Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gaza Aid Mission Succeeds In Exposing Israeli Atrocities - Mahathir

SEPANG, June 7 (Bernama) -- The Gaza aid mission succeeded in exposing Israeli atrocities to the world, said Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
"What we had said about Israel is true, it ignores international law, it is willing to kill unarmed people, the people who are not their enemies but are simply doing humanitarian works.
"Although we are not able to send the aid to Gaza, but on one hand we succeeded in exposing to the world how bad Israel is and it willing to kill not only their enemies but also the people from an ally's country," he told reporters at the homecoming ceremony for six more Malaysian activists in the mission at KL International Airport here Monday.
Dr Mahathir said he was thankful that the volunteers arrived home safely.
A PGPO volunteer, Matthias Chang said the world should be wary of the Israeli propaganda to justify the murder of volunteers on board aid ship "Mavi Marmara".
"This is a propaganda aimed at misleading the public and the media such as Cable News Network (CNN) and Fox News exploited the differences in the commandos action against activists on board Rachel Corrie and that of Mavi Marmara. This is a blatant lie," he said.
Parit Member of Parliament Nizar Zakaria said he was saddened with the oppression of the Palestinians which he saw on the way to the prison.
Despite the horrifying experience, he said he was still keen to join any such mission in the future.
He expressed his regret for the failure to deliver the aid from Malaysia to Gaza, just 35 nautical miles off the port before it was seized by Israeli commandos.
"The people of Gaza must have waited in vain for the aid as they know we were coming," he said.
Nizar said he and other activists signed what looked like a confession written in Hebrew under duress.
Meanwhile, the families of the volunteers were a picture of relief that they were able to return home safe and sound.
Nomee Asyikin Mohd Radzi, the wife of Ahmad Faizal Azumu, one of the volunteers, said although she did not object to her husband going on the mission, she became very worried after what happened to the volunteers on the Mavi Marmara, which was attacked by Israeli naval forces on May 31 leaving nine people dead.
A doctor at the National Heart Institute here, she said she was very relieved to welcome him when he arrived at the Bunga Raya complex at the KL International Airport.
Nizar Zakaria's mother-in-law Datin Yan Hanafi said she thanked God that the volunteers' ordeal was over.
"His wife was so worried because we did not know what really had happened over there," she said.
Supiah Ahmad, the mother of TV3 cameraman Mohd Jufri Judin, said she was glued to the television set at home to keep updated on the fate of the Malaysians on the MV Rachel Corree and was very happy they all made it home unhurt.

tunku: the untouchable terrorist of the world is the israelis.let us wipe out israel from the world map.the world would be a better place without israel.GOD DAMN ISRAEL AND IT'S PROXIES.


Anonymous said...

Saya tidak kenal siapa Rachel Carrie selama ini... Kejadian malang tempoh hari telah membuka mata semua dalam keluarga saya, and I think millions around the world.. That itself is a Huge contribution to world.

Deepest condolence to the families of those massacred on the Flotilla ship, those brave hearts... future flotilla fleets should take up all these names to honour their acts of sacrifice.

I believe, having read somewhere, the Turks requested that they be the frontliners, to stay above the decks to protect their ship!! Such courage!

To all OTHERs who participated in this noble cause, syabas and may Allah bless all of you and THANK YOU..


Wake UP! said...

The Israeli commandos surely practiced some black magic to defend themselves from the terrorist attack on Mavi Marmara.

It's a miracle that non of the Israeli commandos was killed by the so called terrorists.

Wake UP! said...

Malaysia should be the leader in showing the example that a small Muslim country like us can be the example of taking Israel to ICC.

It's a miracle that non of the Israeli commandos was killed by the so called terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wake up,

Our voice will only be heard if we do what we say. If you are not able to run your family in a manner in which it should be run your brothers, sisters and reltives will tell you how to do it.Some countries in this region have grown their per capita income of $400 in 1966 to $40,000 today. I hope that our per capita income could also grow by that degree in the next 40 years.Like a good golfer we must put our head down and focus on the shot is we are to be successful.

This problem is not so easy to slove until the US sees the light of day. You see when the western powers removed their suppor for White South Africa that regime fell like a house of cards.

Burung Merbok said...

1. If we are able to increase our per capita income to ,say $40,000, would we be better off as human beings ? Perhaps yes, materially, that is ! But to be materially-rich alone is just NOT ENOUGH to prove oneself worthy of being a member of the human race.

2. Most of us are basically hypocrites. While others forsake comfort and safety to risk themselves to undertake and be part of a humanitarian task, others would prefer to just NOT appreciate the risk-takers and volunteers. Instead they go on a tirade of subtle-deviated statements and opinions. We should be more appreciative of those that have shown us the true meaning of sacrifice for others.

3. Perhaps others would even be brave enough to suggest that before one wants to be part of a humanitarian expedition one must prove that he/she has a very high per-capita income ! This then would qualify him/her to be part of the team. And instead of diehard volounteers, we'll be sending a bunch of self-centred, egoistic, materially-inclined, hope-for-reward-type hypocrites.

4. Undeniably everyone of us would expect and pray that our government is successful in increasing our per-capita income. And we would be just as appreciative , even if it means we have to 'kow-tow ' to foreign powers and lose our dignity in the process. But who cares about respect and dignity, right ? Be damned to those who object to foreign intervention when such intrusion and dabbling into our internal affairs increase our per-capita income ! Be damned to those who would want us to sell our dignity, our self-respect, our values, our sense of brotherhood and that what we have all cherished at one time or another, that "honurable sense of self-sacrifice"

5. Far too often, we see beggars ( though we don't encourage begging in the first place) afraid to approach and beg for a pittance from those that the poor soul regard as the rich and the affluent. Experience has taught him that its the 'average-income' type that would have no qualms to part with a few coins and dollars !Agreed, the filthy rich DO donate but to which cause and with what to expect in return ? A splash report in the local daily ? Another self-enriching project as compensation? Or perhaps a Datukship ?

6. Here we talking about a group of men and women from various countries, including from a small country like Malaysia where the per-capita income is nothing to boast about, coming together to embark on a noble cause to help another group of human beings in distress, who never for a moment will have the time to think about per-capita income ; instead it's food, medicine, basic amenities that is far more in their mind !

7. I say kudos to the Malaysian volunteers. " Syabas and Congratulations" Forget those that are selfish, those that care not for the sacrifices of others , those that belittle the efforts of others while they themselves , can only find excuses for their poor attitude. May God bless those Malaysians and others for their steadfast and praise-worthy attitude in just wanting to help others !