Thursday, May 30, 2013

Malaysia Should Introduce ‘Look South Policy’

  It is clear that holding 80% shares of the economic cake is just not enough for them anymore, which explains why Nanyang Siang Pau, a Chinese newspaper wrote that the Chinese has never expected much from General Elections and therefore did not actually care less to go out and vote before.
This 13th GE, however, gave them some hope for a change.
Surely, by ‘change’, we suppose the Chinese aren’t just talking about ‘change’ in there percentage of share in the economic cake or their already comfortable lives.   But, when asked, we can only expect a sickening hypocritical answer from them, such as ‘we want a clean government’.
We doubt that the party DAP, that 97% of the Chinese voted for, which manipulated and cheated its own CEC election, can serve as a clean or cleaner government than BN.   What more when its member actually had to die in order to save the party from MACC’s investigation.  Not mentioning the record of the “soonest act of corruption by a political leader” that goes to Nga Kor Meng for awarding the lounge suit supply tender to his wife’s company in only 42 days in power.
Much more than that, corruption works both ways – it takes two to tango, remember?

  If the Chinese accused the government officers of taking bribes, then who else would be giving the bribes but the wealthy Chinese businessmen?  How do you think the Chinese businessmen get to monopoly the supply of our basic needs?  Why are there so many Chinese tycoons compared to other races?  How do they get so many projects?  How do they continue to receive projects so easily when other races had to scratch their nails out to even get one?
Isn’t it because the others don’t have that much money to offer under the table?
So, let’s cut the crap of wanting a clean government thing and tell the truth.  
We know for a fact that the Chinese want nothing but to build another world within Malaysia or another world altogether, on top of Malaysia.   Which means, no Malaysia.  
This is evident in Nanyang Siang Pau’s article which, in offering a consolation for the Chinese for their lost in the GE, the paper reminds them that “Rome wasn’t built in one day”.   And take note that Nanyang takes it as a lost of the Chinese, not DAP or Pakatan Rakyat, ok?
When the Chinese talk about changes, they don’t mean changes in terms of their fate or their lives which are already better than their brothers and sisters around the world.  They want to build their own world on the Malaysian soil.  Their closest model is, of course, Singapore.   After all, it’s Singapore that has been lending its hands to DAP aka the Chinese, in order to get a two-party-rule result in the last GE.
Since the Chinese in Malaysia worships Singapore so much and keeps comparing the two countries, we believe that should the government still thinking about making the Chinese happy, then it should consider copying Singapore.  
Maybe the government should seriously start drafting a new policy called ‘Look South’.

  ‘Look South Policy’ would see no vernacular schools, just like Singapore.  There will be no more talks about upholding Mandarin, just like Singapore.  The media will be tightened up and the internet media particularly, will have to undergo some tight screening and renew its license annually, just like Singapore.   There will be no tolerance over peaceful demonstrations, just like Singapore.   The Internal Security Act (ISA) will be brought back, just like Singapore’s Internal Security Act, Cap. 143 which authorizes detention without trial.
All these plus a serious enforcement over the use of National Language which, in Malaysia, is ‘Bahasa Melayu’.  
And don’t forget to fine people who spit too, just like Singapore.
I believe, this policy would help the government in seeing a happier Chinese community in Malaysia.  This way, they don’t have to let Singapore colonize or invade Malaysia anymore because they can live like Singaporeans anyway.
But if they are still not happy with this new policy, then the government must learn to accept the fact that the Chinese only want to see one thing change, that is; the race of the Prime Minister of Malaysia! 
The Malaysians, particularly the ethnic Chinese, seems to have totally despised this country to the core.  We can see this by simply browsing through their social network and listening to the way they talk about this country.  

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