Saturday, May 25, 2013

Khairy Rebukes Anwar’s Rallies in Letter to The Economist

If Khairy Jamaluddin's letter to The Economist is anything to go by, Anwar's confusing game of false accusations and illegal rallies is growing very tiresome indeed.
The Minister for Youth and Sport made it clear that there has to date "not been one shred of evidence to substantiate any claims of electoral fraud or irregularity", despite the steady drone of concocted claims by Anwar and his dwindling fan-club.
While the majority of Malaysians may be well aware of the reality, the fact Khairy has felt compelled to respond to any international uncertainty, however small, casts an unhappy shadow on what should be a positive moment in Malaysia's history.
The newly sworn-in Minister goes on to reference Anwar's one time protégé Azmin Ali, the Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, "his own party as well as his legislative partners [who] have called on him to accept the result.

Khairy cited an example in the form of claims of paid "phantom voters" being shipped in from abroad, which he noted have been proved to be false.

Just look at the case of Chua Lai Fatt, a Malaysian Indian voter who suffered outrageous harassment by Pakatan Rakyat's so-called 'phantom busters' when they incorrectly assumed he was a phantom voter given his Chinese name.
The construction worker has commendably taken the moral high ground, declaring that he will not lodge a report with either the police or the Election Commission (EC), though he would be well 
within his rights to do so.
What makes things more confusing are the clear inconsistencies in the allegations from the Opposition.
After months of claims that the courts have no more value than the paper their letterheads are printed on, PKR conceded this week that they would file 27 legal petitions objecting to the results. It would seem that Anwar wants to have his cake and eat it. Now the courts are good again.
Khairy also explains in his letter that the Opposition "...have even sworn in the heads of state governments where they won."
And those in the mat salleh press who still haven't done their homework; Khairy puts it plainly for them, explaining that "Mr Anwar refuses to accept the election result because of his own personal, 
lifelong ambition to become Prime Minister."

Yup. That's how an increasing number of people now view Anwar.

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