Wednesday, January 9, 2013


PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said anybody could use the word ‘ALLAH’ as long as they did not abuse the word to confuse the Muslims but Islam did not forbid them to use the word. What a twist just to woo the non-partisans and fence sitters as the party (PAS) tries to worm its way into the hearts and minds of the Malays as well as trying to place its position as the backbone or savior the opposition alliance PR. Hadi’s statement did not come as a surprise which opposes the party information chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man’s statement last week that non-Muslims were prohibited from using the word as the word was sacred. Tuan Ibrahim’s statement was in line with Sultan of Selangor’s statement given out Tuesday prohibiting non-Muslims to use the word. But for Hadi and other PAS leaders, the issue is not about sacred and sanctity, to them it is about politics, about winning votes and about toppling the BN government, the dream the party shares with DAP and PKR. And the difference if…this is hypothetical…if the opposition wins the coming general election, PAS will stand against all odds to have Hadi as Prime Minister. Anwar Ibrahim can kiss goodbye to his dream as PAS will claim that they are the one that brought the success, not DAP nor PKR. PAS’ stand on the usage of the word ‘ALLAH’ reflects the party’s desperation in wooing the Malay votes especially the new young voters who are more liberal in their outlook on Islam. Many PAS leaders are worried the past few months a young voters distance themselves from the party while the veteran members and supporters are leaving the party as more and more ‘scandals’ are being unfold. The Memali fund issue, the give-away of land to DAP’s Nga and Ngeh, the edict and many more have put the party in a very precarious position and if the party leaders do not open up…like the statement on the use of the word ‘ALLAH’, the party will see its influence eroding fast. With Hadi’s statement, the party can now see its Chinese wing gaining influence again and DAP will trusting PAS more than PKR. After all PKR is losing ground fast with most of the issues the party raised backfiring and the latest carpet-seller Deepak Jaikishan’s issue viewed as an rerun of the old movie with new actors. Thus, PAD and Hadi have made their points and Malaysians, particularly Malays know their (PAS) bluff, know the party’s line of politics, know the characters of the leaders and know the internal strife.

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