Monday, January 7, 2013


Oppositions are desperate as they continue their endless attack to win the hearts and minds of majority voters who have shifted back to the ruling BN since the past two years. Raising issues with twisted facts, playing them again and again with new players which the latest is carpet-seller Deepak Jaikishan that ‘jolted’ the public for a while then simmers down, the oppositions are in a desperate situation. Failure to keep the issues afloat for long time, they now resort to rumour mongering, the normal round-the-rumour-mill type, the latest being Prime Minister had a ‘little stroke’. Rumour such as this have been flying around every time when the oppositions are desperate at a time when the general election is around the corner but normally this does not affect much of public’s confidence and political leanings. They know the rumours are just a political ploy to continue playing psychological tactic because they cannot stop the erosion of support and confidence they are facing now. The three opposition parties are going down the credibility scale fast with problems they face from within and with their relationship as their ‘love is already lost in their marriage of convenience.’ Their relationship have soured through the years as each party feels it is the strongest, the only party that is capable of leading the others, the only party that can be accepted by all and so on and so on. The man whom DAP wants to be Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is just a joker whose insatiable lusts goes beyond limits of human minds, in characters as well as intellectuality. He uses people and individuals for his lusts and ambitions and never at any time has any guilt feelings nor regrets over his actions and the people he made use of. And he does not care being used by DAP to further the party’s chauvinistic cause so long as he can become the Prime Minister, the post he wants where he is even willing to sell his body and soul. Rumour such as Najib Tun Razak had a ‘little stroke’ could have started by him, given his style of creating rumours and make believed stories the past decade in his desperate attempt to dislodge the ruling party. But a pity is that this attempt still did not bear the fruits he wants, the public do not even care about the news. Given such situation, Malaysians are expected to hear more of such rumours and probably more details add to the rumours to make it more realistic. Because Anwar will not stop until the day he is sees the writing on the board at Dataran Merdeka or other public places in big letter words “YOU ARE NOT NEEDED ANYMORE”.

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