Friday, May 17, 2013

Chinese Youth At 505 Rally Could Be Anwar’s Kamikaze Candidates

Rally to protest GE13 known as 505 Rally continues even though candidates who have won have began going to the office. The rally joined by majority Chinese also featured ‘Silent Walk’ where they marched in black shirt, ‘mourning’ over the death of democracy in Malaysia.

It is clear that these Chinese youth are not smart. They do not even know the meaning of democracy, they do not know what ideology is, nor do they know about the election system, law, constitution, or anything, really.

Their stupidity somehow got us wondering on what do they learn in Chinese vernacular school, other than to be racist?
If this is the product of vernacular school, how can the Chinese question about the quality of sekolah kebangsaan?

The Chinese always think that they are smarter than Malays but such perception is false. The Malays are smart, even far smarter than the Chinese if they choose to be smart.

Most Chinese elderly are aware of this, and this is why they work hard to ensure that the chance for Malays to excel, are limited. They are worried if their race ended up being at the back. We need to remember that the Chinese do not have laid back mindset like the Malays. The Chinese have this love for competition and they are always afraid of losing.

The segregation of Chinese children away from other races in schools only promote such mindset. From there, they are easily influenced by some sides.

Today, we see how easy it is for Anwar Ibrahim to use this group as he drag them to demonstrations he planned. He created this illusion as if the Chinese are denied of their rights in Malaysia and as if they deserve better and they would get all of those if Anwar is in power.

Fact is, we all know that these Chinese kids do not really support Anwar Ibrahim. They know that Anwar is used to gain Prime Minister seat for DAP. Anwar only has to take the seat for a while, and it will be changed to DAP in no time.

To these kids, they think they are smart because they get to use Anwar.
What they do not know is, Anwar is willing to sacrifice their lives just to gain the seat. Why would he drag them to those rallies, making hate speeches? For what? When other candidates have began working?

Anwar intentionally challenges the government and Yang DiPertuan Agong in open. The reason is to lure authorities to arrest him so that those Chinese kids would be mad over it and begin their violence.

In other words, Chinese youth are his wall, weapon and target in the clash with authorities. Just imagine, any injuries or death occurred would definitely fire up all Chinese. This would then be labelled as police brutality, and racism.

Within a blink of an eye, rebellion and clashes will occur between races, and Chinese youth would not even know that they are trapped in a dangerous game.

This is what Anwar wants, to trigger anarchy which would get to the international stage. The news will then be used by Anwar to seek foreign intervention, to topple the government and to appoint him as Prime Minister, before having to let the post go to DAP.

Whatever it is, it is not impossible the these Chinese kids are aware of Anwar’s strategy and they are willing to be his kamikaze for the sake of Chinese supremacy in Malaysia.
If it is true that they are fighters, if anarchy do happen, authorities should and have the rights to treat them as rebels instead of innocent rakyat.

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