Sunday, July 20, 2014

#MH17 : Malaysia Airlines Releases Full Passenger Manifest Of MH17

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) today released the full passenger manifest of Flight MH17 with the name, nationality and gender of those onboard.

There are 193 people from the Netherlands (including 1 dual Netherlands/United States citizen), Malaysia (43 people, including 15 crew and two infants), Australia (27), Indonesia (12, including an infant), United Kingdom (10, including one dual UK/South Africa citizen), Germany (four), Belgium (four), the Philipines (three), Canada (one), New Zealand (one).

In its latest media statement today, the airline said despite efforts made in the past 45 hours with the assistance of various foreign embassies to establish contact with the next-of-kin of the passengers, it was still unable to identify many more family members.

Hence, the airline is appealing to family members or friends of those onboard MH17 to contact the MAS Family Support Centre at +603-78841234 (in Malaysia) or the numbers below in their respective countries:

1. Netherlands (MAS Amsterdam office) - +31205216252

2. Australia (MAS Sydney office) - +61293643526

3. Indonesia (MAS Jakarta office) - +62215229705

4. New Zealand (MAS Auckland office) - +6493063930

5. United Kingdom (MAS London office) - +442073412060

6. Germany (MAS Frankfurt office) - +496913871980

7. Philippines (MAS Manila office) - +6328891863

Following is the full list:

Name Nationality Gender

1. John Alder United Kingdom Male

2. Christopher Allen Netherlands Male

3. Ian Allen Netherlands Male

4. John Allen United Kingdom Male

5. Julian Allen Netherland Male

6. Stephen Leslie Anderson United Kindgom Male

7. Andre Anghel Canada Male

8. Mabel Anthonysamy Malaysia Female

9. Ithamar Avnon Netherlands Male

10. Robert Ayley United Kingdoms Male

11. Joycemrs Baay Netherlands Female

12. Theresa Baker Australia Female

13. Wayne Baker Australia Male

14. Willem Bakker Netherlands Male

15. Rowen Bats Netherlands Male

16. Emma Bell Australia Female

17. Natashja Binda Netherlands Female

18. Muhammad Afruz Bin Tambi Malaysia Male

19. Muhammad Afzal Bin Tambi Malaysia Male

20. Marsha Azmeena Binti Tambi Malaysia Female

21. Helen Borgsteede Netherlands Female

22. Catharina Bras Netherlands Female

23. Wilhelminalouise Broghammer Germany Female

24. Therese Brouwer Netherlands Female

25. Elisabeth Brouwers Netherlands Female

26. Anton Camfferman Netherlands Male

27. Benoit Chardome Belgium Male

28. Carol Clancy Australia Female

29. Michael Clancy Australia Male

30. Regis Crolla Netherlands Male

31. Edith Cuijpers Netherlands Female

32. Auke Dalstra Netherlands Male

33. Cameron Dalziel United Kingdom Male

34. Minhchau Dang Netherlands Female

35. Quocduy Dang Netherlands Male

36. Francescam Davison Australia Female

37. Liam Davison Australia Male

38. Elsemiek Deborts Netherlands Female

39. Barbaramaria Debruin Netherlands Female

40. Johanna Dehaan Netherlands Female

41. Annetje Dejong Netherlands Female

42. Pim Wilhelm Dekuijer Netherlands Male

43. Saskia Deleeuw Netherlands Female

44. Liliane Derden Australia Female

45. Esther Deridder Netherlands Female

46. Joopalbert Deroo Netherlands Male

47. Christiene Desadeleer Netherlands Female

48. Mariaadriana Deschutter Netherlands Female

49. Maarten Devos Netherlands Male

50. Aafke Devries Netherlands Female

51. Shaliza Zaini Dewa Malaysia Female

52. Esther Dewaal Netherlands Female

53. Donny Toekiran Djodikromo Netherlands Male

54. Fatima Dyczynski Germany Female

55. Lisanne Laura Engels Netherlands Female

56. Tamara Ernst Netherlands Female

57. Emma Essers Netherlands Female

58. Peter Essers Netherlands Male

59. Valentijn Essers Netherlands Male

60. Shun Po Fan Netherlands Male

61. Ming Lee Foo Malaysia Male

62. Bryce Fredriksz Netherlands Male

63. Ariza Binti Gazalee Malaysia Female

64. Angelique Gianotten Netherlands Female

65. Kaelamayajay Goes Malaysia Male

66. Paul Goes Netherlands Male

67. Marco Grippeling Netherlands Male

68. Wilhelmus Grootscholten Netherlands Male

69. Jillhelen Guard Australia Female

70. Rogerwatson Guard Australia Male

71. Darryl Gunawan Philippines Male

72. Hadiono Gunawan Indonesia Male

73. Irene Gunawan Philippines Female

74. Sherryl Gunawan Philippines Female

75. Annemieke Hakse Netherlands Female

76. Davy Joseph Gerardus Hally Netherlands Male

77. Megan Hally Netherlands Female

78. Yuli Hastini Indonesia Female

79. Geertruida Heemskerk Netherlands Female

80. Lidwina Heerkens Netherlands Female

81. Robin Hemelrijk Netherlands Male

82. Hendry Indonesia Male

83. Susan Hijmans Netherlands Female

84. Andrew Hoare United Kingdom Male

85. Friso Hoare Netherlands Male

86. Jasper Hoare Netherlands Male

87. Katharina Hoonakker Netherlands Female

88. Howard Horder Australia Male

89. Susan Horder Australia Female

90. Astrid Hornikx Netherlands Female

91. Pieter Jan Willem Huijbers Netherlands Male

92. Arnoud Huizen Netherlands Male

93. Clarice Yelena Huizen Indonesia Female

94. Mariam Huntjens Netherlands Female

95. Olga Ioppa German Female

96. Cornelia Janssen Netherlands Female

97. Kevin Jesurun Netherlands Male

98. Rishi Jhinkoe Netherlands Male

99. Tambi Bin Jiee Malaysia Male

100. Subashni Jretnam Malaysia Female

101. Mattheus Kamsma Netherlands Male

102. Qium Kamsma Netherlands Male

103. Yvonne Kappen Netherlands Female

104. Vickiline Kurniati Kardia Indonesia Female

105. Karamjitsingh Karnailsingh Malaysia Male

106. Karlijn Keijzer Netherlands Female

107. Barry Kooijmans Netherlands Male

108. Isa Kooijmans Netherlands Female

109. Mira Kooijmans Netherlands Female

110. Oscar Kotte Netherlands Male

111. Remco Kotte Netherlands Male

112. Hendrikrokus Kroon Netherlands Male

113. Johannes Lahaye Netherlands Male

114. Gerda Leliana Lahenda Indonesia Female

115. Hubertus Lambregts Netherlands Male

116. Joseph Lange Netherlands Male

117. Gabriele Lauschet German Female

118. Jianhan Benjamin Lee Malaysia Male

119. Kiah Yeen Lee Malaysia Female

120. Mona Chens Sim Lee Australia Female

121. Why Keong Lee Australia Male

122. Yau Chee Liew Malaysia Male

123. Yanhwa Loh Netherlands Female

124. Henricus Maas Netherlands Male

125. Edel Mahady Australia Female

126. Emiel Mehler Netherlands Male

127. Lisa Marckelbach Netherlands Female

128. Elizabeth Martens Netherlands Female

129. Sandra Martens Netherlands Female

130. Evie Coco Anne Maslin Australia Female

131. Mo Robert Anderson Maslin Australia Male

132. Otis Samuel Frederick Maslin Australia Male

133. Tina Pauline Mastenbroek Netherlands Female

134. Richard Mayne United Kingdom Male

135. Mohd Ali Bin Md Salim Malaysia Male

136. Ingrid Meijer Netherlands Female

137. Sascha Meijer Netherlands Female

138. Gerardus Menke Netherlands Male

139. Mary Menke New Zealand Female

140. Hannah Sophia Meuleman Netherlands Female

141. Anelene Rostijem Misran Netherlands Female

142. Augustinus Moors Netherlands Male

143. Melinganak Mula Malaysia Male

144. Johanna Nelissen Netherlands Female

145. Lyetielisabeth Ng Malaysia Female

146. Qingzheng Ng Malaysia Male

147. Shiing Ng Malaysia Female

148. Ngoc Minh Nguyen Netherlands Female

149. Tim Nieburg Netherlands Male

150. Dafne Nieveen Netherlands Female

151. Tallander Franciscus Niewold Netherlands Male

152. Rahimmah Noor Malaysia Female

153. Jan Noreilde Belgium Male

154. Steven Noreilde Belgium Male

155. Nicoll Charles Anderson Norris Australia Male

156. Jolette Nuesink Netherlands Female

157. Jack Samuel Obrien Australia Male

158. Daisy Oehlers Netherlands Female

159. Victor Oreshkin Australia Male

160. Julian Ottochian Netherlands Male

161. Sergio Ottochian Netherlands Male

162. Lubberta Palm Netherlands Female

163. Miguel G Panduwinata Netherlands Male

164. Shaka T Panduwinata Netherlands Male

165. Hasni Hardi Bin Parlan Malaysia Male

166. Johnny Paulissen Netherlands Male

167. Martin Paulissen Netherlands Male

168. Sri Paulissen Netherlands Female

169. Sjors Adrianus Pijnenburg Netherlands Male

170. Alex Ploeg Netherlands Male

171. Robert Ploeg Netherlands Male

172. Benjamin Pocock United Kingdom Male

173. Kaushalya Jairamdas Punjabi Malaysia Female

174. Hielkje Raap Netherlands Female

175. Jeroen Renkers Netherlands Male

176. Tim Renkers Netherlands Male

177. Daisy Risah Netherlands Female

178. Albert Rizk Australia Male

179. Maree Rizk Australia Female

180. Catharina Ruijter Netherlands Female

181. Arjen Ryder Australia Male

182. Yvonne Ryder Australia Female

183. Quinn Schansman Netherlands Male

184. Cornelis Schilder Netherlands Male

185. Rik Schuyesmans Belgium Male

186. Helena Sidelik Australia Female

187. Siti Amirah Binti Parawira Malaysia Female

188. Matthew Ezekial Sivagnanam Malaysia Male

189. Paul Rajasingam Sivagnanam Malaysia Male

190. Gary Slok Netherlands Male

191. Carlijn Smallenburg Netherlands Female

192. Charles Smallenburg Netherlands Male

193. Werther Smallenburg Netherlands Male

194. Maria Smolders Netherlands Female

195. Jane M Adi Soetjipto Indonesia Female

196. Peter Souren Netherlands Male

197. Reinmar Specken Netherlands Male

198. Cornelia Stuiver Netherlands Female

199. Wayan Sujana Indonesia Male

200. Supartini Indonesia Female

201. Liam Sweeney United Kingdom Male

202. Muhammad Afif Tambi Malaysia Male

203. Charles Eliza David Tamtelahitu Netherlands Male

204. Siew Poh Tan Malaysia Female

205. Elaine Teoh Malaysia Female

206. Yodricunda Theistiasih Indonesia Female

207. Glenn Raymond Thomas United Kingdom Male

208. Mary Tiernan Australia Female

209. Gerardus Timmers Netherlands Male

210. Cornelia Tol Netherlands Female

211. Hendrikjan Tournier Netherlands Male

212. Liv Trugg Netherlands Female

213. Remco Trugg Netherlands Male

214. Tess Trugg Netherlands Female

215. Thamsanqa Uijterlinde Netherlands Male

216. Lorenzo Vandekraats Netherlands Male

217. Robertjan Vandekraats Netherlands Male

218. Jeroen Vendemortel Netherlands Male

219. Milia Vandemortel Netherlands Female

220. Johannes Rudolfus Vandenhende Netherlands Male

221. Margaux Larissa Vandenhende Netherlands Female

222. Marnix Reduan Vandenhende Netherlands Male

223. Piers Adnan Vandenhende Netherlands Male

224. Christina Anna Elisa Vandenschoor Netherlands Female

225. Laurens Vandergraaff Netherlands Male

226. Jennifer Vanderleij United Kingdom Female

227. Mark Vanderlinde Netherlands Male

228. Merel Vanderlinde Netherlands Female

229. Robert Vanderlinde Netherlands Male

230. Bente Vandermeer Netherlands Female

231. Fleur Vandermeer Netherlands Female

232. Sophie Vandermeer Netherlands Female

233. Ericus Vanderpoel Netherlands Male

234. Paulus Vandersande Netherlands Male

235. Steven Vandersande Netherlands Male

236. Tessa Vandersande Netherlands Female

237. Inge Vandersar Netherlands Female

238. Jan Vandersteen Netherlands Male

239. Frank Vanderweide Netherlands Male

240. April Vandoorn Netherlands Female

241. Caroline Vandoorn Netherlands Female

242. Gijsbert Vanduijn Netherlands Male

243. Petronella Vaneldijk Netherlands Female

244. Rene Vangeene Netherlands Male

245. Erik Peter Vanheijningen Netherlands Male

246. Zeger Leonard Vanheijningen Netherlands Male

247. Allard Vankeulen Netherlands Male

248. Jeroen Vankeulen Netherlands Male

249. Robert Vankeulen Netherlands Male

250. Petra Vanlangeveld Netherlands Female

251. Klaas Willem Vanluik Netherlands Male

252. Luciepaulamaria Vanmens Netherlands Female

253. Adinda Larasati Putri Vanmuijlwijk Netherlands Female

254. Emile Vanmuijlwijk Netherlands Male

255. Stefan F W Vannielen Netherlands Male

256. Jacqueline Vantongeren Netherlands Female

257. Anthonius Vanveldhuizen Netherlands Male

258. Pijke Vanveldhuizen Netherlands Male

259. Quint Vanveldhuizen Netherlands Male

260. Huub Vanvreeswijk Netherlands Male

261. Winneke Vanwiggen Netherlands Female

262. Frederique Vanzijtveld Netherlands Female

263. Robertjan Vanzijtveld Netherlands Male

264. Kim Elisa Petronella Verhaegh Netherlands Female

265. Marie Vermeulen Netherlands Female

266. Erik Vleesenbeek Netherlands Male

267. Cornelia Voorham Netherlands Female

268. Wouter Vorsselman Netherlands Male

269. Eline Vranckx Netherlands Female

270. Hendrik Wagemans Netherlands Male

271. Amel Wals Netherlands Female

272. Brett Wals Netherlands Male

273. Jeroen Wals Netherlands Male

274. Jinte Wals Netherlands Female

275. Solenn Wals Netherlands Female

276. Leonardus Wels Netherlands Male

277. Sem Wels Netherlands Male

278. Ineke Westerveld Netherlands Female

279. Ketut Wiartini Indonesia Female

280. Marit Witteveen Netherlands Female

281. Willem Witteveen Netherlands Male

282. Ninik Yuriani Indonesia Female

283. Desiree Zantkuijl Netherlands Female

MH17 Tech & Cabin Crew (All Malaysians)

Name Gender

1. Captain Wan Amran Wan Hussin Male

2. Captain Eugene Choo Jin Leong Male

3. First Officer Ahmad Hakimi Hanapi Male

4. First Officer Muhamad Firdaus Abdul Rahim Male

5. In-Flight Supervisor Mohd Ghafar Abu Bakar Male

6. Chief Stewardess Dora Shahila binti Kassim Female

7. Chief Stewardess Azrina binti Yakob Female

8. Leading Stewardess Lee Hui Pin Female

9. Leading Stewardess Mastura Mustafa Female

10. Flight Stewardess Chong Yee Pheng Female

11. Flight Steward Shaikh Mohd Noor Mahmood Male

12. Flight Steward Sanjid Singh Sandhu Male

13. Flight Stewardess Hamfazlin Sham Mohamedarifin Female

14. Flight Stewardess Nur Shazana Mohamed Salleh Female

15. Flight Stewardess Angeline Premila Rajandaran Female

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