Saturday, November 17, 2012

PAS wants Abdul Hadi for prime minister if opposition wins GE

KOTA BARU: The 58th PAS Muktamar saw representatives suggesting that party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang become prime minister if the opposition won the general election. Ulama Council representative Hairun Nizam said that Abdul Hadi was the most qualified candidate to be prime minister, and members of PAS should campaign for their own party members to become leaders. He said PAS should not be campaigning or supporting other leaders among the opposition. "I want to ask the delegates, who is the best to lead the government if it is not (Abdul Hadi)?," he said at the Pusat Tarbiyah Islamiah Kelantan (PUTIK) here on Saturday. The delegates responded with shouts of "Takibir!" and cheers. "When the country is... obedient to Allah, then the supreme head of the country should be the one most aware of those same laws of Allah."

tunku : i want to hear what anwar will say about this. pas members can keep on dreaming that if pakatan wins their president would be the prime minister. they don't even have the numbers in parliament to choose one.they will have to get the support from dap and pkr and that is very unlikely to happen. keep dreaming pas.

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