Friday, November 2, 2012


The automated enforcement system (AES) is now a big issue as the oppositions harp on it as though this issue would bring them luck – hundreds of thousands caught on camera and have no means of paying will surely support them. This is the oppositions’ thought since their onslaught with so many issues have now backfired, even the NFC issue have now simmered rather than getting out of hands and threw BN off-balance. The oppositions, having a list of targets where their guns are trained, have tried most of them, and found out they still could not stop their dwindling influence and support as more and more voters who supported them in 2008 turn their backs. Unfulfilled promises and weaknesses in administering the states they won have given rise to protests and police reports, putting them to shame and ridicule. Failing in most of their efforts to sustain their credibility and image, they found AES as the easiest issue that can bring back the lost ground and fading support. AES involved millions of motorists, mostly young voters who drive safely but unconscious of speed, something that even a season driver would forget…not ignore. Speed is something that can be considered as relative because at certain stretch, the speed limit is ridiculously low that one wonders how the authority decide on such limits. Highways are okay as 110 kph is a very rational and logic speed but some federal and state roads have ridiculous limits. If only the authority can look deeper into the limits, the AES is not a problem at all with motorists so long as the speed limits are logic and rational. It is okay with highways as those who speed should be reprimanded because they endangered the life of others with higher speed with the the kind of vehilces they drive…the worthiness of their vehicles. Back to the protest…there are many ways of doing so without putting the system to a stop and calling those who were issued summonses to not to pay. Worse is the action of the oppositions’ held states by holding the implementation of the system, which has proven to be effective in reducing accidents in developed countries. Again, for the oppositions this is politics – since young voters are motorists that usually are a bit ‘adventurous’ with traffic laws – this to the oppositions are votes as they feel the young voters will vote for them if they oppose and champion the motorists. In reality, voters – young and old – are matured as they know what they want and what issues are the core issues that should be championed and highlighted, not AES which aim is to disciplined motorists. The oppositions will see that the protest will backfire as youngsters now possess the consciousness and they know what is right and wrong and they are aware of the good intentions.

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