Thursday, May 23, 2013


PAS is waiting for explosion – it is like a time bomb – ticking the minutes away and no one can stop the timer.
The fundamentalists in the party is on a head-on collision with the moderates who are aligned to PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim.

The party fundamentalists that included the Ulamak Council have openly rejected the series of rallies led by Anwar defying the recently concluded general election results alleging fraud.

Along with the fundamentalists is the youth wing which also rejected the non-recognition of the general election result which was expressed openly by the wing’s deputy chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz.
Ulamak Council head Dr Harun Taib said the party had chosen the democratic principle and therefore strongly rejected any means by force to achieve victory.

“All laws must be followed and any act that can cause unwanted chaos and violence are not PAS stand and principle,” he said.
In short, PAS is disassociating itself from the ‘rough ways’ of PKR and DAP aimed at toppling the duly elected government through force.

But within PAS, besides the two factions, there is the Kelantan PAS also split into two – Husam Musa’s faction and the newly appointed Mentri Besar Ahmad Yaakob – the first aligned to Anwar and the latter with the fundamentalists.

Husam, who was dropped from the state exco list, has also cried foul despite giving statements contrary to what his supporters were doing – held protest infront of the state secretariat building when the exco list were revealed.

Trouble is indeed brewing in the party that has ‘flip flop’ its position for its benefits to stay afloat in the changing political landscape and scenario.

The party had a ‘marriage of convenience’ with Semangat 46 in 1999 general election where it won Kelantan and Terengganu but lost Terengganu in the 2004 general election.
Then the party ‘married’ PKR and DAP for the 2008 and 2013 general elections, flip flopping so that it remains ‘relevant and afloat’.

In 2008, after the general election, a group within PAS in Selangor headed by Dr Hassan Ali had wanted an association with Umno in the name of Malay unity but the effort was stopped by the moderates led by Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad that saw Dr Hassan being expelled from the party.
Given the party’s background, the current ‘bad blood’ in the party among the various factions is expected to burst in November during the party assembly where election are held for the supreme council positions.

Depending on who will dominate the leadership, the party is expected to continue with its flip flop stand unless the fundamentalists win where there is a simmering hope that these fundamentalists may once again renew the party’s friendship with Umno in the name of Malay unity.

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Anonymous said...

Ulamak menang rasanya akan melemahkan UMNO. Orang melayu sekarang dalam proses islamisasi a la PAS. Ini bahaya.