Saturday, May 18, 2013


The new Home Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said it right and blunt. What he said was what most peace loving Malaysians have in mind and would not express for several reasons.
Zahid, as a Home Minister now is very direct and very blunt. People may say it was un-Malay to say it so outrightly but on the other hand, Anwar Ibrahim and several of his followers are Malays and they do not behave like Malays in opposing the ruling government.
Anwar and his friends’ actions thus far do not reflect any Malayness nor any Malaysian way which places respect as utmost important.
Their ways seem to put aside good manners and even respect, reflecting an uncivilized and unrefined ways of the barbarians.
Zahid said it correctly that if those who wanted changes through undemocratic ways and those who did not accept the voice of the majority should find other countries where they could live life their way.
Zahid’s first statement as Home Minister reflects his firmness and this augurs well for the country since the oppositions themselves had many times, in fact thousands times cried that the police were soft and not firm.
With Zahid’s first statement, the oppositions should by now understand how serious he is in trying to put back credibility and honour in the country’s police force and law and order.
The signal is already out and the oppositions should react positively rather than manipulating Zahid’s statement and trying to convince the population that Zahid is being arrogant.
It is what they had wanted all along – someone at Home Ministry who can control the police and stand firm on points of law, stand tall and be respected.
Zahid just did that and is expected to do that until he is moved to other ministry if the Prime Minister sees fit.
But for now, Zahid stays and his first statement reflects what he will as long as he is the Minister.
Honest, firm and blunt is what the country needs for a Home Minister whose responsibilities include ensuring the country is free of subversive elements or elements that may lead of chaos and instability.
With Zahid’s first statement, peace loving Malaysians hope he will continue to be firm and blunt so that the country is rid of elements who are out to split the multi-racial and multi-religious ties that have been bonded since before Independence.
After all, in the current political scenario where the oppositions seem to take the laws lightly, it is now up to Zahid to tell them that enough is enough so that the ruling government can continue with its development agenda.

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