Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teacher trainees to get permanent posts

PUTRAJAYA (June 22, 2010): Teacher trainees, who passed teaching courses, will be appointed directly as permanent teachers and no longer as attachment teachers, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
He said the move would be implemented from next intake as it would not only save cost and time but also offer better employment status to trained teachers.
"We no longer need to have trained attachment teachers, and if there are vacancies, placements can be made directly at any suitable school.
"What is important, we want adequate good teachers being offered permanent posts after undergoing a filtering process," he said after opening the Education Services Conference 2010 here today.
In his speech, Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said in implementing the move, sharing of information on teacher trainees' data between the Education Ministry, the Higher Education Ministry and the Education Services Commission should be streamlined.
He said this would enable the appointment trained teachers to permanent posts to be carried out efficiently, quickly and effectively.
"Currently, candidates for teaching courses are selected by the Teacher Education Division of the Education Ministry and University Centre Unit of the Higher Education Ministry.
"Those who passed teaching courses are then appointed as teachers by the commission," he said.
In the meantime, he said the government would implement five recommendations proposed by a special laboratory set up to discuss ways and means to improve the quality of teachers.
He said the recommendations are:
> launching a campaign to recruit outstanding candidates for teaching courses at the institutes of teacher education (ITE) and public institutions of higher learning;
> ensuring teachers concentrate on teaching and not clerical tasks;
> enhancing accountability through the introduction of the ITE rating system based on their level of excellence;
> recruiting quality teachers in critical areas; and
> improving teachers' career path. -- Bernama

tunku : it is a good decision by the education ministry and good news to all teacher trainees out there. hope the ministry will solve the main problem facing by the teachers that is clerical works which is a big burden to them and take most of their time.ministry should appoints more clerical staff so that the teachers can concentrate on quality teaching and give their best.

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Anonymous said...

Permanent status for techers and no exams for the students. How do we measure performance. I do not have suggestions and I do not need to. We have enough expetrs to do that.

But to remove exams would be the mother of all mistakes. Exams are all about time management. These students who do not have exams are going to find out too late that life itself is one long examination where you have to manage time. The first thing the will find out when they start woking is the boss wants the position paper ready by 10 am on a given date. Then what?

Permanent status for theachers will only make them more unproductive. Try this, give them financial incentives. When it comes to ptivate tution only the good horses get all the bets. Teachers are no different. Only the good teachers should be given incetives. The bad ones will look for another job when they find out that they will not be tolerated.

It is like our public transport. How do you make it efficient? You pay overtime when the trains run on time.Ramalx