Saturday, November 3, 2012

PR And Al-Arqam's ‘Wife-Swaping’ Culture Are The Same?

Ustaz Badrol Amin, PKR Selangor's Senior Leader has once again shocked the country yesterday. Previously, he triggered a controversy as he was involved in a vice case with another man's wife in a hotel when he attended a party program. This time, this Uztaz was arrested for being involved in a deviant teachings' assembly which was suspected to be 'Aurad Muhammadiah' and the attempt to bring back Al-Arqam teachings. The assembly had broken Section 12 (C), Selangor Syariah Crime Enactment. Jais's raid was made at about 10:30pm and a few of the group's committee members were arrested to assist the investigation. An estimated 3,500 followers attended the assembly. It was understood that the assembly was held in conjunction of the anniversary of their senior leader, Allahyarham Ashaari Muhammad. The assembly was themed "Abuya Kept On Leading Even After Death". Badrol Amin's involvement in Al-Arqam does not even shock us. Actually, ‘Ustaz’ such as Badrol Amin is all over the opposition coalition, they are in both PKR and PAS. They would have people call them Ustaz and they would always act all Islamic, all to cover up their real hobbies, committing vice. Their crime would then always be covered with the excuse of 'it is on the name of religion'. For example, after being caught for committing vice with another man's wife, Badrol Amin's excuse was that he was giving marriage counselling based on his status as an Ustaz. Despite that, such excuse would never be accepted by the public because it is clearly wrong to provide counselling by sleeping together in a room with non-muhrim partner no matter what status one might have in the religious industry. The fact is, committing vice is a normal thing among opposition leaders. Other than Mat Sabu, there are also ADUN PAS Perupok, ADUN PAS Selinsing and let's not forget Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, and even Mustafa Ali who was said to be involved in a sex scandal. According to records, almost all of their cases involve other people's wives or to be precise, their friends' wives. Wife swapping. Thus, it is not surprising if there are a few of them are into Al-Arqam because the culture in Al-Arqam really fit their hobby where people could swap their partners with those who are in their circle. Al-Arqam even made the whole thing halal. In a way, they could live the open sex relationship without feeling guilty or sinned. That is the only thing those people like to have. We believe that Badrol Amin is not alone in dreaming of having such life, but most PR leaders usually have the same dream as he has. With Anwar Ibrahim as their leader, their dream might just come true if PR takes over the country.

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