Saturday, May 18, 2013

Anwar's Talks of Dictators, Tanks and Guns is Leaving Him Increasingly Isolated

Does Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim care anymore about his credibility? Given his increasingly wild outbursts and the fact that few within Pakatan Rakyat are echoing what he says about the "stolen" election and his "disgust" at the result, you would have to conclude that not only does he no longer care about being taken seriously, he is in danger of becoming irrelevant.

"We are not interested in the Election Commission fixing the mistakes in the coming 14th general election," he shouted at the rally in Johor this week. "We want the commission to declare that Pakatan won the 13th GE!"

Does he seriously believe that if he can mobilise an angry crowd, the EC will reverse the outcome of GE13? Not only would that be totally undemocratic, it would discredit the whole election.

But it got worse. If you had any doubts that Anwar is actively trying to incite unrest then you'll be surprised by what he said next.

"Never in the history of mankind, have dictators, with tanks and guns, been able to stand up against the might of people power," he said, once again equating Malaysia to a dictatorship that controls the people with tanks on the streets.

"So defend your rights. This is not about Anwar... It is about the future of Malaysia and the younger generation," he said.

And Pakatan Rakyat wonders why we need a sedition law? It's to stop people inciting others to overthrow the democratically-elected Government as Anwar appears to be doing.

Apart from Anwar's delusion, his fiery language is leaving him increasingly isolated. In the fortnight since GE13, PAS long ago admitted that "we failed to win GE13" and DAP has said little about the fairness of an election that was praised by the independent observers.

Tellingly, Lim Kit Siang, who won the Gelang Patah seat in Johor fairly and squarely and was on stage with Anwar at this rally, said nothing to support his increasingly desperate statements.

Anwar has now declared he wants to stay on in Malaysian politics and fight the injustice, despite earlier saying that he would be quitting if he didn't win GE13 to take up an academic job.

Are witnessing Anwar's last stand? His actions have all the hallmarks of a last-ditch effort by a desperate and out-of-ideas fading leader. But his tactic is bound to fail and his legacy will be tainted.

Our final memories of him will be of his delusion, selfishness and isolation as the leader who wasn't meant to be. It's a sad ending to the Anwar story.

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Anonymous said...

Anwar is a sociopath. He's also completely and madly in love with himself.  His illegality is fixatedly driven by a warped sense of judgement precipitated by an insensible obsession and an insatiable desire for total domination of those around him.

Psychiatrists would classify him as one who is suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. Next to him a megalomaniac would seem like Mother Theresa. He uses rules as a weapon and he is extremely upset when he thinks anyone had acted inappropriately and broken the law yet he sees nothing wrong when he decides to break those very same laws. I'm not entirely sure he's aware of it. He thinks he's the chosen one, like Harry Potter. He thinks he's the privileged one and these laws do not apply to him,  not for someone like him who blindly believes that he's destined to make a huge difference in the world. This trait is difficult to treat and impossible to cure especially in a situation with this much pressure. He'll say and do whatever he needs to stay relevant and when he does not succeed will go to any extent and to anyone whom he thinks has the power to take you down. 

He should not be vilified, nor demonized, nor condemned. He needs to be pitied. 

And yes, he needs to be put away.