Monday, June 14, 2010

PAS To Field Non-muslims As Election Candidates An interesting Development - Mukhriz

SEREMBAN, June 13 (Bernama) -- Jerlun MP Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir regards PAS' move to allow its non-Muslim supporters to contest and use its symbol in the next general election as an "interesting" development as the party has never done this before.
Mukhriz said it was interesting also because its partners, DAP and PKR, in the opposition pact would also be fielding non-Muslim candidates, especially DAP.
"The Perak DAP had established a branch comprising Malay Muslims. Now with PAS' new move, I'm waiting to see DAP's response to this," he told reporters after simultaneously opening the Umno Pantai and Pantai Setia annual general meetings at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pantai, near here, Sunday.
Mukhriz, who is also Kedah Umno treasurer, was earlier asked to comment on the decision reached at the meeting of the PAS Consultative Council, its highest decision-making body, at the recent party general assembly.
He said compared to Barisan Nasional which had collectively for decades been using the "scale" symbol, PAS, DAP and PKR had in past general elections and by-elections been using their respective symbols as they had not been registered as Pakatan Rakyat.
"So, PAS' plan to allow its non-Muslim supporters to contest and use its symbol in the next general election is just a 'sandiwara' as it does not really reflect its openness.
"I don't believe PAS, as an Islamist party, is really serious about opening its membership to non-Muslims, but is only trying to please its non-Muslim supporters with its latest move," said Mukhriz, who is also Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister.
On another matter, Mukhriz said pressure on Israel following its attack on the "Freedom Flotilla" must not only continue but intensified, while welcoming Malaysia's move to get like-minded countries to urge the United Nations to convene a special meeting in September on taking action against the Zionist regime for its brutality.
"As non-governmental organisations, we are now trying to get back the Gaza-bound humanitarian aid on board our ships which were seized by Israel," said the Perdana Global Peace Organisation advisor.
"I am worried that the Israelis might do something to the seized humanitarian supplies like food and medicines. If the goods are spoiled or contaminated, they would endanger the health of the Gazans."
On the objection of some quarters to the allowing of Israel's ships to berth at Malaysian ports, he understood the Malaysian government was looking into the matter.

tunku : pas fielding non muslims, pkr fielding non muslims and dap of course would field non muslims...later we will see 2/3 of our mps are non muslims.syabas pas, keep it it is time for pas to allow non muslim to stand in the party election if they are really sincere.


Anonymous said...

pas bloody liar and its shame to the muslim

Anonymous said...

Tanya Dato Hj Abd.Hadi Awang. Kemana perginya FATWA HJ HADI yang telah menyebabkan rusuhan di Baling dulu sampai ada yang terbunuh.

Dah mansuhkan fatwa itu kerana sekarang dah berkawan dengan DAP.

Kesian penyokong2 PAS kena tipu oleh pemimpin mereka.

Itulah akibatnya kalau dah taksub kepada pemimpin dan parti yang memperalatkan agama Islam yang maha suci maka dah tak kenal botol kicap dengan botol cuka.


Anonymous said...

When White South Africa was faced with a international sports botcott in the early 70s the then President is reported to have said that the whites have lived in their own community and played among themselves, so did the Indians, coloured and blacks and so what was wrong with that or something to that effect.

We have a God given gift known as racial harmony in this country and we should make it work. Asian countries are lready suffering form extreme wealth living side by side with extreme poverty.We must work toward the development of independent institutions of government that will build on the harmony we have and ensure that there will be fair disrtubution of wealth among the people of this country. In the end the poor man will find ways to steal from the rich man.

At least we have one Asian country that has increased its per capita in come from $400 in 1966 to $40,000 today. We should be looking in that direction and at least have a plan to achieve that kind of income levels within the next 40 years. I do not know who this this.In our country, "there is enough for all of us but it is insufficient for the greed of man." Ramalx

Burung Merbok said...

1. In the wake of the recent development in PAS, I would tend to agree with 'someone' who suggested that the party change its name. Change it to any other name , as long as the word 'Islam' is not incorporated into it.

2. People has often stated that PAS today is no longer the party that it once was. Perhaps they are right judging by what the party has NOT been doing as they SHOULD be! PAS members are now quite sceptical about the path that their leaders are leading them into. Far too often we see their leaders coming out with statements, not so much to educate or further their Islamic objectives BUT rather just to score some political points or gather some political mileage.

3. Sadly, despite the hypocrisy and the wavering stand of the leaders, PAS members seem to ignore all their weaknesses and fallacies, all in the name of solidarity, committment and blind faith to the party's ideals and their leaders frenzy call for upholding the so-called Islamic struggle !

4. True, a party has to transform and change according to the political climate or demand of the day. BUT it should NOT be at the expense of throwing out the very ideals and objectives that came along with its formation. Transform, yes ! But doing away with all its noble objectives in the name of change is definitely an emphatic NO !

5. But then again, some would argue that for as long as the changes, rightly or wrongly, noble or otherwise, create more chances of a political and power upsurge, who really cares ! Interesting to see which constituency the Non-Muslim PAS candidate will be made to contest in ! A Malay-majority area ??? Or otherwise ?
Possible, yes ! Practical, perhaps NO ! One would imagine that all restraints would have to be ironed-out first and duly agreed upon by all the coalition partners should the question of encroachment and fair distribution arises ! The choice of constituencies, safe or otherwise, and which is reserved for whom, is always a thorny issue. Bringing in a NEW group or entity would surely be of no help either !

6. Getting the voters to come to your side is definitely NOT by way of just pleasing a select group of people by bringing them into your party ; they just could be opportunistic, anyway ! Pretty sure there are still some PAS members who have NOT lost altogether their common-sense and right judgements. Feeble though their protests maybe, but the disappointments and ripples of disgust and non-conformity, is becoming loud and clear by the day. These are the true members of an Islamic party who would only adhere to the "original cause" ! Looking around, one could almost tell with ease the difference between 'the originals' and 'the imitators' ; and they are plenty around ! They could come from the various strata of society, from the various level of academicia, from the various group of professionals. Intelligent and matured thinking is of no importance and consideration any longer ; its just blind faith and total subservience to whatever the turbaned leader has been professing. regardless !

7. On another note, it's so sad but amusing to see a party that had been touted as a true champion of Islam cajoling to the 'nons' while at the same moment vehemently attacking those of the 'same' !

Bustanul Bey said...

Maybe one day, PAS will have a priest as their president, sound interesting........