Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DAP Wants To Use Prince To Eliminate Royal Institution?

As part of DAP's effort to remain relevant in the society and Malaysian politics, the party has never clearly mentioned their principal which rejects Malay Royal Institution. However, to those who are aware of DAP's history, they would always be on high alert on DAP's main principle which rejects Article 153 which states Malay and Islam rights that is protected by the Royal Institution.

Even though the matter is covered by the party's leaders, DAP's principal can be seen through comments of its supporters in social networking sites which clearly hate everything that has to do with Malays. It can also be seen through DAP's constant effort in trying to weaken anything that has to do with Malays. Few of them include language and culture, which brings us to the case where DAP representatives refuse to put on traditional attire in Dewan with the excuse that it has the characteristics of Malay-Muslim.

Their excuse saying that they do hold on to the Constitution and acknowledges Royal Institution was then proven to be lies after top leadership of the party criticized Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and Datuk Teng Chang Khim as they accepted Darjah Kebesaran awarded by Malay Royals because the action was seen as a violation to the party's principal. Rakyat however, can never fall for such thing and we are aware that the principal is made based on DAP's rejection towards Malay Royals. When it is revealed how DAP tried to get Tunku Zain Al-'Abidin Tuanku Mukhriz to join the party by giving him the post of Chief Minister, it shows how disrespectful Dap really is towards Royal Institution. Even though the participation of a Prince to the political arena is not wrong and that it rarely happen, DAP's actions in luring him and promising the post was very disrespectful.

Especially with DAP's main principal in rejecting the Institution, the actions only shows that DAP only want to use him to raise Malay votes just so that they could again use him if the strategy works. Perhaps many still want to deny this matter and claim that I am a racist and paranoid. But it is not wrong for us to be cautious considering that as of this moment, we still cannot guarantee that DAP would not pursue their agenda to eliminate Article 153, and Malay Royals, if PR wins the coming GE. With PAS going weaker and PKR being too dependent to its ally, DAP might have the total power if PR leads this country. We could even see that today, only that it is not that obvious because the party needs to stay relevant in the political arena and Malaysians to win elections.

Thus, like what was mentioned above, DAP's offer to Tunku Zain, it is just a strategy to win elections. That is it. Malays should not take DAP's main principal which goes with the slogan 'Malaysian Malaysia' lightly. Do know that the principal has never changed, it stays in the hearts of DAP supporters and leaders. Thus, we should understand what is socialist and what is total equality and the impact to rakyat, religion and the country. Before understanding all of that, do not even think of defending DAP in this matter. The Royals are our defence mechanism, if the Institution's insulted with such manner with post even lower than his current status, should we keep on giving our full trust to DAP?


For PAS at present, losing former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa is nothing compared to losing partners DAP and PKR because both the parties could deliver them the Chinese and Indian votes.
PAS is confident of retaining the members and supporters vote when the party made a U-turn on the issue of using the word Allah…not actually knowing the grassroots and die-hards fundamentalist members are getting more frustrated.

The party leaders especially NIk Aziz Niki Mat playing to the gallery of Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh on the issue as well other issues that anger the hard core members who do not trust the two parties and their leaders.

Despite them (PAS hard core members) being loyal and follow whatever decisions taken, they are not as dumb as they look to be…they are smart now and know what is right and what is wrong.
Their distrust towards Anwar Ibrahim and DAP leaders began after 2009 when they saw Anwar’s move from outside to take control of the party that saw many leaders aligned to the fundamentalists were voted out and replaced by Anwar’s liberals.

Mohamad Sabu or Mat Sabu, a rebel rouser who is Anwar’s stooge was voted in, defeating intellectual and fundamentalist Nasharuddin, paving the way for Anwar to begin his control in PAS.
Whatever councils PAS have right now are under Anwar’s influence directly and indirectly, after having his men in the supreme council since 2009…the day PAS lost its defence without knowing it.
Since then, internally the fundamentalists have been trying to sustain their hold on  the party but the heavy presence of liberals aligned to Anwar is too much which saw president Abdul Hadi Awang giving in slowly to the pressure.

And Nasharuddin’s expulsion was one of many Anwar’s strategy to destablise PAS and make it weaker so that PKR can stand out better in the opposition pact.
What is happening in PAS now is exactly what Anwar wants…internal friction that will make the Islamic party weak and lose direction…become liberal and pluralistic.

Anwar now controls the party right up to the Syura council given the decision to expel Nasharuddin is ‘out of the blues’ as majority of the members of the council are fundamentalists who do not even trust Anwar.
Although the decision came as a surprise to many, even to Nasharuddin, the political world in the country knows Anwar has won in gaining control of PAS.
It is now up to PAS members, who are die-hard fundamentalists to bring back the party to its original objective before it becomes a real platform for Anwar to ‘cleanse himself’.

Even Karpal Remembers Nik Aziz's Birthday, How Can Azizan Forget?

On January 28, Nik Aziz was reported to have attended a Thaipusam celebration event in Penang organized by Pakatan Rakyat. Those who attended the event include DAP Chairman, Karpal Singh.
And by evening, Nik Aziz visited Karpal Singh at his residence followed by a celebration of Nik Aziz's birthday, complete with a cake decorated with all of PR's component parties.

Harakahdaily reported that the visit was very welcomed by Pakatan Rakyat supporters that some of them ended in tears. That is how happy they are to see the friendship between a person who is called Mursyidul Am and an Anti-Islam leader, working together to reach Putrajaya.

It is not wrong if we are to say that the happiness which they had on Nik Aziz's birthday is just as same as Malaysiakini readers' happiness as they celebrate the dismissal of Nasharuddin Mat Isa from the Syura Council through their comments.

For your info, Nik Aziz's date of birth is January 10, 1931. We are not sure whether Karpal did the preparation to celebrate Nik Aziz's birthday at his residence or it was planned by Nik Aziz's side.
If Nik Aziz's side was the one which planned the event, then it would be weird because during the visit to the north, he was reported to have visited the residence of Kedah Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak on January 27. That is why, Nik Aziz could have celebrated his birthday at Azizan's home instead of Karpal's.
Perhaps, unlike Karpal, Azizan might have forgotten Nik Aziz's birthday. As we all know, celebrating birthdays is more of a 'Mat Saleh' culture and it is not a norm for PAS people. That is why, we are not surprised if Azizan and Nik Aziz never even remember their family members' birthdays, or even celebrate it. Besides that, PAs is also famous for being a bunch of chauvinist men where they are not really friendly with their family.

Thus, PAS members were somehow touched with Karpal's effort in celebrating Naik Aziz's birthday. Perhaps this is the first time they personally understand the meaning of 'appreciation' from others. Tok Guru definitely believe that this is the meaning of true friendship.
If this is how Karpal appreciates his friendship, then it is not surprising why Nik Aziz focuses more on DAP's orders than demands from PAS or even the Quran itself. Considering that Malays do appreciate whatever it is that is given to them, Tok Guru would definitely feel 'embarrased' to go against opinions or orders from Karpal after this.

Looking back at history, before PAS became friends with DAP, PAS was famous for taking extreme approach in going against non-Muslims. During the time, some PAS members even followed an unwritten law where they should never vote for non-Muslim as their assemblyman. This is the main factor why UMNO is rejected, all because of the excuse where UMNO works alongside MCA and MIC.
However, those are all old stories, before PAS gets to know DAP better. PAS has now changed, the party is now even more open than UMNO.

Today, UMNO would die defending religion and race, but PAS would die rather than leaving DAP. For PAS, let Hasan Ali die, let Nasharuddin go, as long as it pleases DAP.
Besides, Karpal is just fighting against Islam, not Tok Guru, right?

Holy Book Reading: A Session To Promote ‘Mis-understanding of Religions’

On 27th January 2013, a session called ‘Holy Book Reading’ has been held at Dataran Pidato, Padang Kota Lama, Pulau Pinang by a so-called ‘independent’ group led by a man only known as Kevin. The objective was to promote understanding of each others’ religions, which is good, even ‘virtuous’, if was organized properly. But what ‘understanding’ is they talking about if none of those involved are qualified to talk about his/her own religion? Take one person in the group, named Mislina Mustaffa, for example, a controversial D-class actress who once admitted openly that she doesn’t know what Islam really is – imagine how would she make others understand something that even she doesn’t even know about? Is this just one of the continuous attempts to enrage the Muslims, to promote prejudice and eventually a religious conflict and chaos? As we noticed, a few of those involved are known to have participated in some other demonstrations before and are very close to SUARAM, an organization known to be linked to foreign agencies involved in regime change missions around the globe. Therefore, it is not impossible that this ‘little’ session may not be so little, if fact, it is a huge, organized mission of changing the government, and the world. One may ask why the Muslims are so paranoid, and may not understand why is an open discussion on Islam or religions can be so wrong? Well, for those with faith, I mean with true faith in his/her religion would understand that a wrong interpretation of the holy books would mean a serious misunderstanding of the religion that could lead to a devastating effect of an absolute opposite of what is taught by the religion. Al-Quran does not bear the words of man, but words of Allah SWT, the one and the only, the Almighty, the Creator of the Universe. This is evident in the words in Al-Quran about the babies in the wombs, the moon and the stars and the universe and etc. that were told even before the scientists discovered these secrets. The Al-Quran even reminded the Muslims about the Jews and their lasting hostility towards the religion of Allah SWT and the Muslims, which is evident in what we see till this day - in Palestine and everywhere else. Unlike the holy books of other religions, Al-Quran is not a book that tells the story about the past, but tells us about the future from the moment it was passed down, to be used as a guide in living our lives till the end of time. Therefore, Al-Quran must be handled with respect and care whereby, when touching Al-Quran, one must first be clean, properly dressed and gone through a partial ablution or ‘wudu’’ which is the same washing procedure prior to perform prayers. And obviously, Mislina, didn’t know anything about this, judging from the way she dressed at the session. So, what Islam or religion was she talking about? There is a serious lack of intelligence of the people who taught that all religions are the same when they don’t even understand their own, what more each and every other religions. Islam acknowledges the existence of other religions and the Al-Quran specifically tells the Muslims to respect other religions and never ridicule or insult them. But that doesn’t mean Islam is the same as other religions because that would mean that Allah SWT. and other religions’ Gods are the same - which is the greatest unforgiveable sin of all. People like Mislina and her ‘tiny’ group must have failed to understand the facts that all religions call for the same good values and morality as well as good behaviors and intentions, does not mean that Allah, Jesus, The Hindu Gods and Goddess or the Buddhist Gods must be the same. Allah SWT is the one and only. Jesus is three in one. Hindu Gods and Goddess come in numbers. They can never be the same and can never be one even if all of these Gods and Allah SWT call for the same good values, morality and intentions. What even more mind boggling is that, none of these religions give a green light or an ‘okay’ to LGBT, but the reading session group seems to be forcing the idea to themselves and others. So, who is this group kidding? Other people? Themselves? God? The reading session wasn’t at all about understanding religions but it’s about leading people to misunderstand and to disregard religions. For their information, Pluralism is not a religion, it’s about living without religion. But maybe this is just too complicated for the group to understand. Therefore, I strongly suggest the Islamic bodies to help those in the group who called themselves Muslims, to understand Islam in its true sense. Please don’t let these people drift away believing that their ignorance is a ‘form’ of intelligence.


PAS is now playing second fiddle in the opposition’s alliance as the party heeded the call to have former deputy president and member of the Syura council Nasharudin Mat Isa expelled. Nasharuddin could not have been expelled at a better time since he was beside Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak during the premier’s visit to Gaza and participation at WEF in Davos, so the excuse is there…Nasharuddin has fallen out of line of the party leadership. However, the truth of the matter is everybody’s knowledge – the party Syura Council and Ulamak chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat – had to tow the line of Pakatan Rakyat that Nasharuddin is a torn in the flesh as the three parties strategise to take over Putrajaya. Nasharuddin, whose aim is to see the Malays who are Muslims united although possessing different political ideologies, has been marked by PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim since he was deputy president of PAS for being closely associated with Umno and BN. Nasharuddin and former PAS vice-president Dr Hassan Ali had been the obstacles to Anwar’s dream of controlling the party from outside, the only Malay-based party he could put his hands on. Nasharuddin had survived expulsion when he lost to Anwar’s man Mohamad Sabu or Mat Sabu in 2009 party election when Anwar managed to get most of his men in the party leadership line-up that included Husam Musa. But at that time, Anwar could not do much to rid PAS of the fundamentalists hold as president Abdul Hadi Awang and secretary-general Mustapha Ali are still ‘fundamentalists die-hards” and the Syura Council members especially Dr Harun Taib and Dr Harun Din were all fundamentalists, holding on to the party’s mission since the 50s. However, this time around, they seem to be bending down to pressure from DAP and Anwar personally as the action they took against Nasharuddin, although expected, is so swift or fast. Despite Nasharuddin ‘overstaying his welcome’ in the party, the action is read as PAS allowing itself to be ‘dictated’ by DAP and PKR despite it (PAS) being the strongest party in the opposition pact. The party has been trying hard, that is the veteran fundamentalists, not to allow Anwar to control it but given the latest leadership’s decision, the party seems to have mellowed or ‘under threat’. In short, despite all the upheavals and issues that are against Islam and Muslims, PAS seems to have no choice but to tow the line of the opposition pact, which inevitably erodes its influence among die-hard fundamentalists members and supporters. Even now, die-hard fundamentalist are demonstrating against DAP and calling for the party to break away from the opposition pact on issues concerning the use of word ALLAH. PAS is now in a ‘Catch 22’ position – if the party does not tow the line it will be left alone in the coming general election and if it follows every tune the opposition pact dance, it would lose its support. Given the situation, PAS is expected to play the balancing act as it does not want to lose the opportunity to have its president Abdul Hadi as Prime Minster, the post it will have to ‘fight it out’ with Anwar, if the opposition wins the general election.

Dismissing Nasha: Rakyat Are Happy With Najib's Effort On Palestine, Except For PAS

The Prime Minister's visit to Palestine recently has been gaining positive response from Malaysians. It strengthen Malaysia's image as a country which is serious in fighting for peace instead of just being rhetoric in its fight for peace. Even though the visit was seen negatively by the opposition, saying that it is just another one of the government's election publicity, the important thing here is that it is an effort to achieve peace, and it begins now. Looking at all the sufferings faced by Palestinians due to all the attacks from Israel, making claims saying that the Prime Minister's visit is just another publicity proves that the opposition is not even concerned with the matter. This is because, the visit is a daring effort taken by the Prime Minister and wife, where they decided to head over to a 'warzone', taking risk over their own safety and lives, to accept the invitation given by Palestine seeking for help from Malaysia to unite Hamas and Fatah. Only with the union, people of Palestine will be able to fight for their country against the terrorism and invasion done by the Israeli regime. That is why, Dato’ Seri Najib's commitment in helping other Muslims, should not be taken as a political issue. It should be seen as an issue surrounding all Muslims around the world. However, the opposition's response is not a surprise. This is because, PAS, an 'islamic' party within Pakatan Rakyat, does not really support the spirit of union. Not that we don't know PAS does not support in uniting ummah, we also know that some PAS supporters would rather die fighting their brothers just as long as they could see their party get to Putrajaya. That is why we are not surprised when PAS do not even share the same pride which Malaysians felt, over the Prime Minister's effort in uniting Muslims in Palestine. PAS' behavior can clearly be seen through their actions when they sacked Ustaz Nasharuddin Mat Isa from their Syura Ulama Council which was announced soon after he got back from Palestine escorting the Prime Minister. This proves that to PAS, everything is politics, that is it. Thus, Ustaz Nasha's actions in escorting the Prime Minister to Gaza is viewed by PAS as treason. Perhaps this is what Hadi Awang meant on his message where he prohibit the separation of religion and politics; asking Muslims to include religion to politics which then becomes their guideline for religion, instead of the other way round. That is why as we see how Muslims in Palestine getting attacked, and while Muslims around pray for their safety, PAS prayed for UMNO to go K.O. There is no doubt that instead of the Prime Minister, PAS is the one who used Palestine as their political game to look for publicity by saying that they helped as well, by just waving their party's flag there. However, not even a single PAS leaders have the guts to do anything to really help Palestine. And when one of its leaders tried to be serious in helping Palestine, Ustaz Nasharuddin Mat Isa for instance, he is seen as a traitor. Whatever it is, we are proud to be Malaysian Muslims where the government is stable enough to help in fighting for peace, especially in Islamic states. We are also proud to have a smart, brave and sincere leader who managed to get Malaysia to this stage even if some Malaysians are threatened with issues against one another thanks to the work of the devil.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Coming home to a hero’s welcome with no less than 10,000 Malaysians at KLIA, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has succeeded in putting Malaysia in the world’s map as a moderate country that loves peace and a country with plentiful opportunities for businesses. Hitting two birds with one stone – the visit to Gaza and the WEF in Davos – Najib has shown to the world that Malaysia is a country that is accommodating and tolerant while same time vibrant in its economic development. Najib’s visit to Gaza was to see by himself the situation there where the Palestinians have been under ‘inhuman onslaught’ of the Israelis and living in fear every day and night. His success in his visit has created uneasiness among the oppositions back home particularly Anwar Ibrahim who is a ‘buddy’ to Israel and same time trying to curb or prevent investments to Malaysia. Anwar has been painting a ‘black Malaysia’ to every country in the world, hoping he could ‘cruise’ he way to Putrajaya, the position he has been dreaming and having nightmares. Najib’s visit to Gaza ‘to see with his own eyes the state of being of the besieged Palestinians, and had wanted to visit both Gaza and the West Bank but was unable to do so due to the volatile political situations there. "The Israeli gave an indication that we have to recognise the state for a visit to the West Bank, but the price is too high. And Abu Mazen understood this. Our visit was purely humanitarian, nothing more nothing less," he had said. But Anwar was quick to lie that Najib's visit had incurred the wrath of Abu Mazen, another name for the Fatah's leader Mahmoud Abas, an attempt to create anger among thinking Malaysians on Najib’s visit. Anwar cannot do like what Najib did because he is a ‘buddy’ of Israel and a word from him supporting Palestine will incur the wrath of his Israel master, and condemning Malaysia in the eyes of the world has apparently backfired, if viewed at the success of Najib’s performance in Davos where the world’s business circle had shown much interest in Malaysia. Anwar’s ‘jealousy and hatred’ got worse when American media played up Najib’s visit to Gaza and the overwhelming reception Najib received in Davos, contrary to Anwar’s expectation as he has all along thought Najib and Malaysia would get the ‘cold shoulder treatment from the world community’ following his (Anwar) campaign against the Prime Minister and Malaysia. And with no less than 10,000 Malaysians welcomed Najib’s return at the airport, Anwar’s feeling went down, hopes for brighter days ahead dashed as he saw Najib surrounded and cheered by the crowd. Given the success of Najib’s visit, Anwar and the oppositions are further pushed to the corner as the general election draws nearer as Malaysians, thinking Malaysians who are voters are fast abandoning the ‘purported idealism’ propagated by the oppositions.’

Nasharuddin's Sacking Politically Motivated - Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 (Bernama) -- PAS' dropping of its former deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa from the party's Syura Council is politically motivated, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. He said the step was taken after Nasharuddin, who is also Bachok MP, accompanied him on a humanitarian visit to Gaza. "By right, they (PAS) should appreciate the visit because it was for the good of Muslims. "But it appears they view this as more benefiting the government and Umno than PAS. "It could be the reason why they took this action against Nasharuddin," he told reporters after attending a high-tea held in conjunction with the Youth Action Forum 2013 here Monday. Najib said Nasharuddin was someone who believed in unity and unification of Muslims. "I do not want to make any speculation but he (Nasharuddin) is a leader who fought not to deny any political parties, and during my meetings with him, he had never condemned any party," he said. Syura Council (the council is PAS' top decision making body) secretary Datuk Nik Zawawi Nik Salleh Sunday was reported as saying that Nasharuddin was dropped from the council as part of disciplinary proceedings, after he was allegedly found to have violated the council's rule for being absent from its meetings. Nasharuddin's dismissal was made on Jan 13 at a meeting chaired by PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, he had said. Meanwhile, Najib described the main goal of his visit to Gaza was successfully achieved. "Our main goal should be to help the Palestinian people, championing Palestinian issues and not let them be marginalised and left alone. And they (the Palestinians) really appreciated the visit," he said. In KUCHING, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin described the dropping of Nasharudin from the council as strange. "He made the effort to strengthen our relations with Palestine to fight for the oppressed people. The decision was made as if to deny the good work and charitable effort by Nasharudin when PAS claims it is fighting for Islam. "He fought for a good cause, I believe Nasharudin will not stop his effort to fight for Muslims, we are merely observing what PAS is doing," he said.

tunku : pas can't digest the fact that one of their leader is happy cooperating with BN government.nasharuddin sacking is indeed a politically motivated.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Nasharudin removed from PAS Syura Council

SHAH ALAM: Former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa has been removed from the party's Syura Council, reports Sinar Harian Online. It quoted Syura Council secretary Datuk Nik Zawawi Nik Salleh as saying that Nasharudin was found to be in violation of several of the council's regulations. “The decision (to remove Nasharudin) was made on Jan 13 during a meeting chaired by PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat,” he was quoted as saying. He added that among the reasons for the removal was Nasharudin's absence from the council's meetings. “The letter on the removal was delivered after the meeting,” Nik Zawawi told the website.

 tunku : we challenge Pas to sack him from the party....but Pas dare not.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

UMCEDEL Research: Why Chinese Prefer Anwar To Be PM?

UM Centre Of Democracy And Election (UMCEDEL) once again ran a survey regarding the election on December 26, 2012 until January 11, 2013 which involves 1409 respondents. Prior to that, they did the same survey involving 2282 respondents from March 31, 2012 - April 15, 2012 and 1536 respondents from September 1, 2012 - September 16, 2012. UMCEDEL previously discovered that 50% chooses BN and 30% remain undecided. However, BN supporters did not really take the results seriously because they take UMCEDEL as same as Merdeka Center, a research centre which is led by foreign party and it cannot be trusted. And with the background of UMCEDEL's Director, Professor Datuk Dr. Mohammad Redzuan Othman, the former President if ABIM who is still loyal towards Anwar Ibrahim and seems open with the idea of liberalism. Besides that, Prof. Redzuan is also questioned regarding his credibility in handling political census considering that he is from the Faculty if History and Literature. Thus, when he announced that the recent survey found that there is a decline in support towards BN, it is expected. It is just a standard strategy for Merdeka Center to show declining support as General Election comes closer to bring down BN's moral, and it is UMCEDEL's responsibility to do the same. However, to be fair, we should have an open mind and accept the findings presented by UMCEDEL, which showed that 78% from 1409 respondents have their doubts on BN on issue of integrity and power abuse and from the 78%, 95% of the respondents are Chinese, showing signs that component party, MCA, will be facing a tough challenge in getting back their seats. What is more interesting is that, NFC issue, Lynas and Deepak is also said to be a huge issue among rakyat and it could become a possible threat for BN. While for the opposition, the issue which becomes priority for rakyat would be the internal conflict. However, it is surprising that only 59% takes it as the main issue, while 21% is not sure and another 20% do not care if their government often fight among one another. Issues such as PTPTN, free tolls and reduce oil price shows that 50% respondents believe that opposition will be able to fulfil their promise. Thus, showing that Malaysians still fail to understand the logical explanation on the logic of managing the country's and global economy to believe that the could do such a thing without having to suffer financial crisis in such short notice. Whatever it is, if we are to consider that the 1409 respondents are the voice of rakyat, then one thing which we would have to look on would be the Chinese's tendency to choose PRm or accepting Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister. Support from the Chinese towards PR, or Anwar Ibrahim if true, is seen through the factor of PR's characteristics which is liberal and that they are prepared to abolish the 'Islamic State' clause in the constitution as well as getting rid of Malay rights. Moreover, PR is also known to be supporting Christians activities as well as their openness towards LGBT group. Even though PAS is supposed 'balance' things out on PR's liberalism, everyone knows that PAS's voice does not matter in the coalition. PAS cannot do anything other tha objecting the matter with their mouth, or their best, step on DAP's flag. That is about it. This is because PAs is scared if they are kicked out from PR. The fact is, PAS cannot put their hope on PKR to help then defend Islam even though the party is led by Anwar Ibrahim, a Muslim Malay. Anwar is a pluralist, liberal and he is much more comfortable to be around Christian DAP than PAS. We are not surprised why the Chinese chooses PR and we are not surprised if they are willing to take Anwar as their Prime Minister. Considering that all of Anwar's secret is still in DAP's hands, UMCEDEL's survey findings may be credible after all. However, the thing which might be in question would be their motive in supporting PR because we believe that the government's integrity is not part of the issue. If that is the issue, then DAP's integrity in terms of corruption and vote rigging is a lot worse, thing goes to PKR and PAS as well. The conclusion, the Chinese choose to go with PR because PR is willing to sacrifice Islam and Malay rights. Malays chooses PR because they want to 'get rid' of corruption, even if they have to sacrifice Islam and their own race.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Harakahdaily Denied Defending Kalimah Allah

The issue of kalimah Allah has really put PAS in a tight conflict between religion and politics which is between Allah SWT with Tokong Lim DAP. Mainstream media these days often publish report on objections made by PAS members against DAP through peaceful demonstration, and stomping on DAP's flag. Some even demanded that PAS should get out of Pakatan Rakyat. Few of them include supporters from Penang and Kelantan. With that, Ulama Council Chief as well as a few of PAS Ulama leaders made statements to oppose on the usage of kalimah Allah in the Bible. However, these Ulama were then criticized by DAP and PKR because they have previously agreed to the matter and any change of minds after that is just irrelevant. This then brought them to a democratic decision where DAP and PKR won and PAS lost, even though PAS refuse to admit that. With that, PAS top leadership took the decision to stay quiet. In short, PAS decided to not make any decisions. This then raises question among rakyat. Until when would PAS supporters organize demonstrations to oppose DAP which does not lead to anything? What would they get from stomping on DAP's flag? Finally, Harakahdaily today gave their response through the statement of PAS Kelantan Youth Chief, Abdul Latif Abdul Rahman where he denied that those who were at the demonstration were members or supporters for PAS. He said, that is just UMNO's gimmick to cause trouble between PAS-DAP. He said, it is the proof that UMNO is desperate. According to him, PAS members respect the Syura Council's decision and they would not have organized any demo and put they are blaming the Home Ministry as they are unable to handle the kalimah Allah issue even when it is under UMNO's jurisdiction. In other words, he accepts Syura Council's decision that kalimah Allah cannot be usde by other religion but the decision only falls to PAS members, and at the same time, it is subjected to Pakatan Rakyat's decision that members of DAP, PKR and those are are not PAS members, can use kalimah Allah in their religious books. That is Pakatan Rakyat's official decision which PAS leaders do not really know how to express, but Abdul Latif managed to explain all that to us. Abdul Latif must have understand that as long as PAS is with PR, the party would have to obey to PR's decision and PAs's decision is just irrelevant. That is why, If PR wins the coming election, we can expect that kalimah Allah can be used by other religion, freely. If Abdul Latif denies this one as well, then he should explain where would this kalimah Allah issue stand if PR leads this country.

After Reconciling Philippines - Moro Tribe, Najib Will Reconcile Fatah-Hamas

Even though Malaysia is still yet to be a developed country, it stands on its own class as an influential and respected country. Malaysia's consistent stand in not intervening with matters from other countries, but supports the fight for peace has turned this country as an option for reference or mediator to restore peace in countries that are under conflict. The stand has been around since the era of Tun Abdul Razak. It began to gain more strength during the era of Tun Mahathir as he brought this country 10 steps further that it is later known as the Tiger of Asia. Our Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib clearly inherits his father's legacy as he managed to champion the peace agreement between Philippines - MILF on October 2012. With the agreement, the 40 year conflict was finally resolved. The success then led Dato’ Seri Najib to Gaza, where the oppression against people of Palestine by Israeli regime gets worse. The Prime Minister and members of his entourage including Datin Seri Rosmaha arrived in Gaza, Palestine on January 22 after receiving invitation from the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas as well as a personal invitation from Palestine's Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh. The invitation from Mahmoud Abbas was conveyed to Dato' Seri Najib on December 3, 2012 through Palestine's Al Fatah Deputy Commissioner for International Relations, Dr Abdullah M.I. Abdullah while the invitation from Ismail Haniyeh aws received on December 11, 2012. Previously, Palestine had expressed their hopes to Malaysia to bring peace to the troubled country. Stopping the oppression however, is not an easy task. The first course of action would be increasing Palestine's strength by uniting its people which are now separated to two groups, Hamas and Fatah. The conflict began on 2005 after the death of Yasser Arafat on Novemver 11, 2004. The reason behind this conflict can be described as something classic where there are claims saying that there were act of nepotism and corruption in the government. From there, people of Palestine were separated into two parties where Fatah is in charge at the Palestinian National Authority while Hamas in Gaza. A few agreements by the two sides. One was in Cairo back in May 2011 but both parties fail to follow the agreement. Then there was the Doha agreement which was signed by Mahmud Abbas (Fatah) and Haled Mashaal (Hamas) in 2012 but there was no follow-up or actions taken after the agreement. Both parties often ended arguing without reaching any final decision. Just like any other conflicts which involves Israeli interest, both sides are suspected to have been receiving weapon supplies from America to ensure that they would keep on fighting one another. Thus, the hope which was expressed to Dato’ Seri Najib as that he would help both sides to unite with one another. What is certain, the hope of getting him to repeat his success in Philippines, to Gaza, is not something absurd. This is because, Dato’ Seri Najib is famous for being a brave leader where he used to visit conflicted areas such as in Southern Thailand, as an effort to work on a cease-fire agreement between the rebels and Thai government. He is also one of the first to restore peace in Bosnia back in 1993 as well as Somalia. It is not much if we are to say that Dato’ Seri Najib's smart leadership is one of the main factor in keeping Malaysia in peace instead of being attacked by the enemy. That is why, there is no doubt that Dato’ Seri Najib will be able to help Palestine in making sure that its people would unite and stand up for peace.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kalimah Allah Don't Need Approval From Tokong But The Name 'Penang' Does?

Many were shocked with media report yesterday saying that Penang Chief Minister, Tokong Lim Guan Eng, once again stressed that any new events which want to use the word 'Penang', should acquire approval from the state government before using it. The excuse, to identify which political party is organizing the event, to avoid any misuse. The statement was made as a response to the hosting of the 2013 Penang Run which is supposed to be held during Thaipusam.
Considering that the event is endorsed by the state's Youth and Sports Department, Lim's statement automatically means that the Department had been denied of its powers to approve for any event, showing the Tokong's real dictatorship.
This country has never seen a Chief Minister taking such an arrogant measure in claiming the name of his state as his own. How would it be if the federal government are to ask the opposition to seek for approval before they use the word 'Malaysia' in any of their events?
What about the abuse made by Pakatan Rakyat in using the word Rakyat in their events such as Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat”?  Because in PR's mind, rakyat only mean one thing, it means 'all Malaysians', even if the party does not represent all rakyat. We can even see that majority rakyat reject PR just like during the HKR#112 where only 45,000 'rakyat' attended.
It seems that the closer the election comes, the more Lim began to show the real side of him. Not enough with taking over Islam's rights, wanting to use kalimah Allah in the Bible, now he wants to deny the rights among people of Penang over their own state's name.
Guan Eng's actions can be seen as a paranoia where he is scared of his own shadow. He never feel safe and he does not trust anyone. As Chief Minister who receives support from rakyat would never suffer such paranoia. It is clear that Guan Eng is aware that the whole Penang hates him.
Not that we don't know that Guan Eng hates other races. How can rakyat respect a Chief Minister who do not trust them and has plans to chase them away from the state?
If Guan Eng does not respect other race and religion, he does not deserve the rights to be respected even from himself, his race and his religion.
Whatever it is, he is lucky because most Muslims in this country are smart. We do not know what would happen to Guan Eng if he does the same thing to other Islamic States.
That is why we could see how only a few PAS supporters dare to step on DAP's flag despite of their ties with DAP.
However, we cannot tell the future. Perhaps Guan Eng will be stepped on by the end of the day.
Thus, Guan Eng should learn how to respect others. Respecting others would not just be a political benefit, it would also be good for one's personal safety.
Just a reminder for Guan Eng, paranoia is just a psychological problem.
People of Penang do not need to suffer having a Chief Minister who is a racist, chauvinist, kiasu, stupid, not transparent and inefficient, please do not add up their suffering with psychological problem. 

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Ya Nabi Salam ’Alaika
Ya Rasul Salam ’Alaika
Ya Habib Salam ’Alaika
Sholawatullah ’Alaika
Anta Syamsun Anta Badrun
Anta Nurun Fauqo Nuuri
Anta Iksiru Wagholi
Anta Misbahush Shuduri
Ya Habibi Ya Muhammad
Ya ’Arusal Khofiqoini
Ya Muayyad Ya Mumajjad
Ya Imamal Qiblataini
Ya Habibi Ya Muhammad
Sholawatullahi ’Alaika

LGBT: Is It Only A Problem For The Muslims/Malaysia?

The world is changing, and nobody can deny it but I don’t think anybody could guess what it’s changing into, and whether it’s for the better or worse. Some say, it’s getting better - with this deafening call for freedom, equality and ‘human rights’ being heard by more and more countries. While some, express their worries and doubts over the threats that the freedom, equality and human rights may posts, to the religious beliefs, cultural values as well as human and family virtue. Some, however, just decided to not think at all, but accept anything that comes from the ‘voice of the world’ or more accurately, the westerners, which they look up as more civilized, more informed or the ‘smarter’ race. They believe that anything that comes from there must be good and the right things, even though it defies their religious beliefs. There is a strong evident that psychology plays quite a role in the way we see the changes in the world today. The uprising Islamophobia seems to have influenced some judgment. In other words, their ‘phobia’ that now turns into ‘despise’ , has caused some of us to believe that anything or everything that spells ‘Islam’, has to be backward, wrong and unwise and everything or anything otherwise, must be right or better. To the extent that it clouded the facts some of the teachings in Islam are also taught by other religion. The most similar religion to Islam must be Christians as both share the same history of the prophets. Although similar in its history and some of the teachings, but it is as far apart as it can be in its core, which is the subject of God where Islam worships Allah SWT and nothing but Allah SWT, and Jesus is human who is just another Prophet, while Christians takes Jesus as God or God’s son or partly God. However, whatever similarity that the two religions might have is now vague as the Bible has gone through many amendments and changes, whereby the AlQuran remains the same and unchanged since the day it was sent. While the Bible now is a book that tells the tales of Jesus and Christianity, AlQuran is basically guidelines and information of life for the future, as from the day it was sent. For example, it tells in details of the condition of a baby in the womb and the facts of the universe even before human could figure them out. The striking similarity that remains is that both Muslims and Christians love to preach to each other which is evident in the social network - at least in Malaysia. And through this, I notice that while the ‘good Muslims’ are constantly calling for their brothers and sisters to go back to basic, the AlQuran and Sunnah, but the ‘good Christians’, however, are going the opposite way from the Bible. Many Christians seem to be calling for liberalism or pluralism and many of them are openly supporting LGBT while at the same time, condemning the Muslims or Islam for condemning the group. Then again, this may only be the case for the Christians in Malaysia because, as far as I know, LGBT is incompatible with the beliefs, sacred texts, and traditions of many religious groups, not just Islam. The Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, United Methodist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, National Association of Evangelicals, and American Baptist Churches USA all oppose to it and same-sex marriage. July 31, 2003: Statement from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and approved by Pope John Paul II, stated that “marriage was established by the Creator with its own nature, essential properties and purpose. No ideology can erase from the human spirit the certainty that marriage exists solely between a man and a woman”. Therefore, I find it weird for Malaysian, especially, Malaysian Christians to support gay rights as it not only defy the eastern culture and value, but also their religion. These Malaysians seem to believe that it is this conservative, backward, stupid Islam that is discriminating LGBT, and often ridicule all statements made by Islamic bodies on the subjects. It seems to never occur to them that their religion opposes the group too. It is important to note that while Islam acknowledges a person with two-sex condition (khunsa) where the person may choose to live as one of either sex that strongly makes his/her personality, but Islam, nor Christians acknowledge a ‘natural attraction or desire towards same sex’ simply because there is no such thing. Gays and lesbians weren’t born as gays or lesbians. All of them only become one after a ‘try-out’ either voluntarily or by force. In an Islamic country such as Malaysia, it is easier to prove so, whereby all the gays that were ‘caught’, admitted that they only become gays after one little experience somewhere in their teens or early adult. Most reported cases stated the first experience as, ‘forced or raped by their seniors in college’. Those aren’t strong enough to get over it, would be the ones most probably end up living as gays or bisexuals. So, it’s not a natural condition, in fact, it’s a psychological problem and no wonder, the Islamic religious department happened to have ‘cured’ quite a number of them. The lesbians are less credible in their argument of being a ‘born-this-way’. Most of them admitted of having bad experience with men and chose to just give up on them. This proves that it is not about natural sexual desire, but simply a crave for attention and affection. Transexuals or in Malaysia, is called Mak Nyah, Pondan is a case of men with the heart and mind of a woman. They see themselves as a woman and dying to be one. This is a psychological confusion which may have caused by a traumatic experience, environmental influence or even hormonal imbalance since born - which can be treated with hormonal drugs and proper counseling. However, some of them, whom many of them and the society might not realize, might also fall into the group of ‘khunsa’. In such case, they should get a medical evident whereby, they can practice their right to choose a sex which they are comfortable with, and nobody should deny them of this right. The point is, if Islam condemning LGBT is considered by these so-called open-minded, educated Malaysians as stupid and backward, they must also admit that Christians too, is stupid and backward. And so are the half a million French who marched down the streets on 14 January on another series of an anti-gay demonstration in the country and protest of same-sex marriage bill. The Vatican had acknowledged the success of the demonstration in its website. And what about the Russians who marched down the street on 22 January for the same reason as the French? Or the Russian government for banning what is called ‘Gays Propaganda’ which includes spreading information, no matter how insignificantly small about LGBT. Are they as stupid and backward as the Muslims in Malaysia too? Facts about LGBT today: There are 55 countries opposing LGBT, 93 supports, 27 refused to vote and 17 were not present to vote. However, as of Sep. 12, 2012, only 11 out of 194 countries allow same-sex couples to marry: the Netherlands (2000), Belgium (2003), Canada (2005), Spain (2005), South Africa (2006), Norway (2009), Sweden (2009), Argentina (2010), Iceland (2010), and Portugal (2010). Are all the 194 countries stupid and backward too? In America itself, only 9 out of 50 states legalized gay marriage. Are all the Americans in the 39 states stupid and backward too? This is a fact which I believe all educated, open-minded Malaysians would agree, regardless of their religious beliefs that, LGBT and its objective of gay marriage will lead to more children being raised in same-sex households which are not an optimum environment for raising children because children need both a mother and father. Girls who are raised apart from their fathers are reportedly at higher risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy. Children without a mother are deprived of the emotional security and unique advice that mothers provide. An April 2001 study published in American Sociological Review suggested that children with lesbian or gay parents are more likely to engage in homosexual behavior. In the 1997 book Growing up in a Lesbian Family: Effects on Child Development, Fiona Tasker, PhD, and Susan Golombok, PhD, observed that 25% of sampled young adults raised by lesbian mothers had engaged in a homoerotic relationship, compared to 0% of sampled young adults raised by heterosexual mothers. And I don’t think that I need to remind any of you that HIV and AIDS are originated from homosexual activities. Allah SWT has created the world with rules which we called ‘nature’. The moon and the earth moves around in exact timing and route, just as our blood flows and heartbeat has its rhythm, timing and certain rules to ensure of a perfect function. This is nature. Should the earth be shifted only a few mm., it would be doomsday. Nature also sees that everything is created in pairs just like man and woman which are created for each other, blessed them with love and children, and therefore live in peace. Allah SWT then promised that, should the nature be defied, things would be ruined. While defying nature is stupid, condemning Islam for condemning LGBT, is pure hypocrite.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nusantara Seminar: What's Next?

The paperwork presentation made during Nusantara Seminar on January 18 -20, should be taken as a guideline for all Muslim, especially Malaysians in facing challenges and obstacles. As for the context on Malaysia, where Muslims are still looking for their identity and path, a presenter from Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Hj Ali Mustafa Yakub who presented the paper on "Purification of Thought and Development Among Indonesian Muslims", is very interesting. Looking back at the history of Islam in Indonesia, he concluded that Islam does not fall on a particular race or Arabic culture and it does not fall on a fixed image. For example, Arabic style attire or the dome, that does not really define the symbol or mark of Islam, it is only based on the imagination and speculations based on the environment. Putting a special 'image' on Islam could cause trouble where Muslims tend to make their own judgement on Islam. Islam is a religion that is suitable at any place or time. So, when Islam came to Java, it never really change any of Javanese's its culture, image, nor structure. That is why the religion was easily accepted by Javanese because they do not have to make any drastic change in terms of their lives. In short, the change is more of a spiritual change. Taking note from the paperwork, Muslims in Malaysia should admit how we went a little overboard in focusing on the image of Islam instead of focusing the main picture of Islam. From there, Muslims began to judge one another which then leads to fights. And from there, people begin to idolize individuals based on their appearance up to a point where it seems very easy to become an Ulama, by just showing the image of Islam to public. This issue was clearly brought out by a presenter from Malaysia, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Sidek Baba, a lecturer from UIA in his paperwork entitled "Islam in Southeast Asia: Challenges and Hope". Accordding to Prof. Sidek, Malaysian Muslims are now under the threat of shallow mind as they focus more on image instead of knowledge. Today, the concept of dakwah in Malaysia is more of in form of criticism. From there, people began to has this prejudice against one another and they refuse to unite. A real preacher is suppose to convey the spirit of love, respect and union and they should not support the act of sentencing one another. This concept was clearly explained by Ustaz Kamal Saidin in a separate session which is also a continuity from the seminar. According to Ustaz Kamal, "These Ulama like to take over the work of Allah SWT (sentencing) instead of performing their real tasks". Because of these Ulama, Muslims today only focus on image because they are worried if they are criticized by the public even if their basic of Islam is still weak. In other words, they got busy perfecting their 'image' instead of doing any good deeds. This issue has somehow led to another issue where the message of Islam do not get to places that matters. As those Ulama gets busy trying to 'Islamise' the country, the law and Muslims, they somehow missed other things such as Bumiputera in Sabah and Sarawak as well as Indigenous people from the Peninsular who are still yet to receive the message of Islam. Few of the things which were exposed during the seminar include the discussion on how a few bumiputera were really interested to learn about Islam, but sadly, the Christians got to them first. Despite that, they never really give up on wanting to learn about Islam where they would send their kids to gain information about the religion through ceramah in schools etc. At the same time, the Christians would work hard to approach the group but there are no response from Islamic Ulama. Thinking about how a few Muslims who brought the image of Islam can still fall under the trap of false Ulama, what about those who do not know much about Islam. Even if they do want to learn about Islam, they can easily be confused as kalimah Allah is being used by other religion. Thus, the conclusion from the seminar has helped us to see the obstacles which are faced by Islam today. The answer towards solving all of the issues however, is still yet to to be found. From there, the suggestion given by a Parliament Member from Cambodia, Tuan Haji Zakariyya Adam who is also a presenter on a paper entitled "Socio-Economic Development For Cambodian Muslims" in establishing the "Supreme Islamic Reference Centre" for the ASEAN region where all Ulama around the region would work together to handle the issue in an organized manner. The conclusion, Nusantara Seminar was a success, but it would not change anything until further actions are taken


Deepak Jaikishan has again postponed his interview with MACC, second time in just a few days…despite his previous burning desire to tell all to MACC on his allegations about PM Najib and wife and what ever as being probabloy instructed by Anwar Ibrahim. The only problem is Deepak, the carpet seller does not seem too keen to reveal to MACC despite his talks at press conferences or he just do not have the documentary evidences as he claimed. Logically, if he has the docuements as he claimed and with the burningn desire as reflected in his interviews with the press, he woulod have run…not crawl…to MACC to proof to Malaysians he is not ‘playing politics or being made used of by Anwar and gang.’ But postponing the interview with MACC, which he himself made the appointment is something very mysterious, considering he claimed to have all the documents and proofs. Talks have it that Deepak is being abandoned by Anwar and gang when he hit out at Rafizi Ramli because Ramli had taken ‘the limelight’ on the issue from him. Now when MACC is willing to listen and investigate, the carpet seller stalled…giving excuses…something fishy is going on and wonder where the fish is. So now the carpet seller is in deep trouble and it is not easy for him to wrangle his way out as Malaysians are waiting and his credibility is at stake…probably this is nothing to him but given what he had voiced out the past few weeks, he is actually not credible, just like PM Najib Tun Razak commented. Deepak’s game, if it is a political game, affected Anwar and Pakatan as a whole and only thinking Malaysians know this, those who seek the truth on the matter, not the make-believe stories as told by Anwar and gang. And many are now tired with claims and allegations made but no evidences…hard and solid…to backed the claims and allegations. Thus, Anwar and gang are hard-pushed now to present evidences to all their allegations and claims…and in the meantime, all their games are being exposed one-by-one…as the saying goes…stark naked for people to see. It is not easy now to influence people with just claims and allegations as voting Malaysians, even the young ones, are curious to the extent they want to see evidences…hard evidence…not just mere words.

PM offers to help unite Fatah and Hamas

GAZA CITY: Malaysia has offered to help unite rival Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas. The first Malaysian Prime Minister to visit Palestine, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expressed support for a reconciliation plan to end the division between the two Palestinian movements. “A unity government is within reach,” the Prime Minister said after being conferred an honorary doctorate by the al-Aqsa University in East Jerusalem Tuesday. He said that peace and prosperity could only be achieved through unity, a belief strengthened by Malaysia's success in facilitating talks in the Southern Philippine to end four decades of conflict that had killed over 120,000 people. “Should it be needed, we stand ready to offer you the benefit of that experience. “Malaysia, always a friend of the Palestine people, is willing to help facilitate the reconciliation plan in whichever way we can,” he said. A split between the two groups in 2007 led to the West Bank being governed by Fatah and the Gaza Strip by Hamas. The two sides signed a reconciliation plan sponsored by Egypt in May 2012. Najib, who was in Gaza on a humanitarian visit, said his commitment to a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian issue was clear. “We wish to see an independent, unified Palestine, enjoying the peace and security which all the world's peoples deserve.” While describing himself as a friend of the Palestinians, he paid tribute to Malaysians for commitment to their cause. “It is my people who reach out with offers of assistance, who give what they can to help the people here, who keep Palestinian innocents in their thoughts whenever there is violence here,” Najib said. He said this commitment could be seen in the funds and medical supplies donated to a Malaysian solidarity charity mission and those who travelled to Palestine to disburse them. Earlier, crossing the Egyptian border into Gaza by land, Najib, accompanied by his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, was met on arrival by the Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. Najib, who was accorded an official welcome, laid the foundation stone to rebuild the Gaza administrative office building destroyed during an Israeli attack in November last year before visiting a school project initiated by Malaysia. Najib and Rosmah later departed for Cairo where the Prime Minister called on Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Malaysia and Egypt then signed a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement. The Prime Minister will be leaving for Cairo on Wednesday for Davos in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

tunku : bravo PM Najib. At least BN is doing their best effort not only in Malaysia but internationally.Not like some so called Islamic party like Pas, no action talks only also so called human rights champions like Pkr and Dap.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kalimah Allah Issue: Signs Of Leadership Of The Devil

The issue of kalimah Allah which still stirs around Pakatan Rakyat still yet to show any sign that it might stop. DAP's natural kiasu-ness would never let the party give anything up. Meanwhile, AS is desperate to convince the party's supporters that they are still able to defend Islam. And PKR took the same stand as DAP with the excuse that they have earlier agreed upon the matter in the pact, and that includes PAS. Thus, the U-turn which is taken by PAS based on the decision made by its Syura Council will not be put under consideration due to the excuse where PAS did not refer to the Syura Council before agreeing to the matter, and the burden should not be put against PR. And in the end, the ones who had to suffer the consequences on PAS's mistakes would be none other than Islam and Muslims. However, as Muslims, we have been taught to understanding the blessing in disguise. The blessing from this 'tragedy' is that we could see how chaotic Pakatan Rakyat really is. Just look at how this issue still goes on even though it has been around for weeks. DAP and PKR held on to their original agreement and ignored PAS and the party's Syura Council. Whatever the factor is, we do not see any consistency in PAS's fight on this matter because even in the official media reports such as Harakah or Harakahdaily, PAS still denies the fact that the decision made by the Syura Council is a U-turn. Instead, they are telling people that they are consistent in now allowing the kalimah Allah to be used by non-Muslims. Harakah lied to its readers by saying that the U-turn is just a twist made by UMNO media. However, the ones who criticized PAS's U-turn are DAP and PKR, not just UMNO. Sadly, Harakah is too scared to criticize DAP or PKR, and they only have the guys to attack on UMNO. It is clear that PR has no one on top. If not, obviously the leader would have ordered to put a stop to this issue. That did not happen because Anwar Ibrahim, who plays the role as the General Leader, is just a symbol of Malay leadership. Because the fact is, Anwar's rank is even lower than regular officers in DAP such as Zairil, a Chinese who uses a Malay name. The only thing which Anwar can do is making statements, and his statement would just be as same as the Syura Council's statement, worthless. In Barisan Nasional, all component parties accepts BN Chairman as their leader where all decisions are made collectively and in a democratic way, but, the highest power is still in the hand of the Chairman. If some issues begin to go on for quite some time, the Chairman could provide orders to them to stop the issue, by giving the final say. With that, party could remain stable and it could move alongside the government in providing its service to rakyat as well as managing the country. PR do not have such thing. We are aware that DAP would never bow down to Anwar or anyone else. And PAS is already 'shying away' from Anwar but the party is still scared of DAP. When the leader does not get any respect he deserves, what would happen to the party once it begins to rule the country? What would happen to this kalimah Allah issue once PR leads the country? We can imagine how while Karpal Singh debates with PAS in the media, Malay-language Bibles, with kalimah Allah in it, will kept on being distributed to schools. When UMNO criticize, PAS would defend DAP by saying that DAP is innocent because the party does not understand Islam. As the debate gets deeper, 'Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim' would only watch and gives sign to PAS to give up. Perhaps one of two of PAS leaders would, but a few other would not back down. And as they keep on fighting one another, Malay language Bibles has been spread all over the country, confusing Muslims. Thus, to those who can think, this kalimah Allah issue is a sign given by Allah, showing the status of Islam and Muslim under Pakatan Rakyat. it is clear that we would end up being in hell if we are to be led by devils.


Muslims in PKR and those aligned with PKR de factor chief Anwar Ibrahim who are in PAS are now in a fixed…agreeing with DAP tokong Lim Guan Eng means syirik…meaning one has liken other gods as Allah. This is the decision passed and adopted by PAS syura council which was announced by its deputy chief Dr Harun Din, a decision that put even Anwar in an ugly position. Harun Din’s statement came just after PKR deputy chief Azmin Ali announced that Pakatan leaders had agreed to allow non-Muslims to use the word ‘Allah”, an issue that Guan Eng raised and was supported by leaders of the three parties earlier last month but PAS made a U-turn when the syura council decided against it. The syura council’s decision has now put the three parties in a ‘political enmity’ as they do not have a common platform to work on for the coming general election. With limited time and credibility continue on a downward trend with supporters abandoning them by the day, the three parties which had ‘married based on convenience’ rather than ‘true love based on similar objectives’, their leaders are now in a very desperate positions. DAP with its chauvinistic stand, PKR with its pluralism but more on individualism and PAS strong on its Islamic philosophy, the three parties are running parallel without any meeting point. PAS and DAP do not seem to have any common ground anymore as PAS policies have affected the Chinese lifestyle with their strict guidelines on women and men in businesses and social as well as on how to celebrate the Chinese New Year where revealing clothes for performances are banned. And now, the use of the word ‘Allah’ which got Guan Eng probably ‘jumping mad’ at PAS for the U-turn and Azmin did not do a good job in the announcement that all Pakatan leaders agreed on the issue. Because Dr Harun Din’s statement clearly stipulates those who allowed non-Muslims to use the word ‘Allah’ is syirik – an act that can make a person to disclaim Islam – nearing apostasy. Now PKR Malays who are Muslims are in a very a very precarious position – a position which no Muslims want to be in – given the circumstances. It is whether they are for or against it – simple as that. PAS has now put PKR in a position – if they follow PAS’ decision then DAP will surely get very very angry and would probably cut ties – if they do not, then their faith as Muslims are questionable. So is PAS killing PKR or is PKR killing itself?

Harun Din Will Only Defend Kalimah Allah Until The Coming GE?

Once PAS did something wrong, DAP would release their most fierce hounds to bring down their small dogs which has agreed to stay quiet after being fed and promised Putrajaya. That is how DAP thinks of PAS. We do understand that PAS has to show that they are serious in this matter to ensure that they would still gain Malay votes and DAP need to show their power - to ensure that they would still get their Chinese votes. Putting Karpal Singh as their fierce hound is just a strategy to cover Lim's chauvinism. Just as same as putting Zairil, a Chinese kid, as a repesenattive for the Malays. So, they PAS and DAP would keep on howling towards one another until the coming GE even though decision has been made by PAS Syura Council, and the decision is just a waste of time. The council do not even have any say in the matter was PAS top leadership had given their agreement in allowing other religion to use kalimah Allah. Thus, if we are to consider ethics, professionalism and moral, PAS is bound to the original agreement and the party cannot escape from it by just saying that they change their mind. If PAS wishes to get out of the agreement, the only way out is to jump out of Pakatan Rakyat. That is why, the firmness showed by Harun Din, Harun Taib or Hadi Awang in defending kalimah Allah is still in doubt, as long as they are still in PAS. Especially when they only come out with weak statements, asking Karpal Singh to not question the decision made by Syura Council, to be compared to Karpal's harsh statements, which really hit PAS. Moreover, Hadi Awang is still yet to mention his firmness directly. This is because, his statement which was published by Utusan Malaysia was only the opinion of Hadi's political aide, Dr. Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar. The report quoted Dr. Ahmad expressing his 'confidence' and 'certainty' that Hadi Awang would not step away from the decision made by Syura Council, but is there any guarantee to that statement? The fact that PAS is not willing to get out of Pakatan Rakyat because of kalimah Allah issue is a clear evidence to show a huge blow to PAS. Even Ulama such as Harun Din, and the Chief of Ulama Council, Harun Taib have lost in the hands of Karpal Singh. We expect the fight between PAs and Karpal Singh will go on until this issue is covered by other issues, or at least until the coming election. However, we are not expecting any solution because once it is considered solved, PAS would deny it, if their situation seems desperate for them. Everyone knew that PAS would do the same thing for issues such as hudud and Islamic state which has no end, even until today. Even though the issue involves religion, but for PAS, it is just another political issue which can be debated, and forgotten in time.

Monday, January 21, 2013


So the Penang To’kong Lim Guan Eng lied…not the first time but still a lie is a lie and this time it is serious, very serious and indeed serious. He is trying to pass out a true Chinese as a Malay, manipulated the party election result to accommodate this Chinese as a Malay aimed at eye-washing the non-Malay party members and Malaysians in general. Guan Eng lied about the party election result, then lied about Zairil Khir Johari and he will continue to lie to cover Zairil’s true identity and the coming lies to cover the recent lies are expected to be more believable. Sure it has to be or else he cannot cover the lies he had created to convince and dupe party members who are calling for re-election but turned down by the party central committee or was it by Guan Eng himself. Lying is a normal thing to Guan Eng and he seems so natural when he lies as proven time and again when accusations were made against him about his girlfriend rainbow and several other issues that include Zairil. Guan Eng is no small child and no virgin politician…his moves are all calculated and despite ‘looking like a nerd’, he is no pushover. Like when he suggested the use of word ‘ALLAH’ for all, he has actually created a deep religious divide between Muslims and Christians in the country which effect is long term and seriously undermine the good relationship Malaysians have all this while. His suggestion could be viewed as a diversion to the call for re-election in the party but the reality is he is desperately wooing the Christian votes which could help the party stay afloat if Pakatan Rakyat alliance breaks up before the general election. At present the three parties in Pakatan are bogged down with internal problems as well as ‘clashes of philosophies’ which see them distrusting each other and splitting hairs on many issues. DAP and Guan Eng himself are facing credibility problem as Malays and Indians in the party doubt his sincerity and acknowledge his chauvinistic character that will not see any other race in the leadership line-up in future. PKR is losing so much Malay support as the party leaders, particularly Anwar Ibrahim tries hard to put damage control as his ‘stooges’ that included Azrul Azwar of Bank Islam being exposed one-by-one. For PAS, the party is now taking a hard stand on its fundamentalism philosophy, including the use of the word ‘ALLAH’ which antagonize DAP and PKR. Given such scenario, Guan Eng is prepared to lie more and play more on racial and religious issues to make sure the party can go on its own if the Pakatan alliance turns sour in the immediate future. After all, Guan Eng, just like Anwar, has no qualms or guilty feelings as lies to them are just in their blood.

Seminar Nusantara (18-20 Jan. 2013): Rohingya Issue To Lead Islamic Thinking

“Seminar Nusantara – Islam di Asia Tenggara, Harapan dan Cabaran” (Islam In Southeast Asia, Hope And Challenges) which was held for three days, came to a close yesterday. The seminar which was organized by Generasi Bestari, MyKmu and Felda is the continuity from government's effort towards opening the minds of Muslims in Malaysia as well as Muslims around the world, in facing pressure and 'attacks' from various sides, including from Muslims themselves. Previously, Ulama around the country met together during the Fiqh Mentaati Pemimpin seminar, and later, Ulama from West Asia were invited for the same reason. All of the seminars managed to convey important messages for Muslims. A mutual agreement can be seen from all presenters during the Nusantara seminar where they afree on the fact that being loyal to leaders, and being united could lead towards stronger ummah. Lack of knowledge would be the main reason why ummah begin to break which would then lead to the fall of Islam. Educated Muslims would understand that implementing Islamic laws would not guarantee ummah's strength, even putting it as the main focus would be the reason towards negative impact. In short, Muslims should not focus more on Fardu Ain, putting aside Fardu Kifayah. Instead, both those criteria should work together in balance. A presenter on a paper entitled “Islam in Indochina: Muslims' Hope And Challenges in Myanmar", Mohd Mohiyuddin b Mohd Sulaiman, an Islamic researcher in Myanmar, UiTM, suggested that the Jews' role in destroying Islam and Muslim is not just mere imagination or illogical paranoia, proving that the message given by Allah which is conveyed through the Quran is true. To understand the situation of ethnic cleansing in Rohingya, Hj. Mohiyuddin suggested that we should look back at the relationship between the Jews and the country. Rohingya Muslims do not have anywhere to go as their citizenship has been denied by the government of the country. The ethnic received heavy pressure from Buddhist monks who do not like their presence. The conflict began with a false claim made against the ethnic from Buddhists saying that three Rohingya men had raped a Buddhist woman. Even though medical report denied the claim and pictures showed that one of the suspects had tattoo, another evidence that he is not a Muslim, the story still spread around through alternative media and social networks that things are no longer in control. From there, mosques and Muslim homes were burnt to the ground and further actions led to the ethnic cleansing. The same modus operandi, religious extremists (in this context, the Buddhist), fight due to religion, and the role of the internet in spreading stories, reminds us to the standart modus opperandi for a 'regime change' which is led by the Jews. Many are not aware on the close relationship between Myanmar and Jews which began since the country gain its Independence back in 1948. Until now, Myanmar and Israel has witnessed around 20 Ambassadors as representatives to both countries. U Nu was Myanmar's first Prime Minister who made an official visit to David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister in 1955 and David came to Myanmar in 1961 and the visit was described as 'the longest official visit in a foreign country' (two weeks) where he studied Buddhism). Few other Israel representatives who visited Myanmar include President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Foreign Minister, Moshe Sharett, Golda Meir, Abba Eban, Moshe Dayan and Shimon Peres. Social development in Myanmar was built based on Israel's model such as health, farming etc. Thousands of students from Myanmar received their state training and scholarship to further their studies in Israel. Despite that, the close ties between the two countries, which exceeds diplomatic ties, are kept underground, with both sides denying their relationship. However, few intelligence which was gained and exposed by a few sides showed how both the countries often help one another in terms of military trainings. In 1954, Myanmar visited Israel for a military training and to study defence structure, The visit a year after that, showed Prime Minister U Nu 'bringing back' the idea to build four villages, following Israel's kibbutz system. From there, Myanmar began to established a militia which operates under the same system which is used by Israel where it is complete with women soldiers, defence institute and trading organization which was managed by Tatmadaw as additional financial powerhouses on the country's official defence fund. As expected, linking the issue of Rohingya with Israel is something impossible. However, what was said by Dr. Aye Maung, a Parliament member and Chairman of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party in an interview with Venus News Journal on June 14, 2012, could give us a little picture in the crisis where, "“Rakhine should be built like how Israel was developed. This is what people of Rakhine want and they want to chase out Rohingya Muslims away from the area." Things get sadder for Rohingya Muslims as Aung Suu Kyi, a person who is taken as a true human rights fighter, do not have any certain answer on their fate. When asked by a student from one of the universities in Thailand during her visit to Harvard Kennedy School a while back, Suu Kyi stuttered for a while before giving a general answer where both sides went against human rights and she refused to show any support to any sides. That is why, Suu Kyi's sincerity in this matter becomes a question, does she sees human rights as something selective? Looking at the update, what was presented on the paperwork regarding Myanmar should wake Muslims from their slumber to prepare themselves from being victims of the Jews' strategy in taking over the world and to destroy Islam. If we do want Islam to gain its strength, please stop thinking that it can only be achieved by sentencing one another. The only way to get stronger is by making sure that we always look out for knowledge so that we would not end up destroying one another.

Listen Listen Listen.Sharifah forgives Bawani

Suara Wanita 1Malaysia president Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin has graciously forgiven University Utara Malaysia law student KS Bawani over the ‘listen, listen, listen’ video. “First and foremost, I forgive the young girl in the video for whatever she said and did before, during and after the forum,” said Sharifah in a press statement made available via SW1M spokesperson, Ema Lee Abu Samah’s blog today. She also stressed that she neither condemned university students nor neglected their freedom of speech. In an immediate reaction, Bawani however said: “I also do not remember asking for forgiveness from her as I have spoken the truth to my best ability until being stopped.” She reiterated that she was not seeking Sharifah’s apology and the issue at hand was students’ freedom of expression and right to free education. Sharifah and Bawani have been in the limelight for the past two weeks after a 20-minute video of a forum posted on YouTube went viral on social networking site, Facebook. The video showed the SW1M chief berating the student when the latter raised the issue of free education in the forum last month at Universiti Utara Malaysia. Based on what was recorded in the video, Bawani appeared to be the victim of Sharifah’s patronising and condescending attitude. In a press conference on Friday, Bawani, a second year law student and a PSM activist, said she was not seeking an apology from Sharifah even though many other groups had demanded for an apology from Sharifah.

Video creatively spun
 In her statement today, Sharifah also forgave all the “people who had jumped into the bandwagon and hurled harsh words towards me without checking their grounds or getting their facts right”. Sharifah, a 40-year old motivational speaker, said that the whole issue had gone out of hand because it was creatively spun to raise emotional support for the opposition parties. Terming the video as a “politically altered sensational video”, she said that she has been receiving threats via SMSes from irresponsible individuals, groups and political parties. “Our office was also ambushed and threats were hurled at our doorstep,” she said, adding that she was bewildered by the spin-off affect created by the video with merchandises being sold, ringtones being created and comedies made out of the video. On that note she questioned why her detractors did not highlight the pledge that was read by the UUM students. The students pledged to “oppose culture detrimental to the society, street demonstrations, detrimental foreign elements, and to support peace and harmony without third party intervention.”  

Apology to UUM
Sharifah pointed out that the issue was merely a miscommunication involving her and Bawani and urged the public to view the full video which is made up of four video clips. On that note she apologised to the university that was dragged into the controversy. “In this case the only party whom deserves my sincere apology is UUM. I hereby sincerely apologise to UUM for this matter was totally out of my control by way of irresponsible people turning it into a catastrophe,” she said. She added that the video had eclipsed more pressing issues championed by SW1M, such as student, children and women rights abuse related to street demonstrations and other social ills such as baby dumping, rape and AIDS. This is the first time Sharifah is officially commenting on the issue.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

PM: Bring back Islam’s golden age

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on the South-East Asian region to be a catalyst for the revival of the golden era of Islam. However, he said Islamic Revivalism had to be of a wide scope and holistic, and that it should not be defined by just form but also substance. “Islamisation should not just be superficial, but encompass the basis and fundamentals of the society at large. “This includes economic growth, the preservation of the Syariah, political integrity and a more meaningful and positive regional cooperation,” he said at the Nusantara seminar titled “Islam in South-East Asia: Challenges and Hopes” on Saturday. The text of his speech was read out by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom. Najib also called for a second wave of Islamic renaissance which was independent and with an economic fortitude reflective of the current times. “We cannot be sentimental and nostalgic about with Islam's past glories without looking forward at new challenges in an open market.” At the same time, he said reviving Islamic values in South-East Asia meant going back to spirit of wasatiyyah (moderation) that the region was long known for. “Extremism, radicalism and terrorism are all concepts that are very foreign to this region,” he said. He added that, while Islam in South-East Asia had been moderate in character, it was undergoing a process of revivalist change in some segments of society. “Some South-East Asians returning from Islamic religious schools and Pakistan have returned with a new, radical, militant, and extremist form of Islam that is more likely to be anti-American or anti-Western in character,” he said, adding that Malaysia, too, was not spared from it. Najib said that since the 1980s and 1990s, Malaysians were already exposed to extreme and antagonistic politics that had contributed to the split of the Muslims. “The Arab Spring is used as a new political template in the South-East Asian landscape. In the name of democracy and the freedom of expression, they would rather bring the political debate to the streets.”

Saturday, January 19, 2013

PR Still Approve The Decision To Allow Kalimah Allah In Bible

PKR's Vice President, Mohamed Azmin Ali today stressed that Pakatan Rakyat's (PR) policy regarding the kalimah Allah issue which was solved back in January 4, 2010 is still the same until now despite of the situation where PAS Syura Council decided otherwise on January 8, 2013. It seems like it is now turn for Syura Council to respond. That is, if they have the guts to defend Allah's name from being trampled by the Christians and Pluralists. Applying kalimah Allah for other religion would bring to two big issues, confusion among Muslims which could lead to apostasy, and syirik. Both of the issues can be considered as a huge catastrophe towards Muslims. That is why, it is not too much to urge any Muslim who are not disturbed by this, to reflect themselves whether they have been good Muslims or otherwise. The stand took by Pakatan Rakyat like what was announced by Azmin would be as the following: 1. It is proven that PAS Syura Council do not have any place in Pakatan Rakyat. 2. It is confirmed thast PKR practices plural understanding. 3. The Christians deliberately challenges Islam. 4. Pakatan Rakyat's highest power is DAP. PR's excuse saying that Syura Council's decision only applies to PAS members is seen as an insult towards all Muslim because it is simply irrelevant. This is because the ones who wants to use kalimah Allah in the Bible are not PAS members, it's the Christians, which is being fought by DAP. Thus, why would the decision apply to PAS members? It seems like the nightmare is upon us where as PAS works hard to get to Putrajaya, everything starts to crumble. When PAS proudly announce that they are Islam, their statements and actions automatically reflects Islam. That is why their actions of making a lot of U-turns and giving up on things, only show their weakness, and that is seen as part of Islam's weakness. From there, can't we all see that the person who is seen as a Grand Ulama, Mursyid, Tok Guru, Tuan Guru, who seems very respectful, does not even mean a thing in the eyes of kafir? It is not too late for Muslims to rise up. However, this is only possible if all Muslims stand united. Even though we are in a country led by an Islamic government, do the strength of the government still depend on Muslims that are behind it. It would hard for an Islamic government to defend Islam without getting any support from Muslims. Please stop lying to yourselves with hudud or Islamic state just to reject those Muslim leaders. Stop letting our mind from being polluted with those evil Ulama. May Allah save us all from all of the bad things out there. Amin.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Is the Sabah RCI a necessity? After all, whoever they are, they are already citizens of Malaysia just like the other races in Peninsular who came here some years ago or before Independence and given citizenship.
Or is it the oppositions’ game to ‘inject’ further hatred and erode credibility to Barisan Nasional (BN), a trap that BN and Najib Tu Razak fell into?
Looking at the case now, the testimonies thus far given, all of them point towards BN’s and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s purported ploy to increase voters for BN.
Thus far, the inquiry gives an ugly and bad picture of ruling BN government as if the ruling coalition had been manipulating to win.
However, can trust and take the testimonies of the four witnesses without first determine their credibility and authenticity of their testimonies.
The reason is simply that the four had spent time under detention for extortion – extorting money from these foreigners whose blue identity cards were ready to be given out.
The witnesses called are those NRD officers who were released after being detained under Internal Security Act (ISA) for taking bribes in giving out the citizenships to Filipinas.
They are Kee Dzulkifly, Asli Sidup, Alcop Damsah @ Yakup Damsah, Nasit Sungip and their boss Ramli Kamaruddin were detained under the ISA for detained for their role in a syndicate to extort money from the approved immigrants before issuing them the blue ICs.
One wonders are these the only witnesses the RCI will call or the commission will be calling more as the credibility of the four witnesses are questionable in every aspect.
And the opposition, especially Anwar Ibrahim’s stooges are already making statements that the RCI would eventually point finger to Anwar…pre-empting as though the RCI is BN’s tool to shoot at Anwar.
What the oppositions are doing now is another psychological warfare aimed at pumping into the minds of voters that BN has been manipulating, the allegations the oppositions have been pumping to the minds of voters since 2008.
Without credible witnesses, RCI will reveal more of ‘twisted truth’ to hammer the ‘twisted testimonies’ with witnesses whose credibility are questionable, whose testimonies are also questionable because they revealed names of those who had passed away, whose intentions are questionable as they were detained before for extorting.
In short, the witnesses are untrustworthy and for the oppositions, they do not care about this because they know the voters want to hear ‘juicy things’ regardless the truths.
It’s the perception game and the oppositions are good in this as they have already done that in 2008…but they forgot that the political thoughts of voters have change since then.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christians Are Beginning Get Rude

We are aware that PAS supporters believe that PAS is Islam and Islam is PAS. However, it is weird that whenever PAS or PAS leaders get insulted, these supporters would be outraged, but when Islam or Muslims are insulted, they stood in silence, even if they are mad, they would control their anger just so that enemies of Islam would not be offended. For example, when DAP leader insulted Muslims for organizing demonstrations to oppose the film which insults Rasulullah SAW, PAS defended DAP by saying that the leader is a non-Muslim and that he does not understand Islam.
And yesterday, almost the same thing happened, when Patrick Teoh cursed in his Facebook page because he was raged over the ban which is imposed on public performance in Kedah. Even though the ban was later withdrawn by PAS, as expected, Patrick Teoh's anger has already been expressed and it is too late for him to deny the statement.
What was stated by Patrick expressed such deep hatred, not against PAS actions, but towards Islam because obviously he also thought that Islam is PAS and whatever PAS does, is Islam.
It is very easy for us to blame PAS in this matter, but we should not ignore the hatred expressed by Patrick against Islam.
It is not that hard for us to say that probably Patrick was made because he misunderstood Islam, but is it true? Why should we defend Patrick like PAS did?
Perhaps Patrick's hate towards Islam is natural and it comes from the Evangelism spirit? If it is true, does all Christians in this country share the same hatred towards Islam just like Patrick? Even though both religion urge for peace?
If the hatred is true, then it is not impossible that it is spreading among Christians. And Patrick's extreme statement is the proof to show that Christians are rude for challenging Muslims to face them.
The challenge is made because they see that Muslims are getting weaker. Especially when PAS, the so called Islamic symbol, kept on making U-turns, just to please DAP Christians. Issues such as apostate, Malay-language Bible and kalimah Allah is their yardstick in determining Muslims' strength in Malaysia.
And from their point of view, they see that it is hard for Muslims to unite in defending all of the issues, they even go against each other just because some are defending the matter. Only recently, PAS began to agree with UMNO that kalimah Allah should not be used by other religion. Even then, PAS still would not admit their mistake. In short, the tension between Muslims are still there even if they agree on the same matter.
This is what often fear. UMNO had to be humble to work with PAS, however, PAS would reject UMNO just so that they could be alongside DAP Christians. Any PAS leaders who wish to fight alongside UMNO would either be sacked, pressured or ignored by their own party, as if they are traitors.
And based on that, there is a possibility why Christians are getting rude, because they know that PAS would always be on their side even if they are to step on the Quran in front of PAS. They are convinced that PAS leaders would defend them by saying that it is not wrong because they are not Muslims and they do not understand Islam. From there, Muslims might accept the statement, because it comes from PAS, and PAS is Islam, according to their understanding.
Whatever it is, Patrick Teoh cannot be out of the hot seat just yet even if PAS are to organize any demonstration to defend him. Not understanding Islam should not be the excuse because he lives in an Islamic state with Muslims are the majority. As a civilized, educated and a faithful Christian, Patrick Teoh should apologize.
Lets hope that this episode would not just be a lesson for Patrick alone, all Malaysians should take note of this. It is important for us to let go off all the prejudice and hatred among one another before it is too late. Lets not let those politicians corrupt our mind and rationality. We have been living in peace for decades, why change all that only because of those stupid politicians?