Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tunku Aziz Stands Up to Karpal’s Bullying Tactics

Despite the threats from DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh, the party's former Vice-Chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim has remained steadfast against his one-time colleague, insisting that he is "duty-bound" to expose the problems within the Opposition if they concern Malaysia's security.
Tunku Aziz was threatened with legal action after Karpal Singh warned him to stop talking about DAP in public. But the former head of Transparency International – Malaysia said he would not cower from what it right.

"I am waiting with great anticipation for Karpal to take me to court if he wishes to do so," Tunku Aziz said.
"When I joined DAP, I did not sell away my soul. I have no obligation to them to protect any actions which I deem as a threat to peace and security."

Tunku Abdul Aziz served DAP for nearly four years before being forced out for his views on Bersih 3.0 – an event that he said the Opposition should not get involved with at the time.
Since then he has been an open critic of the party and its handling of affairs, such as the dubious results of the Central Executive Committee elections last December.

Legal threats by the Opposition are, of course, nothing unusual. Indeed several key leaders such as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have made it something of a hobby of bandying around multi-million ringgit court cases.
Even gagging is nothing new, with PAS famously banning its own nuclear expert from confirming that the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant was, in fact, safe – despite false Opposition claims to the contrary.
"As a real gentleman, he should not disclose party secrets to the public," Karpal said.

"I will take him to court if he is still stubborn. The party has obviously made a serious misjudgement by trusting and believing Tunku Abdul Aziz."
Speaking ahead of what police have described as an "illegal rally" organised by the Penang State Government this weekend, Tunku Aziz urged Putrajaya to put an end to what he described as Anwar Ibrahim's "invitation to anarchy."

"The rallies pose a serious threat to national security and public order. It is time the authorities put a stop to his selfish act which is bordering on the criminal, and has gone far enough," he said.
Tunku Aziz probably speaks not only on behalf of the majority of the rakyat, but even for many members of the Opposition, who are also keen to move on. So why take him to court for speaking the truth.

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