Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Umno top three positions – president, deputy president and three vice-presidents – should not be contested to allow for the leaders to continue the party’s political transformation programmes and strengthen unity and solidarity.

Umno veteran club secretary-general Mustapha Yaacub, who suggested this added that the change in the political landscape that saw true racial divide as reflected in the 13th general election further calls for mind change and new look on all perspective.

“It is not just political but encompasses all aspect where Umno members should now embrace by throwing away the feelings of jealousy, greed and power.

“For now, let us think forward with a new perspective and for this to happen, we should let the president, deputy president and the three vice-presidents to continue their agendas which are for Umno, Malays and Malaysians in general, Islam and the country.

“Let us not be bogged down with positions in the party knowing very well that the country needs unity to prosper and this can only be achieved if our top leaders are given the full mandate and time to pursue and act to succeed,” he said.

The recently concluded general election saw a wide racial divide where Chinese voters voted for opposition while the Malays and Indians for the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN).

Termed as the Chinese tsunami which is not admitted by the opposition particularly DAP, the result changed the political landscape of the country where the Chinese are not represented in the ruling coalition following MCA and Gerakan decision not to accept any government post.

Both the parties with MCA representing the Chinese and Gerakan which is multi-racial but Chinese based performed badly, reflecting the rejection of the community towards the two parties.

Mustapha said Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak had worked hard and sincerely since April 2009 to regain not only Umno’s but BN’s lost ground and influence.

“Najib had tried every approach to bring back credence and confidence, at first alone then followed by leaders of other parties in the coalition.

“He had put everything for the sake of BN and Malays and it is now time for us to support him, totally, in Umno because the change in the country’s political landscape has put Umno in the forefront, the defender and bastion of BN.

“ Umno should now close ranks and be united against the new challenges as the next general election would be crucial in determining the party’s survival which included the survival of the Malays and Malay dominance.
“Umno members cannot take for granted the party is strong and that contesting for the top posts will not shake its position.

“This assumption can no longer hold water with the current political landscape and scenario.
“So the best we should do is, which is my opinion and from friends who are wary of the present political situation, no contests for the top five posts and at the same time strengthen party unity and resolve,” he added.

Former assemblyman for Kuang, Selangor, Suhaimi Abdul Rahman agreed with the suggestion, adding that Najib needed full support, especially from within Umno, to make all his agenda a success.
“His work is not finished yet and he has a long way to go, thus our support and unity are strength to him.
“As such, I agree that there should not be any contest for the top five positions – president, deputy and three vice-presidents – to allow Najib to succeed in his pursuit for the benefit of the Malays, Malaysians and country

“Honestly, I have seen how Najib worked during the election campaign and I salute him for his honesty,” he added.

The party is expected to hold its triennial election in August using the new system where some 146,000-odd members will be voting to elect the leadership instead of the former only 2,500 delegates.


Anonymous said...

Mana pergi demokrasi,dulu salah DAP.Apa? Presiden dan kuncu2 takut kena buang macam Pak Lah la tu

Anonymous said...

Disagree, this is exactly the kind of mentality that allows mediocrity to creep into party leadership. this suggestion is sycophantic and reeks of self-interest. i'm open if the top two positions are uncontested but allow members the freedom to decide the next echelon.

Anonymous said...

Very bad idea and really inimical with sentiments on the ground. When are we going to learn? Pls stop taking party members as a herd of cattle. Why shud party elections be controlled when the laws of the land are being liberalised?

Anonymous said...

Believe u me these two guys are acting out of self-interest. They shud be thinking of a more enlightened approach given the party's situation. Instead they are warped in outmoded mentality that doesnt believe in leadership rejuvenation.


Anonymous said...

While I agree in general, Hishamudin should be removed from his position and allow a more capable leader to take his place. GE14 has no place for softies and cowards. Let the tigers and lions rise to defend and uphold the Malay/Muslims control of this sovereign land.

Mukriz or Mustapha Muhammad should be there instead of Hishamudin Hussein

tunku said...

i agree that there should be contest in every position. let the top leadership has the solid support from the grassroot.

Anonymous said...

tunku, glad u see the light. i object strongly the no contest idea. why give free passage to certain leaders while others are expected to contest? more so when party members anxious to see some changes.

Anonymous said...

Tak setuju lansung. Pemimpin bawahan diberitahu klu buat keja ahli2 akan sokong. Pemimpin tertinggi kan masing2 cemerlang jadi kenapa nak sekat pertandingan?


Anonymous said...

tunku, kawan bantah cadangan ni. kawan yakin presiden dan timbalan takde pertandingan. lagipun naib2 presiden sedia ade kan ke dream team presiden jadi jangan le kuncu2 plak yg risau. takut proposal tak lepas ke?

Bukan Militan Tapi Kuarga

Anonymous said...

Saya setuju Presiden dan Timb. tiada pertandingan. Kita akan menghadapi pru14, 5tahun lg. perlu org yg lebih muda untuk menjadi panglima perang. Semua Naib Presiden patut di pertandingkan dan cuba calunkan org yg lebih muda dan garang untuk pilihan ahli di samping Naib yg ada sekarang .. mungkin 7 calun.. TK

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