Monday, January 7, 2013

Zairil Khir Johari b. Abdullah Is A Chinese, Not Malay

It has been said previously that Zairil Khir Johari b. Abdullah is DAP's symbol of stupidity and the claim has once again been proven as the CEC had yet another twist recently. DAP's stupid joke for using ‘Excel Spled-shit’ instead of ‘Excel Spreadsheet’ to count their votes just so that Zairil could win should be seen as the benchmark towards their efficient, honest and transparent slogan. This is just as same as the story where PAS used ‘mental arithmetic’ to count Memali Fund, Kohilal stock or even their donations which are taken from their party members. Everything is done mentally, without having to put any records. Finally, things get chaotic after their 'mental calculations' goes wrong. Whatever it is, DAP's persistence in showing rakyat that Zairil is the right representative for Malays even when he is not a Malay, shows that the party is just stupid. Malaysians are aware that Zairil is not a Malay. Not just biologically, even his soul is not Malay. In principle, Malays would accept any race as a Malay if they have the soul of a Malay, other than being a Muslim. Malays, especially those from Alor Setar, myself included, is aware of the family of Tan Sri Khir Johari whom also lived at the same place. He was married to Puan Sri Kalsom Abdul Rahman (Che Tom) in 1943 and has 7 children. After Che Tom died on September 20, 1994, Tan Sri Khir then married Puan Seri Christine Lim on Fenruary 1998. Puan Seri Christine is a widow and she has two children from her previous marriage with a Chinese. one of her children is given the name Zairil Khir Johari, a Muslim name, taking the name of her new husband. Zairil was 13 when his mother got married with Tan Sri Khir. That tells us that Zairi is 100% Chinese. Tan Sri Khir died in 2006 when Zairil was 23 years old, studying abroad. Chinese's natural instinct of wanting to collect as much wealth as they can still can be seen in Puan Seri Christine even though she converted to Islam. This had led to a fight between Tan Sri Khir's new family with the family of his previous marriage. The fight on inheritance had shocked the society because all of it actually belongs to Puan Sri Kalsom. In this case, Tan Sri Khir named all of his children with Puan Sri Kalsom as the defendant, Rosita, Prof. Amir, Roselina, Juanita, Nazli dan Mazita, Haizan. We do not have the rights to discuss on this case. However, this case should be seen a a benchmark on how Zairil really is. Children like him, coming from divorced families should have a close relationship with their mothers and they can easily accept the way of life taught by their mothers. Thus, if his mother taught him the life of Chinese where money and wealth is far more important than anything, then that is why Zairil will hold onto until the end of his life. This is proven when Zairil himself, in a previous interview, said that his father, was not like any other UMNO because he was far more comfortable with the Chinese. In other wordsm he was not like any other Malays because he prefers to be around Chinese. We do not want to judge Tan Sri Khir Johari. However, we can clearly see that Zairil is not a real Malay, he even looks down upon Malays. However, DAP still thinks that Malays cannot read their tactic as they use Zairil. They did not realize that this tactic only proves how racist they really are. Even to represent Malays, they use their own people!


Anonymous said...


Thanks a million. Finally someone announced it to the whole world tht Zairil is NOT a MALAY and is NOT TAN SRI KHIR JOHARI's SON!!!

Can you pls inform Jocelyn Tan from Star to stop refering Zairil Khir Johari is malay and son of Khir Johari. I am sick when she keeps refering him as a Malay who representing malay in DAP. What the heck is that?

Thank you Tunku. To all malay, celik mata kamu. Darah cina tetap cina walaupun dibesarkan dalam keluarga islam..

sebarkan berita ini..

Anonymous said...

Tak baca Perlembagaan Negara ke?

Asaby said...

I guess he joined politics because he and his mother had a hard time against the other siblings over personal matters including properties after Khir's death.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is for Malaysian. This is 21st century. Why are there people in Malaysia still immature to differentiate Malay, Chinese, India, etc. Whoever can do good for Malaysian is the one we should support, not for just Malay, Chinese or India

Anonymous said...

MALAYsia is land of the MALAYS, understand.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia should be for Malaysians. Please do not categories Malaysians into Malays, Chinese and Indians. Malaysia will continue to be left behind our neighbouring country,Singapore, if we still insist to make every problem into a racial problem. Malays are the majority in Malaysia and they already have all the special priviledges. Other races in Malaysia are not that lucky. So what is the complaint?

Anonymous said...

Enuff with the Malaysia should be for Malaysians crap..if other races trully want to be malaysian, then why the heck they refused to abolish vernacular school? they can just join all races in 1 school while at the same time still be able to learn their mother tounge language..why opposed to sekolah wawasan n other integration school that was mooted by Education Ministry? bcoz of education quality in those school?halal/haram food issue? all these can be settled/compromised if they are willing to sit together and discuss about it..
once they are willing to sit and discuss, then we talk about Malaysian Malaysia!

Indeed Malays is the majority in the country but who is controlling the economy?who are the riches person in Malaysia? long before the independence, British had segregated the races..Majority Chinese will be in the town doing business, Malay in kampung doing agriculture and Indian in the estates..this has impacted the society to this day and this is why Malay should have the priviledges..didnt we notice some job advertisment require the candidates to be able to speak in Mandarin when in fact the job has nothing to do with/doesnt require to use tht language?

Malaysian Malaysian? what a propaganda..

Anonymous said...

anon Oct 1, please read and understand Tanah Melayu history before you talk much more! There will be no Malaysia if Tanah Melayu is not existed. Still want to argue Malays privileges!

Anonymous said...

"one of her children is given the name Zairil Khir Johari, a Muslim name, taking the name of her new husband. Zairil was 13"

converted at age of 13 ,I not sure whether he voluntarily wanted to be a Muslim or force to be Muslim when his mother married to Muslim . His biological father should take legal action as conversion to Muslim when he was under age .

Aku Bukan Blogger said...

kepada anonymous kat atas nie.

menjawab soalan anda kenapa tidak "Malaysian Malaysia".

Sebab, bangsa cina berselindung di sebalik slogan "Malaysian Malaysia" untuk menindas bangsa melayu.

Kalau bangsa cina DAP ikhlas memperjuangkan "Malaysian Malaysia", korbankan SRJK cina/ tamil dan bersatu di bawah sekolah kebangsaan.

Jgn terkejut dan hairan, idea seperti ini akan dibakul sampahkan oleh DAP dengan berselindung di bawah perlembagaan Malaysia di mana hak untuk mempraktikkan bahasa ibunda tidak boleh di halang.

Cina DAP bijak memperbodohkan bangsa melayu.


Anonymous said...

Menurut jiran2 Zairil di Pulau Pinang yg kenal dia sejak lahir, malah mengenali keluarga Pak Khir dan Christine sebelum Zairil lahir lagi, dia ni mmg anak Pak Khir kata mereka.

ProphetKetosis said...

trying to be sarcastic here. Malays are smartest, chinese are dumbest, Indians are...
but there are no Malaysians it seems. Federation of Malaysia will be broken back to states individually soon.
Vernacular education and islamic education both have to go, not just the vernacular schools.Chinese again are dumb and stupid cause they cant learn the Bahasa Melayu cause there is no more Bahasa Malaysia even they grow up in Tanah Melayu. AGain there is no Malaysia, malaysia is dead and there will never be malaysia. I was educated in full national school, yet the country still does not treat me as a full citizen. infact the country treats my neighbor whose parents migrated from Pakistan as a full citizen. so yes, the malays are smartest cause they are bringing in expartriate from Irans, Bangladesh, pakistan, sudan to take over the counrty.

To lazy to even correct my grammars and spellings. you maybe think, Why don't I write in bahasa Melayu?Maybe the 11 years of National education i went through didnt do a good job in educating me. But i have to pass my BMalaysia at that time to be an engineer today.Perhaps I am good in Bahasa Malaysia and not Bahasa Melayu. I am also proficient in Bahasa Indonesia.