Friday, May 31, 2013

PR Shocked After Getting Slapped By Singapore

Pakatan Rakyat leaders were shocked after getting warned by Singapore so not interfere with the country's affairs. Singapore made the statement when PR leaders, including Nurul Izzah and Teo Ni Ching sent a petition asking the government of the country to 'be gentle' with 21 PR Chinese supporters who rallied against GE13 result.

It seems like PR fail to realize the relationship between the party with Singapore.
Fact is, Singapore is only interested to 'control' Malaysia, not to be friends with leaders of Malaysian political parties including the opposition, even though the country seem to be 'opposition friendly'.
Singapore is famous for being strict and they would not tolerate with those who broke the law. If not, Singapore would not have been labeled as a Fine City.

Singapore government would always ensure that they would not be used by its people, especially people in other countries.

 So, it is clear that PR supporters are not that smart for committing such thing in Singapore. perhaps they though that since Singapore is controlled by the Chinese, the country would back the Chinese?
The 21 PR supporters in Singapore should have realized the real meaning not 'no freedom of speech'.
When they were in Malaysia, they had the rights to do anything, including consistently  taunting the Prime Minister. They were given the rights to rally up to insult the government as they like. They can even spread lies and hate against the government without having to face any consequences. In Malaysia, they are the ones who get most of the luxuries this country offers and brag as the biggest taxpayers.

But now, they are shut but the country which has been their idol for being open and better, Singapore. All because they 'gathered peacefully'.
This seem ironic because Singapore was found to have sent its 'representatives' during BERSIH and LYNAS rallies in this country.

Perhaps this is thing which confuses PR leaders, Singapore only provide help to PR to cause chaos in Malaysia, not in Singapore.
There should obviously be a reason why Singapore helped PR. And it is not because they want to see Malaysians practice their freedom of speech.

Singapore's determination in helping Lim Kit Siang in Johor, even providing various help to DAP including in terms of finance, the country should have a much bigger reason for that.
That is why, as a party that wishes to rule Malaysia, PR should know that the neighbouring country has never forgotten its ambition to rule this country.

If PR fail to understand this, then it is clear that PR is not good enough to lead Malaysia because there is no way this country can be led by a party which cannot see the intention of enemy who wishes to take over the country.

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