Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Now the fun begins…DAP and PKR have to make a stand whether to just continue their ‘illegal marriage’ with PAS or to just enter the ‘ring’ without PAS. PAS has made its stand that the word ALLAH cannot be translated for it was a specific word or generic. So now Pakatan Rakyat, an alliance of three political parties with different ideologies and concepts, are in ‘deep shit’ as leaders engaged in verbal war over the issue which will divide the support into two – Muslims and non-Muslims. DAP is for non-Muslims to use the word ALLAH while PAS is dead set against it while PKR, and of course Anwar Ibrahim is with DAP, given the position he is in where the DAP has ‘got him on his balls’ as the crude saying goes. To PAS, it is upholding the fundamentals of Islam while DAP looks set to woo the Christians using the issue while Anwar’s PKR is just following the DAP because PAS is always suspicious of him. PAS leaders, who are the fundamentalists, do not trust him as they know his plans to use the party for his own benefits and how he tried to topple the fundamentalists leadership in the party’s election in 2009. Not trusted by PAS and made used of by DAP, Anwar finds himself walking on a tightrope where any slip he will fall right down without any cushion. Anwar’s last act – the People’s Uprising Rally – was a total failure and this puts him is worse position between leaders of the three parties and he has to buck up fast before leaders of PAS and DAP totally lose hope on him. Exposing many ‘wrong doings’ do not help him or PKR as those exposures only help DAP while playing up religious issues help PAS. PKR is nothing but a party that has lost its steam and most importantly members as the leaders’ credibility, particularly Anwar himself, whose credibility is right at the bottom as Malaysians at large see through his lies and cheats. Thinking Malaysians and voters now see Anwar repeating all acts with new players and they see how the new players stammer and acted wrongly as they are not being coached properly. Desperate as PAS no longer cares about his position – the Prime Minister-in-waiting – as PAS has its own candidate, Anwar hopes for DAP to ‘salvage’ him and pull and push him as the PM. But if PAS is still behaves as it is at present, pushing its fundamentalism philosophy, the scene will be that Anwar can say goodbye to his ambition and PKR can say goodbye to its existence.

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