Sunday, May 26, 2013


BRAVO to the police for acting now before matters come to an uncontrollable stage. We hope the arrests of Tian Chua, Tamrin Ghafar and Harris Ibrahim is just the beginning of more to come.
Malaysians who love peace and harmony are fed-up with the antics of these people who do not respect the law and do not want to accept the democratic process of the general election.
The people have spoken through the process and it is only fair and democratic that every citizen accepts the results.

But this people, led by the rebel rouser Anwar Ibrahim who is obsessed and thinks he should be the Prime Minister, have not only broken the law but worse is making the life of innocent citizen miserable with their weekly rallies.

Anwar and gang do not exactly want to contest the results of the general election but in reality they want to topple the duly democratically elected government.
This is a different story altogether – it is no longer a protest but a coup, a plan to topple the government through ‘back door’.

This is a no-no matter and not to be taken lightly because Malaysia is not a third world country anymore where anybody with sufficient support go to the streets and stage demonstrations, crippling the country’s police and armed forces as well as economy, strangling the duly elected Prime Minister to surrender to their demands.

It is good that the police are acting now – detaining those responsible including the organisers because this is the only way to stop them from further ‘corrupting the minds and hearts’ of the innocent to the extent that they may just go wild and take to the streets.
The speakers at these rallies did not actually explain the ‘unfairness’ during the election process as they claimed but instead incite the audience with their fiery speeches with wild and unfounded allegations.

This may lead to the audience who are young become ‘possess’ and may go to the street with their highly charged emotions and when this happen, violence will rule as the sane and rational minds ceased functioning.

The police know better about this subversive tactics and they know how to stop the ‘fire from spreading’ and their action now is lauded and supported by all Malaysians who love peace and harmony.

Acting now is the best option and the police should act without fear and do not be ‘cowed or softened and intimidated’ by the oppositions’ aggressive responses to these actions.

Just follow the law and let the oppositions cry in whatever ways they want because in the end, it is the police that will be held responsible and the oppositions are good in playing the blame game.
Thus, continue with the good work and actions and do not stop until the country is free of these undesirable elements that are out to ruin not to make the country better.

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