Monday, May 27, 2013

Najib Slams Anwar’s Ludicrous Claims of Election Theft

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has hit out at claims that Barisan Nasional somehow stole victory at GE13, saying in no uncertain terms that BN practiced a clean democratic election.
"The claim that we stole victory from the opposition is a falsehood because we did not cheat in the recent GE13," he said.

Speaking this weekend, Najib urged Malaysians to use their heads and look at the facts rather than be swept away with Anwar's carefully planned rhetoric.

"We cannot allow change that is based on falsehoods and allegations. Until today, they have not shown me where the Bangladeshis have gone to vote ... they claimed 40,000 of them were flown in. Which airport? Where are the planes? Where is the flight manifest?" he asked.

"Two days ago I asked the EC (Election Commission) chairman if there were any complaints. He said no, but on the Internet there are all sorts of stories. "

And the fires of these stories are being stoked in large part by a vocal minority within Pakatan Rakyat and led by one increasingly desperate and lonely figure – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Najib reminded Malaysians about the true tenets of democracy and that any calls for change must be based on the Federal Constitution and the rule of law. Constantly taking to the streets, holding illegal rallies and making seditious statements did not lend any legitimacy to their cause, he said.

"If you choose a government, you do so through the ballot box. You cannot choose a government through street demonstrations or overthrow a government through chaos," he said.
"If not, we will end up following the law of the jungle and that will destroy all that has been built by our leaders in the past."

Despite all this, the Prime Minister acknowledged that he had promised to deliver on his agenda of reforms and that BN would have to adapt in order to maintain their relevance to voters.

"Nothing is constant. Whether it is quick or not, change will happen. I can guarantee that the government can make a change in the country, and this means understanding the wants and sentiments of our youths," he said.
"We have to be bold and make changes that meet the people's expectations. We have to change our attitude, strategy, programmes and approach as we can no longer assume what we are practising now as the best solution for the future."

Najib said that Barisan Nasional had to remain pragmatic as the Government embarked on its national reconciliation agenda.
"We must be open minded and be pragmatic not dogmatic. The fact that we are in power now does not mean it is a passport to our victory forever," he said.

"In an open democracy, it is impossible to gain 100 per cent support but if we are determined, sincere and honest, we can regain the support of the people."

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