Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Muslims in PKR and those aligned with PKR de factor chief Anwar Ibrahim who are in PAS are now in a fixed…agreeing with DAP tokong Lim Guan Eng means syirik…meaning one has liken other gods as Allah. This is the decision passed and adopted by PAS syura council which was announced by its deputy chief Dr Harun Din, a decision that put even Anwar in an ugly position. Harun Din’s statement came just after PKR deputy chief Azmin Ali announced that Pakatan leaders had agreed to allow non-Muslims to use the word ‘Allah”, an issue that Guan Eng raised and was supported by leaders of the three parties earlier last month but PAS made a U-turn when the syura council decided against it. The syura council’s decision has now put the three parties in a ‘political enmity’ as they do not have a common platform to work on for the coming general election. With limited time and credibility continue on a downward trend with supporters abandoning them by the day, the three parties which had ‘married based on convenience’ rather than ‘true love based on similar objectives’, their leaders are now in a very desperate positions. DAP with its chauvinistic stand, PKR with its pluralism but more on individualism and PAS strong on its Islamic philosophy, the three parties are running parallel without any meeting point. PAS and DAP do not seem to have any common ground anymore as PAS policies have affected the Chinese lifestyle with their strict guidelines on women and men in businesses and social as well as on how to celebrate the Chinese New Year where revealing clothes for performances are banned. And now, the use of the word ‘Allah’ which got Guan Eng probably ‘jumping mad’ at PAS for the U-turn and Azmin did not do a good job in the announcement that all Pakatan leaders agreed on the issue. Because Dr Harun Din’s statement clearly stipulates those who allowed non-Muslims to use the word ‘Allah’ is syirik – an act that can make a person to disclaim Islam – nearing apostasy. Now PKR Malays who are Muslims are in a very a very precarious position – a position which no Muslims want to be in – given the circumstances. It is whether they are for or against it – simple as that. PAS has now put PKR in a position – if they follow PAS’ decision then DAP will surely get very very angry and would probably cut ties – if they do not, then their faith as Muslims are questionable. So is PAS killing PKR or is PKR killing itself?

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