Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Single Party: Do Not Make Wrong Changes

Despite of BN's success in GE13, there is still a thing which 'snapped' us. The result in a way has showed the reality of hypocrisy-unity in this country.
From there, this should open our eyes from the previous mistakes. In a way, the mistakes clearly shows the current issues which Malaysia faces today:

First, the Chinese refuse to unite with other races. The reason, Vernacular schools and Chinese newspapers which often instigates, added with the establishment of the Red Bean Army.
Second, some Malays that are lost seem to have lost their ways in understanding tactics and strategies set by the Chinese who wants to gain total power and use the majority race. The reason, Anwar Ibrahim.
Third, the chronic disunity among Malays due to those who believe that they could end up in heaven just through politics. The reason, bad Ulama.

However, somehow those who gave their thoughts, advised and strategized GE13 did not see these issues well, which leds us to the 'snapping' result.
Now, dozens of proposals came from various sides offering strategies and advice regarding the next step for leadership.

They include the proposal to turn Barisan Nasional (BN) to a single party.
We do not know where the idea came from, but I would like to stress here that BN's party structure has never been a reason of problem.

The reasons to the problem have been listed above, Vernacular schools, Chinese newspapers, Red Bean Army, Anwar Ibrahim and bad Ulama such as Nik Aziz.
If we truly want to rectify the issues of our country, so these are the reasons that we need to solve as soon as possible. We are now at a level where we no longer have time for proposals which has nothing to do with solving the current issues.

In fact, by proposing such irrelevant idea actually shows that there is something wrong with the proposer where the side failed in understanding the issue. Thus, it is recommended that leadership first 'handle' the reason to that problem, the side which makes the strategy and 'advisers' whom often give the wrong and irrelevant strategies.

In short, if adviser kept on giving the wrong advice, we would be better off without any advice.
Do realize that rakyat are far mature and wiser than the adviser had thought.

Rakyat are all tired of those who are obsessed with publicity. Rakyat want to see result, not plans. If the government were to show too much politeness, this would somehow portray that the government do not have any confidence, or not aware of the truth. Leadership need to lead, not led by adviser nor rakyat.

That is why the government need to handle this issue as best as possible. Stop campaigning by showing statements and pictures to raise popularity. Show wisdom and leadership if all leaders do not want majority to get 'snapped' again from GE13 in the GE14.

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