Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Economic Policy Suits Malaysia Best - Dr. Amy Chua

As Malaysia is now divided into two groups, one being Bumiputera and others, while the other is the Chinese, it is tough for us to mention anything without being labeled of being supporters of any groups.

When we explain on the rationality of the New Economic Policy and Bumiputera rights, the Chinese would label it as racist despite of all the facts given in the explanation. When the Chinese insisted on defending Vernacular school, bumiputera protested because it only widen racial gap. Even though the arguments are factual, the Chinese still label those who went against vernacular schools as racist.
That is why, no one can really provide any opinion with no prejudice and accused by many sides, unless the person are not Malaysians.

These 'outsiders' should not be agents of higher power that wishes to control the world, instead, the 'outsider' should be those who are really neutral.
One of them include Dr. Amy Chua, a law lecturer from Yale University. She specializes in study of international trade transactions, law and development, ethnic conflict, and globalization and the law.
Born in the Philippines, Dr. Chua is a Chinese from the descendants of Hoklo which uses Hokkien dialect. She is raised in American after her family migrated there.

Other than lecturing, Dr. Chua also published a few books, they include World on Fire:  How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability. The book discusses about ethnic conflict in a society which a big part of the economy is controlled by a dominant minority ethnic.

The book is listed as the 'Best Seller' by New York Times and The Best Books of 2003 by the Economist as well as The Highest Read of 2003 by The Guardian.

In the book, Dr. Chua studied how globalisation and democracy since 1989 has been giving impact to the relationship between dominant minority and the majority. In the study, Dr. Chua concluded that the New Economic Policy introduced in Malaysia is the best for this country to ensure stability.
She considered background and history or the source of economic instability where it began since occupation. Those who occupied this country had exploited the economy of the original population and at the same time gave more chance to immigrants. This caused original population to be left behind in all sorts of field until they have no choice but to settle as farmers and coolie.

With that, she recognizes the New Economic Policy as the best way to tighten economic disparity between races other than developing unity and to wipe off poverty. The same policy also has proven that it had helped Malaysia achieve political stability as well as strong economic development. That is why, the New Economic Policy has been recognized and supported by the World Bank.

We need to remember that Dr. Chua did not speak on behalf of the Chinese, nor the government or even any races in Malaysia. She spoke as an academician and provided arguments and opinions based on facts.

She also clearly would not gain anything for supporting any side, other than the profit of her book sales.

Thus, the Chinese who love to question the NEP or Bumiputera rights should learn from this book. Put aside hate and pride of being in power for a while.

For once, learn how to think, like a mature being. Do accept the fact that NEP never cause any loss for the Chinese. It only helps other races to also compete with the Chinese.

With the status of Chinese which is far forward in the country's economy, the Chinese couldn't possibly get left behind. So, what is wrong with win-win?

It is now time for the Chinese to think like civilized men where living is not about material things. Don't SJKC teach all this?

Malaysian Chinese should make Dr. Amy Chua's book as their reference to understand the economic scenario in Malaysia before they demand for everything. Learn how to be polite and pick up some tolerance, just like any other normal being.

Are the Chinese willing to destroy the country just so that they can get suck out all the profit in Malaysia?


Anonymous said...

Too late ...

We are taking back what is rightly ours. And we are not sharing it with the Chinese.

LynL said...

Agreed that all races in most urban areas may be overindulged, but please please please ... reach out to poorer people in rural areas. NEP originally is for the needy irrespective of race..but regrettably abused to benefit the crony by the Powers that be. THAT'S HOW INDECENT IT HAS BECOME.
Fair-minded people like Tengku..please please please help. NEP FOR THE NEEDY AND NOT THE CRONY.