Sunday, May 26, 2013


PKR may postpone its party election to be held in October because to ‘settle’ few internal matters.
In reality, the matters that PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail was speaking about were not small but ‘big’ and may put the party in a very, very bad light.

Firstly, the party election may widen the ‘family rift’ between president Wan Azizah Ismail and the de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar would want the president post as he is now not an elected office bearer of the party but if he does that, where then his wife would be positioned?
Besides that what will happen to his daughter Nurul Izzah who is torn in between the mother and father – politically that is – as she and her mother are not in good terms with deputy president Azmin Ali.

Nurul Izzah may want to contest the deputy to curb Azmin’s influence in the party which had caused trouble for Selangor before incumbent Khalid Ibrahim was again picked as Mentri besar.
Azmin had threw a tantrum on Khalid’s appointment, pointing the fingers at the party’s way of non-consultation in matters as big as appointments of candidates to such a post.

Azmin of course, had wanted the post but was sidelined and this angered him and his supporters, who would benefit much if Azmin is to replace Khalid.

The rift between Azmin and Anwar’s family is no secret anymore and the other leaders in PKR are watching closely because they may just ‘turn around’ if matters get worse.

In this case, it may because it is rumoured that many in PKR are fed-up at the way Anwar handle party matters and the obsession to become Prime Minister.

Azmin himself had bursts out on the subject calling on the party to move forward and accept the general election and stop the rallies that Anwar is very fond of, since his student days.
Given such situation, the party leaders have no choice but to ‘cool things’ down before conducting the party election so that no secret can come out in the open that can tarnish and bring down the party’s image.

And truth be told, many in PKR are disgusted at Anwar’s obsession and defying the democratic process and they would abandon the party when the opportunity arises.

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