Wednesday, May 29, 2013


PAS leadership has decided that they accepted the election result and call on party membesr not to participate in the rally organized around the country by Anwar Ibrahim and gang.

But within PAS, deputy president Mat Sabu and Husam Musa plus those aligned to them who are aligned and closely associated with Anwar are still roaming the streets or rather any empty stadium or field with their rallies, following Anwar’s butt.

And they still spoke against the result…not specifically but camouflage under fvraud and whatnot.
This only reflects that PAS leadership is split right between two main faction – Anwar’s group and fundamentalists or the veterans – the traditional foes that existed since Anwar was expelled from Umno and formed his own PKR.

The animosity widens when Anwar’s group managed to unseat PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa in 2009 and filled more than half of the central committee, supposed to be sufficient to steer the party to be controlled by Anwar from outside.

Then the party was split between the Kelantan group and Terengganu group – Kelantan headed by Nik Aziz Nik Mat but controlled by Husam who is Anwar’s trusted man and Terengganu group headed by president Abdul Hadi Awang, the fundamentalist.

Given such background, we can expect an explosive assembly this November when the party chooses its leaders because Anwar’s men are expected to make a last thrust to gain control of the leadership so that Anwar will not have any obstacles to gather PAS’ support to overthrown the dulu elected government by force.

At present, Anwar’s rallies are dwindling in numbers given that many are fed up with the monotonous rallies and speeches by the speakers but no action.

Anwar wanted the build up the audiences’ sentiments and emotions since majority are young voters whose minds have been poisoned with allegations of fraud druing polling.

But police are quick to act by taking the organisers and those whose speeches were deemed seditious to court, waking up the sleeping minds of the people involved to the existing laws.

Many are not really aware of the laws as the speakers interpreted them to their benefits and the followers, being young, do not think far and deep.

Thus, with PAS out of the rally circuit, remaining only PKR and DAP young followers, Anwar feels he is not completed unless PAS youths are with him which can picture him as wanted or needed by all.

So Anwar is angry and he is on a war path with PAS and he can only execute his plan in November.

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