Thursday, October 11, 2012


Trouble is brewing in PAS with the liberals that particularly Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad that includes deputy president Mohamed Sabu or Mat Sabu against a member of the Ulamak council Nashahruddin Mat Isa, who alleged Nasharuddin of being an Umno stooge. The verbal spat has become personal and now it is difficult to see a ‘happy ending’ as Khalid goes after Nasharuddin’s throat like the latter is a sworn lifetime enemy. Nasharuddin had claimed that oppositions in Sarawak had prayed for a Christian state after winning several seats in 2011 Sarawak state election and this prompted Khalid and gang to react in a very aggressive tone. The response was very blunt and reflective of the motive that they want Nasharuddin out of PAS, like what they did to Datuk Seri Hassan Ali last year when the latter alleged the Christian movement was converting Malays. The animosity between Khalid Samad and Nasharuddin dated back in 2008 when Nasharuddin ans Hassan extended their hands to Umno in friendship aimed at uniting the cracks between members of the two Malay-based parties after the tense general election. Khalid and gang that included Mat Sabu and vice-president Sallehuddin Ayud are known to be ‘Anwar Ibrahim’s’ close associates as they probably share the same objectives. Thus, Khalid’s statement hitting out at Nasharuddin is seen by the fundamentlists who are veterans in PAS including party president Abdul Hadi Awang as ‘a reflection of Anwar’s thoughts’. The ‘cold war’ between the two groups in PAS is no longer a secret and this is made worse when DAP Karpal Singh openly objected to PAS objectives of setting up an Islamic state with Hudud laws which Anwar, as leader of PR and a Muslim, did not hit back at Karpal. Anwar’s silence has created deeper suspicion within PAS that he could not care less about political ideology nor principles except to further his objective of sitting at Putrajaya as Prime Minister. And the veteran fundamentalists also know Anwar has been pushing the liberals to take over PAS leadership, a platform which he sees is much solid and stronger than PKR. So Anwar’s aim is to get rid of anybody in PAS seen as threats to achieving his ambition and Khalid and gang are his ‘hit men’ in PAS to do the dirty job. Now it depends on PAS veteran fundamentalists to defend and fight back as time is of essence given the general election is just a few months away. It is better for the party to go alone in the coming general election or team up with Umno to ‘bury’ Anwar and his ambition. After all, PAS has proven itself to be a party that survives against all odds since the 50s.

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