Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is wrong with SAMM?‏

The SAMM (Solidarity Anak Muda Malaysia) or Young Malaysian Solidarity Association led by Badrul Hisham Shaharin a.k.a Chegu Bard is a non-governmental organization that supported the Pakatan Rakyat. Many of them are young PKR members who idolize Anwar Ibrahim and his “Reformasi” movement.

They are trying their best to be as equal as their PAS counterpart the Unit Amal that has proven to be an effective tool in challenging the government. The PAS’s Unit Amal is in a class of their own. They are well equipped to handle massive crowds and they are even trained in martial arts. Easily put, Unit Amal is the military wing of PAS, without the arsenal of course.
However, unlike the Unit Amal who stay true to their roots, SAMM seems distraught and slowly becoming an opposition in the opposition party. This shows in their action last Saturday when they publicly display posters that are intentionally shaming the Pakatan Rakyat.
What is happening with SAMM?
Is it true that SAMM is throwing a tantrum because Chegu Bard lost in Sungai Acheh because of the three way battle that he had to face with BN and PAS in the last general election? It is also rumoured that if it was a one on one battle Chegu Bard could easily defeat BN with ease.
Another story that we had heard is that he was disappointed with PAS President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang that indirectly accused him of selling methamphetamine to youths as a justification why PAS have to put a candidate in Sungai Acheh.
It is not a secret that in the 13th General Election, Chegu Bard was angry with PAS’s campaign in Sungai Acheh even though it was consensually agreed by all Pakatan Rakyta members that he will be the candidate in Sungai Acheh for the Pakatan Rakyat.
We all can see the beef between Chegu Bard and PAS as almost all of the posters that was displayed by SAMM are clearly hitting out at the PAS leadership.
PAS who are annoyed with SAMM’s action had made a report to their leaders in the Pakatan Rakyat.
Even when SAMM erected their tents and tried to ram the Parliament building yesterday, the action did not have the support of the Pakatan Rakyat, and unlike their previous activities that was blessed by Pakatan Rakyat leaders.
This was proven with the fact that there are no leaders in the Pakatan Rakyat who had come and visit the camp site. Even after they tried to force themselves into the parliament building, no Pakatan Rakyat leaders came to their aid and best of all no legal team from the Malaysian Bar came to defend them.
The pro opposition website, The Malaysian Insider stated that the “camping” organized by the Pakatan Rakyat do not have any connection with the Pakatan Rakyat at all.
We are still waiting statement from Chegu Bard and the leadership of SAMM regarding the riot that happened on Monday and whether SAMM have anything to do with it.

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