Monday, May 27, 2013

Najib Guarantees Government Can Make A Change

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today gave a guarantee that the government can make a change in the country by understanding the wants of the youths.

Stressing that nothing was constant, the prime minister said the government had to be bold and make changes that met the people's expectations.

"Whether it is quick or not, change will happen. I can guarantee that the government can make a change in the country, and this means understanding the wants of our youths.

"We have to change our attitude, strategy, programmes and approach as we can no longer assume what we are practising now as the best solution for the future.

"We must be open-minded and be pragmatic, not dogmatic," he said in a Facebook post today.


Anonymous said...

Yu are right Mr. PM. Your government MUST rid of corruption by your all level, and across all ministries. This is very serious because, because of such corrupt activities your government, you yourself, BN and UMNO are being solidly blamed, from last time, current and forever. Your government MUST informed the public about your cleaning activities and result. Don't talk about KPI and those garbage statistics....rakyat want ACTUAL arrest, names, position, how much, etc. Catch also those that offers/give. Of equal importance, clean-up those UMNO & BN component leaders and members that are involved in corrupt acts involving government contract/project, even if they are ministers. Your government MUST be seen doing this. Get rid of your UMNO corrupt leaders....those abuse of powers, those lazy and polishers....Try those leaders that are sincere and hard working, especially those that are really servicing the rakyat. Your office MUST have a secret unit to review and monitor all contracts given out at both federal and state (BN controlled) government. Rakyat really pissed off with corruption. Especially when small time businessmen are harassed by officers.

Anonymous said...

we also want all the corrupt pakatan leaders to be punished too. pakatan leaders are not clean.