Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maybe “transparency” means different in Mandarin?

DAP has always been an advocate of “transparency” in Malaysian politics. However, we doubt that the DAP truly understands the true meaning of transparency. The question lies with the DAP party itself. Does it truly do not understand the meaning of the word or the DAP is a coward and a racist party.

The evidence is clearly shown in the action of Karpal Singh, when he threaten Tunku Aziz so that the latter shall not expose the true agenda of the DAP. Yesterday, Karpal again threaten the ROS so that the findings from the investigation of the DAP CEC will not be exposed and the facts were not to be known by all Malaysians.

Karpal Singh himself indirectly, approves that the DAP itself is not transparent.

From one angle we are not surprise with Karpal’s action as DAP has no understanding of the word “transparency”. This is because 97% of their members are Chinese and the Chinese in the country are not really keen to know whether the party they have voted are involve in corruption, lie, or even murder. This because the only values that a Chinese has in choosing a leader is that the leader must be Chinese.

If this is true, there is something very wicked and wrong with the Chinese Schools in this country. We are baffled by their action of screaming out transparency while they are not practicing transparency at all. At the same time, the do not even practice integrity in the course of running the party.

Is the deception or disorder begins with Chinese National School? What are being taught in these schools? Didn’t they teach the children with good moral values, respect and tolerance? Or as we have said earlier, that they did not understand the real meaning of what is transparency and integrity?

Maybe, transparency means different in Mandarin?

Or maybe they were taught as a child that good moral values only applied to other races. While Chinese people are free to do whatever they want.

We are not discriminating or attacking the Chinese, but this is the perception that was taken out from the statement made by Karpal Singh in the capacity as a representative of 97% Chinese majority party. The Chinese or DAP should stop barking on the subject of integrity and transparency as it seems like they are barking into a mirror. Even a rabid dog does not bark at itself.

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