Monday, May 20, 2013

Karpal Blames DAP For Not Being Transparent

The opposition claims that GE13 is all about change, so I would like to say that it is true. Whether we realize this or not, we are all waiting for that change. The change does not entirely revolve around landscape or the country's administration's structure, but in terms of society's mindset.

GE13 opened the eyes of everyone and it helped us to really see our true colors. PAS now really knows DAP, DAP knows PKR etc. The government also realize how the Chinese are, regardless of them being in DAP, MCA or Gerakan. And the Chinese now know PAS Malay, UMNO Malay and PKR Malay.

The only thing which we still might not know is that DAP Chinese, product of SJKC goes around the country in black while listening to Anwar's hopeful speech on 'Chinese Supremacy'. We let those Chinese youth kept on believing their hope because they are not that smart to even discuss anything.
However, with this 'change', that is why we urge those who are smart, wise and mature to stop being hypocrites. PAS no longer have to pretend to fight for Islam, PKR do not have to pretend to fight for justice and DAP do not have to pretend to fight for transparency, UMNO and MIC do not have to pretend to believe MCA and Gerakan's hypocrisy. Let us all fight over the truth.

Today, BN have began working and PAS decided to be 'quiet'. PKR however, chooses to deny their lost and keep on fighting instead.
And we are not sure about DAP's path. As DAP leaders who won the GE and already took the oath and denied supporting illegal rallies, Chinese youth DAP fans kept on rallying with Anwar/PKR protesting against GE results.

That is why, what we can conclude here is, perhaps there are still no official orders from Tokong Lim to these Chinese kids to leave Anwar alone. Perhaps DAP is still hoping that Anwar could do something to bring the government down.

DAP is now struggling with the rise of Malays who finally know their true colors. Their attempt to use the racist label towards anyone who question their actions do not lead anywhere. Even their threats to take legal actions are ignored. This is because, each time they accuse people for being racist, they appear to be even more racist.

DAP's attitude is almost as similar as the Jews which often 'attack' those who question Zionists actions snatching Palestine lands as racist by referring to the holocaust. Fact is, that is just an excuse to cover their evil agenda.

The same tactic is being used by DAP and it is proven when Karpal Singh orders former DAP Chairman, Tunku Aziz to keep his mouth shut and not reveal DAP's 'secret'.
The fact that DAP is being secretive to rakyat is very interesting because that is the same party which promotes 'transparency' as if everything they do is opened for public to know and they do not have anything to hide. Thus, when Karpal admit that DAP do have secrets, all of the party's hypocrisy is now proven.

Not just that, Karpal also threatened that he will take action against Tunku Aziz if the 'secrets' were told to public.
What is certain, DAP's 'secrets' should not be something good for rakyat. If not, why should DAP keep it as secrets?

So, we would like to ask Karpal Singh, where is DAP's transparency if the party is filled with secrets? And where is freedom of speech if anyone who speaks will be sued, threatened and blackmailed?
As a political party which hopes to be rulers, DAP should not keep secrets with rakyat. Especially if DAP want to keep on chanting the idea of transparency as freedom in its fight.
As mentioned above, Malaysia politics' experiencing changes where we now play on the 'truth' platform. If DAP chooses to keep on pretending to be good, transparent, clean and not racist, then the party is left far behind in the current political situation because everyone is aware of what kind of party DAP is.

It is time for us to speak the truth and defend the things which we think is true, and let rakyat choose the truth. Besides, isn't it DAP which chants the word 'ubah'? Thus, we urge DAP to really ubah. Your call, DAP.

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