate and value this heavenly place.

tunku : malaysiakini is the voice of dap in disguise. we know that dap is a racist party though the pretend not to be one. these are the people that will destroy the unity of malaysian . we must not allowed them to do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Violence Is A Trend - PR Leader?

Writer truly respect a website, Suara PR for their 'advice' to Pakatan Rakyat. All these while, we have never seen pro-PR websites and blogs ever gave any 'advise' or even revealing mistakes of their leaders. All of them would keep on complimenting and defending whatever it is that was done by PR leaders in just about any forms including moral, law or even religion. In reality, in PR, whoever say something bad about leaders will be sacked. Perhaps because of that, no one really dare to be transparent as Suara PR.
Few of the latest articles in Suara PR that should be given attention would be the plan to bring down the government by violence like what included in Pakatan Rakyat's meeting minute.
Actually, such information is not shocking because we can predict the things that PR leaders talk about everyday. They knew that it is hard for them to win elections because they do not have the full support and trust that they needed.
That is why they need to tarnish the image of electoral system, raising hate to authorities and create disbelief on the court so that when they lose, they could put the blame on the EC, government and the court. It would then changed to a valid excuse to start riots to bring down the government through violence.
Quoting the blog,"That is why recently, Pakatan Rakyat leaders often give guarantee that if the transition of the government would happen in peace, but they never guarantee anything if things do not go their way. What is certain is that things would be peaceful if the transition happens." The meeting even mentioned that there might be bloodshed - if things turn desperate.
It seems like PR leaders are threatening us all that is we do not give them the win that they want in the coming GE, they would begin to cause chaos and bloodshed.
Once again, we would not be surprised if Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang would sacrifice the life of their supporters to trigger chaos in this country.
Anwar is a man that would do just about anything but nothing that he does would shock us. Just imagine, even in regular situations he would do just about anything, just imagine how it would be if he is in a desperate need for power?
We also can never forget on how Lim Kit Siang triggered the May 13 tragedy, covered with hate on Malays, arrogance and raging evil instinct which runs in his blood.
The same thing goes to Hadi Awang who is fanatic and extreme. Those were the type of attitude which he had given to his supporters which led to the Memali and Sauk tragedy.
It is clear that bloodshed is not something new among PR leaders. And we are certain that they would not have any problem to repeat all that just so that they could get what they want. Their desire to take over Putrajaya is too strong that it cannot be stopped anymore.
For that, PR leaders see violence as the trend. And that the trend would help them to get to the peak of power. As a preparation towards that, they often gove signals to foreign medias that Malaysia is also heading over to such trend.
What writer could say here is that it would be stupid for Malaysians to destroy all of the things that we have and to sacrifice their lives just to follow PR leaders with their trend.
It is true, the fact that PR leaders often mention that rakyat have the power to determine the future of this country.
Thus, we need to remember that we have the power to push over leaders who would gamble our life just because they cannot wait to be in power. We have the power to not vote for them, hence, stopping them from destroying the country. Without our support, they would not be able to go anywhere...

tunku : anwar and co knew very well that it is quite impossible for them to topple the current government thru election, hence they will use all the dirty tactics to topple the government of the day. we encourage fair fight and that is thru normal process of democracy but not the anwar and co way of democracy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Johor Sultan ticks off Nizar

NUSAJAYA: The Sultan of Johor says it is not necessary to publicise all that he has done for charity.
Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar said he has always used the proper channels to do things.
As such, he said, people like former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin should not comment on things he does not know about.
The Sultan said this in his speech at the opening of the fifth Johor state assembly here.
Nizar, the Perak PAS commissioner, when commenting on the Sultan's bid for the WWW 1 car number plate, reportedly said the money could have been used to help the poor.
Saying he was angry with Nizar's comments, the Sultan said it would be better for Nizar to remain silent than to make them.
"Has he forgotten our Malay customs or is he indeed ignorant and shallow minded?
"He should not act smart if he has no knowledge of what is happening and make statements when he does not know the truth," the Sultan said

tunku : you heard that nizar, if you are stupid better to shut your stinking mouth up.nizar is always a "kurang ajar" type of person.he has no knowledge of malay customs.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nizar wants to apologise to Johor Sultan

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Perak mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said Tuesday he was willing to meet the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim to apologise and explain to the ruler his tweet about the bid for the WWW 1 vehicle registration number.
Mohammad Nizar said he would be sending an official letter seeking an audience with the Johor Sultan soon to enable him to explain the real situation, so as to end the controversy over the matter.
"After the Johor Sultan said that it would be good for me to apologise to the people of Johor, today I wish to state with sincerity that I want so much to apologise to the Sultan himself.
"My tweet was a personal and general opinion from an ordinary citizen without directing it to any quarters...this needs to be clarified to the Johor Sultan so that there will be no more speculation and misunderstanding on the matter," he told reporters at the parliament lobby, here, Tuesday.
Mohammad Nizar, who is also Perak PAS deputy commissioner is being investigated under the Sedition Act following his remark on Twitter on the Johor Sultan's succcesful bid for the vehicle plate number WWW 1 at RM520,000.
Following this, Mohammad Nizar tweeted that such a big sum of money should be used to help the Malays and the poor in Johor to buy houses.

tunku : what made this moron ex mb thinks that the Sultan of Johor will grant him an audience? after what he tweeted , he still trying to spin his words around . the Sultan will be wasting his precious time if he wish to see this moron. as the Sultan had said that he should apologize to the people of Johor.if he is dare enough make a public gathering and ask forgiveness to the people.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yemen wants Dr M as adviser

KUALA LUMPUR: Yemeni Prime Minister Mohamed Salem Basendowah has invited former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, credited with spearheading Malaysia’s tremendous economic growth during his 22-year administration, to be Yemen’s special economic adviser.
Dr Mahathir visited Yemen, an country in the southern part of the Arabian peninsula, on Thursday to seek clarification over Salem’s invitation to be his adviser, the Malaysian embassy in Sana’a said in a statement.
Dr Mahathir attended a lunch hosted by Salem and a meeting which was also attended by Yemen’s former prime ministers, members from the ruling and opposition parties, senior officials as well as a World Bank official.
Salem referred to Malaysia’s achievements and transformation from an agro-based economy to a developed nation as the “Malaysian Miracle", the mission said.
"He looks forward to gaining Dr Mahathir's insight on how to assist in rebuilding Yemen," the statement noted.
Dr Mahathir, it said, took the opportunity to share Malaysia's experience and policies implemented during his tenure as prime minister.
"Dr Mahathir told the Yemeni prime minister that he felt honoured to be invited as Yemen's special economic adviser," the statement said.
Salem was appointed prime minister on Dec 11 last year and is spearheading efforts towards national reconciliation in his country.
Dr Mahathir also called on Yemen President Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi during the visit. Bernama

tunku : the world reckons Tun Dr Mahathir but in malaysia there are people who thinks anwar is the best economist. that is why he is paid RM1 by the selangor government as the state's economic advisor and we have not seen any impact made by him. if anwar is great why there aren't any country or business organization engage him? even penang,kedah and kelantan do not want to engage him.not only yemen but few countries had seek advise from Tun Dr Mahathir.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DPM: Temporary PTPTN loan freeze to Unisel students is fair

GOMBAK: The decision to temporarily freeze PTPTN loans to Universiti Selangor (Unisel) students temporarily is fair, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Thursday.
Muhyiddin said Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin's decision to stall PTPTN loans at the Selangor government-owned university was to test if Selangor was capable of providing free education as claimed.
"The freeze is only temporary, it is not a cancellation. Maybe the minister (Khaled) wants to see if Selangor can give free education and do away with PTPTN, that's fair," he said at a press conference here on Thursday.
Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, added: "There is no such thing as 'free'. Someone has to pay for it."
Muhyiddin said that if it turned out that the students at Unisel really needed the loans, it would show that Pakatan Rakyat's vow to abolish the loans did not take into account the student's interest.
"I believe the minister is a smart person and he will reinstate the loans if he is satisfied that the students really need them," he said.

tunku : the freeze should not be temporary unless change in government. the pakatan government all these while said they can provide free education, now let them try first at unisel. if they cant do it then it's better for them to shut their big mouth.