Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SUARAM Will Be Charged In France

SUARAM finally admitted that they do receive funds from National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Open Society Institute (OSI), foreign NGOs where their main goal is to perform 'regime exchange' in countries which has economic and social value to fulfil the Jews' mission in controlling the world. The worry on Jews' wanting to take over the world is not a paranoia among Muslims around the world, but it was only mentioned in the Quran. Allah SWT reminded us that we should be careful with the Jews because they would never respect Muslims until all Muslims wold follow their orders and wants. Today, not only Muslims, even most Westerner are beginning to doubt Jews, so they began to run various research and revealed Jews' intention and strategy to rule the world through various NGOs which goes by the objective to 'protect human interest issues' such as fighting for human rights, freedom, justice etc. From there, on October 1, Russia began to take serious action by closing NED's office at the country after realizing that the NGO from America has bad agenda involving money laundering issue which goes against international law. Other than NED, all of its branches such as International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS) were also closed. These shows that the Jews do not just target Islamic countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt or Syria, they also target non-Islamic countries. And obviously, Malaysia as a growing Islamic country would not escape as part of their target. Today, the direct relationship between NED and OSI with SUARAM and Malaysian opposition is no longer a secret. This is proven when Opposition Leader himself, Anwar Ibrahim do not even hide his relationship with these entities. For that, Anwar, on behalf of SUARAM went to France recently to 'invite' a lawyer by the name of William Bourdon to provide statement on behalf of SUARAM who is facing Malaysia's law in the case of receiving doubtful foreign fund. William Bourdon is also the lawyer who represents George Soros who is the owner of OSI, a currency terrorist. Unlike Russia, NED moves in Malaysia through its tools, SUARAM and the opposition. That is why the ones who would face the impact if proven guilty would be SUARAM instead of NED. And it would be bad for SUARAM because NED seemed to have miscalculated the strength of Malaysian leaders. Due to that, SUARAM do not just have to face legal consequences in Malaysia, it would have to go through France as well. Internal source told that French Court is said that they would charge SUARAM after considering a few facts, they include: 1. Suaram intentionally expose what they call 'investigation paper' which contains Document 87 and Document 144, saying that it was taken from the Prosecutor's Office when the fact is, investigations should be done in private and closed. If the 'investigation paper' really exist, SUARAM's action in exposing the information in it was actually against the law. 2. And if the paper does not exist, SUARAM had intentionally toyed with the law by using names and the prosecutor's office in France. 3. SUARAM also has been irresponsible for fabricating stories regarding the trial in France, when it was not true at all. 4. SUARAM went too far when they used the mane of French judge, Le Loire, as they like in their lies. 5. SUARAM fabricated trial through media by surpassing the private investigation ran by French investigative judge. 6. SUARAM lied when they used the name of French court and questioned the credibility of French's Foreign Ministry by making the statement on handing out subpoenas to Malaysians. 7. SUARAM intentionally raised doubts on French police by stating that Altantuya did enter the country, refuting French police's official statement. This news brings us to a conclusion where SUARAM's lies would only come this far. It seems like after this, NED and OSI would need to fully depend on the opposition to continue with their agenda with this country. But, with such clear relationship between the opposition and Jews, are they certain that rakyat would still be fooled by them?

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