Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Indonesia’s Former VP Calls for Anwar to “Accept Reality”

Imagine you are turning to a long-time friend in times of need. Seeking his advice and guidance. Asking him for a favour to convey highly sensitive messages, putting your friend's credibility at risk.
He complies, helping you out, as good friends are supposed to do.
But then you don't stick to your end of the bargain, to the promises you made in those messages, deeply disappointing your friend.

Should you feel ashamed? Of course you should. Unless you're Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Not honouring commitments are just part of his characteristic political shenanigans.

According to Indonesia's former Minister of Law and Human Right's, Hamid Awaludin, Anwar engaged his good friend Jusuf Kalla to negotiate a non-aggression pact with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak before GE13, stipulating that whoever were to win the election would immediately embrace the losing side and the loser should accept the winner.

Now Kalla, Indonesia's former Vice President and a potential contender for the presidential elections next year, has come out himself, expressing his disappointment with Anwar over his reluctance to accept defeat and rejecting reconciliation.

"During a meeting here (Jakarta) in April, Anwar had asked me to convey a message to Najib that he should allow a peaceful transition of rule," Jusuf said in an interview with the New Straits Times.
"It was Anwar himself who came to me to talk about commitment. Hence, he should also fulfil his commitment. Commitment is not only the responsibility of one party," Jusuf said.
Proving to be a sore loser, Anwar instead opted to renege on the promise to his old friend and engage on a "nationwide protest tour" further dividing the rakyat. True to his promise, Najib immediately called for national reconciliation.

"The losing party must accept the reality. That is Anwar's commitment. You must agree that you have lost and the loser should assist the winner (to steer the nation)," a disappointed Jusuf said.
But then again, does it really come as a surprise that Anwar broke his latest promise? Remember the September 16th crossover pledge? Or his vow to retire after GE13?

Anwar has reneged on his promises time and again, disappointing many friends along the way. Jusuf Kalla is just the latest victim of Anwar's ploys.

But how much longer can Anwar get away with it? How much longer will the rakyat take his deceits and untruths?

Increasingly the voices objecting to Anwar's aggressive tactics are getting louder, even from within his own ranks, from Kelantan's new Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob to Anwar's deputy Azmin Ali – relegated during Pakatan's civil war in Selangor – who have distanced themselves from Anwar's demagoguery and militant antics.

"Anwar, Najib and I are beholden (to the commitment) of peaceful elections," said Jusuf, urging Anwar to "move on" for the sake of Malaysia's political and economic stability.
Najib and Jusuf stuck by their word. Sadly, the word of Anwar doesn't mean much anymore these days.

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