Friday, May 17, 2013


THE opposition pact has distanced itself from calls for street protests to overturn the results of Election 2013, when Anwar Ibrahim said the pact would stick to indoor rallies to “voice their disgust” at alleged electoral fraud in the May 5 polls.

Anwar said calls for a mass street protest to oust the elected Barisan Nasional (BN) administration did not originate from PR but from affiliated non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
“These are just suggestions and it was never raised to the leadership and it is not something that is adopted by leadership,” he told a press conference after chairing a PR presidential council meeting here.

But Anwar did not mentioned or failed to mention that these affiliated NGOs are tools that he created to move the people to achieve his objective – to be the Prime Minister and pay his dues to his foreign masters.

Anwar is a liar and this time people can see through his lies – street protests are not the pact’s style but indoor rallies are the pact’s style.
What if the indoor rallies overflow to the streets? Well, his answer will be overwhelming support – very simple right?
That is Anwar Ibrahim where he will not take responsibility of what happen although it is always his plans – through other non-political vehicles that purportedly to represent the people, voices of the people.

The authorities should check whether these NGOs truly have the number of members as they claimed to be or these numbers of people are actually members of the opposition political parties ordered to support the events.

Enough is enough…the authorities should take action against him for attempt to incite riots against the duly elected government.
No more soft approach and this man called Anwar Ibrahim does not care and does not think rationally anymore.

He is obsessed with his aim for his interests and that of his foreign masters.
He should be detained and put out of action until the situation has cooled off or the least the simmering flame of an impending violence riot is put off.
Anwar is fanning emotions of an Arab Spring but of course, as he mentioned not his call, but that of affiliated NGOs which everyone, even the school children know his own creation and the vehicles he uses.

Lets be realistic about the scenario – he knows he already lost and he knows going to the courts to reverse the people’s decision is not easy as it may take years, maybe till the next general election.
His foreign masters cannot wait that long and Anwar is indebted thus he must act, he must show to his foreign masters that he had tried and still trying.

Failure through democratic means which was the ballot boxes just a week ago, he is left with no choice but the Arab Spring style to overthrow the government.

Malaysia being non-homogeneous society cannot afford to wait because this may lead to bloodshed.
Thus, the relevant authorities must act now and swiftly – softy approach maybe too late.

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