Thursday, October 11, 2012

PAS Rejects Scholars For Priests

One does not need to be an expert nor a political watchdog to know the ending of PAS-DAP-PKR. It is enough for a man who is rational to know that the coalition would bring chaos towards Muslim community, even if the destruction is not official. As a party that was established on 'the name of Allah SWT' and on the name of Islam, PAS's decision to work alongside DAP and PKR is just as same as making a deal with the devil. Perhaps this happens because of Tok Guru Nik Aziz who used to make a statement saying that he would even work with the devil just as long as UMNO goes down. PAS used to have this very extreme approach back then, making non-Muslims as their enemies and even Muslims who do not follow their way, on the excuse that those people are jahil or kafir. PAS said back then, only Scholars are fit enough to lead the people. If BN puts any Chinese from MCA or Indians from MIC as election candidates, PAS would form the best campaign to tell rakyat how they would be getting sin if they vote for non-Muslims. But those are old stories. PAS has now become a much open party so that they could fit in with the current political environment. All of their old extreme stands are no longer relevant, even Islamic nation and hudud has now become a subjective matter. PAS now no longer hate non-Muslims. Instead, they are a lot closer with these bunch such as Lim Kit Siang. Leaders might not have to be Scholars but PAS is really to take a sodomite and a liberal to be their next Prime Minister. The halal and haram of resources is up to UMNO which for PAS, it is okay to gain political benefit from Jew's fund and Soros which is channeled to SUARAM, BERSIH and others/ PAS's approach is also seen to be even more 'vice-friendly' if we are to see the number of entertainment centres which bloomed right after PR took over Selangor. PAS said it is okay to use the word Allah SWT in other religion's book and supported the distribution of Bibles in Bahasa Melayu. Thus, assisting Christian teachings among Muslims. We would like to congratulate PAS for being able to prove that the party is much more open than UMNO. Now, PAS no longer put Islam as the party's exclusive rights, but they are accepting non-Muslims to join the party by forming Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS (DHPP). And the peak of their openness can be seen when the party is willing to put a Christian priest as the coming GE13 candidate. Their openness is consistent when they seemed to be reluctant to work alongside JAIS to curb the action of Christians converting Muslims to their religion. Few of these priests which had been identified as PAS candidates through DHPP include Pastor Otou @ Francis Singoron. He was named as candidate for DUN Pitas, Sabah where 60% of its residents are Muslims while another 40% are among Christian Kadazan, Dusun and Murut. Most of his campaigns will be assisted by two of his Christian preachers, Ondon Mangajil, 58, and Rakilin Mahuda @ Melvin. It is not impossible that if Pastor Otou @ Francis Singoron wins, the fraction of religion among residents from DUN Pitas might see an increase among Christians, thus, reducing the percentage of Muslims. That is how 'open' PAS is nowadays where they would even put aside Scholars to bring up 'artists', Syiah, the 'professionals', sodomite, liberals and even Christian leaders as leaders of society, party or even the country. Whatever it is, there is no need to for us to be shocked with this new revelation in PAS because this is what happens when we make a deal with the devil.

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